Tue.May 21, 2019

Twenty-Four Hours of Awesome Part Two: Mr. Wilson the Plover

10,000 Birds

After seeing the Burrowing Owl on Thursday night last week and talking to some other birders I realized that Friday was shaping up to be a good migration day, at least so far as we could divine from the weather forecast. I decided to take Friday off from work and devote my day to birding.

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Quote of the Day: Global Heating? Climate Crisis?

Environmental Economics

The Guardian has indicated that it is changing its guidelines for writing about climate change :   “We want to ensure that we are being scientifically precise, while also communicating clearly with readers on this very important issue,” said the editor-in-chief, Katharine Viner. The phrase ‘climate change’, for example, sounds rather passive and gentle when what scientists are talking about is a catastrophe for humanity.”.      

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Birds of Tierra Caliente

10,000 Birds

I am originally from California, so it is easy for me to deal with a geography defined by a low coastal mountain range, a central valley, and a much higher inland range (in California, the Sierra Nevada). But for the past 25 years, I have lived in Mexico’s state of Michoacán.

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