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Green technologies is now a global marketplace of $3 trillion but as result of a staggeringly low commitment from past governments, the UK has less than a five percent share of this market. CIWEM believes that low carbon investment is a vital part of our economic recovery, so we must develop new green businesses and industries across the country.

Muntons leads the world - Low Carbon commitment

Green (Living) Review

In a bold move, Muntons plc has become the first maltster in the world to make a dedicated appointment to ensure that it will meet its commitment to produce 100% low carbon malt within the next five years.

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Low Carbon Economics Aligns With the Sharia Law of Islam

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To spur investment, financial vehicles that support a low-carbon economy are being developed to align with Islamic Sharia law. The standard simply provides assurance that a particular bond delivers on a low carbon action.

High-Level Renewable Energy Conference to Advance Low-Carbon Development in Egypt

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By strengthening the enabling environment for renewable energy investment and development, Egypt can increase the speed of its energy transformation, bringing wider economic benefits to the country such as job creation, health improvements and energy security,” concluded Mr. Amin.

Low-Carbon Investment Opportunities are Finally Catching Up with Demand

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Last week’s New York Times piece by Tina Rosenberg, “ An Investment Strategy to Save the Planet ”, hits more than a few key notes on the fast-growing appetite for low-carbon investment opportunities – taking a particular look at emerging low-carbon index funds tailored for institutional investors.

Energy demand and low carbon power generation

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) We must have nuclear power stations otherwise the UK will not be able to meet the low carbon targets for energy production nor the demand, Tim Yeo MP, chair of the subcommittee on climate change and energy, keeps saying. But you are stifling the economic growth then, some bright spark will now counter, and we need to have more and more economic growth.

The Low Carbon Energy Company offers Green Deal clarity

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Green deal has caused confusion, but offers opportunities to many THE Low Carbon Energy Company has announced that it is offering guidance to tenants, homeowners and businesses who are trying to understand the complexities of the government’s Green Deal. Ged Ennis, Operations Director of The Low Carbon Energy Company, said: “The Green Deal will allow you to make energy-saving improvements to your home or business without having to pay all the costs up front.”

Wales Commits to Low Carbon Economy


Its 'Energy Wales: A Low Carbon Transition' report, released today (March 14) by first minister Carwyn Jones, sets out its vision for sustainable low-carbon economy.

US Falls Behind China in Low Carbon Competitiveness


China outpaced the US to become one of the top three G20 economies best prepared to compete in a low-carbon economy, according to an index developed by Australian think tank The Climate Institute and GE. The index’s rankings, using research from Vivid Economics, measure nearly

Low Carbon Products in Demand Despite Economic Challenges


Recent Carbon Trust research has shown that consumer demand for lower-carbon products and services is growing, despite the tough economic climate. The research also reveals that consumers are more aware that the products they buy come at a high price in terms of carbon emissions across the supply chain.

China Caps Energy Use in Low-Carbon Plan


It is going to work towards achieving low carbon energy targets. It is a clear indication of the Chinese focus towards balancing growth with environmental sustainability instead of maximizing economic growth alone.

Renewable Revolution: Low-Carbon Energy by 2030

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As a result, target-setting has failed to achieve needed reductions in energy-related carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions to date. Put a price on carbon that increases over time. Author: Janet L. Sawin And William R.

Building a Low Carbon World

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Web Seminar - 2007 [link] Video streams, each containing content from this year's Building a Low Carbon World conference which was held at the Royal Geographical Society in London. This vision of the hopeful, positive, and inspiring possibilities of an environmentally and economically intelligent future by design draws inspiration from the astonishing effectiveness of natural systems.

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UK Policy and Business Leaders Discuss Low-Carbon Sector Collaboration with North America


British government and business leaders today discussed the economic and environmental benefits of the UK’s Green Deal – the no-cost-down program to retrofit 26 million British homes and businesses – during a Renewable Energy World 2012 conference panel.

Mapping Pathways Toward a Low Carbon Future

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EPA's Climate Economics Branch - Mandatory GHG Reporting System in Japan Mr Yasushi Iwao, Deloitte-TECO 803KB 10:45 - 11:00 Break - Mandatory GHG Reporting System in the USA 456KB Lisa Hanle and Suzanne Kocchi, U.S. EPA's Office of Research and Development 229KB - Economic impact analysis of the USA's cap-and-trade legislation Adam Daigneault, U.S. EPA's Climate Economics Branch 280KB - Model analysis for consideration of Japan's mid-term target Prof.

Eco-Model Cities for a Low-Carbon Society

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A project of The Regional Revitalization Bureau, Cabinet Secretariat, Japan Overview 13 Eco-Model Cities of Japan CASBEE-City Promotion Council of the Low Carbon Cities The International Conference on Promoting Low Carbon Cities 2009 OVERVIEW A program established by the Japanese government to create and promote a Low-Carbon Society on a city level, domestically and worldwide.

A roadmap for a secure low carbon energy economy

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Secure Low Carbon Energy Economy Roadmap Publish at Scribd or explore others: Academic Work economy Green This “roadmap” presents the results of a year-long effort by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) and WRI to identify a set of policies to address energy security and climate change simultaneously. Without scalable low-carbon replacements for these fuels, actions to reduce emissions could destabilize the current energy system.

"Environmental Economics 101 applied to EU ETS"

Environmental Economics

Not so for carbon markets. In April, prices in the EU’s emissions trading scheme fell to record lows of below €3 a tonne of carbon dioxide, after an unsuccessful vote in the European parliament to prop up prices. Carbon emissions under the ETS are down by more than 10 per cent.

Green Recovery: A Program to Create Good Jobs and Start Building a Low-Carbon Economy

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can create two million jobs by investing in a rapid green economic recovery program, which will strengthen the economy, increase energy independence, and fight global warming. students in Economics and Research Assistants at PERI. Tags: Energy Economics Green

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World Environment Day on 5 Jun 2008: Kick the Habit! Towards a Low Carbon Economy

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Towards a Low Carbon Economy. There will be activities around the world on 5 June to highlight the problem of global warming and climate change, and how we can do our part to reduce carbon emissions. Our world is in the grip of a dangerous carbon habit.

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Carbon Falling, Economies Rising: Expectations for the Paris Climate Summit

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We also expect that technology will help us improve the transparency and accountability of government commitments to address carbon emissions. Those collected commitments highlight how countries are working together to steer the planet toward a low-carbon future.

The world’s economic model is suicide, says UN Secretary General

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Describing the world’s economic model based on insatiable consumption of resources “a global suicide pact,&# U.N. and Europe in developing clean and low-carbon energy as a way to spur its economy.

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New Report: UNEP Links Economic Growth to Sustainability

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The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) today launched a new report that makes the case for investing 2 percent of global GDP into 10 key sectors to propel a transition towards a “low carbon, resource efficient Green Economy ” and catalyze growth and poverty reduction in developing countries.


Swansea Bay: £1.3bn tidal lagoon project earns much-needed backing from Hendry Review

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The Hendry Report finds that the Swansea Bay project does indeed have the potential to be cost-competitive with other clean energy technologies by the mid-2020s, concluding “beyond question” that the project would bring “very real” economic benefits for the regional and national economy.

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Rivers, Dams, and Drive-By Truckers

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On the other hand, developers and funders counter that hydropower dams are the world’s most important source of renewable energy, that they drive economic growth and alleviate poverty, and that their impacts can be effectively mitigated.

The Economics of Climate Change in Southeast Asia: A Regional Review

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ISBN: 978-971-561-788-8 Publication Date: April 2009 In stock This report provides a review of the economics of climate change in the Southeast Asian region. The basic policy message is that efforts must be made to apply all feasible and economically viable adaptation and mitigation measures as key elements of a sustainable development strategy for Southeast Asia. Economic and Social Development C. Tags: Management Ebook Economics Climate-change

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London's green economy thriving, says Mayor

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has revealed that London's green economy is thriving and continuing to grow – despite the economic downturn. In particular, low carbon finance, solar photovoltaics and waste management were found to be the strongest areas.

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I signed the "Economists' Statement on Carbon Dividends"

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Here is the email: Dear Colleague, I am writing to invite you to join me, 27 Nobel Laureate economists, 3 other former Chairs of the Federal Reserve and 15 former Chairs of the Council of Economic Advisers as a signatory of the Economists’ Statement that you will find below. Our goal is to enlist thousands of economists from around the country as additional signatories to demonstrate the breadth of support within the economics profession for this market-based solution.

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Pioneering community renewables in Oxford

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The model, developed by Low Carbon Hub , an Oxford-based social enterprise, provides long-term investment for renewable energy schemes will come via community share offers. " Oxford Bus Company is the Low Carbon Hub''s first commercial partner, and proud of it.

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Arab loan offers $105 million USD to fund renewables globally

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Investing in renewable energy in developing countries especially is important – it helps them secure low-cost capital to increase energy access, improve livelihoods and advance sustainable development on the ground. Cuba will receive an Arab fund loan to develop solar power.

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There is an urgent need to transition to a low carbon economy to address the global challenges of diminishing fossil fuel reserves, climate change, environmental management and finite natural resources serving an expanding world population. Failure to deliver such action will have catastrophic consequences for mankind, both economically and physically. Many say that the transition to a low carbon economy offers the greatest economic opportunities ever known.

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Global leaders make plans at world’s biggest energy shindig – IRENA in Abu Dhabi

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The 10th Assembly will engage women and youth, address low-carbon investment needs, discuss climate and energy policy and explore emerging technology options, to promote actionable outcomes that advance energy transformation.

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Two economists walk into a bar

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They discuss climate science for a long time and finally say something about the economics in the next to last paragraph (in bold). The best way to do that would be to put a global price on carbon dioxide pollution. Making it more expensive to pollute would redirect the ingenuity, effort and money from a high-carbon, low-efficiency economy to creating a new, low-carbon, high-efficiency one.

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Renewables better investment than oil and gas, says Gulf body

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The targets could reduce the power sector’s carbon dioxide emissions by 136 million tonnes (22 per cent reduction), while cutting water withdrawals in the power sector by 11.5

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11 million jobs filled in renewables and solar is on top!

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Beyond climate goals, governments are prioritising renewables as a driver of low-carbon economic growth in recognition of the numerous employment opportunities created by the transition to renewables,” said Francesco La Camera, Director-General of IRENA.

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Climate Change Solutions.co.uk

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[link] SMART 2020: Enabling the low carbon economy in the information age We now have evidence demonstrating that the ICT industry is a key player in creating a low carbon society and could do a lot more to help push the world in this direction by 2020.

Europe Maintains Commitment to Ambition and Action at Recent Marrakesh Climate Talks

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8] Ambitious action on climate change is therefore no longer just the “green” thing to do; it is economically rational. 2016 is now set to be the warmest year on record [1].

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Green Money Makes the World Go Round

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CIWEM hopes that during this anniversary year politicians will realise that running economies in the way we’ve always done is clearly not working and will look at an alternative and far more sustainable economic model. Practically speaking, a Green Economy is one whose growth in income and employment is driven by public and private investments that reduce carbon emissions and pollution, enhance energy and resource efficiency, and prevent the loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services.

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"The Case for a Higher Gasoline Tax"

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In a paper published online this week in the journal Energy Economics, I and other scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology estimate that the new standards will cost the economy on the whole — for the same reduction in gas use — at least six times more than a federal gas tax of roughly 45 cents per dollar of gasoline. Valerie J. Karplus ("a research scientist in the Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change at M.I.T.")

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Government planning reform must lead to green, safe and prosperous future

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Friends of the Earth says it must play its part in shaping a safe, wildlife-rich and low-carbon future for the UK. Friends of the Earth's Rights and Justice senior campaigner Anna Watson said: "This latest planning shake-up must set out a blueprint for a greener future by championing low-carbon development - this will create thousands of new jobs, cut fuel bills and help the UK meet its target for tackling climate change.

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Trillians to be made from carbon credits – Microsoft, Goldman Sachs show how

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Thunderbird School of Global Management released a new report today projecting that the world can realize at least $1 trillion – $3 trillion dollars in market opportunities and $3 trillion – $5 trillion dollars in broader economic, social and environmental benefits per year by 2030. In August 2019, Stripe committed to pay, at any available price, for the direct removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and its sequestration in secure, long-term storage. . •

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Deep Decarbonization Pathways Project (DDPP) Presents Interim Report to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon

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The report, produced cooperatively by leading research institutes in 15 countries, is the first global cooperative program to identify practical pathways to a low-carbon economy by 2050. One key message is to invest in developing the low-carbon technologies that can make a difference.”

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Register for IRENA Innovation Week 2018!

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IRENA Innovation Week is a three-day event that unites leading thinkers and policy makers to explore disruptive innovation aimed specifically at accelerating a transition to renewable energy.

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