Recycled Furniture to Be Sold at Israeli Auction Next Week

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Select pieces of recycled, eco friendly furniture will be sold at an auction house in central Israel next week alongside paintings and other fine art. Sustainable furniture design has been creeping into the Israeli art world over the past few years, with eco friendly furniture being exhibited at Jerusalem’s Design Week recently and other recycled works being displayed at international shows of Israeli design such as the Bezalel Academy student show at Milan Design Week.

Best recycled furniture units for sustainable homes


Recycling. Eco Friendly. Best recycled furniture units for sustainable homes. The eco conscious homeowner of today has a number of options to go green, and one of the best ways to do the same is by opting for the recycled furniture units. Trash is becoming trendy nowadays, and designers and furniture makers from around the globe are using reclaimed materials to make beautiful and creative furniture designs for modern green homes.


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Green Tips to Furnish Your Eco-Conscious Home

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Furniture may be less expensive for consumers to buy these days, but the environmental impact it has is not so good. Along with deforestation, modern furniture also often contains highly toxic chemicals, which are poisonous to the earth as well as the consumers that buy them. There are many ways to keep our green homes furnished with greener furniture without further negative impact on the environment. Some people consider second hand furniture as filthy and unusable.

Cardboard Interior Design Thinks Outside the (Cardboard) Box

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Cardboard is becoming an eco-friendly material of choice for furniture design , and sustainable designers have put it to many uses. Cleverly titled “Outside the Box”, Buchler’s design consists of a modular furniture system made of recycled materials. The cardboard boxes used in the building blocks and the living room furniture were all previously used, and the stage area was constructed with reused wooden shipping pallets.

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Design School Partners with Wineries to Give Wooden Barrels a Second Life

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Wine companies worldwide may be trying to ‘go green’ by producing organic wines (the wineries of the Middle East being no exception), but even so there is non eco-friendly waste associated with making vino. The exhibition will open tonight, and tomorrow Ori Ben Zvi will be speaking about new trends in global recycled design. Read more about upcycled design:: Ten Sustainable Israeli Designers Who Reduce, Reuse & Recycle.

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Kuwait’s Environment REUSE 5.0 Exposition Calls for Applications

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For the fifth year Kuwait’s eco en.v As Kuwait’s premier exposition for eco-friendly thought , REUSE serves as a vehicle for dialogue among the private, public and civil sectors. will include the following modules (and others): Boutiques that sell eco-friendly, fair trade, organic or natural products. REUSE Community showcase of the best student work around Kuwait made entirely from scrap/recycled materials.

Recycled Paperboard Furniture from Way Basics: Simple, Strong, Green

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Check out the WayBasics line of 99% post-consumer recycled paperboard shelving! The WayBasics line [.] [ Recycled Paperboard Furniture from Way Basics: Simple, Strong, Green from Green Living Ideas ]. Tags: Eco Home Living recycled furniture recycled materials recycled paperboard recycled paperboard furniture WayBasics zBoards Tired of supporting the plywood industry?

Retro biker chicks from Morocco in photos

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Related post: ‘Eco-Hijabs’ on the rise ). Hajjaj is a versatile artist whose repertoire includes portraiture, installation, interior designed (including recycled furniture made from recycled Coca-Cola crates and aluminum cans), but this is the first time that he has had a solo show in New York.

Are Walnut Floors in Abu Dhabi Ungreen?

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The use of ornate wood products in building homes, furniture and ships has been part of humanity since time began. With world forests being depleted at a very rapid rate, continued use of wood in architectural projects as well as for furniture has often been put into question as whether this practice is sustainable in today’s climate changing world. Recycled Furniture From Middle East Rugs and Doors.

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