The way to save the planet: shrink the economy

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That makes sense; less economic activity lowers carbon emissions. Our current economic system, based on growth, can't adjust to this fact. The oil and gas industry claims that the 11 percent drop in reported U.S.

OECD says Britain has entered Double-Dip Recession

Green (Living) Review

The economic system of continuous growth is not, and never was, sustainable and was only possible due to the wholesale exploitation of the Planet, its people and resources, and a system of factored in obsolescence and of continuously buying more and new. This entire system is harming the entire system and it needs to be abandoned. The present economic system, based on the ever more growth principle no longer is a sustainable way to go and, in fact, it never was.

2012 130

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The best way for the banks to increase the debt in the world is through war

Green (Living) Review

The world is at a point of the ponzi-scheme collapse, which is the capitalist system (and even the Soviet Union was, under Stalin and after, state capitalism), and this is why the bankers have created a new enemy in the form of Islam. Establish human labor economic systems, based in physical labors, take back the Earth from the small band of clinical psychopaths now destroying it. We need a new system.

War 102

The economic collapse has begun (and that a while ago)

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Do you want to know when the "economic collapse" is going to happen? The "economic collapse" is already happening all around us. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Many people talk about the coming economic collapse as if it is some massively hyped event that they will be able to point to on the calendar, and a lot of writers spend a lot of time speculating about when exactly and precisely it will happen. But the economic collapse is not a single event.

2012 103

Dumpster diving; 2009's fastest growing industry

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The Freegan movement is a total boycott of the economic system and its profit motive, and long may it continue, I hasten to add. They’re creating a new economic system based on the value of mutual needs and cooperation instead of a system based on greed and waste.

Qualitative Growth

The Green Changemakers

At the same time, over 2 billion people who do not over-consume are even further deprived by conventional economic growth, free trade, and globalization. Let''s call it an economics of waste and destruction. The concept of qualitative economic growth will be a crucial tool in this task.