Heroines for the Planet: Summer Rayne Oakes, Green Inspiration, Ecopreneur and Activist

Eco Chic

The model, activist, author, co-founder of Source4Style, editor-at-large at Above Live, and good friend of Eco Chick , was recently surprised by the news that designers and engineers at Toyota Prius had created the new Prius C with her in mind. Right now she’s in Brazil for Rio+20, the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, where she’s connecting with other like-minded influencers keen on advancing social equity and environmental protection.

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Buy Sustainable Duds

Eco Friendly Daily

’ With so many fabulous designers following suit, eco-friendly is no longer considered hard to find. From yoga gear to formal wear, eco-friendly clothing is gaining hype. You might be wondering what is means for your clothes to be eco-friendly. Environmentally conscious clothing is often made from natural and fair-trade materials like soy, organic cotton and bamboo. Sustainable clothing also tends to be much more comfortable.


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Sustainable Fashion: Pay What You Can Afford & Do Good Too

Eco Friendly Daily

Sustainable fashion is growing beyond its hard-to-find niche. Sustainable. For those of you interested in a line of sustainable. clothing that’s not only affordable but helping create social change while. both men and women, are all made from eco-friendly and sustainable fabrics, but. All of CROW ’s clothing is sold on a sliding scale, with the faith that. those who can afford to support their clothing and mission at a higher rate.

DGrade’s Hipster Trash Clothing is Made Cheap in China

Green Prophet

Determined to make a positive environmental contribution, the UK-based clothing manufacturer DGrade perfected a method that converts recycled plastic into yarn. Their cost-competitive brand Dirtball targets young, sporty types, and they are also under license to sell Spiked clothing designed for the hipsters among us. Which was all very exciting, until we learned that their clothes are made in China. How to make clothes from plastic.

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