Ed Begley, Jr. Launches Begley’s Earth Responsible Products

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New Line of Plant-Based, Sustainable and Cruelty-Free Cleaning Products Performs Equal to or Better than Non-Green Counterparts Los Alamitos, CA, January 2012 : Ed Begley, Jr., environmentalist, actor, and author, today launched Begley’s Earth Responsible Products, a line of eco-friendly household products with natural, non-toxic formulas, that are equal to, or more effective than, their non-green alternatives.

Talking to Ed Begley Jr. about being eco-vegan

Eco-Vegan Girl

My friend Heather Lounsbury has a great radio show on health, and today Ed Begley Jr. Check out the recording below - Ed had a lot of great things to say (he "walks the walk", as Heather pointed out). Overall, he came across as very modest, especially when he talked about his Begley's Best products as if no-one knew about them! Search Amazon.com for Begley's Best At the end, Heather gave me a great shout-out (she's the best)!


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Farm-to-fork Michigan: Mind, Body & Spirits

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A very brief history of green wine Info News Views Our favs Useful resources Travel blogs we like Contact Farm-to-fork Michigan: Mind, Body & Spirits 2 September 10 · 0 comments | Green And Organic | E d Begley, Jr. Ed Begley, Jr.: Home About What and who we are Staff Awards Press Tips Why travel green Green traveler’s to do’s Carbon Offsets Travel secrets of frequent fliers Buy Deals Photos Wine Green wine: what is it?

Earth Day Toilet - New Envirolet FlushSmart 800 Composting Toilet Looks Great in the Bathroom

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"This new conventional-looking design truly brings Envirolet composting toilet systems to the mainstream," says actor and respected environmentalist, Ed Begley, Jr. " - Ed Begley, Jr., See Envirolet at Two Upcoming Shows & Meet Ed Begley, Jr. Spokesperson Ed Begley, Jr.

The Plastic Pollution Coalition Celebrity Charity Auction

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If you have ever wanted to get a personal tour of Ed Begley, Jr.’s ’s solar powered home, hang out with Jackson Browne at one of his shows, or get your hands on a signed guitar by Grammy-winner Ben Harper, the Plastic Pollution Coalition’s Celebrity Charity Auction is for you! Personally, I’d like to hold out for the Jackson Browne show. I haven’t seen him since I was front row, center during my freshman year at college.

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Engineering Unplugged 2011 Will Have Attendees Seeing Stars

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The conference’s exceptional blend of high-profile speakers, which include actor, author, and environmental activist Ed Begley, Jr., Army John Paul Woodley, Jr., I think having John Paul Woodley, Jr., as our keynote speaker and Ed Begley, Jr., Ed Begley, Jr., People may recognize Begley from TV, film, and the recent HGTV reality series on Begley’s sustainable home called “Living with Ed”.

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Street art mocks enviro-celebrities who eclipse their cause

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Posters mocking actor Ed Begley Jr. and radio-host Robert Kennedy Jr. were plastered all over Hermosa Beach, California and nearby neighborhoods ahead of the pair’s recent appearance at the simplistically titled, “Environmental Forum with Bobby Kennedy Jr. & & Ed Begley Jr.” Arabic text on Begley’s poster translates to, “I love Arab oil,” while the poster for thrice-married Kennedy purrs, “Hello, ladies.”.

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Celebrity speakers already signed on, including Ed Begley Jr. Go Green Expo 2010 Kicks off Cross Country Tour with Return to Los Angeles and Bigger, Better Star-Studded Eco-Showcase NEW YORK, N.Y., December 2009 – Go Green Expo, the nation’s premier green business and sustainable lifestyle show known for its innovative and interactive programming, today announced an exciting and exclusive television partnership for its 2010 tour with the CBS Television Stations group.

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Mariel Hemingway on the New Green Divas Radio Show

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Recent guests have included: Jessica Alba, Ed Begley, Jr., Green Diva Meg on the Air. A lot of news from Green Divas HQ! First of all, the Green Divas are thrilled to announce that they will be back on the air every Thursday afternoon starting November 1. Not only will the Green Divas Radio Show be back, but coming to you live from their very own studio built in the new GD HQ!

Eco-Festivals, Inc. Announces First Annual San Ramon Eco-Festival

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To add to the sensory experience, the Eco-Festival will feature lively chatter from several HGTV stars, including six-time Emmy-award-nominated actor Ed Begley Jr. and his wife Rachelle Carson-Begley of "Living with Ed;" Nicole Facciuto, host of "Red Hot, & Green;" and Susie Coelho, host of "Outer Spaces" and reoccurring guest on "The View" and "Oprah." "The

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The Joy of Green Cleaning – Book Review

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The Joy of Green Cleaning 4th Revised Edition 2011 by Leslie Reichert available as E-book and as bound copy 97 pages ISBN: 978-1-4276-3444-3 (E-book) Ed Begley Jr., Environmental Leader, Author & Actor says about this book: “I love this book! A simple, yet necessary resource for learning how to take the toxins out of your home.” The fact is that we are using way too many toxins in our home to kill everything bacterial and that is not good.

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The Voice of Bart Simpson Wants You to Check Out Electric Cars Next Week

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In Los Angeles , actor Ed Begley, Jr. I knew the fourth annual National Drive Electric Week would be big, but I didn't realize it would be this big! We're having free events in 135+ cities September 15-21 to share the fuel cost-saving, clean-air, and fun-driving benefits of electric vehicles (EVs); there is probably an event near you. The

Venice Eco Fest: a fun and free event on the beach

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Dreissig Lady ~ cute and comfortable athletic gear made from bamboo Enamore ~ "charming, playful, sexy lingerie and accessories" made from the "finest ecologically sound fabrics" According to IMDB , some celebrities may be in attendance too, including Ed Begley Jr., If you're in L.A. tomorrow (Saturday, July 10th) and looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint, Venice Eco Fest is the place to be. And the best part is, it's free!

How do you define sustainability?

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Have to go back now and ask Mariel Hemingway, Jessica Alba, Fran Drescher, Ed Begley, Jr. and his lovely wife Rachelle Carson Begley and so many others that I’ve interviewed since then! ‘Sustainable’ is one of just a few words being tossed around in the current cultural salad to enlighten us about how to create a more conscious way of living on this earth among our fellow creatures. So, what does the dictionary say? sus·tain (s?-st?n’)