Disrupt or die: Preparing for the next generation of sustainability

Green (Living) Review

edie's Sustainability Leadership month continues, and today it's Forum for the Future founder-director Jonathon Porritt's turn to pen an exclusive thought leadership opinion piece, offering an eye-opening insight into the future of corporate sustainability.

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Green (Living) Review

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Giving to environmental causes is only 3% of total philanthropy, and only 3% of this comes from businesses.

Green (Living) Review

Kate Williams was joined by other speakers including Surfers Against Sewage CEO Hugo Tagholm and environmentalist, writer and Co-Founder of Forum for the Future, Jonathon Porritt. Jonathon Porritt said: “Environmental causes present the biggest existential threat in the whole history of human kind on this planet, the fact that only 3% of total philanthropic giving goes into environmental causes is unbelievable.

Nuclear power threat to the UK

Green (Living) Review

In a letter to the Prime Minister – sent just days after the 1st anniversary of Japan’s worst nuclear disaster, Fukushima [3] – Jonathon Porritt, Tony Juniper, Charles Secrett and Tom Burke, all former directors of Friends of the Earth, caution David Cameron that he is being badly advised by DECC on nuclear power. Commenting on the letter, Jonathon Porritt said, “The fixation of the current political establishment with nuclear power beggars belief.

'GreenSpirit: Path to a New Consciousness' – Book Launch

Green (Living) Review

The main speaker at the event was Jonathon Porritt, well-known environmentalist and speaker. Jonathon's talk had the economy as a theme with the question “Can we achieve growth and prosperity and still have room for the needs of the human spirit?”

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British government evading green governance

Green (Living) Review

It is clear that the ‘growth at all costs’ lobby has won out over the advocates of sustainable economic development,” says the author, Jonathon Porritt. The 78 individual items pretty much speak for themselves: the bad and the positively ugly indisputably outweigh the good,” Porritt concludes, noting the record is not what one might have expected from a prime minister who “has made public displays of cycling to work.”

A clear view of the climate change landscape

Green (Living) Review

Tom Delay , head of the Carbon Trust, and DECC minister Lord Hunt assert in separate articles that Britain must and can slash its carbon emissions without undermining economic growth. Jonathon Porritt - Founder Director, Forum for the Future, former chair of the UK Sustainable Development Commission. All professions and all sectors are being challenged as never before to understand and respond to climate change risk.

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2025 The Future of Our Mobility and Our Cities

The Green Changemakers

By Jonathon Porritt – writer, broadcaster and co-founder of Forum for the Future.

Living within our Means

The Green Changemakers

Living Within Our Means March 2009 The global economic crisis and accelerating climate change stem from the same causes and give warning of a “perfect storm” unless politicians act to transform capitalism, Jonathon Porritt warns in a pamphlet launched today. Porritt argues that few politicians grasp the scale of the task ahead. Living Within Our Means follows Porritt’s acclaimed book Capitalism As If The World Matters.

The Future of Mobility ad Our Cities

The Green Changemakers

By Jonathon Porritt – writer, broadcaster and co-founder of Forum for the Future. The truth of it is that our politicians still don’t know how to get their electorates on board with the idea of a low-carbon, super-efficient society, and have been next to useless at spelling out all the economic benefits that will flow as a result of this transition.

How to do your bit for the planet

The Green Changemakers

A growing band of experts argue that personal carbon virtue and collective environmentalism are futile as long as our economic system is built on the assumption of growth, and if we are serious about saving earth, we must re-structure our economy. Or better yet, get involved in politics at any level and advocate green economics." Jeff Turk , economist, The Green Economics Institute. "98 Change the economic role and value of women in the economy.

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