National Grid Applies for $200 Million in Stimulus Funding for Largest Collective Smart Grid Project in the Northeast

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Department of Energy for $200 million in stimulus funding to develop an “end-to-end” smart grid deployment that will include approximately 200,000 customers in New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Through its smart grid program, National Grid is partnering with the three states to help them achieve their vision for a clean, efficient energy network of the future while creating new jobs and economic development opportunities for the region.

DOE Announces Recipients of Smart Grid Stimulus Fund

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ARCADIA, FLORIDA – Speaking at Florida Power and Light’s (FPL) DeSoto Next Generation Solar Energy Center, President Barack Obama today announced the largest single energy grid modernization investment in U.S. billion in grant awards are part of the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act, and will be matched by industry funding for a total public-private investment worth over $8 billion. billion in private investment to match the federal investment.

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President Obama: U.S. Should Be Leader In Renewables, Hybrid Vehicles

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“The nation that leads on energy will be the nation that leads the world in the 21st century,” were the words spoken by U.S. President Obama toured the Electric Vehicle Technical Center in California prior to discussing his plan for electric vehicles and the United States‘ future with renewable energy. lags behind some European and Asian countries in renewable energies. Obama stated: “Germany is leading the world in solar power.

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coauthored with Hazel Henderson, posted September 2009 A conceptual framework for finding solutions to our current crisis that are economically sound, ecologically sustainable, and socially just © 2009 Fritjof Capra, © 2009 Hazel Henderson; published by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales as part of its thought leadership series Outside Insights The current global recession has been dominating the news since the beginning of the year.