Mega Rarity Tour of New Zealand – Extinction Special

10,000 Birds

Lacking, as I do, a birding reputation that would make people part with cash for my time I’ll have to go for the rarity hunters and put together an itinerary of highlights that can’t be missed. We’ll also keep our eyes open for several members of the New Zealand wren family. One of the oldest families of songbirds, which broke off before the oscines and sub-oscines split – and before New Zealand and Antarctica did! New Zealand Bittern.

We Should Kill More Lions

10,000 Birds

Hunters go to Africa to shoot lions, and this is without question a good thing; for birds, for ecosystems, and for lions in general! I guess the natural question is… how does some hunter from the US help in the conservation of the lion? Hunters are prepared to spend a lot of money for the privilege of shooting a lion. Oh, and then there are the hunters.

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Use it or lose it?

10,000 Birds

The first most readers have probably been aware of, the cheerleader hunter who has been in the news for, well, hunting game animals and being attractive and blonde. Earlier this year a cyclone blew through New Zealand and uprooted a lot of native trees on government land on South Island. The government, which is currently lead by the right-wing National Party, has said that the legislation will not open up national parks, world heritage sites, ecological reserves or the like.

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The Great Turkey Shuffle: How Restoration Has Changed Gobbler Genetics

Nature Conservancy - Science

The turkey’s native range covers 39 states, including all of the eastern United States and extending southwest through Texas, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona. With that in mind, today we might take a harder look at turning gobblers loose in Hawaii and nine other western states (along with New Zealand and parts of Europe). The truth is, we’ve been lucky, and it appears there aren’t any dramatic unintended consequences resulting from having turkeys in new places.

Macquarie Island Lesson In Non-Native Species Eradication

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In a recent issue of the Journal of Applied Ecology, scientists discussed Macquarie Island’s new landscape. The island’s new landscape is the result of a decades-long attempt to eradicate non-native cats from the island. Rabbits, also a non-native species on the island, were introduced by seal hunters in the late 1800s. Since there is no ecological check and balance to the rabbits on the island, they have been free to eat and reproduce at will.

Collaborative list – September 2018

10,000 Birds

The migrants face many perils, hunters, predators, adverse weather conditions and lack of refueling opportunities due to habitat loss. The nights are drawing in and the mornings are cooler and noticeably damper. It’s September and time for birds to start their southerly journeys.

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