When Tourism and Nature Collide- Protected Land Under Threat in Egypt

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Protecting the environment and preserving important natural habitats are so far down the list of concerns for developers, that having to destroy protected reserves in the name of luxury resorts doesn’t seem like a problem at all.

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Hydroelectric Dam Threatens “Ecological Massacre” According To Turkish Conservationist

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The Aras River basin is home to more than half of Turkey’s bird species, but a planned hydroelectric dam would alter the river’s marshy ecosystem, driving away the birds. a wildlife preservation NGO.

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Urban Wildlife: Threats and Benefits of Humans-Animals Interaction


Urban wildlife. Urban wildlife is a term coined exactly to identify wildlife that lives in urban environments. Threats to wildlife. The environmental conditions of human-modified habitats are not the only dangers for urban wildlife. Urban wildlife: the benefits.

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Eco-Conscious Cosmetics: Looking Good Never So Beautiful for the Planet

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EcoTools’ annual donation goes to both EarthShare® and Wildlife Alliance. EarthShare is awarded 1% of sales from a majority of EcoTools products, while Wildlife Alliance receives a donation from the sales of our EcoTools by Alicia Silverstone collection.

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Restoring Iraq's 'Garden of Eden'- The Mesopotamian Marshlands

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