This prefab home expansion in Ecuador enjoys gorgeous views


The architects at Rama Estudio were tasked with a modular home expansion for a largely nomadic family that decided to stay put in their home during the COVID-19 lockdowns

"Paying Ecuador to Protect the Rainforest"

Environmental Economics

Common Resources : A recent episode of NPR’s  Planet Money discussed Ecuador’s proposed solution to a national dilemma: the fact that a massive oil discovery and a national park happen to be in the same place. Ecuador’s proposal is to forswear drilling – but only if other countries donate half the value of the oil in aid (about $3.6


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This prefab home expansion in Ecuador enjoys gorgeous views


The province of Pichincha in the northern Sierra region of Ecuador wraps around the slopes of a dormant stratovolcano. Related: Stunning family home in Ecuador offers serenity in an increasingly noisy world As the home is positioned over a slope overlooking the valley, care was taken to understand the natural environment and refrain from disturbing the soil or degrading the vegetation. Original post: This prefab home expansion in Ecuador enjoys gorgeous views.

Why should Ecuador be on everyone bucket list?

Green Prophet

Despite the fierce competition – I mean, there are so many incredible destinations – Ecuador belongs in your top ten. Though a relatively small country compared to its neighbors Colombia and Perú, Ecuador has much to offer. In the course of two or three weeks, you can realistically experience Ecuador in all its diversity. . Ecuador is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world. The best way to travel around Ecuador.

Donors to Pay Ecuador to Keep Oil Underground

Green Living Ideas

Ecuador is pioneering the use of a fund to preserve Ecuador's rain forest above an approximately one billion barrel oil field in the Yasuni National Park, permanently foregoing extraction of fossil fuels from the park. Donors to Pay Ecuador to Keep Oil Underground from Green Living Ideas ]. Tags: Carbon Offsets/Credits Carbon/ GHG Reduction climate change Ecuador lower greenhouse gases save Amazon rain forest UN Developement Program Yasuni National Park

Al Borde Architects helps kick start green community building project in Ecuador


But for Cabuyal people of Manabi, Ecuador, this is pretty much life as usual and they have continued to live a life that is close to nature and away from the pampering comforts of modern life. B.Sameer Kumar: Living away from the basic amenities that exist in our life is hard to imagine.

Stunning family home in Ecuador offers serenity in an increasingly noisy world


Located in Quevedo, a province of Los Ríos, Ecuador, the House of Silence was designed for an elderly man who wanted a home where his family could come together to escape the city and a space where his grandchildren could run and play freely throughout the interior and exterior. Related: A playful home built of recycled materials takes in sunrise views in Ecuador The 1,000-square-foot house creates a seamless connection between the indoor and outdoor spaces.

Will the Real Humans Please Stand Up

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But, up to 2008, when Ecuador added a clause to its constitution to codify the Rights of Nature, no one had ever considered giving the same rights to animals and trees that humans already had. Experts attributed Ecuador’s surprising and very “green” initiative to its horrible history with Chevron. Tagged: Bolivia , capitalism , Ecuador , humanity , iwi , Maori , nature , New Zealand , rights. Will the Real Humans Please Stand Up.

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TripAdvisor’s Green Leaders now in Australia, New Zealand, Latin America, Caribbean

Green Traveler Guides

Argentina Auckland Australia Belize Brazil Canada Caribbean Central America Chile Costa Rica Ecuador Green Travel News Guatemala Mexico New Zealand North America Peru South America The Americas Uruguay Venezuela TripAdvisor GreenLeaders world's largest green hotel program| Green Travel News | Two years after the initial launch of TripAdvisor’s GreenLeaders program, it’s now gone under into Australia and New Zealand, reports Green Lodging News.

Earth Overshoot Day 2021 has arrived. What does it mean for the planet?


Countries that come closer to making their resources last a full year include Ecuador, which makes it to December 7, and Indonesia on December 18. Business Eco Green above-the-2020 climate change data death earth earth overshoot day earth-overshoot ecuador environmentally network science united statesWhile the pandemic had humanity burning up the world’s resources more slowly than usual, the trend has reversed. Earth Overshoot Day, alas, arrived yesterday on July 29.

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The Green Buzz: Tuesday, October 8

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We aren’t lying — the Pinocchio lizard has been confirmed living in Ecuador. Animals Solar The Green Buzz United States animal conservationist bees colony collapse daily news Discovery News Ecuador green news Hawaii hawaiian islands lizard Mother Nature Network nature world news pesticides science world report solar power TG Daily In the land of green news today: a strange-looking lizard and a solar power breakthrough.

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Florida waterways demand their rights


In Ecuador, the Vilcabamba River won its 2011 lawsuit seeking reparations for damages from a road-widening project. Green beachline-south communities development ecuador india jeremy-gordon meridian-parks vilcabamba water wilde-cypresslaw treats corporations as legally independent “persons” who can sue or be sued. So why can’t waterways have these rights, too?

Galapagos cruise earns double green certification

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SmartVoyagers is a voluntary environmental program developed by the local NGO Conservacion & Desarollo in Ecuador for tour boats and other ecotourism businesses that tread lightly on the area’s fragile ecosystem. Cruise Ecuador Galapagos Islands News South America Ecoventura Green Travel News| Green Travel News |.

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How many trees are needed to offset a city’s carbon emissions?


Eco Green a-combined-4-5 co2 earth ecuador global-warming- home house new zealand planting-trees post-format-gallery study treesTrees are nature’s lungs. While we enjoy their beauty, shade and fruits of their existence, they are silently working to clean the air. The natural process of all plants taking in carbon and releasing oxygen not only gives us clean air to breathe but also stores carbon that otherwise contributes to global warming.

How many trees are needed to offset a city’s carbon emissions?


Eco Green carbon carbon emissions co2 construction material ecuador environment extreme heat government state treesTrees are nature’s lungs. While we enjoy their beauty, shade and fruits of their existence, they are silently working to clean the air. The natural process of all plants taking in carbon and releasing oxygen not only gives us clean air to breathe but also stores carbon that otherwise contributes to global warming.

30 new marine species found in Galapagos’ deep seas


The Galapagos Islands are famous for several endemic species that evolved to fit the exact niche required to live on rocky islands 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador in the Pacific Ocean. Eco Green a-brittle-star- a-diverse-team charles-darwin earth ecuador galapagos marine-life research triveraNow, marine scientists have found 30 new species deep beneath the ocean’s surface around the Galapagos.

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Indigenous Amazon communities use tech to protect the forest


Communities in Brazil, Peru and Ecuador are quickly adopting this technology for similar purposes. Green a-long-time a-remote-area amazon america association brazil conservation deforestation ecuador forest indigenous newsIndigenous communities in Brazil leverage technology to protect the Amazon and its resources. For a long time, Indigenous communities have protected the forest from illegal loggers and poachers.

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Nature’s Silent Currency

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In Quito, Ecuador, for example, a water fund financed by the largest water users, such as large brewers, invests in conservation to protect the forests and grasslands upstream that are beginning to help, naturally and cost-effectively, maintain a higher standard of water quality. Giulio Boccaletti is Managing Director of Global Freshwater at The Nature Conservancy. This post originally appeared on the Global Water Forum. Water is the silent currency that runs through the global economy.

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Cod are disappearing due to global warming


Eco Green applied-ecology climate change deforestation ecuador fish global-warming- indigenous marine-life north researchCod lovers might have to change their preferences soon. According to new research published in the Journal of Applied Ecology , global warming may cause a decline in cod populations. Cod thrive in cool water, and global warming pushes the species to the brink of extinction.

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David vs Goliath taking place in the Amazon

Living In a Toxic World

environmental damage Ecuador AmazonA David vs Goliath story is currently taking place in an area of the Ecuadorian Amazon. The state-run petrochemical company, Petroamazonas, seeks to advance its oil exploration into the remote, indigenous community of Sani Isla. The campaign , in support of this small community, recently received 1 million online signatures in effort to thwart government and oil tycoons from their agenda. Post source: Guardian Environment).

Pope Francis: Caring for the Earth No Longer a Recommendation, But an Urgent Requirement

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Pope Francis spoke at a university in Quito, Ecuador’s capital city, and said that protecting the environment isn’t “a recommendation, but an urgent requirement.” The tapping of natural resources, which are so abundant in Ecuador, must not be concerned with short-term benefits,” he said. The pontiff has recently made a major push in getting the citizens of the world on board with his environmental message.

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Getting cadmium out of my chocolate through the roots

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But few know that farming for cacao is complicated business, mostly done by small-scale low-income farmers in Latin America, specifically Ecuador. David Argüello from Belgium along with a team from Ecuador have found ways to reduce cadmium in chocolate trees, using lime.

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Alternative summit on environment and people held in Bolivia

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Some 18,000 people were on hand, including, scientists, intellectuals, lawyers and official representatives from 94 countries, among them the presidents of Ecuador, Venezuela, Paraguay and Nicaragua. Business & Politics Bolivia climate summit Cop15 Copenhagen Cuba Ecuador environment summit Evo Morales Hugo Chavez Nicaragua Paraguay people summit VenezuelaPresident of Bolivia, Evo Morales, at the UN climate summit in Copenhagen in December 2009. Photo by Simon Wedege.

Captain Planet Stressed Me Out

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From Atlanta to Ecuador In June 2014, I set off to rural Ecuador where I had the privilege of working on a climate change adaptation project involving sustainable agriculture and riverbank restoration. In the tropical dry forest of coastal Ecuador, the Conservancy is working with community members to improve water conservation through crop diversification and plantings to help stem erosion along rivers and stream banks.

Over 75 Nationalities Can Now Apply for an Egypt Visa Online

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Ecuador. Electronic visa systems have been growing in popularity for a number of years now, as governments around the world seek to find a way to facilitate the process of streamlining application processes to encourage foreign travelers to visit their country. .

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Nonprofit Creates Roofs From Plastic Bottles, Reducing Waste And Creating Jobs At Same Time

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Fortunately, one far-too-common material is coming to the rescue for the people of Ecuador, creating green jobs and reducing waste along the way: plastic bottles. Not all roofs are created equal. The material hanging over rural Ecuadorians'' homes, for example, is typically built from either grasses -- which attract insects, leak horribly and collapse when water-logged -- or corrugated tin -- which, in a country that averages 86 degrees , transforms homes into ovens.

Why Is Genetic Diversity Important for Survival?


Consider the mating of a dark-skinned, brown-eyed stocky native human from the tropics in Ecuador with a lithe fair-skinned, blue eyed native of Sweden. It is often said that the only constant in life is change. And it is true: our world is continually changing.

Sussex South Downs declared new UNESCO biosphere reserve

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The Brighton and Lewes Downs have become the first place in the UK to be declared a UNESCO biosphere reserve in nearly half a century The Amazon rainforest of Brazil, the Galapagos islands of Ecuador, and now the South Downs of Sussex. The link may sound unsuitable, but it shouldn’t. The Brighton and Lewes South Downs have just joined an illustrious group of UNESCO declared biosphere reserves – one of only 631 worldwide, and the first one to be awarded in the UK for forty years.

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Founders of Israel’s Arava to Solarize Developing Countries

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” The company is also developing the first solar field in the Galapagos Islands off the coast of Ecuador in addition to two projects in the Ialomita region of Romania. Founders of the Arava Power Company in Israel have started a new firm that will focus on bringing renewable energy to countries in the developing world.

Drones eradicate rat invaders from Galapagos


But not every animal life is sacrosanct on these islands just 600 miles off Ecuador’s west coast. Visitors to the Galapagos Islands learn about the island’s fragile ecosystem and the need to protect the lives of its endemic animals.

US oil giant Chevron buys into Israeli natural gas

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judgement in Ecuador for the Chernobyl of the Amazon? Israeli offshore gas fields are now under control of one of the world’s biggest energy companies, Chevron. It irks activists, but might spark a pan-European pipeline, one analyst suggests. .

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A Long Journey to 5,000 Birds: 34 Years, 6 Continents, & 47 Countries

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On a bus crossing the Andes in Ecuador, 1992. Messing around with old friends after some great birding (Ecuador). On my recent trip to Ecuador, three of us spent a good 20 minutes circling a dense tangle of vegetation hoping to see whatever was calling insistently from within. But this past year, in the freezing cold and dense fog of the Papallacta Pass near Quito, Ecuador, the stars aligned — and I found a pair of seedsnipe at the very top of the mountain.

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International Ecotourism Award Winners Revealed

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The sixth annual Skål International Ecotourism Award ceremony took place this week in Turkey, and eco-friendly businesses from India, Ecuador and Fiji gained the honors. Winners included Fiji’s Aqua-Trek, who gained the best tour operator award for their commitment to protecting Fiji’s reefs and marine parks; Ecuador’s Ecovita Organic Camping, who won in the cities and villages category, and the New Dehli based Uppal’s Orchid eco-hotel, which won the best urban accommodation award.

Why Do We Need National Parks & Why Are They Important?


5 The Galapagos National Park, Ecuador. Today, the Galapagos National Park off the coast of Ecuador is still home to one of the world’s most interesting and unique ecosystems. They often say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But we would all agree that our world is full of breathtaking views of lush valleys, spectacular mountain tops, pristine rivers and many more. It would be impossible to discount the natural beauty of the landscapes of the Grand Canyon in the U.S.

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Protecting Water: The Pulse of Our Civilization

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The urban sprawl of Quito, the capital city of Ecuador, and surrounding farms. Photo Credit: ©Bridget Besaw Take Quito, Ecuador, for example, where the Nature Conservancy worked with unlikely partners to develop a tool called a water fund. In this week’s episode of EARTH A New Wild , host Sanjayan discovers firsthand that not all rivers flow to the sea.

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Will Turkey’s New Constitution Include Ecological Protections?

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If adopted, Turkey would have a constitution like no other in Europe or North America — but somewhat similar to the constitutions of Ecuador and Bolivia, both of whose constitutions recognize legally binding rights of nature. In ecologically diverse Ecuador, which encompasses the Galapagos Islands as well as parts of the Amazon rainforest, rights for nature were added to its constitution in 2008.

Biodiversity Hotspots and Their Importance


The mountain range extends from Venezuela, through Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia and the norther tropical portion within Argentina and Chile. Saving biodiversity hotpots, those places on Earth with an abundance of life, are at the forefront of conservation efforts today.

Ecocide Law: Give Mother Nature a Voice

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The second case involves Chevron in Ecuador, where unparalleled evidence of environmental destruction matched by severe human rights implications to the indigenous Amazonians stand as witness to the consequences of ecocide. Making Ecocide a crime and legally punitive could be one way of getting corporations to respect the environment. Unlike humans, nature does not have a voice.

Mutual credit in Colombia: Mercedes Bidart of Quipu Markets

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The situation is the same in Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador. Today I’m talking with Mercedes Bidart, of Quipu Markets. Mercedes, you’re from Argentina, the project was born at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where you did a Masters; and the project is being launched in Colombia.

UN New Urban Agenda: President Markkula calls for binding targets

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How Nature Can Improve China’s Water Quality

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TNC created its first water fund in Quito, Ecuador, in 2000. TNC got started in this area with its first water fund in Quito, Ecuador, in 2000. Mark Tercek is President and CEO of the Nature Conservancy and author of Nature’s Fortune. Follow Mark on Twitter: @ MarkTercek. Air quality is often top of mind in conversations about China’s pollution challenges.

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The Green Changemakers

Overview: slide show Case studies: Brazil - Chile - Côte d'Ivoire - Cuba - Ecuador (pesticides) - Ecuador (mining) - Ethiopia - Kenya - India - Mexico (malaria) - Mexico (air pollution) - Nepal Resources on Ecohealth research Use of the Ecohealth approach has given rise to many observations and recommendations that can help decision-makers at national, regional, and municipal levels.

Boucher’s 2015 Bird of the Year: Rufous Potoo

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That particular bird was one of the final, amazing birds on an adventure-packed trip that my wife, a birding friend, and I look to Ecuador in late November. We stayed at Cabanas San Isidro, a lodge revered by birders that was established more than 50 years ago, when the uncharted lands of eastern Ecuador where first made available to the public by a government campaign to convert unclaimed lands into productive farms.

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