Mon.Mar 12, 2012

Pink Slime in 70 Percent of Ground Beef


USDA scientists are saying that 'pink slime' is used as filler in ground beef found in grocery stores even after objections were raised. Read More. Eats News Top News

Crimson-rumped Toucanet

10,000 Birds

There’s something about a toucan, isn’t there? Toucans tell you that you aren’t in Kansas anymore. They affirm that the tropics are true, not just myths manufactured to make those of us with winter jealous.

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OP ED: Bioplastics Will not Solve the Plastic Pollution Problem

Green Prophet

Daniella Dimitrova Russo from the Plastic Pollution Coalition warns that bioplastics will not solve plastic pollution. Plastic pollution is one of the major issues facing our planet today.

Stunning Photos of Titanic Wreck Site Revealed


Using over 100,000 photos taken by unmanned, underwater robots in 2010, researchers have for the first time pieced together the complete 3-mile-by-5-mile wreck site of the RMS Titanic. The doomed luxury Read More. Entertainment News Pop Culture Top News

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Dubai Finally Gets Serious About Overfishing

Green Prophet

Overfishing has led to a massive depletion of Gulf fish stock, so Dubai has announced plans to crack down on illegal sales of immature fish. Last year Green Prophet traveled to the United Arab Emirates to talk to locals about fish.

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What Type of Composting Is Best For You?

Green Home Blog

What Type of Composting Is Best For You? Composting is a great way to turn your household waste into nutrient-rich fertilizer, but all the options available for composting can make it hard to know where to start. To help you decide which compost method is right for you, we put together this quick guide to the most common types of composting. Compost Piles. Compost piles are the simplest way to compost. All you need to do is clear out an area in your yard and pile up your organic waste.

EXCLUSIVE: Amy Smart and Carter Oosterhouse Talk Eco-Living


We had the opportunity to chat with eco-powerhouse couple Amy Smart and Carter Oosterhouse about how they keep it green at home. Read More. Causes Environment Lifestyle News Top News Video amy-smart carter oosterhouse

Researchers create PV metamaterial with 95 percent efficiency


One innovative facet of our modern day science deals with the conception of metamaterials. Fundamentally, defined as artificial materials that are created to exhibit some unique property that doesn't occur naturally, their

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Even More Exciting Vegan Food At Veggie Grill On Their New Menu

Eco-Vegan Girl

I've done a lot of coverage on Veggie Grill despite their limited gluten-free and soy-free options because it's one of my favorite restaurants to indulge at. So naturally I jumped at the opportunity to check out their new menu offerings while visiting Los Angeles - and boy am I glad I did.

The Woodpeckers of New York City

10,000 Birds

Disbelief probably seems like the proper response to the idea that there are woodpeckers in New York City. After all, woodpeckers peck on trees, not skyscrapers.

Hug Ian Somerhalder with New Hug-o-matic App


Share a virtual eHug with Ian Somerhalder by downloading new app. Read More. Entertainment Film/TV News Top News ian somerhalder

That's a pretty big truck for someone calling on someone else to do something about gas prices

Environmental Economics

WATCH: George Takei Does a Happy Dance for Donors


Star Trek' star George Takei had much to celebrate after finding out that donors had contributed over $158,000 for his new Broadway project, 'Allegiance'. Read More. Arts/Culture Entertainment News Pop Culture Top News george takei

Automobile tires could be a potential source of carcinogenic.


A study conducted by researchers at the Stockholm University claims that automobile tires maybe an unexplored and potential source of carcinogenic dibenzopyrenes. These are a type of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon

Weekly Vegewarian Recipe: Make Your Own Sauerkraut At Home

Green Prophet

Flavorful, crunchy home-made sauerkraut is easy to make at home. Vegeware means you might not be committed to vegetarianism, but are committed to doing your part by being vege “aware”. Here’s our weekly vegetarian recipe to help you cut some meat out of your diet.

Kyocera's solar modules power England's first 'zero carbon church'


The almost 900 years old St. Michael and All Angels Church in Withington, England recently became the country's first 'zero carbon church' KYOTO Corporation from Japan had been assigned to supply its solar modules for a

Where Have all the Wild Asses Gone?

Green Prophet

The donkey’s ancestor, African Wild Asses once lived all over North Africa, but now they are critically endangered. Donkeys aplenty can be found roaming fields and mountains all over Africa, but their ancestor the African Wild Ass is critically endangered.

Renault Zoe: An affordable, all electric everday car


Every year Renault creates different eco friendly concepts for the future and reveals them at various auto shows. In 2009 and 2010 two different versions of the electric Zoe ZE concept were unveiled but this year finally at the

Colbie Caillat to Sing at 26th Genesis Awards


The 26-year-old singer supports animals at The Humane Society United States' award show. Read More. Animals Causes Entertainment Music News Top News colbie caillat

Bummer! Soda Causes Cancer (Ready to Finally Give Up the Cola Now?)

Eco Chic

Drinking soda is often sexualized and sexified, like in this image. But it’s one of the worst substances you can consume on a regular basis. Image via Mark Sebastian on Flickr. Most of us know that soda is a not-great treat, one that most nutritionists advise us against.

Brad Pitt and Ellen DeGeneres Host Benefit for New Orleans


Celebs gather in New Orleans to raise money for the Make It Right Foundation. Read More. Causes News People Top News brad pitt ellen degeneres

GardenToolbox Sales of Water Butts go Through the Roof

Green (Living) Review

Online garden equipment retailer, GardenToolbox, has reported impressive sales of water butts as customers begin to prepare for the summer months and the likely hose pipe ban that comes with it.

Clipperton’s missing sharks

Wend Magazine

The image impressed upon my memory from the Jacques Cousteau documentary about Clipperton is an army of hammerhead sharks swimming in silhouette. Diving with sharks at great depths is the reason the Swiss captain of the Lucia Celeste vessel, Beni, comes to Clipperton.

Allinson bread herb garden promotion

Green (Living) Review

Allied Bakeries is offering consumers a grow-your-own Herb Garden kit in a new on-pack promotion for the Allinson brand.

Plant oil and sugar surfactants, the future of washing and cleaning


Detergents are the main ingredients for a wide range of cleaning products including, dish washers, shampoos, shower gels etc. And, the main component used for making these detergents is crude oil, a fossil fuel that has

How Do Mr. Clean Magic Erasers Work?

Green Furniture Home Design

Anyone that has kids can testify to the fact that they often go crazy with crayons, markers, and the sort – writing on walls and every other surface imaginable. Well, for the last couple of years, Mr. Clean Magic Erasers have been around to clean up the mess, but how do they work? The little known secret behind the magic of Mr. Clean Magic erasers is a material commonly called melamine foam. Add a little water, and you can be rid of all types of stains around the house.

Lumosity Unveils Surprising Effects of Sleep, Exercise and Alcohol on the Brain [Infographic]

Green (Living) Review

750,000-Person Study Reveals Tips to Better Brain Health for Brain Awareness Week San Francisco, CA, March 2012 : In honor of Brain Awareness Week, Lumosity , the leader in online brain training, today announced results from its brain health survey on how sleep, exercise and alcohol consumption correlate to cognitive abilities. The study used online tests of memory, speed and problem-solving to map how cognitive performance relates to healthy (or unhealthy) lifestyles.

A Thank You to Our Advertisers

10,000 Birds

We here at 10,000 Birds are grateful to those companies that buy advertising on 10,000 Birds. While no one at 10,000 Birds is getting rich, or even earning a living from blogging, it is wonderful that some folks find our audience worth spending money to connect with. Check them out and let them know that you appreciate their support of 10,000 Birds.

A humble suggestion

Environmental Economics

It is very difficult being a stand-up economist, especially one who does research on climate change: Yoram Bauman, Ph.D, better known as the “Standup Economist,” spoke Friday to the Dorchester conference in Seaside before a crowd of 550 people. The biggest surprise in Bauman’s comedy was that he had the crowd roaring in laughter for 20 minutes and then suddenly he announced he was going to stop telling jokes for moment to talk about global warming.

Open Data: What are the benefits for cities?

The Green Changemakers

by Rory Williams [link] When you think of Open Data, you might imagine hackers secretly scratching around on computer systems, finding government data to release to the world.

Touchless Automatic Faucets

Eco Friendly Daily

Now, I know you've seen these things before. They're in practically every public restroom these days, and they can either be a pain or be a convenience. Sometimes, I wonder to myself why people put in this extra stuff at

Green Economy

The Green Changemakers

GM CEO Commits to Reviewing Funding for Heartland


Last week at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco, General Motors CEO Dan Akerson directly responded to the campaign asking GM to pull their funding from the climate change-denying Heartland Institute.

ISO 26000 and global governance for sustainable development

The Green Changemakers

[link] Free download: [link] Halina Ward ISO 26000 is a new international standard on social responsibility developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). It offers guidance across themes including human rights, labour, environment, consumer protection, fair operating practices and community development.