The Small Business Guide To Eco-friendly Take-Out

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The Small Business Guide To Eco-friendly Take Out. If you’re a small business, though, it can be hard to find economic and eco-friendly replacements for common plastic products, especially when it comes to items like take-out containers, cups, plates, and straws that need to be cheap and disposable. We all know that plastic is damaging to the environment.

Which Candles Are Most Eco-Friendly?

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They also super slow burners – so they will last longer, making them far more economical! Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas Eco-Friendly Holidays beeswax candles eco friendly candles palm oil candles soy candlesThe first thing I like to do on a chilly fall night, is light a few autumnal scented candles around my house. I love the warm and comforting light they give off, and the delightful scents that permeate by little home for hours.


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Eco-friendly concrete now mandatory in Dubai

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As of April 1, OPC use is limited across the emirate; building permissions are reliant on developers specifying eco-friendly Supplementary Cementing Materials (SCMs). The 79 regulations will deal with the buildings from its designing stage by choosing sustainable sites, using appropriate orientation and using modern techniques which help in minimizing the environmental impacts of construction phase in balance with economic vision.

Green Economy To Create Green Jobs: Five Eco-Friendly Jobs to Consider

Living Green & Saving Energy

Home About Us Contact Us Products Green Tips EBooks Going Green: Questions and Answers Subscribe Living Green and Saving Energy Green Economy To Create Green Jobs: Five Eco-Friendly Jobs to Consider by greenwise on December 17, 2010 The creation of new jobs in green and eco-friendly business has been put forward as one of the engines of growth for the next decade.

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Review/Giveaway of Laptop Lunches Eco-friendly Bento Lunch Box, ends 8/23

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Laptop Lunches Bento Lunch Boxes are USA made, eco-friendly, convenient, versatile, economical, and appealing. Once upon a time, on-the-go lunchtime used to be synonymous with unhealthy eating. At school, our children ate unhealthy school lunches and at work and play we ate concession and fast-food, and honestly we still do. However, today at least a few times a week we are choosing to bring our own lunch to work and packing lunches for our kids.

4 Ways Eco-Friendly Businesses Can Attract Talented Employees

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However, eco-friendly companies face a few challenges when courting dynamic, talented pros. Others may wrongly assume that all eco-friendly organizations are non-profit. Rather than focusing on economic opportunities, green companies can use their eco-friendly culture as a way to inspire like-minded individuals. All companies want to bring in talented individuals on a regular basis.

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Eco-friendly Wellness Center Breaths New Life into Foreclosed Home

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However, a foreclosed property in Portland, OR has been revived into the Apex Wellness Center, which is a new eco-friendly wellness center. Despite the fact that people are still recovering from the economic retreat, new businesses are popping up in the most unexpected places. Patrons of this wellness center are being rewarded for their eco-friendly habits, which is a great way to encourage and educate the community.

Green Economy To Create Green Jobs: Five Eco-Friendly Jobs to.

Living Green & Saving Energy

Home About Us Contact Us Products Green Tips EBooks Going Green: Questions and Answers Subscribe Living Green and Saving Energy Green Economy To Create Green Jobs: Five Eco-Friendly Jobs to Consider by greenwise on December 17, 2010 The creation of new jobs in green and eco-friendly business has been put forward as one of the engines of growth for the next decade.

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Back To School In Eco-Friendly Style

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) ROCHESTER, MI, August 2010: The August 2010 issue of The ULS (Use Less Stuff) Report is out, featuring ways to save environmental and economic resources when readying your kids to go back to school. Simply switch from single-serve, disposable packaging to larger, more economical sizes of fruits, vegetables, cookies and crackers.

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Eco-friendly Breastfeeding

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According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), breastfeeding has the following advantages: “health, nutritional, immunologic, developmental, psychologic, social, economic and environmental benefits.” The average cost of formula per year for one baby is between $1,500 and $2,000. In comparison, breastfeeding costs about $300 annually per infant. Not only is choosing formula over breastfeeding expensive, it also pollutes the planet with more waste.

Eco-Friendly Ways to Bundle up your Baby!

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As an eco-minded parent, I try to keep my consumerism in check when seeking out clothes for my tot. An economical way to keep your little ones in the cutest, seasonal styles while preventing excess waste is by acquiring gently used clothing. There are plenty of sources for good quality children’s clothing, and I will share with you my favorites ways to bundle your babe in organic, eco-friendly ways! Maybe you have friends with children similar in age to yours.

Green Siem Reap | Where To Eat Near Angkor Wat | Eco-Friendly.

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At the time, Siem Reap , a sleepy town adjacent to Angkor Wat, was also in the grip of post-war agony, economic hardship and the persistent threat of landmine explosions. Eco training is provided for Khmer people as well as workshops in permaculture gardening techniques. Peruse the information board for brochures and posters from many environmental and social development organizations, eco-friendly tours and volunteer opportunities.

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NATS team designs futuristic eco friendly car prototype


And, this year too they are out with a prototype of their aluminum framed eco friendly future car. Aluminum-framed Eco-friendly Future EV Prototype. Aluminum-framed Eco-friendly Future EV Prototype. Eco-friendly Future EV Prototype. Preparing the prototype of such cars from scratch can take a long time and requires huge amounts of money, therefore, to economize a bit, the student team fabricated the car based on the Honda Insight.

Mother (Earth)'s Day: how to be eco-friendly on May 9th

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Here are some ways you can make this Sunday eco-friendly: Donate to a great cause or organization in her name. If so, there are some eco-friendly options for that too. May 9th is Mother's Day, so why not do something that will benefit both your mom and Mother Earth? There are so many places, so do a web search for causes you or your mom care about. For example, donate to an animal rescue or shelter, or to help with the Gulf oil spill.

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Best eco friendly innovations by armed forces


Eco Friendly. Best eco friendly innovations by armed forces. Eco-friendly bullets by BAE Systems. This is because, driven by profiteering, the private sector is desperate to cut its costs and economize on energy usage. Green Soldiers - 8 ingenious ways armed forces are reducing their eco impact. Eco Tech: U.S. Eco Factor: Water filters powered by renewable energy. Eco-friendly Stand by buster. Eco Friendly Buzz.

Could Uptake Create An Eco Friendly Travel Section?

Conservation Hawaii

My Step Father, Robert, just posted about the economic viability of Uptake over on his Hawaii tourism study blog. Since Robert knows I’m into the whole green thing, he shot me over some information about Uptake’s CEO who has a blog called Simple Green Choices. This is a cool site that gives some interesting “green [.].

Upcoming American Eco-Fests for 2012

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Upcoming American Eco-Fests for 2012. Whether you are a socially conscious green friendly consumer or environmentally concerned small business, upcoming American eco-fests for 2012 could be just the thing to visit or join and become an eco-vendor. Green Mountain Eco-Fest – Eldridge, Missouri August 31st – September 2nd. Conway Eco-Fest – Laurel Park, Arkansas – Saturday September 8th. Tagged: eco-fests , eco-friendly , green festivals.

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Teardrop Vessel from CraftedSystems

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The simple teardrop vessel from Crafted Systems is the kind of eco-friendly item that looks great anywhere. The vessel is made by women at the YWCA shelter in Portland, Oregon, to “economically enabling and empowering them.” Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas teardrop vesselBeautifully crafted and designed, the =interlocked wool squares are elegant without being over-designed.

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Tel Aviv’s Social Economic Academy Teaches Food Politics

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There are an abundance of eco-friendly food movements out there, including vegans, vegetarians , vegawarians , locavores, and those who eat strictly organic food. Which may be why the Social-Economic Academy in Tel Aviv just offered a new food politics course called “Between Funding and Food&#. For more information about the course, visit the Social-Economic Academy website (in Hebrew). With so many food options and food movements out there, what do you choose?

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Green Your Space with Hemp

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In addition, it offers many eco books, organic cotton products, and raw foods. Chic, stylish, economical, and eco friendly hemp can help you geen every space in your home. Tags: eco friendly guest blogger sinclair hemp green ( photo source ) Some small ways to green your space might include choosing hemp fabric for home decor items, clothing, kitchen towels, and bath scrubbies.

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Post Growth: Creating global prosperity without economic growth

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Without obligations to shareholders and with minimal dependency on donors, NFP enterprises have the freedom and ability to get their work done in a way that maximizes social, environmental and economic outcomes. This is clear when you look at the wide variety of interpretations of ‘sustainable development’, ‘green’, ‘eco-friendly’ and ‘sustainability’.

Islamic Banking & Why It’s (Theoretically) Good For The Environment

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Another reason that Islamic finance is seen as a ‘greener’ alternative is that current economic systems (ie. For more on Islam and Green Ethics see: What Happened To Islam’s Eco-Friendly Architecture. Religion economic crisis economic development green banking Islam Islam and environment sustainability

Chakra Your Way to Inner Peace.

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There are a lot of different things that can classify an item as “eco-friendly” and not all of them may be as obvious as others. However, this is just one side of what it means to be “eco-friendly”. This chakra flags chime is a great example of the latter form of eco-friendly items, and it is attractive to boot. Eco-Friendly Messenger Bags. Friend us on Facebook. FRIENDS. Categories. Garden. Kitchen. New & Exciting.

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Rumor: Domino Magazine Making a Comeback


The beautiful lifestyle mag with a strong focus on eco-friendly living? Waaayy back in January 2009, the whole thing folded in the wake of the economic nightmare that Read More. Remember Domino? Entertainment News Print Top News danny seo

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10 Best Coastal Eco-Resorts

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Well there is good news for all you eco-conscious beach lovers who want to spend some time baking in the sun and playing in the sand without feeling guilty about the effects to the environment. MSN put together a list of the Top 10 Best Coastal Eco-Resorts. Eco cred: Ocean breezes make using air-conditioning unnecessary, so your carbon footprint practically disappears. Eco cred: Wind and hydropower mean guilt-free electricity, and all water comes from a swift mountain stream.

Top 25 Green Business Blogs: We're #6!

Environmental Economics

Unsurprisingly, everyone has something to say on the subject at hand, and eco-friendly corporations (or those hoping to someday become eco-friendly) would do well to follow the news and views that could very well change things in time. Environmental Economics : Savvy green businessfolks know they have to understand how the economics of natural resources work in order to tailor their services around preserving them as much as their resources allow.

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A Guide to Green Flooring

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To help make your next home renovation project a little easier, we’ve put together this guide to eco-friendly flooring. What to do instead : You can make sure your hardwood floors are eco-friendly by looking for a seal from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), a non-profit that certifies all types of wood products. Wood flooring can also be reused, and reclaimed boards from old buildings make perfect eco-friendly flooring. A Guide to Green Flooring.

2012 182

10 Easy Ways to Be a Greener Driver

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The drilling for oil disrupts the eco-system and the refineries pollute the air. Eco accessories: There are more sustainable options to almost all of the accessories you keep in your car. Maintain your car: Use more eco friendly car oil and be certain that your engine is properly tuned and that your air filter is upgraded. The greener cars are more sustainable and economical.

2014 167

Why Businesses Should Go Green With Their Architectural Plans

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Nowadays, leading lenders, along with the investors market have come to recognize the economic benefits of having a green building. Buildings that adhere to eco-friendly architectural designs are built with water resource systems that make water efficiency possible.

2020 77

10 Future Green Job Opportunities

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics describes green employment as working in companies or industries that preserve natural resources, reduce environmental footprints, create environmentally friendly products or offer eco-friendly services. non-toxic, chemical-free, enzyme friendly, biodegradable cleaning products. To do so, the “search of leaders who understand how to create synergy between environmental responsibility and economic success” is in full swing.

“We’ll stop cutting trees” part of Tel Aviv’s climate action plan

Green Prophet

Spend a few years or a dozen in a coastal city like Tel Aviv or Beirut and you’ll see how in a short time the season’s have changed.

2020 100

Rainforest Alliance salutes Mexico’s Mayakoba

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We have been working with the Rainforest Alliance since 2010 to comply with the Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria ’s internationally recognized recommendations for socially, environmentally and economically sustainable tourism, and we encourage other tourism properties in Mexico to do the same.&#. | Green Travel News |.

Bio Jewelry That Helps The Planet And Looks Good

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Products that provide environmental, economic, and social benefits are known as sustainable goods or bioproducts. Benefits from sales of the company’s vibrant pieces empower women and contribute to local economic development. Dozens of designers are committed to delivering appealing jewelry using eco-friendly methods. Fortunately, many designers are now committed to providing bio jewelry that is ethically sourced and created in an eco-friendly environment.

2020 53

Luxury Fisker Karma Electric Vehicle Hits the Middle East

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While many western buyers are crippled by economic hardships, except for the so-called one percent and Justin Bieber, certain residents of the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia coasting on oil money can still afford the $136,000 – $163, 320 (AED 500,000 – 600,000) price tag that comes with this ‘eco-friendly sedan.’ Cars & Transportation eco-friendly car eco-transportation Electric vehicles Fisker Karma MENA Middle East

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Green (Living) Review

An economical alternative that looks great The Green Basics Rain Barrel is a good value option that still looks great. With an integrated planter on top it's also an eco-friendly way to add some colour to your garden. Press Release We're in the middle of a heatwave and saving tap water is becoming increasingly important. Any rain that falls is precious, so it makes sense to catch it while you can.

2018 106

Ecopreneurists Wanted

Green Life Smart Life

The ‘g’ Green Design Center is has announced franchise opportunities for eco-minded individuals looking to open a responsible business. ‘g’ Green Design Center, focused on providing a user-friendly experience to going green, is a combination retail shop and showroom on a mission to provide customers with all they need to create green, sustainable environments that are both beautiful and responsible to our earth.

2009 40

Solar Bottle Lights a Bright Idea for the Developing World

Green Prophet

But now a creative and entrepreneurial Filipino man has found a cheap, easy, electricity-free (and eco-friendly) way to light people’s homes and is installing his lighting system one home at a time. This bright idea is having far-reaching effects, not only improving the environment but also the economic situation of certain communities. Read more about eco-friendly lighting:: Shining Your Green Lights, Tips for Greening Your Home Lighting.

VIDEO: Israelis 3D print an entire airplane and test pad

Green Prophet

Now all they need to do is scale up the model and partner up with the Swiss team that flies solar and they might have a match made in eco-heaven. The Israeli solution is not just a plane, but a test pad for testing new ideas: their A3TB – Active Aeroelastic Aircraft Testbed – is an experimental platform for studying phenomena related to wing flexibility and future flexible aircraft design that are eco friendly, says the team. .

2020 58

What’s the Connection Between Minimalism and Sustainability?


Even if such cultures claim to value the wise use of resources and protecting the environment, these values are often incompatible with an economic philosophy that requires people to buy more and more. The best version of minimalism would prioritize eco-friendly products, recycling, re-purposing , sharing and other sustainable practices. In the United States, people are always. encouraged to buy more things.

2018 63

Top 10 Best Eco-Holiday Destinations 2012

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Top 10 Best Eco-Holiday Destinations 2012. If you are one who embraces an eco-friendly lifestyle and wants to get away from it all or the family scene just may be a little too much this year, here are the top 10 best eco-holiday destinations in 2012 as reported by the all-volunteer, not-for-profit organization Ethical Traveler. Best of all, by spending your money at one of these destinations it is your way of spreading your economic power.

2012 116

Win It: Fraise Du Bois Bouquet


Organic Bouquet aims to make a positive impact on the world and brings awareness to environmental, social and economical sustainability. We’ve got new eco-friendly giveaways up for grabs every week, so now’s your chance to get on the list ! Did you get a late start to your summer planting? Not to worry, this week’s exclusive giveaway for our newsletter subscribers is a a Gourmet Fraise Du Bois from Organic Bourquet.

Recycle or Compos? Plastic Products

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Unfortunately, while the technology exists to recycle plastics #4, 5, and 6, it is less economically feasible, and so it can be harder to find recycling centers that accept these products. (#7 When possible, it’s best to choose biodegradable plastics: both their production and disposal are more eco-friendly. Recycle or Compost? Plastic Products.

PlanetSolar demonstrates viability of solar boats feeding energy to grid


Eco Friendly. This makes them economically high to maintain and environmentally dangerous. Eco Factor: Solar power for electric cars to be tested in a Japanese town. Eco Factor: Concept façade created using flexible solar modules. Eco Boats: PlanetSolar to circumnavigate the globe in four months. Eco Factor: Solar-powered catamaran to go around the world in 120 days. Eco Ergonomics: Claesson Koivisto Rune crafts up sleek. Eco Friendly Buzz.

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