Abstract Monday: Correcting On-Site Sampling Bias

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  Title: Correcting On-Site Sampling Bias: A New Method with Application to Recreation Demand Analysis. Journal: Land Economics, 2018, 94(3): 459-474. boat owners), or on-site sample of current visitors. 

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What does a random sample of other people think about climate policy?

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This would help government budgets, drive increases in economic efficiency and substantially reduce global emissions. Madden Chair in Economics at the Mercatus Center, George Mason University. Professor of Economics, George Mason University.

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Why does Economic Inquiry shout their titles?

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Using cross-sectional and panel data from mathematics and economics, we perform negative binomial, Poisson, and generalized method of moments/instrumental variable methods regressions. However, for the subpopulation of articles without OA pre- or post-prints, we find positive hybrid OA effects for the full sample and each discipline separately. For example: Mueller-Langer, F. and Watt, R. 2018), HOW MANY MORE CITES IS A $3,000 OPEN ACCESS FEE BUYING YOU?

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"Journals, Preferences, and Publishing in Agricultural and Environmental Economics"

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Among the sample of journals studied, the American Journal of Agricultural Economics is ranked at the top for career progression for the aggregate sample, while Science was rated at the top for broader impact. Dan Rigby, Michael Burton and Jayson L.

“What’s to Know About the Credibility of Empirical Economics”

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Stanley in the Journal of Economic Surveys : Thirty years ago, Edward Leamer (1983) offered his trenchant critique of empirical economics “Let’s take the con out of econometrics.” ood of empirical economic research.

Moderates who lean left on social issues and right on economic issues are not libertarians

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Similar to Krugman, I would define a libertarian voter as one who leans left on social issues (such as same-sex marriage) and right on economic issues (such as taxes and regulation). I and right on economic issues.":

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This newspaper needs to take business and economic statistics II

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The problem, however, is that this is a way out-of-sample forecast. And, even with the larger sample probably used by the consultant, it is still very small with a lot of other variables floating around that should be considered

The Sad Story of Fish Oil and Small Sample Sizes | Mother Jones

Mother Jones

The Sad Story of Fish Oil and Small Sample Sizes. Don't believe everything you read, especially if there's only one study and it has a small sample size. Inspiring, relevant, smart audiobooks: sustainability, progressive economics, health, engaging fiction.

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"More than half of top-tier [lab experiment] economics papers are replicable"

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Retraction Watch : Approximately six out of 10 economics studies published in the field’s most reputable journals — American Economic Review and the Quarterly Journal of Economics — are replicable, according to a study published today in Science. As he and his co-authors note in the paper: …replication in this sample of experiments is generally successful, though there is room for improvement.

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Notes from my contribution to the NMFS Recreational Fisheries Constituents' Economic Workshop

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CVM surveys have been criticized for passing internal scope tests but not split-sample external scope tests. 1994) in JEEM that helped launch choice experiments in environmental economics but joint estimation of choice experiment and revealed preference data has largely been ignored since.

Progress Energy tries some behavioral economics

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The random sample is intended to cover a range of customer profiles, making the program statistically valid. It didn't work in Sacramento , but why not try it here? Progress Energy is going to apply old-fashioned peer pressure to encourage customers to conserve electricity as part of a new energy efficiency program approved today by the N.C. Utilities Commission.

Overestimating economic impacts of the Grandfather National Scenic Area

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The group’s new white paper and related website make a strong economic appeal—a message tailored to unstable economic times. While Wild South’s white paper covers a lot of ground—it pointedly cites a 2008 economic impact study by Colorado State University. The research predicts scenic area designation for this now lightly used part of Pisgah National Forest would bring significant economic benefits—an estimated 1.5

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What do college students think about economic issues (and why do they hate Walmart)?

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In a highly non-scientific exercise, I kicked off my Principles of Food and Resource Economics (Honors) class yesterday by asking the students their opinion on 23 statements about economic situations that I pulled from published (or soon-to-be published) surveys of professional economists.    Most of the statements were pulled from Robert Whaple's " The Policy Views of American Economic Association Members: The Results of a New Survey."

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Needs must as economic crisis makes us greener in the office

Green (Living) Review

Nicky Amos, an expert in Corporate Social Responsibility, said: “It’s clear that the current economic situation is forcing many workplaces to become greener. Total sample size was 2,255 adults of which 751 were respondents who work solely or mainly in an office.

Reply to "Reply to Whitehead" by Desvousges, Mathews and Train: Are the DMT (2015) data problems typical in other CVM studies?

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Second, the sample sizes may be simply too small to detect a difference in the correct direction. This could be caused by small differences in cost amounts and/or it is due to sample sizes that are too small to detect a statistically significant difference.

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Reply to "Reply to Whitehead" by Desvousges, Mathews and Train (the correction)

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He states that " it is likely that WTP is approximately normally distributed when the model is estimated using a large sample and the estimate of the coefficient for the cost attribute is sufficiently precise." " Land Economics 67, no. " Land economics 67, no.

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Teaching Economics As If People Mattered

The Green Changemakers

[link] Defining Economics How do you define economics? How does the economy relate to our lives and what's the difference between democracy as a political system and capitalism as an economic system? What changes have families seen in their economic condition between 1976 and today? Signs of the Times What are the signs we are told to look for to gauge economic success? What would a pro-family economic agenda look like?

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Dude, Where Are My Cars?

Sightline Daily

Take a look at just a sampling of the evidence: The Golden Ears Bridge: Both traffic volumes and tolling revenue on this new bridge outside of Vancouver, BC are falling short of expectations , adding up to "a cumulative shortfall of $63.8 I expect that there are many reasons for the recent trends: high gas prices, economic uncertainties, demographic shifts, and (perhaps) an increase in peoples preferences for car-lite lifestyles. Skip to content.

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Environmental studies creates crusaders for our planet

Green Prophet

Areas of study will usually include: ecology (observing the interaction between plants and the earth), economics (observing how people use the earth), geology (the history and physical elements that make up the earth) and sociology (interactions between societies and the earth).

Planet 101

Economists believe that the CBO makes credible forecasts

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Statistics teaches that a sample of (say) 40 opinions will be adequate to reflect a broader population if the sample is representative of that population. See for yourself: [link].

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How much self-promotion can a guy cram into an 82 word post

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Here is a PDF that contains all of the front and back matter (except for the introduction) of the Encyclopedia of Environmental and Resource Economics : Download Contents etc.    Here is a PDF of sample entry (CVM, by Haab and Whitehead), complete with a reference to other, ahem, other book :  Download CVM.    This should be enough information to make you want to buy the  Encyclopedia of Environmental and Resource Economics

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MTurk costs more (so what?)

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 Here is what we say about it: MTurk is a crowdsourcing internet marketplace for work that enables researchers to access a representative sample of individuals willing to participate as survey respondents and is growing in popularity for online experiments and surveys.   MTurk seems to work as good as other convenience samples ( link ): Abstract. We also recruited a standard sample of students on a college campus and tested them in person, not via computer interface.

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How long will it be before REPeC has Bass curves for each of their registered authors?

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"Time series citation data: the Nobel Prize in economics."  The Data for Research service of the JSTOR journal database is a large and high-quality sample of citations, weighted towards humanities and social sciences.

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My new working paper

Environmental Economics

No 18-07, Working Papers from Department of Economics, Appalachian State University. Valuing Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Control in Public Forests: Scope Effects with Attribute Non-Attendance Chris Giguere, Chris Moore and John C. Whitehead.

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Some things were just meant to be

Environmental Economics

Considering your published research paper of ‟ A Split-Sample Revealed and Stated Preference Demand Model to Examine Homogenous Subgroup Consumer Behavior Responses to Information and Food Safety Technology Treatments ” in related areas of  Finance & Economics , we are very interested in publishing your latest papers in the forthcoming issues of  Journal of Finance and Economics. Kind regards, Steven Manson,  Journal of Finance and Economics.

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A Comment on “An Adding Up Test on Contingent Valuations of River and Lake Quality”

Environmental Economics

Whitehead Department of Economics Appalachian State University Boone, North Carolina. The study may suffer from small samples, inexpensive online panels and poor survey design. 2009) survey with new sample data and additional scenarios. Land Economics 91(2015): 556-571.

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A new survey of economists in Econ Journal Watch

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has this abstract: A sample of 299 U.S. economics professors, presumably random, responded to our survey which asked favorites in the following areas: Economic thinkers (pre-twentieth century, twentieth century now deceased, living age 60 or older, living under age 60), economics journals, and economics blogs. For journals, the leaders are American Economic Review and Journal of Economic Perspectives.

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New publication: Estimating the Value of Medal Success in the Olympic Games

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From the inbox: Your article  Estimating the Value of Medal Success in the Olympic Games  has now been published in  Journal of Sports Economics  Volume 19 Issue 3, April 2018 and can be viewed at  doi.org/10.1177/ 1527002515626221.

2018 141

"80% Of Americans Support Mandatory Labels On Foods Containing DNA. DNA!"

Environmental Economics

recent survey conducted by the Oklahoma State University Department of Agricultural Economics found that 80.44% of respondents supported a government policy mandating labels on foods containing DNA. The Food Demand Survey (FooDs) is an online poll of a representative sample of the U.S. Not from the Onion: A.

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Attitude's about carbon taxes

Environmental Economics

Still, a large majority of Americans say they support a US effort to reduce global warming, even if it has economic costs. Of course, students of economics know it doesn't matter who pays the tax. In case you are wondering, the sample is fine.

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My new working paper (with Giguere and Moore)

Environmental Economics

No 18-07, Working Papers from Department of Economics, Appalachian State University. An online survey was administered to an opt-in, or non-probability sample, panel in September 2017 to estimate the willingness-to-pay to protect hemlock trees from a destructive invasive species on federal land in North Carolina. Valuing Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Control in Public Forests: Scope Effects with Attribute Non-Attendance Chris Giguere, Chris Moore and John C. Whitehead.

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My experimental colleagues have a new lab

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 3021 (the old copy room) was included in phase I renovations and will serve as the new home for the Experimental Economics Lab. If I had $400 x [# of sessions to get a large enough sample with the experimental design] in research funds I'd like to replicate this study presented at the AAEA conference: Validating consistency of non-hypothetical experimental auction data: application of the adding-up test in a multi-unit setting.

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"Earning Doctorate During Recession 'Boosts Productivity'"?

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s during a recession are more productive in the long run—at least in the field of economics. Michael Boehm, a researcher at the London School of Economics’ Centre for Economic Performance and Bonn University, looked at data from the top 30 universities in the United States from 1955 to 1994. He found that among students of economics, those who completed their Ph.D.’s Why is that sample chosen?

Another theory for the CVM revision lag

Environmental Economics

The sample is from papers published in Resource and Energy Economics, Ecological Economics and Environmental and Resource Economics. From the inbox in response to this post : Regarding the recent post on env-econ about time to publication, another factor affecting the difference could be the skill set of the authors attempting the methods.

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Comment on Desvousges, Mathews and Train (2015) continued: cost

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not GfK Knowledge Panel) like that used by DMT will cost about $5 per completed response (I've purchased samples anywhere from $3-$8 per complete). An additional sample the size of the average of DMT's versions one, three and four will cost about $1000 (where each is about n = 200). But the money cost of an additional adding up treatment could be high, especially if the surveys are fielded on a high quality survey sample as in Chapman et al.

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Beware (some) journal rankings

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in Economics;Editor,Review of Economics & Finance Tel:  +1-647-476-3762 ext.733   Fax:  +1-647-476-3762 ext. I had never heard of Review of Economics & (not and) Finance or BA Press so I assumed it was a potential, possible, or probable predatory scholarly open-access publishers. The Review of Economics and Finance is ranked #634 on the aggregate rankings list and my faith in RePEc is restored.  From the inbox: Dear Dr. John C.

2015 155

Telling the Truth About Education?and About Ed Reform | Mother.

Mother Jones

21, 2013 9:51 AM PST Tweet In a recent column about the limitations of data, David Brooks wrote this about the debate over how effective economic stimulus has been: "As far as I know not a single major player in this debate has been persuaded by data to switch sides."

New Appstate working paper

Environmental Economics

Using data from a repeat sample of oyster consumers, a pre and post-spill revealed and stated preference model allows both a short and longer-term response to the spill to be investigated.

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In case you haven't been able to keep up with the oyster markets

Environmental Economics

Land Economics February 1, 2016 vol. By accounting for unobserved heterogeneity in the sample, findings further indicate that short- and longer-term spill responses differ across consumer groups. Measuring the Impact of the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill on Consumer Behavior. 92 no. 1 82-95. Ashton Morgan, John C. Whitehead, William L. Huth, Greg S. Martin, and Richard Sjolander. Abstract.

2016 116

"A good lesson for journals"

Environmental Economics

But it turns out that wasn’t the whole story of “ Shame for money: Shame enhances the incentive value of economic resources ,” to put it charitably. Retractionwatch : Last month, we reported on a retraction in Judgment and Decision Making that said “problems were discovered with the data.”

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What is the effect of self-citations on the rankings of economists?

Environmental Economics

These fields include 'agricultural economics & policy', 'econometrics', 'economics' and 'economic theory' There are field ('name1') and subfield ('name2') columns in the data. From the inbox ( Data is Plural 2019.08.28

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A philosopher questions happiness studies questions

Environmental Economics

Over the past 30 years or so, as the field of happiness studies has emerged from social psychology, economics and other disciplines, many researchers have had the same thought. I've seen very little critical appraisal of happiness studies in the economics journals. Other than Kerry Smith in REEP , it seems that economists have swallowed the blue pill: Happiness economics seems to have captivated both the editors and referees of the flagship journals in economics.

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#RePEc, EconLit and predatory publishers

Environmental Economics

topnum= 2000;citems=on;bymin=10; mrange=No;fm=;lm=;seriestype= redif-article; cgifields= listall; cgifields=citems; cgifields=mrange;sortby=12d This peer-reviewed quarterly is indexed by EconLit, American Economic Association (AEA), EBSCO, ProQuest, RePEc, National Bibliography of Canada, ABDC, DOAJ, and so on.  Review of Economics & Finance is published by Better Advances Press which is on Beall's List. From the inbox: Dear Dr. John C.

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