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He aimed his message primarily at tens of millions of white working-class Americans who feel left behind in the growing economic prosperity, undercut by the advancement of minorities and women, competition from illegal immigrants at home and cheap workers in other countries. Mr. Trump has not yet clarified his promises on trade, but most experts say it will be very hard to simply walk away from Nafta and impose a 45 percent tariff against imports from China. “In

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Putting a Price on the Environment

Eco Friendly Daily

relations after the introduction of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) into Canada’s public policy. From forests to fish farms, Canadians across the country have expressed concern over the environmental profiteering that has become de rigueur in Canada / U.S.


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Tractors, Ritual Baths, and Dismantling Racism: Welcome to Black and Latino Farmers Immersion

Green (Living) Review

As Latinos, they were forced out of Mexico by international trade deals like NAFTA. Brutal racism—maiming, lynching, burning, deportation, economic violence, legal violence—ensured that our roots would not spread deeply and securely.


Why The Climate Movement Cannot Ignore Trade

Sierra Club Compass

However, our current model of free trade, which is written into agreements of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and free trade pacts like the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), threatens nearly every aspect of this much-needed economic transition. Photo courtesy of Jim Wylie.

Dead Sea Mining Company Plans Dubious Merger With Canadian ‘Natural Resource’ Firm

Green Prophet

” Erdan went on to say that Israel Chemicals should not be allowed to merge with the large Canadian firm as it would create a “real endangerment of economic, social and environmental interests of the highest priority.

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Naomi Klein: "Only mass social movements can save us"

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When the NAFTA treaty was debated in the early 1990s, a strong coalition of unions and environmental groups rallied to lead a massive opposition to the deal, and “for a time it even looked as if they would win.”

Economies For Life

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Economic refugees. The language of economic dysfunction has become so common that when I use the term “the global suicide economy” in my talks, I rarely need to elaborate. Until recently, however, most people responded with polite but resigned skepticism to my message that economic transformation is possible. Nonetheless, the suicide economy continues to dominate our economic, political, social, and cultural lives. Tags: Sustainable-development Economics

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