Shopping Guide: Eco-friendly Craft Suppliers

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Shopping Guide: Eco-friendly Craft Suppliers: Amazon: Although Amazon is not strictly an eco-friendly shopping place, they do carry an impressive inventory of sustainable alternatives. Buy Green: You can find Non-VOC paints and eco varnishes at Buy Green. Earth Safe Finishes: Earth Safe Finishes carries an massive inventory of eco paints, varnishes and dyes all formulated with non-toxic, non-VOC and water based ingredients.

Top Ten Eco-Friendly Toys for Kids

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The Best Eco-Friendly Toys for Your Kids. Play the Earthopoly board game to explain the dangers of global warming and pollution or give them eco-flashcards to give them ideas about ways they can help the earth. Support local businesses by buying local, handmade toys. Look for eco-friendly wood products. Follow these ten easy suggestions to help make the best green choices for your little ones. Pick green plastics.


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Eco-Friendly Giveaway Hop – Zen Box of Eco Goodies ends 6/21

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Welcome to the friendly Summer Giveaway Hop, hosted by Happy Mothering , Easy Green Mom and Brittleby’s Corner through the Green Moms Network ! Each of the participating blogs is offering a prize package to help you have an Eco-friendly Summer! To help you relax this season we are giving away a box of “Zen” filled with beautifully handmade eco-friendly items. Giveaway items includes: 1 handmade “Field of Trees” keepsake box.

Handmade Giveaway Hop – Recycled Paper Jewelry Box/Kraft Paper Christmas Cards

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Welcome to the Handmade & Eco-Friendly Giveaway Hop, hosted by Happy Mothering , Easy Green Mom and Brittleby’s Corner through the Green Moms Network ! To help raise awareness about the importance of giving eco-friendly and handmade gifts, we’re offering giveaways to help you get started (or continue) with your holiday planning. We are excited to be a part of Green Moms Network Handmade/Eco-friendly Holidays Giveaway Hop.

Eco Friendly Coffee Filter

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When purchasing from Etsy, you are supporting artisans and getting a quality handmade item in return. I enjoy coffee, but have for some time thought it a waste of paper to use a new filter every day. However, paper filters are not reusable. I buy unbleached paper filters, and compost them after use, so I am helping to reduce landfills, but I am not helping the front end at all. Those filters still have to be produced in a factory and shipped in a truck to get to my location.

Review and Giveaway of Bambu Eco-friendly Coco Mini Coconut Bowls, ends 9/5

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As stewards of the eco-system and our health, it is up to us to find healthier alternatives to the traditional and educate ourselves on the toxins that degrade nature and our wellbeing. Born to provide us with eco-friendly alternatives that is beautiful, durable, effective and ecological, bamboo offers home products such as cutting boards , utensils, baskets and bowls all handmade with renewable materials such as bamboo, cork, coconut shells and field grass.

8 Eco-Friendly Wedding Dress Designers You Should Know

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The demand for eco-friendly wedding dresses is on the rise. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite eco-wedding dress designers here, and how their practices are sustainable. Dream away… Minna creates ethical, handmade wedding dresses out of vintage and certified organic fibers. Using sustainable techniques like zero waste cutting and local manufacturing, Minna’s Eco-Luxe wedding dress designs have been featured in Vogue, Elle and Brides magazines.

The Eco-Friendly Wedding Planner

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A friend of mine had her invitations hand-written on handmade paper, and they were beautiful. Some friends of mine got married a few years ago and after the wedding, a group of eight or so close friends went camping at a local provincial park. Be creativeyou don’t have to fly halfway around the globe to have a memorable honeymoon (and you don’t have to bring all your friends with you, either).

Eco-Friendly Gift Idea – Recycled Wine Barrel Cabinet

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Handmade in Georgia, this recycled wooden cabinet has a handy inner storage shelf, as well as (and you entertainers will love this) a removable maple serving tray and casters. The recycled white oak wine barrels usually just end up in the landfill, but they’ve certainly found their second calling as a piece of eco-friendly furniture in your home.

The Dala Collection Makes Its Mark on Eco-Friendly Furniture

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Dedon with its idealistic and progressive mission of social activism and green living is the perfect match for Burks’ eco-forward, handcrafted artistry. Dedon’s 20 years of experience in outdoor furniture is a beacon of social responsibility, so it is no surprise that the origins of Dala—in name, form, and function—grew organically from Burks’ time spent studying traditional handmade craft techniques in Senegal. Eco Design dedon dala collection

MADEO Consolidates Stylish and Eco-Friendly Design Products

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MADEO does the leg work for you when it comes to tracking down cool gifts for your eco-trendy friends. You know the scenario: it’s your cool eco-friendly pal’s housewarming/birthday/holiday party/fill-in-the-blank party and you are short one fabulous/original/aesthetic/environmentally-considerate gift. Fashion & Design design eco-fashion Fashion gifts green design Israel Recycled design sustainable design sustainable gifts

Handmade Fabric Designs “To Go” From Deda Designs

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Handmade and packaged in recycled boxes generally used for fast food or take-away, Deda Design’s kitchen products look delicious. Packaging has been used in eco-friendly ways by designers before, either by upcycling plastic packaging or making a product’s outer packaging multi-functional. Now Deda Designs, a boutique design label based in Israel, is finding ways to use recycled fast food packaging to house its limited edition, handmade fabric products.

Yiuco Marketplace for Handmade Upcycled, Recycled, or Reused Products

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Etsy, the global online store , has enjoyed great success due to the fact that it enables individuals to buy handmade, unique items from other individuals around the world with the click of a mouse. It has even spurred what some people are calling the “Handmade Revolution&# by encouraging people to buy handmade (as opposed to energy-guzzling machine-made) products. Yiuco may be the Middle East’s greener Etsy.

Paper Planet Collection to make your home more Eco friendly


Designer Katja Hettler and architect Jula Tüllmann of Tüllmann studio, based in Berlin,have come up with a unique collection named Paper Planet, which will add a touch of sumptuousness to your interiors with its eco friendly nature. The handmade designs exude warmth and lend a whimsically sensuous appeal to the space at hand. Jaspreet Kaur Walia: Paper has long been associated with printing and writing. But, in this internet world the same white sheet has lost its charm.

Make green the new white - tips for an eco-friendly Christmas

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Then check out the tips below for making Christmas greener and surprise your family and friends with your creativity! Friends of the Earth's Head of Climate Change Mike Childs said: "There are lots of things people can do to go green and save cash at Christmas - from buying local and organic food to recycling your tree. Give handmade presents and there is even now still time to make something yourself to give to someone.

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Fun, Inexpensive and Eco-friendly Ways To Present a Gift Without Wrapping Paper

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There are a variety of unique, inexpensive and eco-friendly ways. eco-friendly imagination and ideas like the ones below to help that imagination. in case put on a beautiful handmade bow at the top of the gift to make it look. Picnic baskets are ideal eco-wrapping alternatives for gifts. Inside the handmade. envelope there could be a gift card or a ticket to a romantic eco-getaway. handmade bow.

Product of the Week – Mountain Dog’s Eco-Friendly Dog Leash

The Go Green Blog

All of Mountain Dog’s leashes are handmade in the U.S.A. Tags: Eco-Products Dog Leash eco pet Mountain Dog Reuse sustainable up-cycle upcycle Mountain Dog is an environmentally responsible company making incredibly strong dog leashes from re-purposed climbing rope. Why climbing rope? Well, climbing rope is stronger, more durable and more comfortable than any other leash material on the market today, like leather or nylon.

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Non-toxic Toys for little Girls and Boys

Green Living Ideas

Support small business- There are plenty of artists and crafters who produce handmade toys for children, many who are parents themselves. A search for “handmade baby toys” on will present you with a bevy of beautiful plush animals, wooden tops, fabric blocks, crocheted figures, security blankets and more. Shop at stores with eco-friendly ideals - Lots of stores and companies cater to those of us with concerns about toy safety.

Crafting a Green World Now Offers Share and Swap

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CAGW knows that buying handmade or making things ourselves is more eco-friendly than shopping at big box stores, but how can we make sure that the crafts we’re making are as green as possible? From sustainable fabrics and ideas for creative reuse to eco-friendly art supplies and tutorials, we want to help you make your crafty life greener.

Green Product Review Roundup Spring 2013

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Wean Green is a Canadian company dedicated to providing safe and environmentally friendly products. Numi is 100% natural, organic, and uses eco-responsible packaging. These shoes don’t compromise style, they are fashionable and environmentally friendly, because Naya uses materials that reduce environmental impact. The shoes are unique, handmade in Panama and Colombia and help to create jobs for women, who might not have jobs otherwise.

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Green Earth Journey

What materials do you use for your ECO friendly products? Why did you decide to make ECO friendly products? I worked in sustainable architecture before starting my accessories company, and I wanted to carry over eco-friendly practices into my handmade designs. My mom taught me how to sew when I was a kid; she owned a fabric business with two of her friends when I was growing up.

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Escapes Travel Style: The Necessity of the Hankie

Eco Chic

Handmade Modern Hankies: There are a few craftspeople making modern updates on the traditional hankie, so if vintage isn’t your style, or you want something more graphic, a new hankie is the way to go (look for organic materials where possible). To read more, click over to our sister site, Eco Chick Escapes , all about travel and style. Escapes Fair Fashion Featured eco fashion eco friendly Fashion handerchief hankie healthy modern Organic style travel vintage

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Jesse Danger

Green Earth Journey

What materials do you use for your ECO friendly products? On top of that I try to use chemicals and materials in my shop that are non toxic and ECO friendly. Why did you decide to make ECO friendly products? Tags: recycled metal blog Jesse Danger elegant gifts jewelry men conscience green women etsy independent handmade environment seller Name: Jesse Danger Shop Name: Jesse Danger Shop Link: [link] Location: Burlington, Vermont.

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3 New Eco Boutiques: Ethical Shopping Wherever You Are!

Eco Chic

Belvele, Seven Sisters PDX, and Everyday Magic all contribute to an ethical fashion experience—whether it’s in how eco-friendly their products are, catering to made in the U.S.A. Her store, located in Durham, North Carolina, is bursting with colorful, intentional, and handmade items. I am specifically in love with Bakara and her store after having two rings custom made for myself and a friend. The post 3 New Eco Boutiques: Ethical Shopping Wherever You Are!

Gaia Conceptions

Green Earth Journey

Name: Andrea Crouse Shop Name: Gaia Conceptions Shop Link: [link] Location: Greensboro, NC Ships To: Everywhere What materials do you use for your ECO friendly products? All Gaia Conceptions clothing is designed, sewn, and dyed by me using certified organic and eco-friendly fabrics. Why did you decide to make ECO friendly products?

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Companies we love: The Base Project (and a Giveaway!)

Green Living Ideas

The Base Project has generously supplied Green Living Ideas with FOUR giveaway items for our awesome readers: three bracelets and one handmade bag from another collective in Ghana! Activism Conservation Eco Friendly Fashion and Beauty Green Lifestyle Africa fashion PVC recycle upcycleNamibia is home to an expansive landscape, fantastical wildlife and thriving tribal cultures.

Broad Street

Green Earth Journey Location: Chicago Ships To: Everywhere What materials do you use for your ECO friendly products? Why did you decide to make ECO friendly products? I had to do something with my collection of vintage jewelry and wanted to create one of a kind, custom jewelry for eco-fabulous women. Tags: beautiful etsy fancy broad street vintage luxury jewelry gifts independent handmade seller

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Gifts Are Most Attractive in Green Attire

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There are many eco-friendly projects to choose from, but in this article we’ll give you a few basic suggestions. Newspaper : Wrapping gifts in recycled newspaper is probably the most basic thing you can do to stay eco-friendly this year while sending a positive, green message. Eco-Friendly Wrapping Paper : If you’re not a DIY kind of person, you can always support green companies by purchasing pre-made wrapping paper.

Indigo Handloom: Human-Powered, Artful Textiles Are Carbon Neutral

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It’s the ultimate ‘eco-friendly’ fabric – because from raw fiber to finished cloth – there is no need for any fossil-fueled electricity. The post Indigo Handloom: Human-Powered, Artful Textiles Are Carbon Neutral appeared first on Eco-Chick. Fair Fashion carbon neutral chemical-free eco fashion ecofashion ethical fashion Fair Trade Handmade handwoven indigo handloom khadi khadi cloth kickstarter textiles

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Healthy Homemade Cocktails

Green Living Ideas

Whether you’ve faced a long day at work or just want to settle in for a long conversation, sometimes a handmade cocktail is just the right thing. Alcohol DIY (do-it-yourself) Projects Food and Cuisine alcohol Beverages DIY eco-friendly gifts homemade Happy weekend! This post features a round-up of some beautiful homemade cocktails, all featuring wholesome ingredients to make your buzz just a bit healthier.

On Trend for Spring: Five Vintage Graphic Looks with Indy Flair

Eco Chic

This blouse is so beautifully handmade by a tailor for some unknown European woman. Fair Fashion Featured 60's 70's chronologie vintage clothes eco fashion eco friendly reuse upcycling vintageGuest post by Barbara at Chronologie Vintage. Sometimes it’s hard being a “green” fashionista. We love expressing ourselves with clothing, but we worry about the impact that clothes—even organic ones—have on the earth.

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Natural Mosquito Repellent - Lemon Balm

Green Earth Journey

Check out these lemon balm handmade all natural products from Etsy. Lemon Chiffon Soap and Candle Gift Set Buggy Be Gone Balm in a Tube Eco-Friendly Lemon Balm Herbs in a BoxThis is a very informative read, I came across it on Stumbleupon. I highly recommend clicking HERE and enjoying the read! HERE are a few more uses on lemon balm. Click on each picture to see more information.

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Green your Summer Giveaway Hop, ends 6/13, Win Eco Headband and Recycled Paper Greeting Cards

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From 5/30 – 6/13 you can hop from blog to blog, entering to win awesome eco-friendly products. Giveaway: Up for grabs from us is two awesome handmade Eco items from our store, enter to win one handmade burlap wrapped headband in your color choice and one five pack of “Love Lives Here” greeting cards with matching envelopes. Welcome to the Green Your Summer Event! 

denim summer

Neena Creates

levi's makes their eco jeans from 100% organic and recycled cotton. visit pouch here for more handmade eco loveliness and follow their blog for pouch updates. Tags: upcycle organic clothing eco friendly jeans denim neena creates levi's upcycling pouch eco living there is so much denim in the world. this is not a fact i went out and researched, it is just something i know to have observed. denim is a part of almost everyone's lives.

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Cool Green Eco Apartments

Green Furniture Home Design

One of the best ways to design an apartment with an eco-minded theme is to select unique eco-friendly furniture such as chairs made from sustainable materials like bamboo. Also, many local shops offer one-of-a-kind handmade pieces of furniture that are from reclaimed wood or other materials. Many popular artists and designers are offering modern lighting options made from reclaimed or eco-friendly materials making it easier than ever to bring a green look together.

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Night Lights

Green Earth Journey

By Etsy Artist Night Light Art What kind of light can you purchase that is eco friendly and safe to use in your children's rooms? There are a couple of handmade options for you as well! LEDs are the bulb to choose. LEDs do not burn out, they are bright, and they do not get hot. Not to mention, they use significantly less energy than any other bulb on the market. on Photo is linked. Click Here to see more results on

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For the Neohippie Homebody: Eco-Chick’s Holiday Gift Guide #3

Eco Chic

As you know, we like our gifts to bring a smile to the faces of friends and families—and help small-business owners, local makers, and people who live and work in places who have a lot less than we do. All the products below are fair-trade, ethical, locally made, eco-friendly, low-impact, or (most likely) some combination of the previous. The post For the Neohippie Homebody: Eco-Chick’s Holiday Gift Guide #3 appeared first on Eco-Chick.

Shop Quickly with Novica Gift Finder - $30 Novica GC Giveaway ends 12/17

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Novica is the unique eStore brought to us by National Geographic that allows us easy access to beautiful handmade products made by artisans from all around the world. For example, you can search categories such as religious gifts , Eco friendly gifts , gifts for her, Christmas gifts and even search by price range.

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Green Mom’s Giveaway Hop – Family Prepardness Box Giveaway ends 9/16

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After entering my giveaway, be sure to hop around and enter all of the other #FamilyPreparedness giveaways listed on the linky at the bottom of this post for your chance to win more eco-friendly and healthy giveaways! 1 tube of handmade antibacterial salve – Formulated with aloe, tea tree oil, honey, coconut oil and clay - this salve can cleanse cuts and burns while helping to speed up recovery.

How to design eco wedding card?

Green Prophet

Creating and sending out eco-friendly wedding cards is a great way to contribute to saving the planet as a couple. If your plan is to use eco-friendly stationery throughout your event and planning, there are many ways of achieving this. By the way, if you would prefer the responses and wedding wishes of friends and family to be eco-friendly as well, it would be as easy as fitting it all into your wedding prep.

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Eco Craft Supplies Alternatives Shopping Guide

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Second to preaching Eco, I am a crafter. Everything I make is derived from Eco-friendly sources which makes life a little easier. I had to conduct a lot of research in order to find eco alternatives to the bounty of conventional craft supplies that I use, but I managed to find the Eco twin to most. Amazon is one of my biggest Eco supplies resources. I am a maker of jewelry, paper crafts, artwork, bags, toiletries and more.

Product of the Week – Tweedle Press

The Go Green Blog

Tweedle Press is a full-service design, papermaking, and letterpress print shop that uses eco-friendly materials while still creating stylish, quirky paper goods. Tags: Eco-Products Recycling Green Goods handmade paper Hemp papermaking Recycle Reuse Tweedle Press up-cycle upcycle vegetable ink Everything about Tweedle Press is Green – including their paper, inks, packaging, & even electricity.

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An Eco Christmas

Green Earth Journey

at the old blog address ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ An ECO Christmas Part 1 Ok, so how do I have an ECO friendly Christmas and make everyone, including my three children, happy? Now, obviously buying a real tree is more environmentally friendly, if you dispose of it in an Eco friendly manner or plant it in the ground. Planting a new Christmas tree after is a great way to leave an eco-friendly legacy.

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