Tue.Sep 22, 2020

Electric roads get real in Tel Aviv

Green Prophet

. This is what an electric road looks like. It means fewer charges for your EV. . Tel Aviv is about to ride down Electric Avenue.

2020 114

Some Do’s and Don’ts When You’ve Got a Leaky Pipe

Eco Friendly Daily

If it isn’t repaired correctly, a leaking pipe can cause major damage to your home. Read on for some do’s and don’ts when it comes to fixing your dripping plumbing. Don’t Ignore Leaks. Whether the problem appears to be big or small, a leak of any size should be addressed immediately.

2020 52

Plastic packaging alternative tastes sweet

Green Prophet

W-Cycle’s sugarcane one-time use serving dish. Plastics are the bane of our existence. We all want to use less without changing much about the convenience or ordering Chinese take-away.

2020 105