New Hampshire’s Energy Future is Now

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Here in New Hampshire we’ve heard a recurring story about energy, specifically electricity rates. It goes like this: “ New Hampshire has some of the highest electricity rates in the country. Here’s what we learned : New Hampshire’s electricity supply is reliable.

Gov John Lynch Vetoes Attempt to Repeal New Hampshire's Involvement in Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative and explains why it needs to continue


Governor John Lynch of New Hampshire gets a big up from us for vetoing SB154 which sought to repeal New Hampshire’s participation in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.

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The economics of Fall colors

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His interest in fall foliage led him to search out the economic impact of WNC’s big season. “I

Call for Papers | Environmental Economics and Policy Studies (EEPS) | Special Issue on Hedonic Price Method

Environmental Economics

From the AERE listserv ( Resecon ): More data on household economic activities have been made available to the public in the past two decades.    The increasingly publicly available geophysical and household data provide new research opportunities for environmental economists, and at the same time, prompt re-examination and updates of existing techniques for non-market valuation. 

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Climate change and ski season

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By then, no ski area in Connecticut or Massachusetts is likely to be economically viable, Mr. Scott said. Only 7 of 18 resorts in New Hampshire and 8 of 14 in Maine will be. New York’s 36 ski areas, most of them in the western part of the state, will have shrunk to 9. Improvements in snow-making technology have helped resorts compensate for warming trends, and several have invested millions in new energy-efficient tower guns.

Governors Applaud New EPA Carbon Pollution Safeguards

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Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick (Photo: Office of Governor Patrick)   From New Hampshire to California to Hawai’i to Montana, Governors across the country are applauding the Environmental Protection Agency’s first-ever standards to clean up climate disruption carbon pollution.

Development: Time to leave GDP behind

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Countries should act now to embrace new metrics, urge Robert Costanza and colleagues. But the world today is very different from the one faced by the global leaders who met to plan the post-war economy in 1944 in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire. Adjusted economic measures.

31 Ways to Jump Start the Local Economy

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Start a Common Security Club in your faith community or neighborhood to help folks cope in the crisis and act together to create the new economy ( ). Barnstead, New Hampshire did, and, more recently, three communities in Maine have done it.

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Shaheen-Portman: A Bipartisan Opportunity for Progress

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And thanks to months and months of hard work by its two sponsors, New Hampshire Democratic Senator Jeanne Shaheen and Ohio Republican Rob Portman, it also became the first energy bill to be debated in six years. In light of the recent economic damage wrought by the shutdown, Shaheen-Portman can help us recoup some of these losses by spurring growth and job creation.

"Charging Motorists to Drive"

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Delaware, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and New Hampshire are proposing pilots to figure out how they might charge motorists a fee for the miles they travel — rather than taxing their gas, as state and federal officials do today.   Raise the gas tax and meet multiple public policy and economic goals simultaneously. Shannon Wulf Tregar at RFF : Several states along the East Coast are proposing pilot programs to help pay for increasing transportation costs.

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What's Killing Minnesota's Moose? | Mother Jones

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New Hampshire moose experts, according to Inkley, said tick numbers were way up in 2011 because of an unusually warm winter in 2010. The country's largest religious minority navigates a turbulent new era. Skip to Navigation. Skip to Content. Mother Jones. Politics.

With Warming, Soil Releases More CO2. Though Less Over Time.

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The heated plots melted before the unheated ones: Alix Contosa, postdoctoral researcher at University of New Hampshire. This according to a new paper just published in Nature Climate Change. The country's largest religious minority navigates a turbulent new era.

The Nature Conservancy’s U.S. Climate Strategy

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This kind of state-level innovation will be essential to meeting the United States’ commitments in the global agreement and is also helping to build a new consensus for action across the political spectrum at the national level.

Local Currencies in the Twenty-First Century:

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His 1974 book Small is Beautiful: Economics as if People Mattered , remains the most compelling case for building vibrant regional economies as a counterpoint to our increasing reliance on far flung global production systems. Over three hundred people gathered at Bard College on the Hudson River in New York State to join what conference participant Pete Seeger called, “the best conference I ever attended.” Tags: Economics

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The environmental record of Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry

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They know we have been experiencing a cooling trend, that the complexities of the global atmosphere have often eluded the most sophisticated scientists, and that draconian policies with dire economic effects based on so-called science may not stand the test of time.

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Getting Smart About Climate Change

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In urban and suburban areas, in small towns and rural areas, and in every region of the country—from Keene, New Hampshire, to Sarasota County, Florida, to Sacramento, California, to Tacoma, Washington—local government professionals are incorporating smart growth principles into their climate protection plans.

Beetlemania: Insects Are Gobbling Up 1,000-Year-Old Trees.

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In a new report in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, a team of University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers describe the beetles' deadly effect on whitebarks in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. The country's largest religious minority navigates a turbulent new era.

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Israeli Study: Smog Bad For Wall Street

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Two highly respected Israeli scholars, Haifa University Finance Professor Joseph Yagil and Netanya Academic College Finance Professor Tamir Levy are the authors of a new study, noted by Miller-McCune , that found a link between the posted Air Quality Index in New York and Wall Street stock returns.

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Building Community through Transportation

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Planning transportation for community outcomes, rather than merely moving cars, will also help protect our nation’s irreplaceable cultural and historic resources and serve as an economic catalyst for towns and cities.

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What If We Built Our Cities Around Places?

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PPS announces its new Great Cities Initiative, which applies the principles of Placemaking to entire cities. Transportation agencies are teaming up with economic development organizations to bring housing, businesses, and a sense of vitality back to downtown streets.

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Gaia Education

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They will cover the four sectors of the sustainability circle, namely, the Worldview, Social, Ecological and Economic dimensions, while each book will cover the five modules of its section. See it, do it, take it home, share it with others, and recreate something new.

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