Stygian Owl in Ecuador

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Stygian Owl at Condor Park Visit Ecuador for great birds and support our conservation efforts. Birds Ecuador owls Stygian OwlThe Stygian Owl (Asio stygius) is very difficult to see but I can hear it regularly calling near my home inside the Pululahua Geobotanical Reserve.

Birding in Ecuador 2013

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If you are planning a birding trip to 2013 maybe you should consider Ecuador, my home country! Even if you are not a birder, you will find Ecuador to be a top notch destination for all sorts of people. Destinations Ecuador 2013Pululahua Geobotanical Reserve.

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Warblers Migrating to Ecuador

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Last week I was doing a birding tour of the East and West slopes of Ecuador and encountered some warblers that have already made it to Ecuador. Destinations Ecuador migration warblers

Crested Owl in Ecuador

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This Ecuadorian owned business provides a very comfortable and secure lodge to visit the most northern-western Chocó area in Ecuador. Destinations Crested Owl Ecuador TundalomaThis great bird has managed to escape from my sightings until I visited the great lodge of Tundaloma.

Ocellated Tapaculo in Ecuador

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Let me proudly introduce a new exotic bird that has been trained by the ambassador of hand feeding the most difficult skulking birds in Ecuador: the Ocellated Tapaculo. So, if you have been thinking about visiting Ecuador, do it now and don’t miss the new grand prize.

Quetzals of Ecuador

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home about advertise archives birds conservation contact galleries links reviews subscribe Browse: Home / Birds , Destinations , Trips / Quetzals of Ecuador Quetzals of Ecuador By Renato • March 12, 2011 • 7 comments Tweet Share Ecuador has three types of Quetzals, one in the Amazon basin and two in the east and west slopes. 7 Responses to “Quetzals of Ecuador&# Mike Mar 12th, 2011 at 10:33 am Awesome!

Tumbesian Endemics South Ecuador

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The south of Ecuador presents some very interesting opportunities for birdwatchers that have already visited the north-east and north-west slopes near Quito. Core Team Ecuador tumbesian endemics

Tumbesian Endemics at Cerro Blanco Ecuador

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If you are interested in seeing some Tumbesian Endemics, very close to the Guayaquil Airport in Ecuador, then you must visit Bosque Protector Cerro Blanco. Destinations Cerro Blanco Ecuador Great-green Macaw tumbesian endemics

Banded Ground Cuckoo – Neomorphus radiolosus – in Ecuador

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Ecuador was made for birdwatchers! A tiny country filled with biodiversity which can be easily reached in a short drive… Well, maybe that is a little exaggeration but in comparison to other countries like Colombia, Peru and the giant Brazil, our Ecuador seems tiny.

Most Beautiful Ecuador Birds

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Bird Photography in Ecuador is fun. Birds EcuadorThere are so many beautiful birds that every time I go birding a new exilarating photo is captured.

Tit-like Dacnis (Xenodacnis) in Ecuador

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This bird is very difficult to find except for one place in Ecuador where you are almost guaranteed to see it: The Cajas National Park. Birds Destinations ecuador Tit-like Dacnis xenodacnis

A Prayer for Ecuador & Japan.

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Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Z ADMIN Enlightened Society Featured Today crisis earthquake Ecuador Grieving intention Japan prayer traumaThis prayer is to express hope that those who are missing will be found alive, to pray that those who are injured find relief from their pain, to send a wave of.

Grey-breasted Mountain Toucans in Oyacachi Ecuador

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Birds Destinations ecuador Grey-breasted Mountain Toucan OyacachiThis last week I had to take someone to Otavalo, so I took advantage of the trip and drove to a little secluded and out-of-the-way town called Oyacachi.

Black Solitare-Entomodestes coracinus-in Ecuador

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This bird, of the Turdus family, can be found on the western slopes of Ecuador and Colombia. Birds Black Solitaire Ecuador Recinto 23 de Junio thrushesAnother great reason to visit the 23 de Junio besides the Long-wattled Umbrellabird is the Black Solitare ( Entomodestes coracinus ).

Black-backed Bush Tanager in Ecuador

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Also known as Black-backed Bush Finch is only found in the montane forests of Ecuador and Colombia. Come to Ecuador and enjoy the birds, our food, our culture, and help us support the local economy and conservation efforts. Black-backed Bush Tanager.

Lead Now: Ecuador.

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"Paying Ecuador to Protect the Rainforest"

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Common Resources : A recent episode of NPR’s  Planet Money discussed Ecuador’s proposed solution to a national dilemma: the fact that a massive oil discovery and a national park happen to be in the same place. Ecuador’s proposal is to forswear drilling – but only if other countries donate half the value of the oil in aid (about $3.6

Chevron To Pay Ecuador $18 Billion in Damages

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A court in Lago Agrio, Ecuador has upheld the ruling against Chevron that ordered the company to pay 18 billion USD in damages for chemicals spillage in the rainforests of the Amazon. ” Chevron has called the court’s decision “illegitimate” and “a fraud” and claimed they would continue to seek recourse through proceedings outside Ecuador. Chevron has no international obligation to pay, and no assets in Ecuador for the government to seize.

Ecuador President Invites Brad Pitt to Survey Chevron-Caused Pollution


Ecuador President Rafael Correa has extended an invitation to one of the Hollywood’s most popular stars and powerful activists.

Rainbow Starfrontlet

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I photographed this amazing bird yesterday at Utuana Reserve in the South of Ecuador. Destinations Ecuador hummingbirds rainbow startfrontletToo busy to write more. enjoy!

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Ecuador Yasuni Rainforest Under Threat From Oil Below


Ecuador’s Yasuni rainforest is home to more species of animals, plants, and insects than anywhere else in the world. The oil is buried beneath the Yasuni rainforest and the Ecuador government wants to keep it that way.

Donors to Pay Ecuador to Keep Oil Underground

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Ecuador is pioneering the use of a fund to preserve Ecuador's rain forest above an approximately one billion barrel oil field in the Yasuni National Park, permanently foregoing extraction of fossil fuels from the park. Donors to Pay Ecuador to Keep Oil Underground from Green Living Ideas ]. Tags: Carbon Offsets/Credits Carbon/ GHG Reduction climate change Ecuador lower greenhouse gases save Amazon rain forest UN Developement Program Yasuni National Park

Ecuador to begin Drilling Amazon Oil Field


Protests have erupted in the Ecuadorian city of Quito, as President Rafael Correa announces that his country will abandon conservation plans in the Yasuni National Park located in the Amazon Rainforest.

Ecuador's Yasuni National Park Challenge -Succeeds in Creating a Crowdsourcing Model to Prevent Oil Drilling


Ecuador challenged the world to provide sufficient resource to the country such that it would not need to develop the oil reserves beneath Yasuni National Park, and it could leave its forests untouched.

“Yesterday I was killed…But worse than death, was the humiliation that followed.”

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Is Deepwater Horizon the New Ecuador ?


Angelina Jolie Interrupts Family Trip for UN Work in Ecuador


Hollywood may still be talking about Brad and Angie's engagement, but it's back to work for Angelina Jolie. Read More. Causes Environment People Top News angelina jolie

The Rights of Mother Earth- Ecuador and Bolivia Enshrine Her Rights


Following in the footsteps of Ecuador , Bolivia is about to declare rights for Mother Earth.

Maroon-tailed Parakeet Love Making

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In Ecuador it is found mostly in the tropical and sub-tropical forest of the east and west slopes. The place of this Bird Love action is the Sumaco National Bioreserve located on the east slope of the Ecuador in the legendary Loreto Road.

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Aguas Blancas in Machalilla National Park

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Aguas Blancas is a small community inside the Machalilla National Park which is located in the central coast of Ecuador next to the ocean tourist attraction of Puero Lopez and Isla de la Plata. Destinations Aguas Blancas Ecuador Machalilla National Park

Al Borde Architects helps kick start green community building project in Ecuador


But for Cabuyal people of Manabi, Ecuador, this is pretty much life as usual and they have continued to live a life that is close to nature and away from the pampering comforts of modern life. B.Sameer Kumar: Living away from the basic amenities that exist in our life is hard to imagine.

Bird Watching Lower Napo River

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If you are thinking about visiting the Amazon, and enjoying great birds, a bit of luxury, relaxation, and good food, then you should consider coming to Ecuador and gliding over the Napo River on the Manatee Amazon Explorer. Destinations Amazon Ecuador Napo River

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Crimson-rumped Toucanet

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The Crimson-rumped Toucanets ( Aulacorhynchus haematopygus ) I was privileged to observe at Refugio Paz de Las Aves in Ecuador were absolute cripplers, as the parlance goes. Birds Ecuador features South America toucansThere’s something about a toucan, isn’t there?

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Machaca Fulgora lampetis

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While exploring the grounds of Wildsumaco Lodge on the east slope of the Andes in Ecuador I came across a rather large bug lying on its back. Bugs Ecuador insects Machaca Wildsumaco Lodge

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Bird Watching Galapagos Islands

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In fact this is not true, and if you are a little adventurous you could bypass the foreign-own boat-tours that do not benefit Ecuador, bypass the travel agencies that sell you preconceived dreams, and bypass the sea sickening trips that take you to the most distant Islands.

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Golden-collared Toucanet Selenidera reinwardtii

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Birds Ecuador Selenidera reinwardtii toucansThe beauty of Amazonian birds is always a welcome element of surprise. Many birds are very secretive and this has allowed them to survive in such predator filled places like the Amazon. That is the case of this handsome toucanet.

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Andean C**k-of-the-Rock Nesting

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If you are near Quito, Ecuador and want to see the female Andean C**k-of-the-Rock nesting then you must go to the Pauma Orquid Reserve. Andean C**k-of-the-Rock Nesting Visit Ecuador and support our local conservation efforts. Birds Andean Cock-of-the-Rock Ecuador Pauma Orquid ReserveThis place is on the Calacali La Independencia highway which is the main road that you take to go to Mindo.

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Will the Real Humans Please Stand Up

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But, up to 2008, when Ecuador added a clause to its constitution to codify the Rights of Nature, no one had ever considered giving the same rights to animals and trees that humans already had. Tagged: Bolivia , capitalism , Ecuador , humanity , iwi , Maori , nature , New Zealand , rights.

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TripAdvisor’s Green Leaders now in Australia, New Zealand, Latin America, Caribbean

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Argentina Auckland Australia Belize Brazil Canada Caribbean Central America Chile Costa Rica Ecuador Green Travel News Guatemala Mexico New Zealand North America Peru South America The Americas Uruguay Venezuela TripAdvisor GreenLeaders world's largest green hotel program| Green Travel News | Two years after the initial launch of TripAdvisor’s GreenLeaders program, it’s now gone under into Australia and New Zealand, reports Green Lodging News.

Finch Bay named South America’s leading green hotel

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Amazon Argentina Bahia Bolivia Brazil Buenos Aires Caracas Ecuador Galapagos Islands Georgetown Guyana Machu Picchu Madidi Mato Grosso Pernambuco Peru Puerto Moldonado South America Venezuela YasuniWorld Travel Awards winners for 2012 include Finch Bay Eco Hotel in the Galapagos Islands as "South America's leading green hotel." The hotel's commitment to the environment won out over nine other nominees in four other nations.