Energy Efficiency Then and Now

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Energy Efficiency Then and Now. Nixon’s administration almost lost sight of the goal (which was, then as now, energy independence). At that time, energy efficiency was an entirely new concept, and one largely unfamiliar to a nation which had won WWII and never envisioned a day when its enormous financial and industrial base couldn’t support a need for twice as much oil as the nation had used in pre-war years. Department of Energy, or DOE).

Tax Breaks for Energy Efficient Homes

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In a bid to address climate change, promoting sustainability efforts and replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy sources are viewed as the key solution. To this end, among the actions undertaken across the world is the implementation of credits for renewable energy projects.

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Podcast Questions Efficiency of Energy Efficiency Policy

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While listening to recent episodes of “Freakonomics”, I came across an interesting episode titled “How Efficient is Energy Efficiency?”, which questions the efficiency of energy efficiency policy. In the podcast “How Efficient is Energy Efficiency?”,

Modernize Your Home With These 3 Energy Efficient Upgrades

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Across the world people are increasingly embracing energy efficient retrofits that significantly lower financial costs while preserving valuable resources that would otherwise be wasted. Energy Efficient Heaters. How do Energy Efficient Heaters work?

Teaching Old Planes New Energy Efficiency Landing Tricks

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CDA practices deliver major environmental and economic benefits. Cars & Transportation airplane emissions airports Energy Efficiency greenhouse gas Noise pollutionA simple change in operations gives aviation an environmental win-win-win.

Trying to travel in a city? Biking is the best (or at least most energy-efficient) mode

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Bike are an extremely energy-efficient form of transportation. As the graph above shows, riding a bicycle is more than twice as efficient than walking. This is in terms of megajoules of energy expended per kilometer traveled.

Researchers Trying To Increase Energy Efficiency Of Electronics

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However, one method of reducing consumption which is often overlooked is by reducing the energy wasted by household appliances and other gadgets when not in use. Statistics vary, but in the United States approximately twenty percent of energy consumed in the home is from appliances.

Environmentally Responsible Windows Feature Recycled Materials and with SmartSun Glass Offer Energy Efficiency

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The Andersen 100 Series WIndowf features environmentally responsible and third-party-certified construction, economical price, and energy-saving performance. qualified energy efficient improvements,? Or, visit the Energy Star Web site for more information, Andersen® 100 Series windows meet ENERGY STAR® qualifications in all climate zones.

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Behavioral economics and benefit-cost analysis

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Ted Gayer: A recent wave of government regulations mandates the energy efficiency levels of a wide range of consumer and business products, including passenger cars and commercial vehicles, clothes dryers, air conditioners, and light bulbs. The agencies attempt to mask this finding by claiming that the regulations save consumers and firms money, by forcing them to buy more expensive energy-efficient products.

Will Smart Sockets Change the Economics of Efficiency?

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Would Strauss have ever imagined that people would be able to afford the energy required to make it snow in Dubai? The energy required to replace a single discarded aluminum can would power a 15 Watt compact fluorescent bulb for 24 hours. Smart sockets explained.

Renewable energy will not support economic growth

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Renewable energy will not and cannot support perpetual economic growth, the way we have been doing it for so long, for too long, in fact.

"Misleading Talk about Decoupling CO2 Emissions and Economic Growth"

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Is it the steady state ecological economists ("We should encourage our public bodies, to adopt an economic policy that rejects the endless pursuit of aggregate growth") or the folks who that that a technological solution exists such that GDP increases and CO2 emissions goes down?   In this case, economic growth might be accompanied by no change in CO 2 emissions.    In this case, economic growth might be accompanied by reduced CO 2 emissions. 

Hi Brett. Amrit here. I just read this article in the New Yorker, which is saying basically that hybrid vehicles won't help our environment at all. In fact, they will do the opposite. That the more energy efficient we make things, the increase in demand will more than offset the energy savings. What do you think? [link]

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Owen is right on the economic equation that typically efficiency = lower prices = increased demand. I like the fact that we have all these different ways to consume/produce energy. Drivers buy hybrids not so much for economic efficiency (because the higher capital cost hardly covers the savings in operating costs) but for personal reasons. Hi Amrit, Great question. The answer is not so straight forward.

A Better Place

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He is the former CEO and founder of Better Place, one of the first successfully rising companies to tackle the technological, political and corporate challenges of bringing an efficient, publicly acceptable electric car model and infrastructure program.

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?Fuel Economy: How Are We Doing?

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Here is a short progress report on how automobiles are doing when it comes to current fuel efficiency stats and how their future outlook may unfold. It will take time before everyone owns a high fuel efficient or solely electric vehicle. Fuel Economy: How Are We Doing?

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The official Environmental Economics blog analysis of the EPA's climate rules (er, from Common Resources)

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In setting targets, EPA is considering efficiency improvements at existing coal plants and switching dispatch to existing gas plants as mentioned above. It’s also proposing to count new nuclear, renewables (as required by state portfolio standards), and a wedge of demand-side energy efficiency. Many of them are quite low, under 500 tons of CO2 per megawatt hour when a new, efficient gas plant might emit 800.

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Progress Energy tries some behavioral economics

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Progress Energy is going to apply old-fashioned peer pressure to encourage customers to conserve electricity as part of a new energy efficiency program approved today by the N.C. Progress expects the energy savings to exceed the $2.4 It didn't work in Sacramento , but why not try it here? Utilities Commission.

So You Think You Want Wind Power?

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Now you’re at the outer edge of middle management and can reasonably expect that the recent economic doldrums and the inevitable downsizing might be just the trick to float your boat at the very least. Tagged: COMPOSTABLE , Eco Home Improvement , ENERGY EFFICIENT , Recycling , SUSTAINABLE.

Clean Energy: Making Better Economic Sense and Keeping the Heat On During the Polar Vortex

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Clean energy continues to make the news nationwide as solar and wind power continue expanding at an exponential rate. The solar plan is a 100-megawatt project from Geronimo Energy that would span 20 sites across the state. Coal Energy Solutions Health Natural Gas

Tips on Conserving Energy and Saving Money

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In spite of the fact that economists called the recent United States recession (December 2007 to June 2009) over, economic forecasts continue to decline, taking their losses from recent housing starts and persistent unemployment. Want to discover more energy-saving green tips? Filed under: Green Tips and DIY , Save Energy Tagged: ENERGY EFFICIENT , green living , Living Green. Green Tips and DIY Save Energy ENERGY EFFICIENT green living Living Green

Solar panels and saving money at home

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The next option is live very frugally and save energy in every way possible by limiting the amount of time in the home with the lights on, unplugging appliances, and even lowering the heat settings. The benefits of solar energy are not always openly discussed, but here are 5 good reasons.

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The Ocean Cleanup wins Katerva – the Nobel Prize of Sustainability

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Economics: Winner: Social Progress Index is crucial to portraying a country’s potential for social progress, beyond meeting the population’s basic needs. Finalists: Better World Books , Essmart , Institute for Economics and Peace , Oradian.

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I thought Tim and I were the only ill-informed and self-serving environmental economics bloggers?

Environmental Economics

 Rational investors should anticipate that this regulation will tighten energy efficiency standards, fuel efficiency standards, and it will induce changes in land use patterns, changes in the pricing of electricity and changes in requirements for renewable power to be a larger share of the electricity mix.   Are all economists' opinions about economic issues weighted equally by the public?

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Climate change “worst” is yet to come, UN report warns today

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“There is possibility of violent conflict over land, water or other resources, to which climate change might contribute indirectly by exacerbating well-established drivers of these conflicts such as poverty and economic shocks.”

EU Upgrades Relations with Israel, Energy Over Politics

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In advance of the annual EU-Israel Association Council meeting on Tuesday, the European Union stated it will offer Israel upgraded trade and diplomatic relations in over 60 areas, including energy and agriculture. In June a new innovation by Israeli solar energy company TIGI Ltd.,

Hannukah and Other Celebrations of Efficient Lighting Through History

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From Hannukah to Peak Whale Oil, Brian uncovers an illuminating story of how our lighting is becoming more efficient. Each December as nights grow long, people of the Jewish faith celebrate an ancient miracle of efficiency. For God’s Sake, Be Economical With Your Lamps!

A Dazzling Crown of 5,000 LED Panels Light Up 5 Star Yas Hotel

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Of course, not all Emiratis are driving a white gold mercedes , but an overall lack of economic hardship is reflected in much of the capital’s architecture. Architecture & Urban Cleantech, Science & Technology clean tech Energy Efficiency tourism travel Yas Hotel

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Turkey’s Economic Growth Hampered By Oil Addiction, Analysts Say

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The projected rise in the cost of oil is “clearly a risk” for Turkey, according to BMI’s most recent energy report. It would be more fruitful for Turkey to stop energy leakage and improve energy efficiency, says Akarli. Business & Politics Energy oi

Energy Excelerator– Investing in Hawaii’s Renewable Future

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Hawaii is an amazing island state for hiking, swimming, surfing and… renewable energy innovation! According to Energy Excelerato r, “Hawaii has the ideal economic conditions for launching a clean energy company” and also some of the most pressing need for innovation.

The Ten Benefits of Lighting Control

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The baseline benefit of incorporating lighting control in a built environment stems from the disparity in efficiency between the conservation and creation of energy. Intuitively, it makes sense that it would take less energy to conserve one watt of energy than to generate one watt of energy. Dr. Ian Rowbottom, an energy expert and inventor of direct current dimming, performed an economic analysis of this very question.

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Going Bananas Over Food Miles – Putting the Eco Back in Economics

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I decided to look into the economics of shipping these products to my home. . Voodoo Economics? What kind of voodoo economics is this? They are seldom focused on reducing energy consumption. Energy Efficiency.

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The world’s economic model is suicide, says UN Secretary General

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Describing the world’s economic model based on insatiable consumption of resources “a global suicide pact,&# U.N. and Europe in developing clean and low-carbon energy as a way to spur its economy. Last year China increased spending on low-carbon energy by 30 percent to $51.1

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Carbon Falling, Economies Rising: Expectations for the Paris Climate Summit

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To date, more than 150 countries have submitted their INDCs (intended nationally determined contributions), most focused on measures to increase energy efficiency, scale renewable energy and halt deforestation. In 1995, our world was a very different place.

Solar shower bag

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Consider a solar shower bag - it's an economical, earth friendly, water and energy efficient way of staying clean while out roughing it Like to camp in the great outdoors, but the idea of going for days without a wash isn't for you?

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Large scale carbon cutting – is the Green Deal the answer?

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Essentially, the Green Deal will pay all upfront installation costs, and users will pay back the money through savings on their energy bills, over a set period of time. Funding can be used for energy insulations such as loft, wall, double glazed windows and energy efficient doors. As well as insulation measures, the Green Deal will also fund home energy generation systems, such as air and ground source heat pumps.

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Going Green, Making the Philosophical Choice Work at Work

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Purchases are made with an understanding of their energy requirements. And, while the resulting esprit de corps is a good thing in and of itself, the business also wins economically, by saving significant money and gaining ‘good guy’ status as a corporate entity that cares about the planet.

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Benefits and costs of EPA's mercury rule

Environmental Economics

Got a question about environmental economics? Recent Comments John Whitehead on What I did today instead of blogging Rene Salinas on What I did today instead of blogging Timtaylor Home on My name is Kingof Socks Tim Haab on How is economics like Fight Club?

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Stopping energy leaks in the Middle East

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If you have decided for environmental reasons, or economic ones that it’s time to weatherproof your house and need to add a little more fuel to your decision, check out this infographic below. Energy Energy Efficiency Middle East

Micro-Financed Straw Houses For Pakistan Are Quake-Proof

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Twice as energy efficient as a conventional house, straw bale makes for environmentally friendly earthquake-proof homes. PAKSBAB invests in creative micro-financing, giving the local community innovative design solutions to semi-independently construct energy efficient houses.

Only a chump would buy this book

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  The new version now includes a good example of a regression discontinuity design (for testing for whether California's energy efficiency laws have caused the Rosenfeld Curve) and many other ideas that closely link micro environmental economics to basic econometrics. of the economics profession has never read an environmental textbook, I figure that there are a lot of possible sales here.

"What's the Deal with the Green New Deal?

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Catherine Wolfram at the Energy Institute Blog : I’ve heard a lot about the Green New Deal since the midterm elections. Here’s what I’ve been able to understand about the economics. Ocasio-Cortez’s Google Doc lays out some specific goals, including 100% renewable electricity, a national “smart” grid, energy efficiency investments, eliminating GHGs from transportations and other sectors, and a lot of investment in infrastructure.

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A carbon tax in a congressional budget proposal?

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The Energy Information Administration found that a similar proposal would result in carbon emissions reductions of 26% below 2005 levels by 2020.   The Economic Policy Institute says that: Net of this rebate, carbon pricing would raise over $1.1

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Daily demand and supply: oil prices

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This a complicated question, but it boils down to the simple economics of supply and demand. On the demand side, the economies of Europe and developing countries are weakening and vehicles are becoming more energy-efficient. Just when I think I know everything : Why is the price of oil dropping so fast? Why now? United States domestic production has nearly doubled over the last six years, pushing out oil imports that need to find another home.

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