Job opportunities with the Ecological Land Cooperative

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There are exciting times ahead for our friends at the Ecological Land Cooperative, as they share news of five new job opportunities. This is an exciting opportunity to lead on the development of new smallholding sites for the Ecological Land Cooperative.

Spiritual Ecology and the Lesson of Crete

The Alien Next Door

If Gaia is our “Natural Mother” then Ecology is her language —Nina Munteanu. As much as I liked the integrative approach to this program, it is my belief that the “soft” science of Ecology should be taught as a basic course throughout a student’s entire school career (from Grade 1 to 12), giving it the prominence it deserves as a life-lesson mandate not unlike the three Rs. If Gaia is our “natural mother” then Ecology is her language. ~~~~.


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Green (Living) Review

Calling for a move towards the economy serving ecology rather than the ecology serving the economy, CIWEM asks for a commitment to invest in the future health of the environment for societal benefit, and a move away from unsustainable GDP-centric and perpetual economic growth models. That’s why we’re asking governments to get to work; at the end of the day, the economy should serve the ecology that sustains us all.”

Natural Resource, Environmental & Ecological Economics Postdoctoral Fellowships | SESYNC

Environmental Economics

We encourage proposed projects that are interdisciplinary, but we also welcome applications that are primarily focused on the economics of natural resources and the environment. The National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC), located in Annapolis, Maryland, invites applications for two-year postdoctoral fellowships to begin between May 1 and October 1, 2016.

2015 162

Seeking The Ecological Shuk

Green Prophet

As Rabbi Neril said, the greatest single act that an individual can do to affect the environment is giving up meat. Miriam sees Israel’s most famous open-air market through new eyes. When I lived in Jerusalem, the shuk was my grocery store. Vegetables, grains, fruit, chicken for Shabbat, nuts and sweets…everything we ate came from the shuk. Read about 5 Israeli shuks here.).

6 Methods to Use Green Technology to Help The Environment

Green Living Guy

However, the same can’t be said for the environment and the world’s delicate ecological balance. Usually, this is at the detriment of the environment due to the high carbon footprint. The technology industry is thriving.

Environmental Justice Atlas maps out ecological conflicts

Green Prophet

For the first time in history we have a real time, comprehensive global map of ecological conflicts thanks to the Atlas of Environmental Justice. Ecocide , is becoming a critical issue as the world increasingly scrambles for resources, and so visually documenting and revealing the actors, drivers and structural patterns behind this scramble becomes critical in safeguarding our environmental wealth.

Burning Question: How Do You Balance Farming and Ecology?

Green (Living) Review

I’m going to create a riparian buffer and restore the stream ecology on my grandmother’s farm. Thanks to a land-based school curriculum, along with outreach programs from universities, extension offices and environmental education organizations, 13-year-olds like this one can speak the language of restorative ecology. A decade of replanting the Atlantic tropical forest on what was a degraded and barren ranch has stimulated the economy and refreshed the environment.

2016 122

Consumerism, Ecology, and the Sabbath

Green Prophet

Lifestyle & Culture Religion environment IsraelBen-Gurion researchers claim that Israel’s urge to shop will eventually force Shabbat laws to change. . This is a typical side street in the Yaffa flea market, Israel. From left to right, notice a charming second-hand shop that sells amusing things like the full-sized statue of a Roman gladiator. Blond tourists with cameras hanging from their necks stroll by. A woman consults with her husband by cellphone.

How to make customers loyal and ecologically satisfied

Green Prophet

They make “saving the environment” sexy and fun, with a slogan: Being naked is the most sustainable option, we are #2. Recently it seems like customer service at big tech companies have gotten out of control. Automated systems remind us that robots have very little idea of what we want or need. I have never met a person who says that they love speaking with a robot or automated phone system. Every one of us has a problem that somehow just doesn’t fit inside the lines or numbers 1, 2 or 3.

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New Science: Time to Step Away from the Ecological Footprint?

Nature Conservancy - Science

Kareiva and his coauthors argue that the most widely cited measure of global and national sustainability — the Ecological Footprint — has serious conceptual and scientific flaws that render it almost unusable for scientists, policymakers, resource managers and investors. The Ecological Footprint had utility in its day,” says Kareiva. “It Previous papers have critiqued various components of the Ecological Footprint on technical grounds.

How to Start Your Own Sustainable Farm

Green Living Guy

Rachel Carson wrote the infamous book, Silent Spring, exposing the adverse ecological impacts of dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane (DDT). The eco-conscious movement swept through the agricultural industry decades before rooftop solar panels, and electric vehicles hit the market.

Nightingale Site Destroyed For New Homes in Hampshire, Southern Ecological Solutions Reports

Green (Living) Review

25 May 2015 : Leading ecological and arboricultural consultancy, Southern Ecological Solutions, have commented on the recent news regarding a landowner who has been accused of ‘destroying’ a habitat for rare birds. This was done before an ecological survey was carried out in order to establish what wildlife was living on the two-acre site. As experts in ecological surveys and consultancy, Southern Ecological Solutions took a keen interest in the story.

2015 130

Sinai’s Ecological Future Hangs in the Balance

Green Prophet

Tireless conservation groups such as Hurghada Environmental Protection and Conservation Agency (HEPCA) have taken strides to monitor opportunists and protect the environment, but they are easily overpowered. Business & Politics development ecology Mediterranean Sea Red Sea Sinai peninsula Sustainable Development

Build an ecological homestead for 1/10th the cost of a trad home!

Green Prophet

Now a young husband/wife team have stepped into the void, launching a venture to make affordable, ecological housing accessible to everyone. Open Source Ecology (OSE) and Open Building Institute (OBI) have joined forces in a project that enables aspiring homeowners to do the same, anywhere. It’s loaded with ecological features, including an option for an aquaponic greenhouse which can produce all the fish and vegetables that a family needs.

2016 62

Grasshopper Stress Changes Local Environment

Green Prophet

An Israeli research team discovers a mechanism whereby even tiny seemingly insignificant chemical changes in a creature can affect the ecology of the earth. Scared grasshoppers eat more sugary plants, a process that affects the microbes and chemical processes in the local environment. This has tremendous consequences for our ecological understanding of the living world,” he added. Travel & Nature animals environment global warming soil ecology

Local 73

Tu B’Shvat Ecology Study Opportunities, 2012

Green Prophet

A potent mystical, ecological, legal and historical mix runs through Tu B’Shvat, a date known as the New Year For The Trees. As man is compared to “the tree of the field,” Tu B’Shvat is a good day to inaugurate ecology studies. Jewcology’s Year of Jewish Learning on the Environment. Jewcology invites Jewish organizations, including websites, publications, and communities, to join its “Year of Jewish Learning on the Environment.”.

2012 72

Dubai’s police cars are ecological opposites

Green Prophet

He added that Dubai police were working hard to create a safe, sustainable environment that meets the UAE’s “prominent international standing in regard to conservation of the environment.” A year after unveiling new Lamborghini patrol vehicles for lucky members of the force, Dubai police are rolling out an eco-friendly electric motorcycle.

Green Oil - Ecological Chain Lube

Green (Living) Review

Love your bike, love the environment - Use Green Oil

News the Pope will love: Faith and ecology teachings making world more holy

Green Prophet

After surveying hundreds of seminaries in North America, Israel, and Italy, a new report by the Jerusalem NGO, The Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development, reveals what they call “an emerging phenomenon” — that over 160 faith and ecology courses taught in recent years. The group also unveiled a searchable online faith and ecology syllabi collection , which makes scores of courses on faith and ecology easily accessible for instructors and administrators.

2015 82

Industrial Ecology

The Green Changemakers

[link] Why Industrial Ecology? China's Circular Economy Planning | Transportation Sustainable Agriculture | other IE pages | Home Industrial ecology is an interdisciplinary framework for designing and operating industrial systems as living systems interdependent with natural systems. It seeks to balance environmental and economic performance within emerging understanding of local and global ecological constraints. Why do we need Industrial Ecology?

Causes and Effects of Desertification on People and the Environment


Overgrazing has become a problem that has escalated into an ecological and agricultural collapse in the country. #2 This means that natural resources, which are continuously needed for the proper functioning of any densely inhabited area, have to be taken from the surrounding environment. If they fail to do so, they will become extinct for their inability to cope with a sudden change of their environment. The word ‘desertification’ may seem like a word.

2019 80

Is Your Internet Use Destroying The Environment?

Green Prophet

The internet has changed our lives for the good, but think about the ecological impact. As the concern over environmental change ever increases, it is important to ask if the tool that we use without thought is impacting the environment, as well as what we can do to help improve our own carbon footprint. The use of servers is essential to the operation of the internet and, unfortunately, they can be harmful to the environment.

2019 50


Green (Living) Review

The CIWEM is frustrated that the current Government seems to be determined to bring the environment to its knees through a series of ill-conceived policy choices, such as the abolition of the Environment Agency’s statutory advisory committees. CIWEM believes that an asset-stripped Environment Agency will be unable to fulfil this important guidance role. Without such a forum, both the Agency and the environment will lose out.

Will Turkey’s New Constitution Include Ecological Protections?

Green Prophet

Turkish environmental journalist Mahmut Boynudelik has proposed a set of fundamental ecological principles to be enshrined in the country’s new constitution. Led by the Turkish Green Party, the articles were submitted by the Initiative for an Ecological Constitution (IEC), and prepared by environmental journalist Mahmut Boynudelik from notes he took at several recent Green Party conferences.

Matali Crasset’s Beautiful, Ecological and Sustainable Tunisian Crafts

Green Prophet

So much has changed since the Jasmine Revolution , leaving both the population and their natural environment more vulnerable than ever before. Which is why the timing of Matali Crasset exciting new line of twelve unique and ecological furnishings crafted by Tunisian women is so impeccable. Crasset conceived the new line while working with Patrick Elouarghi and Philippe Chapelet of HI Life - the chain of ecological hotels that has a branch in southern Tunisia.

The Green Sheikh Calls for Action Against Ecological Crimes

Green Prophet

Here I’ll give you my personal opinions about the environment, in order to hopefully reduce the affect of crimes committed against the earth and to decrease the danger that plagues us with floods (as the one that happened in Pakistan and more recently Thailand), earthquakes, tsunami and hurricanes. New diseases have emerged as a result of this imbalance in the ecological balance. We can prevent the negative effect on population health and on the environment.

Green Abu Dhabi Film Festival Raises Ecological Awareness

Green Prophet

The festival website describes Polluting Paradise as shining a “spotlight on a devastating hazard that threatens this idyllic environment: the decision by the Turkish government, made ten years ago, to establish the region’s largest garbage landfill on the outskirts of the town.” Movie stars shone on Abu Dhabi red carpets, where the curtain rose on a pair of green films connected to the Middle East.

Video Games Could Save the Environment

Green Home Blog

Aside from that ecological blunder, Sim City and other eco-oriented, role playing video games are invaluable, if only because children think they are playing and don’t often realize they are also learning until the lesson is firmly set in the maturing mind. In fact, gamers mature in an environment which rewards experimentation, and even failure, because it takes losing (and learning by trial and error) to start winning.

Ecological Conference in Istanbul Questions Wisdom of Rapid Economic Growth

Green Prophet

Today is the last day of the 9th International Conference of the European Society for Ecological Economics, which was held in Istanbul this year. Actually, European countries should use Turkey as a model for “degrowth&# , said ecological economists Blake Alcott and Özlem Yazlik at a panel on Wednesday. Many attendees presented papers on market-based solutions to ecological problems around the world, and ways of integrating environmentally friendly living into a modern economy.

Permaculture Hannukah Party at Yesh Meain Ecological Farm

Green Prophet

Links are often found between Jewish holidays and the environment, and environmentally-minded organizations in Israel try to find eco-friendly ways to celebrate them. Intended for kids of all ages, the workshops will include solar oven tutorials, upcycling crafts, instruction on the use of micro organisms for various ecological systems, and more. The events will be scattered among the different ecologically-constructed structures at Yesh Meain, including their yurt and mud houses.

Jerusalem’s on fire, but these “enemies” put faith in ecology

Green Prophet

But faith leaders intent on ecological ideals as a peace bridge have met again at the the Faith and Ecology conference in Jerusalem last week. Part of the event was dedicated to generating action plans within each faith community, which resulted in commitments for continued collaboration on the environment. Jerusalem’s been boiling over with violent and deadly conflicts over the last half a year.

Why Is Family Farming Better for the Environment?


Why are small family farms important for the environment and sustainable future? What is the key to their success and what are the benefits of family farming for the environment? They want to raise their children in a clean environment, in prospering communities where they can have a healthy future. Management of family farms is in many cases strongly influenced by agroecology–a sustainable food production practice that is based on the principles of ecology [19].

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Doing Environmental Ethics - Urban Ecology: Building Green

The Green Changemakers

[link] Science and Ethics Green Economy Sustainable Consumption Environmental Policy Air and Water Agriculture Conservation and Preservation Urban Ecology Climate Change Natural Selection in Ethics Texts. Policy Environment Sustainable-development Ecology Green Climate-change Agriculture

Protecting Bats From Wind Energy

Green Living Guy

However, renewable electricity technology is relatively new and contains some efficiency and ecological challenges, especially when… Read More Protecting Bats From Wind Energy. Many individuals view renewable energy as the solution to atmospheric degradation.

Seeking The Ecological Market At Machane Yehuda in Jerusalem

Green Prophet

As Rabbi Neril said, the greatest single act that an individual can do to affect the environment is giving up meat. Miriam sees Israel’s most famous open-air market through new eyes. When I lived in Jerusalem, the Machane Yehuda shuk (market) was my grocery store. Vegetables, grains, fruit, chicken for Shabbat, the Jewish day of rest. There were nuts and sweets…everything we ate came from the shuk. Read about 5 Israeli shuks here.).

Sasaki weaves an ecological landscape into Tianfu Vanke City


Located on land that had long been used for agriculture , the development takes a holistic approach to landscape and ecology restoration and will not only preserve and reintroduce native species but will also emphasize aquatic health. Nature has also been made a major focus of the built environment so that residents and visitors can enjoy the landscape through a wide range of outdoor activities. Original post: Sasaki weaves an ecological landscape into Tianfu Vanke City.

The Ecological effect of the Kelowna wildfires

Eco Friendly Daily

Many families will have no homes to return to and the ecological devastation will affect B.C Some of the short term ecological effects of wildfires are poor air quality, power outages, highway closures, soil erosion due to loss of vegetation, loss of wild life and loss of habitat for wild life, the total destruction of some plant species and the emergence of others that are new to the area, and in the case of Kelowna the severe damage of major water sources.

Recycled plastic bags turn into fabrics

Successful Green

Daily News Innovation Lifestyle Sustainability ecological footprint environment news fabrics innovation MIT polyethylene recycling social responsibility successful GREEN sustainability

Global Footprint Network - Ecological Footprint

The Green Changemakers

Find Out More Footprint Science » Data and methods of Footprint accounting More » Footprint for Nations » Is your country an ecological creditor or debtor? Tags: Environment Management Energy Ecology Consumption [link] Do We Fit on our Planet? More » Footprint for Cities » Accounting for your community’s future More » Footprint for Business » Resource strategies for long-term success More » Footprint for You » What’s my Footprint and how can I change it? More ».

2008 40

Hopes for an ecological Church raised by new Pope's choice of name

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The choice of the name Francis, in honor of the Catholic Church’s patron saint of animals and the environment, by Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio upon becoming 266th and current Pope of the Roman Catholic Church, elected on 13 March 2013, has awakened the hopes of ecologists and others who are concerned about rampant consumerism and the deterioration of the Planet that the Church will become more environmentally conscious.

What Can Islam Do For The Environment? Lots, Actually…

Green Prophet

What can Islam do for the environment? Here’s an excerpt from an article I wrote for the world’s leading site for international politics students about what Islam can do for the environment.[E]mbracing 1] In the Qur’an there are “ample instructions as well as warnings to the faithful not to abuse their power in dealing with the environment. Ammar, Islam and Deep Ecology, in D.

Rapid Gulf Growth Wrecking Ecological Havoc – Says Canada

Green Prophet

Imagine a rapidly growing tourist paradise, but set in the path of a “freeway” line of oil tankers constantly moving through the Gulf region, shipping out a third of the world’s oil, polluting the coastline , and you can begin to imagine the scope of the problem assessed by the United Nations University Institute for Water, Environment and Health in Toronto.