Spiritual Ecology and the Lesson of Crete

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If Gaia is our “Natural Mother” then Ecology is her language —Nina Munteanu. Rather than regarding God as a “being, McFague subscribes to the idea that God is the source of life, love and hope. If Gaia is our “natural mother” then Ecology is her language. ~~~~.

How to make customers loyal and ecologically satisfied

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What I have learned in my life is that the complainers will always outweigh the satisfied customers. Recently it seems like customer service at big tech companies have gotten out of control. Automated systems remind us that robots have very little idea of what we want or need.

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Free Movie: First Earth – Uncompromising Ecological Architecture

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Through his free movie First Earth David Sheen is passing on the positive transformation that occurred in his life after learning about ecological architecture. . Pursuing a more meaningful life.

Birding the Witless Bay Ecological Reserve in Newfoundland

10,000 Birds

In her other life, she is a writer, editor, writing coach, and lecturer to later-life learners in Toronto. In her former life, she worked as a professor of Russian literature and culture at the University of Missouri. Our bird sightings began immediately, as soon as we checked into our B&B , located on a cliff overlooking the Witless Bay Ecological Reserve, on the Avalon Peninsula of Newfoundland. Julia Zarankin is on her way to becoming a birder.

Consumerism, Ecology, and the Sabbath

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But spending the one day of rest going in and out of shops seems like a sad waste of human life. In other words, life-enhancing, enriching activities reserved for Shabbat are out there.

Ecological Principles

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[link] Creating communities that are compatible with nature's processes for sustaining life requires basic ecological knowledge. Most of the energy driving the ecological cycles flows from the sun. Life did not take over the planet by combat but by networking.

Sinai’s Ecological Future Hangs in the Balance

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While this has deprived the local Bedouin population access to decent infrastructure, it has also fostered a healthy stream of tourists attracted by the Red Sea’s marine bounty and the slow pace of life.

Daniel Wahl’s reading list for ‘MA in Ecological Design Thinking’ at Schumacher College

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Rather than exploring how forms, functions and… medium.com How does life create conditions conducive to life? The 2011 Nobel Laureate Symposium on Global Sustainability resulted in the publication of three scientific background… medium.com Inner and outer resilience The secret of living a meaningful and fulfilling life is to be ready — at every moment — to give up who you are for… medium.com What exactly are resilience and transformative resilience?

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Matali Crasset’s Beautiful, Ecological and Sustainable Tunisian Crafts

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Which is why the timing of Matali Crasset exciting new line of twelve unique and ecological furnishings crafted by Tunisian women is so impeccable.

The Green Sheikh Calls for Action Against Ecological Crimes

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New diseases have emerged as a result of this imbalance in the ecological balance. Pictured on the far left, the Green Sheikh took a break from his environmental activism to support breast cancer awareness at a polo event in the United Arab Emirates.

Ecological Intelligence

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Here's what's on the horizon Jobs Are the New Assets Recycling the Suburbs The New Calvinism Reinstating The Interstate Amortality Africa: Open for Business The Rent-a-Country Biobanks Survival Stores Ecological Intelligence When it comes to going green, intention can be easier than action. And in some ways it is; in conventional cotton-farming, pesticides strip the soil of life. What if we could think ecologically? Tags: Nature Ecology Green

Industrial Ecology

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[link] Why Industrial Ecology? China's Circular Economy Planning | Transportation Sustainable Agriculture | other IE pages | Home Industrial ecology is an interdisciplinary framework for designing and operating industrial systems as living systems interdependent with natural systems. It seeks to balance environmental and economic performance within emerging understanding of local and global ecological constraints. Why do we need Industrial Ecology?

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The Ecological effect of the Kelowna wildfires

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Many families will have no homes to return to and the ecological devastation will affect B.C This summer was a tough one for residents of Kelowna, British Columbia with thousands forced from their homes due to multiple wildfires.

The Ecological Footprint


The adage of “less is more” has been given a new lease of life based on some initial findings by Victoria University sustainability researchers Robert and Brenda Vale. They’re undertaking their research using ‘The Ecological Footprint’, a technique that measures the area of productive land and water the population needs to maintain its activities and absorb

Five Steps Toward an Ecological Worldview. ~ Dr. Matthew Wilburn King

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The notion that humanity is the absolute and objective center of life has been continuously reinforced throughout time. It has been conceived both in the West and in many other traditions, not as an illusion of perspective imposed by our starting point, but as an objective fact, and indeed an essential fact, about the whole universe. We are now beginning to understand the consequences of this worldview.

Rapid Gulf Growth Wrecking Ecological Havoc – Says Canada

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Kuwait Marine Life Degrading to Alarming Levels ) The $996 million fishing industry has great employment numbers. Extremely valuable oil and parched dry sand is proving to be a lethal combination for the Gulf region, according to a Canadian report out of the University of Toronto.

Eco Artist Claire Morgan: Ecological Order and Disorder

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Adventure Ecology , which named Morgan resident artist in 2008, has recognized Morgan’s art for her provocative built environments, which are expressive of both ecological order and disorder. Putting it another way, life and death as well as geometry and chaos appear to have equal play.

Ecological Impacts of Climate Change

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Life on Earth is profoundly affected by the planet's climate. Explore some of the ecological impacts of climate change that have already been observed—right in your own backyard. This 28-page booklet is based on Ecological Impacts of Climate Change (2009), a report by an independent panel of experts convened by the National Research Council. Explore Ecological Impacts of Climate Change Online Browse the contents of this booklet online by navigating through the sections below.

Abu Dhabi Five-Star Leisure at Saadiyat Island Puts Ecology First

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Previously, she was a volunteer teacher on a remote island in the very north of the country, educating some of the most isolated communities about sustainability, marine life and the effects of coral bleaching.

Ecological Footprints and One Planet Thinking

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A focus on the backstory takes us to the "cradle" stage of a product's lifestyle, where the entire rest of its life is determined. Ecological Footprint and One Planet both frame human impact in terms of physical space.

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Objekten’s Intelligent Ecology: Sustainable Design to Buy Once

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The post Objekten’s Intelligent Ecology: Sustainable Design to Buy Once appeared first on Eco-Chick.

Life in a high desert oasis

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The biosphere is known for its many substrate of ecological plant and animal life, depending on the elevation.

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An Ecology For the Soul

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An Ecology For the Soul 1. Knowing how to be a team player and collaborate is crucial to leading a successful life. from Earth to Sky, honoring all the blessings of life on Earth.

The 'One Planet' Life – Book Review

Green (Living) Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The ''One Planet'' Life A Blueprint for Low Impact Development by David Thorpe published by Routledge (part of Taylor and Francis) November 13, 2014. book review green living The ''One Planet'' Life

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From the New Ecological Paris Motor Show


Whereas the lithium ion battery life has improved significantly compared to the previous prototypes, hydrogen, soon became the preferred option in GreenGT. Excerpts From Electricmotornews.eu where there are plenty more. The project GreenGT H2 was selected in June 2011 by the French Automobile Club de l'Ouest (ACO), as an innovative project. GreenGT has been invited to participate in the third day of testing in June at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

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Life Along The Delaware Bay: A Book Review

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Life Along the Delaware Bay: Cape May, Gateway to a Million Shorebirds , by Lawrence Niles, Joanna Burger, and Amanda Dey, is a book with a mission. This photograph was taken at Reed’s Beach by Jan van de Kam, who did most of the photography for Life Along the Delaware Bay.

Hotspur’s Revenge: A Review of Three Books

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He concludes with his four-part philosophy of conservation: accept change, maintain flexibility for future change, recognize that human activity is part of the evolutionary history of life, and realize that we still must live within planetary bounds.

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Bristol Bay Blog, Part 2: The Salmon Portfolio

Nature Conservancy - Science

At historic levels of abundance, salmon are a fundamental driver of any ecological system they inhabit. The life history of salmon is well documented. The Nature Conservancy’s ecological risk assessment looked closely at the overall salmon population.

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4 Radical Ways to Heal Ourselves & our Planet.

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One year ago, the pace of my day-to-day life slowed down even more, when we moved across the lake to a tiny cabin in the woods. Suddenly we had no electricity, wifi, refrigerator, toaster oven or indoor bathroom. Our lives changed abruptly—by choice.

Industrial Ecology as Systems Thinking and Practice

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[link] Industrial ecology is a branch of systems science and systems thinking. Here is a brief introduction to what we mean when we use them, and how they relate specifically to industrial ecology. Systems science ranges from highly theoretical work defining research methods to applied work in virtually all areas of life (often called "systems practice"). We will give an industrial ecology example of the subjective nature of systems definition in the sidebar on steel.

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A Metaphysical Meander Down a Scientific Stream

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Credit River at Meadowvale “The book is a progressive journey, reflecting her career and life,” notes Stewart of Water Is… in his article. You’ll find yourself revisiting a few vortexes and shifting undercurrents in your own life.” Nina and an interested "reader" of Water Is.

The Greening of the Self

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Changing the way we can experience our self is the most important thing we can do to navigate ecological crisis. ecology green living SustainabilitySomething important is happening in our world that you are not going to read about in the newspapers.

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Cherishing the Earth in 3 Easy Steps.

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Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Non-New-Agey Spirituality (Religion, Philosophy) aspen awareness change Clean Energy eco ecology environment great healing health life mindfulness Planet Earth renewable energy rumi transformation

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Adventures in Menopause: Welcome to Perimenopause!

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I try to be light-hearted about it, pantomiming that month’s egg hobbling down my fallopian tube with a walker.

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Time Running Out. Accelerating Ecological Shifts Make Sustainable Prosperity Difficult to Attain


The book, the 29th in a series that Worldwatch began in 1984, stresses that we must act quickly to redefine our understanding of the "good life" and redouble our efforts to make that life sustainable Over the last 50 years, the world's middle and upper classes have more than doubled their consumption levels, and an additional 1 to 2 billion people globally aspire to join the consumer class.

Seedsnipe of the High Andes

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But even a week of acclimation and gallons of coca tea could not prepare me for life at 14-15,000 feet. But I was surprised by the diversity of life up here. Birds Antisana Ecological Reserve Ecuador seedsnipe Worldwide Birding AdventuresBirding the High Andes is no joke.

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Joyful Motherhood

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Acting like a macro lens, he pointed me to the little things, Nature’s nuanced designs that I’d forgotten in the larger paradigms of my hurried life. happy mother's day Mother's Day motherhood mothers and ecology on being a mother water Water Is.

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When life gives you lemons, make fish sticks?

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What do you do with a bony, ugly, jumpy, fat, fugitive fish that's taken over the Mississippi and Illinois rivers and threatens the ecology of the Great Lakes? Grind them into fish sticks and feed them to the poor. That's the latest strategy from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources in its tussle with the Asian carp. The department plans to process tons of the fish and donate it to food banks, including the St. Louis Area Food Bank. "We'll

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Symptoms of Spring.

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Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Family, Youth, Enlightened Education Green Health & Wellness change ecology environment health wellness life nature seasons spirituality spring winter

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Citizen Science Tuesday: Chicago Wildlife Watch

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When it comes to wildlife in the city, it turns out, we can throw out most everything we know about wildlife ecology. Early research into the ecology of urban systems suggests that expected ecological behaviors do not apply. Geese in Chicago. Photo © ellajphillips/Flickr.

Life in a ‘degrowth’ economy, and why you might actually enjoy it

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Every year this ecological overshoot continues, the foundations of our existence, and that of other species, are undermined. Read more: https://theconversation.com/life-in-a-degrowth-economy-and-why-you-might-actually-enjoy-it-32224. What does genuine economic progress look like?

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Ecofeminism Explained (by Activists, Ecofeminists, and Me)

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The movement was further sparked from protests in the after the ecological disasters Three Mile Island in the late 1970s and 1980s that lead to the feminist, peace, and ecology movements. . The ultimate ecological crisis is that the regenerative cycles of nature have been torn apart. .

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Plastics Suck Up Other Toxins: Double Whammy for Marine Life.

Mother Jones

Plastics Suck Up Other Toxins: Double Whammy for Marine Life, Gross for Seafood. Some plastics are worse than others for the marine life that accidentally or intentionally eat them. Her latest book is Deep Blue Home : An Intimate Ecology of Our Wild Ocean. Skip to Navigation.