Earth Day 1970-2020

The Green Samaritan

Today marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. And these sentiments remain the same now as they did in 1970, and I believe will in 2070. As we slow down during this time of quarantine and sheltering. See the full post and more at Green Living

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A Poem for Earth Month – Thank You Mother Earth

Hug a Tree with Me

Our Beautiful Earth. Green up community earth month sustainablity

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Heart and Earth

The Green Samaritan

Love this quote for the week ?? – author unknown. See the full post and more at Green Living

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Celebrate Earth Day With These Books

Nature Conservancy - Science

Five great new reads for the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Ideas Conservation Science Our Nature Reads Outdoor Rec Traveling Naturalist Wildlife

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"Earth: Recessionary Cooling Continues"

Environmental Economics

Ironman: Going by the level of carbon dioxide measured in the Earth's atmosphere in July 2015, it appears that Earth's economy continued its recessionary cooling in July 2015, with the trailing year moving average of the year over year change in the CO2 levels ticking up to be just barely above its June level. Not uncoincidentally, Earth's largest producer of atmospheric carbon dioxide, China, saw its national economy continue to sputter during the month.

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10 Ways to Appreciate Earth Day…Any Day!

The Green Samaritan

With Earth Day 2015 approaching next Wednesday, April 22, here are a few ideas to help you appreciate, celebrate and honor this day…any day. Earth Day Earth Day 2010 Earth Day events Ways to celebrate Earth Day Spend a few minutes outside to decompress by. See the full post and more at

B Kind 2 Earth Day!

The Green Samaritan

Nickelodeon’s The Big Help Grant, National Wildlife Federation and The Motherhood would like to see you do just one kind thing for Earth Day today. Just promise to do one nice thing for the Earth to help make Earth Day really mean something. Earth Day B Kind 2 Earth Day Earth Day 2011 National Wildlife Federatioin The Big Help Grant The MotherhoodWhat are you doing today?

When the Earth Speaks.

Elephant Journal

Arts & Culture Green Inspiring (Wow) Non-New-Agey Spirituality (Religion, Philosophy) WAYLON: Editor's Picks—Hidden Gems Z ADMIN Entertainment & Culture Featured Today Z ADMIN Spirituality Featured Today connection to the earth create creation earth consciousness facing fear listening mother earth“Create,” she said. I whispered, “I don’t know how.”.

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Earth friendly coffee habits

Green Living Tips

coffee; love the stuff. The type of coffee we consume and how we consume it has a direct impact on the environment. Learn more in this article

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Rare earth metal recycling

Green Living Tips

Another looming resource crunch is in relation to rare earth metals, which are used in many electronic devices. It's another reason we need to get into the habit of recycling electronic equipment

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Earth friendly disinfectant

Green Living Tips

Store bought disinfectants used in cleaning can contain all sorts of nasty chemicals. Making your own environmentally friendly disinfectant is very cheap and quick to do

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Happy Earth Day

Environmental Economics

For a little fun on earth day (you know, without actually going outside), check out Google's Earth Day Doodle.    They even give you a handy-dandy cheecklist of things to observe/do

Earth friendly oven cleaning

Green Living Tips

Cleaning an oven is a rotten job and one I used to use heavy duty chemicals for. There are more environmentally friendly ways to tackle this task

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Earth Day Green Tips

Green Home Blog

Earth Day, a global “green” celebration that highlights caring for the planet and all the various forms of life on it, is celebrated on April 20 this year, at least in most of the United States. Various events built around that caring-for-earth theme will reflect local and regional environmental initiatives. All this is topped off by an Earth Day Brunch cruise on the Odyssey. In fact, most Earth Day revelry follows the same theme, though not necessarily on the same date.

Win Earth Day Treasure from Environmental Booty!

The Green Samaritan

To celebrate Earth Day, Environmental Booty has a great green giveaway going on. Contests Earth Day Green Living Earth Day 2011 Earth Day Deals Earth Day Giveaway Environmental BootyEB is an online community that gives you, your business or non-profit access to a growing list of members, features and interactive online resources like forums, “Green Deals&# and user profiles. Another. Check out the full article at

Earth friendly weed killer

Green Living Tips

Instead of using environmentally harsh chemicals for killing weeds, here's some common household products you can use, plus some harm minimization tips for when you do have to resort to a popular commercial herbicide - glyphosate

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Happy Earth Day – 5 Facts you Didn’t Know About the Environment

Hug a Tree with Me

In appreciation for earth day, below is a brief compilation of five interesting environmental facts that will hopefully inspire you to want to learn more. Volcanoes: A volcano is an opening in the earth’s crust where lava, ash and gas escapes from magma reaching the surface. Oxygen: The earth’s atmosphere consists of approximately 21 percent of the gas essential to life known as oxygen. Environmental Awareness Earth Day environmental facts

Kalya Eats: Earth Balance Peanut Butter

Kalya Life

I wasn’t on a quest for a healthy peanut butter when I came across Earth Balance , so you can imagine my surprise when a vegan peanut butter won me over with its delicious roasted taste. Earth Balance Peanut Butter is lightly sweetened with agave instead of sugar, so it has more of a homemade-by-the-pros peanut taste than excessively sweet. Earth Balance is made completely free of GMOs, gluten, hydrogenated oils, artificial ingredients, and trans fats.

2010 151

Saving Earth While Saving Greenbacks

Living Green & Saving Energy

Saving the Earth while Saving Greenbacks If you are like most others, you have taken notice of the rising cost of just about everything. A full cart of groceries could once be purchased for fifty dollars and now requires at least two hundred. A gallon of gas could once be found for under a dollar […]. how to go green saving energy saving money solar panels energy efficient home energy efficient living

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Happy Earth Day: I'm a pangolin!

Environmental Economics

The Google Doodle today celebrates Earth Day with a quiz that asks, "Which animal are you?" What better way to celebrate? " via

Will the Earth Survive Us? {Poem}

Elephant Journal

I wrote this poem to express the long view I take: Arts Conscious Consumerism Enlightened Society Inspiring (Wow) Right Livelihood climate change elephant magazine mass media news hype plant trees save the earth save the environment sixth extinction the earth the environmentEvery day I find nature still carrying on right outside my door.

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Salmon Migrate Using Earth’s Magnetic Field

Nature Conservancy - Science

A new study shows that even nonmigratory salmon are directed by the earth’s magnetic pull. Fish & Fisheries Fish Fisheries Migrations

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Earth friendly air freshener tips

Green Living Tips

I was an air freshener abuser. But in fooling my nose, I was also poisoning my immediate and wider environment. There are certainly greener ways to keep nasty smells at bay. articles & guides cleaning home

Earth 157

Happy Earth Day: If everyone lived like me, we'd need 5.6 Planet Earths to provide enough resources

Environmental Economics

According to the Earth Day Network Ecological Footprint Calculator. You can thank me later

Earth now twice as dusty

Green Living Tips

The Earth's atmosphere is now twice as dusty than it was just a hundred. You're not imagining dust bunnies in your home seem to be breeding like, well, rabbits; or that the top of your fridge appears to have become a magnet for. filth. years ago

Earth 177

The Earth moves…

10,000 Birds

Two years ago I wrote about the earthquake that struck Christchurch, killing many people and wrecking on of New Zealand’s biggest cites. Two years on and the city is still dealing with the aftermath, as is the country. This weekend it was the turn of Wellington, where I live, to experience a strong quake, albeit onto one nearly as destructive or tragic. We’ve actually been experiencing a swarm of earthquakes, starting on Friday morning.

Earth 133

We are Abusing Planet Earth.

Elephant Journal

We are abusing mother earth, our home, and the home of our future generations. Z ADMIN Green Featured Today Z ADMIN Wellness Featured Today abuse animals awareness change compassion cruelty Earth eco environment green healing life living creatures mindfulness mother nature national parks nature oceans Planet Earth sustainable unsustainableWe are not only abusing our planet, we are causing extreme and unimaginable suffering to billions of living creatures that exist upon it.

Earth Day 2011

Sustainability Ninja

This year’s Earth Day has a slogan – “A Billion Acts of Green.” ” Today, those people are encouraged to observe Earth Day 2011 by pledging online at and to do something small but sustainable in their own lives to improve things on our precious planet. There will be rallies, workshops and other events around the United States, where Earth Day got started, and lots more all over the world in more than 192 countries.

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Earth friendly rugs

Green Living Tips

Rugs with a lower environmental impact aren't confined to just organic cotton and wool. I was amazed at the range of natural fibers that are being used in rug making; such as sisal, jute, hemp, coir, bamboo, mountain grass, abaca, seagrass and even paper

2010 163

Earth friendly clothes washing

Green Living Tips

Pick up some tips for a more environmentally friendly clothes washing practices that reduce chemical, water and energy consumption with little or no extra effort - and save you money

Peace on earth?

Environmental Economics

Get ready for a Krugman/Mankiw spat on a day typically reserved for goodwill among men and women. Posted at 8 am on Christmas Eve: I often disagree with Paul Krugman, but I usually understand him.    Lately, however, I have been puzzled about his view of the bond market. Has Paul changed his mind since 2003 about how the bond market works?    Or are circumstances different now? 

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Earth Hour 2014

Environmental News Network

Instead, how about joining millions of people from around the world by participating in the 8 th annual Earth Hour , an event where you shut off your lights to express your concern for the environment and show support for planet Earth. Earth Hour is the brainchild of WWF, the World Wildlife Fund. Earth Hour began in 2007 in Sydney, Australia, when 2.2 WWF is also using Earth Hour to gain support and funds for their crowd funding projects from around the world.

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Mom's Green Earth ABetterFlyTrap Discount

Green Living Tips

discount on ABetterFlyTrap from Mom's Green Earth Looking for an environmentally friendly way to be rid of flies? Check out. ABetterFlyTrap. Green Living Tips readers can get a coupon code for a 10%.

Earth 150

Bird of Prey: The Story of the Rarest Eagle on Earth – A Film Review

10,000 Birds

I couldn’t help thinking this–me, the anthropomorphism hater– as I watched a pair of Philippine Eagles tend their nest, raise a chick, and tear monkeys apart in Bird of Prey: The Story of the Rarest Eagle on Earth , a well-crafted, beautifully filmed documentary with a mission. Bird of Prey: The Story of the Rarest Eagle on Earth (documentary film). The post Bird of Prey: The Story of the Rarest Eagle on Earth – A Film Review appeared first on 10,000 Birds.

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Happy Earth Day? Prices v. the Environment

Environmental Economics

Ever wonder whether care for the environment outweighs the incentive power of low prices?    Wonder no more. Car buyers are trading in hybrid and electric cars for SUVs at a higher rate than ever before, according to a new analysis from car-buying platform The analysis offers a surprising look at how today's gas prices are drawing hybrid and EV owners toward gas-guzzling vehicles at a much more accelerated pace than in recent years.

Giving Back to Earth

Green Home Blog

Giving Back to Earth. Three hundred sixty four days a year, we humans take some part of Mother Earth to sustain ourselves. Mostly, it’s food, but fuel for our vehicles is another big bite. So is the burning of fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas, in huge power plants, to provide energy for our interior lighting, heat, and the electricity needed to power our electronic devices. Most of these uses are essential: we have to work.

Earth 109

Violent Earth

10,000 Birds

I often like to poke fun at how dangerous the wildlife of Australia is, as ever since the giant man-eating Haast’s Eagle went extinct the land life on New Zealand has been mostly harmless. But the thing is, while the animals may not want to kill you, it sometimes feels as if the land itself does. Not a few weeks after a decent sized earthquake struck the capital (as well as the poor town of Seddon on South Island), another large quake hit us.

Earth 167

Earth Hour

Green Earth Journey

Dear Readers, IT'S OFFICIAL: With more than 1,800 cities already on board, Earth Hour is set to be the biggest public event of its kind in history. TURNS OUT FOR EARTH HOUR: United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is calling upon the citizens of the world to participate in Earth Hour. STARS SHINE BRIGHT IN HOLLYWOOD: The sets for the television shows CSI , Dancing with the Stars , The Price is Right and Entertainment Tonight will go dark for Earth Hour.

2009 100

Portland: every day is Earth Day at Hotel Vintage

Green Traveler Guides

| Greening in Hipsterville | We live in San Francisco (just across the Golden Gate Bridge from it, anyway), so forgive us if we feel a bit proprietary about Earth Day. But on this Earth Day we’re giving a shout-out to another city […]. We are accustomed to being #1 in “greenest cities in America” rankings.

The Power of Being an Earth Empath.

Elephant Journal

Earth empaths are a special type of empath who is keenly attuned to the natural world and all of the Earth’s changes. Enlightened Society Health & Wellness Non New-Agey Spirituality Right Livelihood Earth earth empath empath intuitive natural disasters self-care sensitiveThe beauty of a waterfall can exhilarate and energize these empaths, whereas the toxicity of air pollutants can make them feel sick, exhausted, or depressed.

Earth 67

Why Earth Hour Still Matters

Green Prophet

March 23 at 8:30 PM marks Earth Hour. Writing for Slate magazine, Bjorn Lomborg argues against what he believes to be the futility of Earth Hour. But this points to a failure our energy infrastructure, not in the Earth Hour concept. So, what is the true value of Earth Hour ? Earth Hour, a time when we switch off our lights together for one hour, won’t solve the world’s energy problems any more than Lent and Ramadan will eliminate world hunger and thirst.

Earth 82

Earth friendly holiday season tips

Green Living Tips

Eeeek! Holiday shopping related advertising is already upon us. The Xmas season is traditionally a time of increased consumption and massive waste on many levels that negatively impacts on the environment. Forewarned is forearmed - pick up 17 tips for a green holiday season and share your ideas too

2009 212

Earth Day, Celebrating our Planet

Green Home Blog

Monday, April 22, the people behind the movement known as Earth Day will celebrate a global commitment to keeping earth as clean, green and habitable as humanly possible. According to the Earth Day Network, this commitment celebrates all that is right about sustainability, which most of us define as using our earth in a way that ensures future generations will have the same opportunities as we do. These are the causes, and the people, that Earth Day addresses.