What is Sustainable Fashion?

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What is sustainable fashion, and what does it mean for the human and planetary impact of our wardrobe? The post What is Sustainable Fashion? Activism cotton eco-friendly clothing fast fashion green lifestyle green living organic PHU slow fashionappeared first on Green Living Ideas.

Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift Giving

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Use natural resources in a sustainable fashion. Here are some common gifts from some common gift categories that I consider to be eco-friendly: Clothing. T-shirts, PJs, sweaters, long-johns, hats all come in these eco-friendly materials, you just have to source them. Recycle all your old wax and make some cool custom candles for your friends and family for gifts. In my opinion Christmas gift giving has become insane!

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Eco-Friendly Bridal Gowns the Israeli Way By Liraz Rubbin

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April 2012 saw Tel Aviv’s first Bridal Fashion Week, featuring fifty up and coming Israeli designers. Israel’s lucrative bridal fashion business is on the rise. Reusing and recycling fashion has become increasingly popular across the Middle East, case and point, My Ex Wardrobe in Dubai.

Sustainable Fashion? Malagasy Style

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Sustainable Fashion– Malagasy Style. The cloth is sourced from sustainably harvested silk from wild cocoons, and it is dyed in a very sustainable way. The cloth is all certified fair trade, and it is becoming very popular around the world in boutique fashion stores.

Eco-Friendly Printing

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Eco-Friendly Printing. One thing that I don’t think I’ve covered very much on here is the whole concept of eco-friendly businesses. Now, these are businesses that make their living by being environmentally friendly. Eco-friendly toothbrushing.

Well Dressed: Livia Firth’s Eco Age and the Observer Honor Stylish, Sustainable Fashion

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Sustainable style guru and Eco-Chick Heroine for the Planet Livia Firth will have a hand in choosing the Observer Ethical Awards ‘ first sustainable fashion champion for 2013! Fashion to me is all about the narrative behind the pieces we wear.

Eco Closet in Williamsburg, Brooklyn: A New Sustainable Fashion Destination

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Eco Closet owner Lisa Joseph minds the till. Eco Closet opened this past summer, rounding out a chic green shopping row in Billyburg; its next to Vaute Couture, the vegan coat store, and down the street from Bird. sustainable williamsburg

Sustainable Thread, Now with Israeli Startup Twine

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The fashion industry soaks up 20% of the world’s water, and dumps it back into local streams and rivers as wastewater. The post Sustainable Thread, Now with Israeli Startup Twine appeared first on Green Prophet | Impact News for the Middle East.

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There’s Something You Don’t Know About the World of Eco-Fashion.

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Next time you see the word “sustainable” attached to your clothing, take a step back. Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Boulder Conscious Consumerism (Sustainable Business) Denver Ecofashion Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Green Sustainability (Business, Entrepreneurship, Livelihood) WAYLON: Editor''s Picks Z ADMIN Green Featured Today eco-friendly ethical brand green fashion mindful consumerism organic cotton sustainable fashion

Is Tencel (aka Lyocell) A Sustainable Fabric? The Textile Test Series Investigates

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Soft, renewable, biodegradable and wrinkle-resistant, lyocell, or Tencel©, is considered an eco-textile with big advantages. In 2000, the European Union awarded the Tencel manufacturing process an Environmental Award in “technology for sustainable development.”

The Higg Index: A New Way to Judge the Sustainability of Your Clothes?

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Various companies have been working for the last few years to assess the sustainability of the clothing we buy off the rack (or from the website!). Called the Higg Index , it “allow brands, factories and chemical manufacturers to score the relative sustainability of their products.”

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Beirut’s Eco Fashion Boutique is “Green and Glam”

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Green is glamorous, according to Beirut’s eco fashion boutique. People need to eat and people need to dress every day, so food and fashion are two of the ways that people can make a daily difference in protecting the environment.

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Piece-Meal High Heels Let Wearers Design Their Own Shoes

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When it comes to fashion, and sustainable fashion, shoes may be one of the worst offenders. Not only do shoe fashions change rapidly, but they also tend to wear out faster than our other articles of clothing.

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What Wins the Competition for Most Sustainable Eye Glasses Material – Wood or Human Hair?

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Accessories are the victims of quickly changing trends and fads, and so their unsustainable fashionable-ness makes their ecological sustainability greatly needed. However we have not yet seen designers stare sustainable accessories in the face.

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Emma Watson Models Eco-Fashion for Green Carpet Challenge


Emma Watson is in The Edit magazine wearing sustainable fashion. She took part in the Green Carpet Challenge by modelling eco-friendly gowns by 5 designers. Read More The post Emma Watson Models Eco-Fashion for Green Carpet Challenge appeared first on Ecorazzi.

Rosh Hashanah 5772 Green Gift Guide for 2011

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But it can be even more difficult when you’re faced with the task of giving a gift to someone who is eco-conscious (and who, therefore, may be against commercial gifts that use up various resources). Eco Fashionista. Wishing you all a happy, healthy and sustainable new year ahead.

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High Fashion News on the Runway

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This fashion show featured sustainable fashions cleverly created from recycled newspaper, and it was the first of its kind. Believe it or not, Yesterday’s News brand cat litter was the inspiration for the four designers who debuted their eco-friendly threads.

9 small things you can do to transform the garment industry

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As the Toronto-based non-profit organization Fashion Takes Action states on its website, “We believe it is important for consumers to understand the Buy It To Vote mentality, and the power that they hold within their wallets. clothes care fashion green living

Conscious Holiday Gift Bazaar

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There's live entertainment and a variety of vendors, the majority of which are eco-friendly. Sita sustainable fashion Smart Glass VegKids.org Visionary Boutique Zen's Purple Garden. event vegan los angeles gift clothing holiday eco dessert

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Livia Firth Steps Up Her Green Carpet Challenge


If you remember Livia Firth’s 2011 Oscar gown or the video we posted of her eco shop in London , you know that this is a woman dedicated to not just wearing sustainable fashion, but being its champion. Livia wasn’t the only fashion forward thinker at her table.

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Green Touch of Spain Pop-Up Shop in Brooklyn

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The Green Touch of Spain, a pop-up shop featuring products from sustainable fashion brands, is open through Friday, May 10th. The post Green Touch of Spain Pop-Up Shop in Brooklyn appeared first on Eco-Chick. Ecoology dresses and blouses.

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Win Tickets to the Afingo Fashion Forum, April 1: Sustainability and Philanthropy in Fashion

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The Afingo Fashion Forum takes place this Friday, April 1, at FIT. I would love to see Eco Chick friends and readers there! Julie Gilhart , Fashion Consultant. Summer Rayne Oakes , Eco-Model/Activist and Founder, Source4Style. AFINGO FASHION FORUM NY PRE-PARTY.

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Top Seven Online Eco Boutiques

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One of my favorite things to do while travelling around the world is to seek out the local eco boutique or sustainable store, as is inevitably includes a new designer I’m not yet familiar with and great local knowledge and resources.

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Green Shoes Hit Mainstream at Payless ShoeSource

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Earlier this month, Payless ShoeSource announced that they will be launching a line of eco-friendly shoes making their entrance into the sustainable market at a price the majority can afford.

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SoHo: a Great Place to be Alternative (Apparel, That Is)

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With multiple retail spaces thriving on the West Coast, it was only a matter of time before the eco-friendly apparel company, Alternative , opened its first New York City location. Want more Spring fashion? Photograph courtesy of Turner PR and Alternative Apparel.

Robin Wilson, Interior Decorator to the Kennedys and Clintons, Shares Her Secrets

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We shop with reusable bags, fill up our water bottles, avoid plastic like the plague, purchase beauty products made free of chemicals and we’re now filling up our closets with American designers that are making affordable and sustainable fashion their mantra.

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SoHo: a Great Place to be Alternative

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With multiple retail spaces thriving on the West Coast, it was only a matter of time before the eco-friendly apparel company, Alternative , opened its first New York City location. Alternative is currently partnering with ECO-TINTES , an ethical Peruvian dye company.

3 New Eco Boutiques: Ethical Shopping Wherever You Are!

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Belvele, Seven Sisters PDX, and Everyday Magic all contribute to an ethical fashion experience—whether it’s in how eco-friendly their products are, catering to made in the U.S.A. Our goal is to make it easy to find sustainable fashion that you WANT to wear.

BeGood Clothing’s Bright Colors for a Sustainable Spring

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BeGood Clothing is a socially responsible and eco-friendly clothing store located online and on Union Street in San Francisco. BeGood Clothing is trying to change the perception of eco-friendly clothing.

The Future of Fashion? Designing with Mushroom Mycelium

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But packaging materials aren’t the beginning and end of fungi’s potential—some are interested in making fungus fashionable, and not a moment too soon. Even so, as fast fashion has risen, so have more eco-friendly alternatives. ” The post The Future of Fashion?

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The New Source4Style: THE Eco Fashion Designer’s Key Resource

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The brainchild of activist, eco model and environmental consultant Summer Rayne Oakes and her business partner, Benita Singh, Source4Style launched about a year ago in Beta, featuring a number of fabrics from several different companies. Fair Fashion Featured

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The New Source4Style: THE Eco Fashion Designer’s Key Resource

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The brainchild of activist, eco model and environmental consultant Summer Rayne Oakes and her business partner, Benita Singh, Source4Style launched about a year ago in Beta, featuring a number of fabrics from several different companies. Fair Fashion Featured

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H&M’s Conscious Collection: More Than Just Talk? A Conversation on Fast Fashion and Sustainability

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Fast fashion is on its way out. But the milestone meeting, which occurred Thursday at the Vogue headquarters, “Conscious Talk,” gathered together a dynamic group of individuals to discuss how to move the fashion industry into a sustainable future. .

Eco Chic Weekly 8/21/09

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Eco Chic Weekly compiles the best of the best in green fashion and beauty blogging each week. Please feel free to copy and use this post on your blog with a link back to Fashion, Evolved. Learn More at Ecco*Eco.

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Eco Chic - Untitled Article

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Learn More at Ecco*Eco. Check out the Eco Fashion World interview with Pivot shop owner Jessa Brinkmeyer. Read the review of Organic Essence Vanilla Lip Balm from Eco-Diva. Check out Green Grechen’s roundup of Eco Fashion Deals and Steals this week.

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Sleeping in Sustainable Style

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Sleeping in Sustainable Style. One thing that I really do hate about the whole outdoor recreation thing is that it seems like I’m stuck with buying non-environmentally-friendly stuff for most of my gear all the time. Sustainable Fashion– Malagasy Style.

Pop Tops. Fashion. You Fill in the Rest.

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Fashion. However, while we often look at stuff like that as a way to maximize the use we get out of all our crap, we rarely look at the modest cola can as the genesis of a fashion accessory. Who knows what else they’ll turn into fashion. Friend us on Facebook.

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Novica, the Store

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The only thing that really keeps me sane throughout the whole thing is knowing that she’s either buying something that looks good, or something that is environmentally friendly. Not only are they made out of sustainable materials in a fair way, but they are also REALLY good looking.