Needs must as economic crisis makes us greener in the office

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The age of austerity is making us more environmentally conscious at work, a national survey for Green Office Week has revealed. Nicky Amos, an expert in Corporate Social Responsibility, said: “It’s clear that the current economic situation is forcing many workplaces to become greener.

Guest Post: What Air Pollution is Costing Us

Environmental Economics

Pollution and health have always been directly linked, both environmentally and medically, but few people consider the economic impact felt by countries afflicted with poor outdoor air quality. Economic Impact. A number of studies surrounding the economic result of air pollution recommend policy change. One report from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) encourages the use of local policies to directly target and break down the issue.

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Ten months, 7000 miles of earth, a bike, and a Tunisian passport

Green Prophet

In 2010 Arafet Ben Marzou, like an increasing number of Tunisians, began to reach his personal limits of frustration when he saw his home country digress towards a political, religious and economic system that was draining Tunisians from their liberty, thoughts and creativity. .

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Supporting International Food Workers Week for Thanksgiving

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As environmentally-conscious consumers, many of us are not informed about the important connections between the food we eat and workplace and environmental justice. International Food Workers Week : What Does the Minimum Wage Have to Do With Sustainable Food?

Ecopreneurists Wanted

Green Life Smart Life

With continued success in the marketplace of environmentally conscious consumers, ‘g’ Green Design Center offers the opportunity to capitalize on a growing industry. “ Franchise businesses can be very lucrative, even in a time of economic struggle ,&# said Goldman, “ Green has gone mainstream and it is hard to ignore the benefits and advantages for businesses to be leading the way.

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4 Ways Eco-Friendly Businesses Can Attract Talented Employees

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Given all that, business owners of environmentally conscious organizations should take extra steps in order to ensure they’re able to recruit effectively and grow their small businesses. All companies want to bring in talented individuals on a regular basis.

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Recycling Christmas Trees

Green Home Blog

Real” being a tree that has been cut from a tree farm, either by you or by a plantation worker, and please make sure it has the Coalition of Environmentally Conscious Growers (CECG) seal of approval. Tagged: compostable , RECYCLED-UPCYCLED , SOCIALLY CONSCIOUS , SUSTAINABLE.

Corner Shop culture resonates more than price for super-savvy consumers

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It’s no surprise that this period of economic uncertainty has borne an army of bargain hunters, but it has also created a more competitive business environment, meaning customers are now looking for better service for their money from the companies they do business with.

Green Economy To Create Green Jobs: Five Eco-Friendly Jobs to Consider

Living Green & Saving Energy

People trained in solar panel installation will be needed, along with sales people that can present the economic and environmental benefits to potential customers. Green travel: Environmentally conscious consumers are increasingly interested in how to take a green vacation. In addition, travel specialists who can direct eco-conscious travelers to the right hotels and vacation spots will also be in demand.

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Green Economy To Create Green Jobs: Five Eco-Friendly Jobs to.

Living Green & Saving Energy

People trained in solar panel installation will be needed, along with sales people that can present the economic and environmental benefits to potential customers. Green travel: Environmentally conscious consumers are increasingly interested in how to take a green vacation. In addition, travel specialists who can direct eco-conscious travelers to the right hotels and vacation spots will also be in demand.

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Reducing Environmental Pollution and Wasted Energy One Plastic Bag at a Time: Interview with Pierre Barlier, Founder and CEO of KeepCool Bags


recently shifted from solely the focus of the hyper-environmentally conscious to a massively mainstream push. What drew you to this type of product initially—was it purely a sense of environmental duty, or did you see an economic and business opportunity before anyone else did? .

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Discover the Range of Hybrid Car Options

Eco Auto Ninja

With years of eco-friendly experience, this five-passenger hybrid is one of the most economical vehicles that doesn’t have to be plugged in. But if you want a car that handles the road well, but you want to be environmentally conscious, this hybrid may be the right choice for you. If you’re looking for the car that blends luxury with environmentally friendly, look no further than the Lexus CT 200h.

10 Ways The Green Industry Can Benefit From Commercial Cleaning Trends

Green Prophet

Detroit, Michigan is a classic example, often studied in economics classes the world over. There’s a push towards natural or more environmentally conscious ingredients in the various reagents used during the process. The Environmentally Friendly Fleet .

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From My Inbox-Toyota Prius “Harmony Floralscapes” Blooming

Green Earth Journey

The commute for Angelenos will now be brightened by floral murals that embody the City's progressive approach to solving environmental issues by merging beautification, sustainable design and reducing our carbon footprint," Mayor Villaraigosa said.

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Unilever challenges UK households to waste less and save more

Green (Living) Review

Developed in partnership with insight and innovation consultancy The Futures Company, the challenge aims to bust the myth that environmentally-friendly living costs more, and prove that sustainable living can in fact help families to save money, at a time when disposable incomes are under pressure. Participants were a mix of age, gender and socio-economic group.

Cheers to Cork

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This is putting cork forests in danger, because if the demand for cork decreases, economic incentives to protect these forests will fail to exist. Environmental groups have been brainstorming for solutions, but a sufficient one has not been thought of yet.

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UK Greens shift left

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While its counterparts in many other countries have moved right, abandoning even the most limited commitment to equality and justice, the UK party has amended its statement of principles (called the “Philosophical Basis”) to put social and environmental justice at the top of its agenda.

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We Hate Cyclists – 5 Politicians Who Are Against Bikes


Besides, he’s more concerned with the economics of cycling in the city; or rather he opposes bike lanes and biking infrastructure because it’s not worth the cost in his opinion. And yes, many cyclists are environmentally conscious, so many would like to see less cars on the road.

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A Billion Acts of Green® Gears Up For Earth Day

Green (Living) Review

The goal is to register one billion environmentally friendly actions in advance of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development happening in Rio de Janeiro in June, 2012. The Earth Day Network is hosting "A Billion Acts of Green®" in 2012.

Individual responsibility versus collective action: An examination of the impact of environmental advertising

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Does the individualization of environmentalism have any merits? Environmental advertising (or “green” advertising) assures consumers that they can evoke positive environmental change by adopting simple habits and by purchasing green goods provided by companies (Maniates, 2001).

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India: Political Will Need of the Hour to Fight Emissions

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How to juxtapose its growth requirements and development with flagrant environmental excesses. But the very seeds of economic prosperity could spell a sour turn for the environment, not only locally but universally as well. Both are economic powerhouses in the making.

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Green (Living) Review

The amount of empty plastic bottles clogging our landfills is astronomical (over 22 billion annually(1)), and Americans seek eco-friendly and economical alternatives to complement their busy lifestyles. on April 19, where musicians, entertainers and environmental activists will take the stage to thank volunteers. The partnership aims at reaching environmentally-conscious consumers looking for green alternatives to everyday products.

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Sustainable Architecture: Learning from Nature & The Magic of.

The Alien Next Door

The term “sustainable architecture” describes environmentally-conscious architectural design, framed by the larger concept of environmental and economic responsibility.

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Mindfulness and Sustainability

The Green Changemakers

The study, titled Personal and planetary well-being: Mindfulness meditation, pro-environmental behavior and personal quality of life in a survey from the social justice and ecological sustainability movement, connects the practice of mindfulness to both behavior beneficial to the environment and higher rates of well being. So with an increased skill in being mindful people have an easier time of making conscious and deliberate decisions.

Green Living in a Depression

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Is it possible to live the “green life” in an economic downturn and depression? Reducing the use of energy and water in order to be environmentally conscious will also help your finances for the less you use the less you have to pay.

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Kick Those Butts – But Not to the Curb

Green (Living) Review

According to environmental cleanup reports, nearly 2 million cigarettes or cigarette filters/butts were picked up internationally from beaches and inland waterways as part of the annual International Coastal Cleanup in 2010. An economic study based on a litter audit in San Francisco, California, found the clean-up cost to be more than $5.6 For more information on the environmental impact of cigarettes visit:

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Apple ditches EPEAT green standard, then rejoins amid heavy criticism

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In the days following this decision Apple received massive criticism from ordinary consumers and environmental organizations. Apple makes the most environmentally responsible products in our industry. In fact, our engineering teams have worked incredibly hard over the years to make our products even more environmentally friendly, and much of our progress has come in areas not yet measured by EPEAT.”.

Green Building Perspectives: NuVo Technologies

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In particular, the project appealed to us because it was focused on showing and proving that green-conscious lifestyles and consumer electronics usage weren’t mutually exclusive concepts. Not only is this trend encouraging for the planet, but it’s also encouraging for our nation’s economic recovery. In many ways, taking green building, energy efficiency and environmental consciousness into account helps us become more efficient as a manufacturer.

Leaner nations bike, walk, use mass transit

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Lusk said her first choice is bicycles — and not just because of global warming, fluctuating gas prices or the economic downturn. He also works for an environmentally conscious employer. Link found between 'active transportation' and less obesity in 17 countries The Associated Press updated 9:56 a.m. ET Dec. 15, 2008 KNOXVILLE, Tenn. - Jim Richards is no kid, but he loves to ride his bike.

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Eco-Model Cities for a Low-Carbon Society

The Green Changemakers

For more detailed information about Shimokawa’s efforts, please click here (PDF, 807 KB) Back to top OBIHIRO A Rural Environmental Model City Population Area Mid-Term Reduction Goal Long-Term Reduction Goal Base Year 170,000 619 km 2 30% (2030) 50% (2050) 2000 Obihiro is a city in the Tokachi Region of Hokkaido, the northern island of Japan. The former castle town has long been the cultural, economic and administrative center of the southern Nagano Prefecture.

Steps toward a greener workplace

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Bring Green to Work [link] Small Business Environmental Assistance Program (SBEAP) – Pollution Prevention Use natural light whenever possible. Pollution Prevention (P2) is a “front-end” method to decrease costs, risks, and environmental concerns.

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12 steps to unite to combate Climate Change

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High performance, environmentally accountable, energy efficient and productive facilities are now economically possible. Vehicles can also run on a range of alternative fuels that can offer both cost and environmental benefits, although they also often require an additional investment that take some time to pay back. However, the market for green products remains underdeveloped because people still find it difficult to locate products or trust their environmental claims.

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