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Seventh Generation is In. This is one of the reasons that I love to use eco-friendly cleaning supplies whenever I do my more basic cleaning chores. Seventh Generation is a great company to go through for my eco-cleaning needs, and they really make the whole process much more affordable. This is where Seventh Generation really shines. Top 5 Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergents. Friend us on Facebook. FRIENDS.

Detoxify your Home with Products from these 5 Eco-Friendly (& Affordable!) Companies.

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Conscious Consumerism (Sustainable Business) Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Green Sustainability (Business, Entrepreneurship, Livelihood) animal friendly carbon footprint eco-friendly fair trade green products method organic cleaning products plant-based PureGreen Seventh Generation ShakleeI used to be of the mindset that I had to clean with bleach and chemicals for something to be clean. It's simply not true.


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10 Green & Good Cleaning Replacements for the Toxic Bad Guy

The Green Samaritan

Green Living Tips green cleaning products homemade cleaners how to make eco-friendly cleaners Method Mrs. Myers Seventh Generation So after I discovered this awful silver cleaning spray polish that has been following me around for years and until recently, was still lurking in the dark corner of my cabinet beneath the kitchen. See the full post and more at

Product of the Week - Seventh Generation Natural Dishwashing Liquid

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I recently started using Seventh Generation natural dishwashing liquid and can’t recommend it enough. And the best part of Seventh Generation liquid is that it is super eco-friendly, because they use ingredients that do not pose any chronic health risks & are safe for the environment. Seventh Generation Natural Dishwashing Liquid is… Hypo-allergenic. Tags: Eco-Products Environment Family Green Design

DIY Inexpensive and Eco-friendly Seedling Pots For The Garden

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eco-friendly biodegradable seedling pots. Making your own eco-friendly. Another wonderful surprise is that the two most popular DIY eco-friendly. seedling pot materials used to make these eco-friendly seedling pots: newspaper. Some people like to use tape, but I like to keep it as eco-friendly as. Seventh Generation make theirs out of recycled material. If the weather outside is.

Mother (Earth)'s Day: how to be eco-friendly on May 9th

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Here are some ways you can make this Sunday eco-friendly: Donate to a great cause or organization in her name. Set up a spa in her home with non-toxic products like No Miss and Elliott's Ethos Make her a card out of recycled materials that you have around your home, or send an eCard to support Breast Cancer Research Clean her home with all natural cleaning products like Seventh Generation , Begley's Best , or simply baking soda & vinegar.

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Lazy People Can Change the World Too

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However, when you have a road map that outlines some idle routes you can take, becoming eco-friendly doesn’t look so time consuming. Making your own soaps at home might not appeal to your laziness, but you can buy a plant-based brand like Seventh Generation and save thousands of oil barrels in the process. Green Tips easy green tips simple eco-friendly tips

10 Green & Good Cleaning Replacements for the Toxic Bad Guy

The Green Samaritan

Home About Terms of Use & Privacy Policy Disclosure Contact Product Reviews Monthly Eco-Resolutions Quick Reference Guide Subscribe 10 Green & Good Cleaning Replacements for the Toxic Bad Guy August 26, 2010 So after I discovered this awful silver cleaning spray polish that has been following me around for years and until recently, was still lurking in the corner of my cabinet beneath the kitchen sink, I thought I would investigate to see what other toxic cleaners are still haunting me.

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Daily demand and supply (Earth Day edition)

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But America’s eco-consciousness, it turns out, is fickle. Every consumer says, ‘I want to help the environment, I’m looking for eco-friendly products,’ ” said David Donnan, a partner in the consumer products practice at the consulting firm A. The income elasticity of Seventh Generation products is positive. Are green cleaning products subject to the laws of demand and supply?

Product Review: Green Irene Enzyme Cleaners

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Home About Terms of Use & Privacy Policy Disclosure Contact Product Reviews Monthly Eco-Resolutions Quick Reference Guide Subscribe Product Review: Green Irene Enzyme Cleaners September 22, 2010 As I continue to rid myself of those toxic bad guys still lurking in dark corners of my cabinets, it’s been great to replace with healthier options like good old baking soda and white vinegar and commercial brands like Seventh Generation and Method.

Green Tips For Your 4th of July Celebration

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Other eco-invitation options are: use the phone to invite, send recycled invitations via postal mail and send text messages. Preserves and Seventh Generation have a good line of recycled party supplies. If not here are some other eco-friendly tips for a greener grilling. Sorry to be the party pooper here, but as pretty as fireworks may be they are NOT at all environmentally friendly. Declare your Independence in a cleaner and greener way this 4th of July.

Sustainability Between the Sheets

Sightline Daily

This fall their new venture hit store shelves, a line of fair-trade, eco-friendly condoms called Sustain targeted at young women. Sustain’s fresh positioning and appeal to women may be the most eco-friendly thing the company can do. Jeffrey, after all, is a serial green-entrepreneur best known for founding Seventh Generation, a line of earth-friendly household products with annual retail sales of more than $300 million.

How To Be a Green Parent For Your Baby

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To be more eco-friendly switch from baby-wipes to washcloths to clean your baby between diaper changes. For more convenience buy eco-friendly baby-wipes, such as the ones from seventh generation or you can make your own from the recipes here. There are innovative eco-diapers today that are pre-folded, biodegradable or even flushable (ex: gdiapers ) making it easier for the busy green parent to keep living green. Eco-bottle.

Brighter Planet Launches #earthtweet Tweet-a-Thon

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If the opportunity to give and receive user-generated examples of individual carbon reducing efforts isn’t motivating enough, truly inspirational tweets, as decided by the Brighter Planet team, will be rewarded with smart, eco-friendly prizes. Seventh Generation’s gift basket of healthy home products will help the winner further shrink her carbon footprint.

Great Kitchen Ideas

Eco Friendly Daily

Two great ways to reduce waste and be more environmentally friendly in the kitchen are: Biobag Compostable Trash Bags. I personally like the Seventh Generation line of products, but there are a lot of choices. If you’re new to using green cleaning products, then I recommend getting a gift basket of some type that will give you the chance to see how many different environmentally friendly cleaners work. Top 5 Ways to Make Your Kitchen More Eco Friendly.

Scrappy (Not Crappy) Scarves

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Seventh Generation is In. Recent Comments Afzaal Ahmed on How To Make Your Own Eco-Friendly Mouthwash Roses Gifts on The Samsung Reclaim Janna Liliya on Have an Eco-Friendly Holiday: Turkey! Friend us on Facebook. FRIENDS. Categories. Garden. Kitchen. New & Exciting. Electronics. Events. Health. Personal. Clothing & Accessories. Community. Current Acitivites. Forums. Groups. Members. Get Our Books. AboutMyPlanet. HybridMile.

Screening of A Chemical Reaction (Giveaway!)

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Lawns not only require pesticides to be weed free, but lots of water to keep them green - neither are eco-friendly. Check out Pesticide Watch , a program that helps citizen groups across California develop sustainable solutions for dealing with pests, instead of using toxic pesticides This movie was sponsored by Seventh Generation and Firebelly Lawncare (organic) Check out my giveaway of the movie below for your chance to win it!

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8 Ways to Green Your Spring

The Green Changemakers

Keep items out of overcrowded landfills by asking family and friends if they have use for any of your unwanted items. Help new growth by using earth-friendly practices. Less harmful ingredients exist in products from companies like Seventh Generation or Begley’s Best. Try eco-friendly versions such as Simple Green’s products.

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