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Environmental Economics

Science magazine archive yielded 2788 hits. I'm thinking 'we' (in the collective, not me and John*) should start a new blog titled "Virtually Infallible," and post reader-submitted erratum on peer-revied economics journals. 

Environmental Economics: uFollow

Environmental Economics

Got a question about environmental economics? Recent Comments John Whitehead on What I did today instead of blogging Rene Salinas on What I did today instead of blogging Timtaylor Home on My name is Kingof Socks Tim Haab on How is economics like Fight Club?

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Environmental Economics: My shiny forehead

Environmental Economics

Got a question about environmental economics? Recent Comments John Whitehead on What I did today instead of blogging Rene Salinas on What I did today instead of blogging Timtaylor Home on My name is Kingof Socks Tim Haab on How is economics like Fight Club?


Green (Living) Review

Available on iPads and Android tablets, you won’t want to miss an issue of World Environment , CIWEM’s new digital magazine. On World Environment Day, the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM) is pleased to announce the launch of its new quarterly digital magazine and app, World Environment , bringing you challenging and informative features and opinions about the environmental issues that really matter.

Rumor: Domino Magazine Making a Comeback


Waaayy back in January 2009, the whole thing folded in the wake of the economic nightmare that Read More. Remember Domino? The beautiful lifestyle mag with a strong focus on eco-friendly living? Entertainment News Print Top News danny seo

2009 62

Urban Agriculture Magazine

The Green Changemakers

About this magazine. The Urban Agriculture Magazine is an initiative under the RUAF Programme. The Urban Agriculture Magazine is published on this website twice a year. The Magazine is available in several languages. We invite you to contribute to the Urban Agriculture Magazine with an article, a description of best (or bad) practices, photos and information on interesting publications, web sites, and forthcoming events. UA Magazine no. UA Magazine no.

Communities Magazine: Education for Sustainability

The Green Changemakers

Tags: Sustainable-development Community Magazine Education

2010 52

Our Planet - UNEP’s magazine

The Green Changemakers

for environmentally sustainable development. link] Our Planet Current Issue Your Planet Needs You English Version Version française Versión española The new issue of Our Planet highlights the work that people are doing around the world in building green infrastructure.


We Need New Economics for a New Era of History

The Green Changemakers

From a talk given at the Schumacher Center for New Economics , Great Barrington, MA, on July 27, 2014. It first appeared in Kosmos Journal , a print magazine focused on global transformation. L et me tell you about my career in economics.

Why silver and gold won't protect you from the economic collapse that's coming

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Silver and gold, especially in the form of so-called trade rounds, are often advocated by people in the survivalist community – who also have a vested interest in doing so – as the currency after the event of an economic collapse or such like.

The Economics of Happiness

The Green Changemakers

by Saamah Abdallah In 1934, one of the original developers of the Gross National Product economic indicator (GDP) cautioned that “the welfare of a nation can scarcely be inferred from a measurement of national income.” The main problem with using GDP as a primary economic indicator is that, ultimately, it is simply the sum of all transactions in a country. As the British economist Andrew Oswald says: “Economic things only matter insofar as they make people happier.” Magazine.

2010 43

Best of the Permaculture Drylands Magazine - Now Online!

The Green Changemakers

Tags: Permaculture Magazine

Building a Just and Sustainable World (YES magazine)

The Green Changemakers

Magazine P.S. Forward this newsletter to friends and colleagues, and help expand the network of teachers saying YES! Magazine Here is poetry for thought to share with your students: Ask whether they agree with what award-winning poet Martin Espada says about the role poets can play in creating a more just world: “We must imagine the possibility of a more just world before the world may become more just. Magazine #11—Fall 1999. January/February 2008 “The average U.S.

2008 40

Teaching Economics As If People Mattered

The Green Changemakers

[link] Defining Economics How do you define economics? How does the economy relate to our lives and what's the difference between democracy as a political system and capitalism as an economic system? What changes have families seen in their economic condition between 1976 and today? Signs of the Times What are the signs we are told to look for to gauge economic success? What would a pro-family economic agenda look like? Magazine #40, Go Local!

2009 40

Marketing Oysters in the Delaware Bay: Top 5 Insights

Nature Conservancy - Science

By Nature Conservancy Magazine. Fish & Fisheries Economics Ecosystem Services Fisheries Oceans Research Social Science Sustainability Valuing Nature Water QualityOysters provide important environmental benefits to people by filtering and improving the quality of water in the bay.

“Green Economics”: Turning Mainstream Thinking on Its Head

The Green Changemakers

That’s especially true about mainstream economics, which is based in part on ideas that made a lot of sense at some point in the last 250 years but that have outlived their time and usefulness. These ideas—such as the reliance on GDP as the key index of general wellbeing—still dominate assumptions and thinking about economic matters in the media, governments, businesses, and popular consciousness. We’ve gotten really good at economic growth. Tags: Economics Green

2008 40

LA Approves Plan to Buy Solar Power from Moapa River Indian.

Sierra Club Compass

Proposed project on Indian Reservation land would expand clean energy for Los Angeles customers, provide economic benefits Last week the Los Angeles City Council approved a plan to purchase enough solar power from the Moapa River Indian Reservation in Nevada to power 105,000 homes. Compass.

The Road to Sustainability: More Nudging, Less Shoving

Nature Conservancy - Science

This Nature Longread essay first appeared in SNAP Magazine , which features great writing on the intersection of nature and human well-being as part of the website of the Science for Nature and People (SNAP) collaboration. Annual Review of Economics 2:671–698.

2014 76

Hoping for the Catch of a Lifetime

Conservancy Talk

And as I interviewed Betsina Hay in Raja Ampat’s village of Kapatcol for Nature Conservancy magazine , her smile was telling me exactly how she was feeling before our translator could get the words across. Magazine

2014 93

Diving into the Bay of Pigs: Marine Conservation in Cuba

Conservancy Talk

There were plenty of vivid moments while I was reporting about the Conservancy’s work in Cuba for Nature Conservancy magazine—it’s that kind of place—but one moment stands out in particular. Read Julian Smith’s story about the Conservancy’s work in Cuba at Nature Conservancy magazine online.

Cuba 90

Carrying the Torch from Arkansas to Zambia

Conservancy Talk

The growth of ecologically responsible tourism—Mukambi is one of at least 15 safari camps around the park—is helping to bolster conservation efforts and create an economic alternative to poaching. This essay appeared in the Oct/Nov issue of Nature Conservancy magazine.

The Local Multiplier Effect

The Green Changemakers

8.5x11" 364kb Source: YES Magazine Tags: Economics Community Buying local isn't just about freshness. Make your money count—more than once. Download pdf poster of The Local Multiplier Effect.

Local 56

Leadership Makes a Difference on Climate – Especially This Week

Conservancy Talk

Conservatives often support renewable energy and energy efficiency policies because they create economic development at home, empower consumer choice and reduce utility bills. China President Xi Jinping and Pope Francis both made history this week with bold actions on climate change, showing the kind of leadership required to tackle this tough challenge.

2015 87

The World’s First and Only Stand-up Economist (at Appstate)

Environmental Economics

He has appeared in TIME Magazine and on PBS and NPR, and is the co-author of the forthcoming Cartoon Introduction to Climate Change and the two-volume Cartoon Introduction to Economics, which is now available in Chinese, German, Italian, etc. Speaking of foreign languages, he is also the organizer of the humor session at the annual meeting of the American Economic Association.

2014 131

Here's How Billionaires Launder Their Climate-Denial Cash | Mother.

Mother Jones

Well, Andy Kroll told you all about them right here at MoJo last week: Over the past decade, it has funded the rights assault on labor unions, climate scientists, public schools, economic regulations, and the very premise of activist government. Skip to Navigation. Skip to Content.

2013 83

Telling the Truth About Education?and About Ed Reform | Mother.

Mother Jones

21, 2013 9:51 AM PST Tweet In a recent column about the limitations of data, David Brooks wrote this about the debate over how effective economic stimulus has been: "As far as I know not a single major player in this debate has been persuaded by data to switch sides."

R.I.P. William Baumol

Environmental Economics

He served as the professor of economics at New York University, Academic Director of the Berkley Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and Professor Emeritus at Princeton University. He has written extensively about the labor market and other economic factors that affect the economy. Baumol also made very contributions to the theory of entrepreneurship and the history of economic thought. Not funny   Who will win the next Nobel Prize in Economics?

2017 126

GOP Not in Kansas Anymore | Mother Jones

Mother Jones

14, 2013 12:47 PM PST Tweet Over at the New York Times Magazine , Robert Draper has a long piece about the woes of the Republican Party. They want no part of this, even if theyre not super thrilled with the Democratic Partys economic agenda. Skip to Navigation. Skip to Content.

Global Economy Expanded More Slowly than Expected in 2011

Green Blog

Meanwhile, growing income inequality and environmental disruption are challenging conventional notions of economic health. Developing Asia was responsible for 25 percent of global economic output in 2011. China has also grown more unequal in recent years despite booming economic growth.

2011 72

Obama Introduces Hopeless Set of Gun Proposals | Mother Jones

Mother Jones

Monthly political humor magazine transforms politics as we know it! Inspiring, relevant, smart audiobooks: sustainability, progressive economics, health, engaging fiction. Skip to Navigation. Skip to Content. Mother Jones. Politics. Environment. Culture. Photo Essays.

Obama 82

Balancing People, Planet and Profit: The Future of Business Sustainability

The Green Changemakers

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Smithsonian magazine, Big Think asked top minds from a variety of fields to weigh in on what we might expect our world to be like 40 years from now. Tags: Documentary Future Sustainable-development Life-style Food Economy Urban Economics Education

2010 46

I don't care about the lives saved, just tell me how many jobs were created!

Environmental Economics

What is the economic value of research? Rosa DeLauro of Connecticut, the top Democrat on the House Appropriations subcommittee in charge of education issues, is how much the National Institutes of Health generates in economic growth for every taxpayer dollar it receives. "That They’ve been working on the assumption that the true economic value of the nation’s scientific investment, through the NIH and other agencies, is almost surely a lot higher than $2.21

2014 169

A Better Place

Green Home Blog

CNN-Time magazine named him one of the 20 top ‘Global Influentials for 2003’. In 2009 Time magazine recognized him as one of its top ‘100 most influential people’. Foreign Policy magazine named him on the 100 most influential global thinkers list.

2013 163

Talks on TED: Johan Rockstrom and Nic Marks

The Green Changemakers

He's the founder of the Centre for Well-Being at the UK think tank New Economics Foundation (NEF). Which raises the question: What purpose does unfettered economic growth serve? Anna Ritter, Fokus magazine

2010 52

Sustainable cities - Good practices

The Green Changemakers

[link] Good practice Cities and towns that respond effectively to climate change through sustainable place making will be healthier, more socially cohesive, economically resilient and more beautiful. Tags: Survey Water Transportation Energy Urban Waste-management Green Magazine Many places in the UK and elsewhere are already integrating policies and practices, and there is much to learn from them.

2010 40

Money and Morality

The Green Changemakers

Bankrupt bankers have to be bailed out even though we can all see that they and other business leaders are utterly incapable of solving the economic crisis. No wonder then that our governments are completely incapable of creating conditions for the stability and wellbeing of people – because all social, political, educational and communal values exist solely to serve economic growth, which simply means growth in money supply, in GDP and in consumption.

2012 48


Environmental Economics

TIME magazine got the exclusive rights to write it all up in an. Lots of environmental economics in this. From the inbox: Google collaborated with. NASA's Landsat program to generate video of man's impact on the earth's. surface.

2013 164

Slow Money: Bringing Money Down to Earth

The Green Changemakers

Magazine Web Editor Brooke Jarvis spoke with him about "nurture capital," local food systems, and why we all may soon be thinking differently about money. Brooke: If this movement becomes the catalyst that you hope for, how could our economic and food systems be different, within the decade?

2009 65

Quotes of the day on green jobs

Environmental Economics

The Richmond Fed's Econ Focus magazine has an article on "Green Jobs: Not a Black or White Issue" [ pdf ] this quarter.

Puerto Rico’s Birds after Hurricane Maria

10,000 Birds

The human and economic consequences were dramatic, and continue to be felt. These hurricanes prompted a personal interest in the impact of hurricanes on birds, so I did some research, which ultimately led to an article in the April 2018 issue of Birding magazine.

10 Common Sense Principles for a New Economy

The Green Changemakers

I find hope in the fact that millions of people the world over are seeing through the moral and practical fallacies underlying the Wall Street economy and—by contributing to the creation of a New Economy —are taking charge of their economic lives.

2010 52

Emerging Issues in Development Policy: The winding road to growth and equity

The Green Changemakers

It means integrating the multiple dynamic systems of economics, finance, politics and culture, and shaping policies that crisscross and sometimes collide. We have seen that economic elites and academics do not have a monopoly on truth and that directives are not discourse—nor do they constitute a consensus. That people who are living their own social and economic realities often know a great deal about how to make them better.

Or we could just ask everyone to leave their refrigerator doors open

Environmental Economics

Got a question about environmental economics? Recent Comments John Whitehead on What I did today instead of blogging Rene Salinas on What I did today instead of blogging Timtaylor Home on My name is Kingof Socks Tim Haab on How is economics like Fight Club?

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