The Economic Impact of Birding on National Wildlife Refuges: Creating Local Jobs

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Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) attempts to calculate the economic contribution of National Wildlife Refuge visitation to local communities. This spending supports economic activity throughout the local economy. Much of this economic activity is due to birding.

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Hunters, Loggers and Snowmachiners Oppose Possible Maine National Park

Wend Magazine

” And local paper mill towns are concerned about job loss and economic fall-out. ” Quimby even purchased 11,000 additional acres to set aside for hunters and other recreationalists, but these groups are equally unimpressed.

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Environmental Economics: More on bigfoot

Environmental Economics

Got a question about environmental economics? Recent Comments John Whitehead on What I did today instead of blogging Rene Salinas on What I did today instead of blogging Timtaylor Home on My name is Kingof Socks Tim Haab on How is economics like Fight Club?

Economic History in 10 Minutes

The Green Changemakers

It’s not hard to see why sharing was the norm within each band of hunter-gatherers, and why trade was restricted to relations with strangers. We know this from the accounts of 20th-century anthropologists who visited surviving hunter-gatherer societies. Tags: Economics

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Audubon’s 2012 Women in Conservation: The Rachel Carson Award Goes To…

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Hunter Lovins, President of Natural Capitalism Solutions, Audubon President David Yarnold, and Janette Sadik-Khan, Commissioner of New York City Department of Transportation. Hunter Lovins Natural Capitalism NYC NYC DOT rachel carson Rev.

The Relevance Imperative in Conservation

Nature Conservancy - Science

Why should a rancher, or a chemical company, or a city mayor, or a bushmeat hunter care enough to participate in what needs to happen for conservation? Ideas Biodiversity Economics Ecosystem Services Nature + People Nature-based SolutionsWhat’s in it for me?

Can we blame this on ethanol too?

Environmental Economics

Pheasant economics ( NY Times ): The pheasant, once king of Iowa’s nearly half-a-billion-dollar hunting industry, is vanishing from the state. The loss, pheasant hunters say, is both economic and cultural. million pheasant hunters nationally, a drop of about 800,000 in two decades. Hunters don't burn their money. There is real hardship in economic sectors that lose the spending but this is offset by happiness in sectors where the spending increases.

Duck Numbers And Duck Stamp Sales No Longer Correlate

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This has benefited both the waterfowl hunters and everyone else who likes ducks and their kin. Eventually, the pigeons, as it were, may come home to roost and the waterfowl and other wildlife, as well as hunters and bird watchers, will be sitting ducks.

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Society would be better off if we had endless access to below value goods and services

Environmental Economics

Therefore, creating a market for wildlife is not fair: It especially bothers him — and other hunters — that those with means can buy public licenses through private outlets, paying thousands of dollars to move to the head of the line.

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Development: Time to leave GDP behind

The Green Changemakers

By Robert Costanza , Ida Kubiszewski , Enrico Giovannini , Hunter Lovins , Jacqueline McGlade , Kate E. Soaring economic activity has depleted natural resources. Those in the first group adjust economic measures to reflect social and environmental factors.

Good News: Dolphin Killings in the Cove Drop to Record Low

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1, and the end of 2014, 367 dolphins were slaughtered, compared with 406 dolphins killed by Taiji hunters over the same period in 2013, according to data compiled by the website Ceta-Base from estimates given by Cove Guardians , the on-the-ground volunteers for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

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Birders are Freeloaders

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Bird watchers definitely pay, even if our economic contributions are patently ignored. economy than either hunters or anglers: 2011 Fishing Expenditures: $41.8 Clearly, wildlife watchers as a block contribute more to the national economy than either hunters or anglers.

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Have There Been Any Positive Aspects of the Malheur NWR Occupation?

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Incidents like this one, led by far-right militant, anti-government extremists, should be a concern of all Americans, especially birders, hunters, environmentalists, conservationists, and anyone else concerned with keeping public lands public.

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The Duck Stamp and Lack of National Wildlife Refuge Funding

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Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) entitled “ BANKING ON NATURE: The Economic Benefits to Local Communities of National Wildlife Refuge Visitation 1 , ” recreational visits to national wildlife refuges generate substantial economic activity. 2. Duck Stamp sales to non-hunters are not accurately calculated to reflect their contributions – which tends to short change the conservation goals of non-consumptive users.

The North American Model of Wildlife Conservation and Who Pays for It

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The system was intended as a hunter-centric model, both guided by and benefitting consumptive interests. Given that few hunters actually consume coyotes, wolves, cougars, and except for a few individuals, even bears, it is obviously a “waste” of wildlife to shoot or trap these animals just for “fun” 2. He notes that “Beginning in the 1960s, for example, conservation was dominated by non-hunters whose legacy includes key legislation such as the U.S.

Vegans should never promote degrees of morality


To say that a hunter shooting a wild deer is worse than a farmer sending a cow to a slaughterhouse is to inappropriately label the farmer’s actions more morally excusable than the hunters. Others focused on the economics of keeping slaves. I believe that all animal use is wrong.

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Is Sport Hunting on its Way Out in Israel?

Green Prophet

Wildlife in Israel have always been under threat from economic over-development and hunting, including poaching by migrant farm workers. This element of stress that hunters inject into their world can bring about the collapse of whole populations that are already at risk.”

Mandrill on the Menu: What is the Value of a Wild Animal?

Nature Conservancy - Science

The Transformation of Gabon: Can Nature Make Economic Development Work Better for People? Our experience that day was environmental economics 101 playing out in the real world. Behind Door B was an animal considered a food delicacy that also supported a hunter’s livelihood.

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We Should Kill More Lions

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Hunters go to Africa to shoot lions, and this is without question a good thing; for birds, for ecosystems, and for lions in general! I guess the natural question is… how does some hunter from the US help in the conservation of the lion? Hunters are prepared to spend a lot of money for the privilege of shooting a lion. It’s an economic solution to an economic problem. Oh, and then there are the hunters.

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ACTION ALERT! Tomorrow, MARCH 15, 2011, is the deadline for public.

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Nationwide, wildlife watchers now outspend hunters 6 to 1. Giving a few hundred hunters something else to shoot, in my opinion, cannot be worth the blowback from tens of thousands of people who are willing to travel and spend just to watch the birds fly over. I’ve received letters and emails from a number of avid hunters who find the concept of shooting cranes repugnant. Hunters and fish and wildlife departments having a stake in Sandhills is a great thing.

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Ghana – Rainforest Birding on the Brink by Adam Riley

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We actually spent considerable time searching unsuccessfully for this highly sought-after bird; however I did suspect they were not gone, as several hunters I interviewed knew the bird and claimed it still existed. Here local hunters had known about the colony and for generations had been harvesting the birds by simply picking the adults off their nests during the breeding season.

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The Devastating Consequences of Wildlife Poaching


These big game hunters feel that displaying an animal head, its pelt or even an entire animal, stuffed, is an emblem of their prowess. This psychological need is the incentive for big game hunters everywhere and they are willing to pay large sums of money for the opportunity. .

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The Polls are in: Voters Overwhelmingly Want to Keep West Wild

Wend Magazine

Photo Via: Orin Zebest, Flikr. Are you a liberal-minded newshound who is sick of hearing from pollsters predicting which candidate-of-the-week will sweep the next key state in the Republican presidential primary race?

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A Better Way of Making a Living

The Green Changemakers

We can't go back to Homo hunter-gatherer. I call it the "middle way" of making a living between our modern industrial system and hunter gathering. Tags: Sustainable-development Economics Green Community

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As Oregon Wildlife Refuge Standoff Ends, Let’s Get Back To Work—Together

Conservancy Talk

Malheur—a mecca for birdwatchers, fishermen, hunters and hikers—is also a place where ranchers, government and organizations like the Nature Conservancy (TNC) are working together to maintain both a way of life and the health of the land.

Corner Shop culture resonates more than price for super-savvy consumers

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Whilst the recession has created a nation of price hunters as many scramble to save money on products and services, companies with a longer term strategy of retaining and attracting customers should instead look to provide first class customer service.

Astonishing Facts About Wetlands


Recreational and economical value. 6 High recreational and economical value. Recreational fishing is popular in the US with an estimated annual economic impact of $115 billion [10]. The Ramsar Convention cites wetlands as the most valuable ecosystem economically. #7

Pros and Cons of Organic Farming


Even though organic farming has been around since the Neolithic period, when our ancestors turned from hunters and gatherers to farmers, there is no doubt that it is experiencing a bit of a comeback in recent years.

Too Many Deer: A Bigger Threat to Eastern Forests than Climate Change

Nature Conservancy - Science

Among these partners are hunters, auto insurance companies and the driving public, the public health sector, the timber industry, and agriculture. Hunters. Hunters spend billions of dollars each year in pursuit of white-tailed deer. Such hunters could be very helpful.

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10 Reasons Why Species Become Endangered


History abounds with stories of mass extinctions of animals by hunters and the consequent deaths of their predators if not by direct hunting as well, then by starvation because they no longer have a food source. The United States Endangered Species Act.

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Thai Migrant Workers Poach Wildlife for Food in Israel

Green Prophet

This has resulted in so many animals like partridges and hares being killed and eaten by these workers that these animals (chucker partridges and hares) are no longer allowed as game for licensed hunters. These animals are still “fair game&# for illegal hunters.

State of the world 2008

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Underpinned by a handful of key Big Ideas, economic innovations might just remake our world. A New Bottom Line for Progress John Talberth, Redefining Progress GDP tells an important, if one-dimensional, economic story. Rethinking Production Hunter Lovins, Natural Capitalism Solutions Modern production systems specialize in huge volumes, incidentally producing massive wastes and toxic by-products. What type of economic policy would this analysis inspire?

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Everyone loves a freebie!

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) British consumers have become freebie hunters, with a recent survey finding that a third of them have switched from their regular brand in order to receive a promotional product.

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Training manuals and education resources on sustainability

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Ecological Footprint of Transportation- Poster/Research Project This student from Meg Gorman's Economics class at San Francisco Waldorf School researched the Ecological Footprint of transportation throughout history. The lesson plans are designed to integrate easily into science, social studies, math, and/or economics curricula. Center for Economic Conversion Sustainable economics and Genuine Progress Indicator module lessons for grades 9-12.

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Ecotechnic economy and relocalisation

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Relatively smaller farms closer to cities will have an economic advantage over large farms far from cities. By patronising local suppliers, demand will increase supply, according to economic theory. Tags: Sustainable-development Life-style Economics

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The Role of Green Manure in Soil Fertility


Growing green manure proves to be a practical and economical method of securing long-term productivity of farmed lands. Both beetle species are known for being skilled hunters of various pests and caterpillars [3]. We can be only as healthy as our soils are.

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Those smiling Irish eyes originated in the Middle East!

Green Prophet

The Dublin team, collaborating with scientists from Queens University Belfast, assert that the two radical changes in European prehistory, namely advancements in metallurgy and agriculture, brought on more than a shift in culture and economics. Just in time for St.

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Can Forest Carbon Markets Provide for a 40,000-Year-Old Culture?

Nature Conservancy - Science

Can a forest carbon offset project protect the resources and culture of indigenous hunter-gatherers in northern Tanzania? Later, one hunter suddenly stops at a tree, a tree abuzz with activity. A Hadza hunter straightens his arrow.

What Causes Animals to Become Extinct?


Cats are avid hunters and can decimate vulnerable species when introduced to new locations. As it stands, absent a very clear, compelling argument economic development will be favored over environmental conservation. Species slowly and gradually adapt to changing.

Canada expands outrageous grizzly trophy hunt

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On average, about 300 of these bears are killed by hunters per year, but that number might increase from an uptick in hunting authorizations. The brothers were also there on the day that Cheeky was shot to death by a big-game trophy hunter.

Public Transit Is a Deciding Factor for Millennials in the Workforce

Green (Living) Review

Millennial job hunters are seeking employment in cities with good public transit systems Four in five millennials say they want to live in places where they have a variety of options to get to jobs, school or daily needs, according to a new survey of Americans age 18-34 in 10 major U.S.

Picathartes – Africa’s strangest birds

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Suspecting they still occurred, we went to considerable effort searching unsuccessfully for picathartes, our suspicions all but confirmed when several hunters I interviewed said they knew the bird and claimed they still existed.

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Cinnamon Teal at the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge

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Waterfowl were then and are now the most prominent and economically important group of migratory birds of the North American continent. As I quoted in my previous post on promoting a Federal Wildlife Conservation Stamp , by 2011 the number of hunters had grown to 13.7