Dumpster Diving for Hotel Food in Eilat, Israel

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For want of food, or a simpler way of life, here a Green Prophet reader spots a dumpster diver in the city of Eilat, just inside the hotel zone along the sea. Apparently this anonymous dumpster diver was collecting protein, pieces of meat, and was tossing it into a special box, which the cat nearby found quite appetizing. His bike contained bags for different kinds of “finds” rested alongside the dumpster wall. Food & Health dumpster diving Eilat Israel

It started with a futon in a dumpster

Green (Living) Review

It started with a futon in a dumpster. It started with a futon in a dumpster. It was still in excellent condition, sticking out of a dumpster on his University of New Hampshire campus. " Upon further inspection, he saw that the dumpster was chock full of usable items — and there were dozens of others just like it all over campus. Now it's a student org that's changing the way we see waste.


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Dumpster Diving for your needs and wants

Green (Living) Review

They arrive at an unfurnished apartment with the clothes on their back and a flashlight, and we slowly see them decorate their apartment and make clothes from things they've found in dumpsters. Dumpster Diving is a real means to an end and is becoming a little bit of a religion to some people. By Michael Smith (Veshengro) The new film 'I Love Trash' is a documentary that follows two friends as they live for three months by getting everything they need out of the trash.

Dumpster diving; 2009's fastest growing industry

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith Dumpster diving is more than likely going to be the fastest growing industry of 2009 There are many people out there that go dumpster diving on a regular basis and many get most of their food even that way, let alone other items for their homes and even their home offices. Personally, I am one of those that also never can resist to peek into a skip, as we call dumpsters in Britain, just to see as to whether some useful item might lurk within.

Sheriff Arpaio conducts another workplace raid sending employees into dumpsters and over fences

Green (Living) Review

Seven Suspects Arrested at El Mirage Business Maricopa County Sheriff’s Deputies pulled suspects out of dumpsters and down from barbed wire fences during a workplace raid conducted on the morning of Friday, June 25, 2010, in El Mirage, Arizona. Deputies learned during the execution of the search warrant that just minutes prior, a cell phone call tipped employees off spooking them to flee from the worksite diving into dumpsters and climbing over barbed wire fences to escape.

Picture of the day: our neighborhood bear

Environmental Economics

You can see his/her dark figure standing at the dumpster: Photo credit: Patti Whitehead

Cafe serving food recycled from bins opens in Bristol

Green (Living) Review

dumpster diving food waste green living A new cafe serving meals made from food rescued from the bin has opened in Bristol. Customers at Skipchen are not charged a set price for items on the menu but asked to "pay-as-you-feel" instead. A cafe that opened in Bristol on Monday, serving food rescued from the bin, has already served meals that included lobster and gorgonzola.

Austerity bites hard in Europe

Green (Living) Review

While dumpster diving and the Freegan lifestyle is a good green option in many cities of the European Union all kinds of people are no forced to check the dumpsters outside the back of stores for food (and other items). No one, bar Freegans, some other greens, and some of the welfare recipients, would have, until recently, thought about checking through the dumpsters outside stores for still edible foods for their dinner but it now is becoming a very common sight.

Europe 103

Try a Wood Pallet Project

Green (Living) Review

The pallets are usually stacked next to dumpsters and are free for the taking. A couple in Vermont has created potting sheds, a greenhouse and more from repurposed wood pallets. Wooden pallets can be reassembled into a number of different structures, such as this charming potting shed. Photo by Kitty Werner My husband has been collecting discarded wood pallets and shipping crates for years.

8 Eco-Friendly Dorm Essentials for the Sustainable Student

Green Prophet

Sometimes, after that first year, students end up dumping their old furniture into dumpsters. Tell your dorm mates you are “upcycling” an old mattress into a luxury organic mattress, one made with sustainably harvested hevea milk.

Waste, in this case, food waste

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) This photo was sent to the Austrian broadcast station ORF heute konkret by a viewer and shows a dumpster outside of a branch of a well-known supermarket chain in Vienna after the shop had closed in late July 2014. The gate has been erected in such a way that hungry needy folks and the homeless can watch how the fruit and vegetables, mostly still good and edible, rots in the heat of summer.

Waste 122

Trash-monitoring cameras help McDonald’s clean up its waste stream


McDonald’s is one of a growing number of businesses that are installing cameras in dumpsters to give more intel on their waste streams. The idea to place cameras inside dumpsters to track waste comes from Jason Gates, CEO of the San Francisco-based start-up Compology. Customers can also track how full their dumpsters are. Customers pay between $10 and $20 per dumpster per month.

Would You Eat Trash for a Good Cause?

Green (Living) Review

Conceived by the British NGO Feedback , the gathering serves up a public feast made entirely out of food destined for the Dumpster—the sort of perfectly edible, nourishing stuff that routinely gets tossed, thanks to a notoriously wasteful food-supply chain. The food waste–awareness event Feeding the 5,000 is coming to the U.S. What’s it going to take to wake Americans up to the staggering problem of food waste?

Trash 103

Talking Trash.Earth Day and Every Day

Green (Living) Review

From recycling to upcycling to green design, this dumpster diving diva and award-winning interior designer does it all. Dumpster Diving, Yard Sales, and a Space Only a Hoarder Could Love Carol is energetic and enthusiastic, and a dumpster-diver who can’t resist a yard sale, thrift shop or pile of curbside trash. She wants to change the way people think about trash, one dumpster at a time. “I The Goddess of Garbage never takes out the trash.

2012 130

In the Weeds: A Beginner's Guide to Foraging

Green (Living) Review

Foraging is not associated with Dumpster diving,” laughs Ava Chin, urban forager and author of " Eating Wildly ," addressing a common misconception. Foraging. It’s a buzzword you'll soon start hearing everywhere, if you haven't already (foraged fiddleheads or ramps are on all the hip spring menus). It's also an ancient way of gathering food.

2015 124

Seattle Recycling and Green Living News Round-up

Living Green Technology

Rantz: Seattle crime solution is more about environment, less about victims MyNorthWest.com A recent op-ed from Jason Rantz, a local Seattle radio host, writes a scathing criticism of Capitol Hill’s recent push to reduce crime by using smaller dumpsters. He claims that the City of Seattle’s removal of large dumpsters in order to reduce the public safety risk of people being attacked is merely an shortsighted attempt to encourage environmentalism.

2016 40

Special Trash Day equals free stuff

Green (Living) Review

The evening before such a day means it is time for, not so much dumpster-diving but dumpster-browsing, and curb shopping. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Normally, trash day isn't something to get excited about or to write (home) about. Gathering all the rubbish from around the house and getting it all in the bin and remembering to put the bin outside the night before because the garbage men come at 7 am is all and not very exiting. However, some places do have a special trash day.

Trash 122

Big Box waste! What can we do about it?

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) H&M and Wal-Mart have begun – claiming though that it is not policy and pigs fly – to destroy usable garments before trashing them, presumably so that people do not go and dumpster dive for the free clothes, in the same way as big food chains pour bleach on perfectly edible baked goods that they are throwing into the dumpsters at the end of the day. It is not like this food that is being thrown away into the dumpsters is rotten.

2010 110

Seattle to fine residents, businesses for wasting too much food

Green (Living) Review

Inspectors will check dumpsters on a random basis, the Times reported. Seattle wants its residents to compost food scraps so much the city will begin fining homes, apartment buildings and businesses that throw away too much food mixed with their garbage, according to new rules passed by the city council. Starting in January, trash collectors “can take a cursory look each time they dump trash into a garbage truck,” the Seattle Times reported.

Recycle Group: Renaissance of the discarded as humorous parodies of famous artwork


It takes lot of skill to transform a dumpster into an all-white sarcophagus on wheels. But to integrate that with recycling of old dumpsters and trash cans along with discarded plastic draws attention to the problem of waste disposal and obviously also provides a new home to these discarded material. B.Sameer Kumar: When you are named as the ‘Recycle Group’ people really have very little to do when it comes to guessing what you actually get done.

Gleaning and gleaners

Green (Living) Review

Dumpster diving also would fall under the term gleaning in the modern sense and so could also the activity of any of us who picks up the things that others have lost (and are too lazy to come and look for again) or have deliberately thrown “away” while they still can be used. It is a different issue, obviously, when it comes to (fresh) food that has been gleaned, whether from the fields, from markets or from dumpsters.

2016 101

Guy Lougashi Fashions Amazing Sculptures Out of Tape

Green Prophet

In the past we have featured Guy’s woven paper designs and he has been known to go dumpster diving for materials to use in his growing portfolio. More on Guy Lougashi: Guy Lougashi’s Dumpster Diving Designs. Guy Lougashi makes incredible sculptures entirely out of either colored or transparent tape.

Los Angeles activist inspires others by cleaning up Eaton Canyon


McGregor visited the spot for 589 consecutive days, filling at least a couple of buckets with litter, and, on his biggest day, single-handedly stuffed a half-ton of trash in a dumpster. I filled an entire dumpster with 1,000+ lbs of trash!!

Canada’s biggest indie hotel chain launches ‘Delta Greens’

Green Traveler Guides

It’s enough saved water to fill 900 Olympic swimming pools and reduced and diverted waste the equivalent of 640 full dumpster trucks. Want to know how Delta Hotels and Resorts ’ new environmental sustainability program is going? You can track it online. Canada ’s largest independent hotel chain has challenged its 8,000+ employees at its 46 properties is “to rethink everything we do to create positive, long-term environmental change.&#

Canada 100

How the IoT Can Reduce Waste

Living Green Technology

Similarly, eco-tech startup Compology is working on a system that not only monitors dumpster capacity, but also keeps historical usage information for eventual Big Data analysis. The hype that comes with the Internet of Things means that more people are seeing its diverse uses, and these include ecological applications. In particular, the Pew Research Center Internet Project indicates that the IoT will improve the efficiency of waste reduction.

2018 40

Tiny trash homes “buy” humanity with salvaged waste

Green Prophet

He erects one-room houses to hotel the homeless, dumpster diving for raw materials which he reassembles into inventive (and minuscule) mobile homes. Dumpster diving isn’t for everyone. If you are a dumpster diver, who likes to salvage perfectly great items that other people shop for, online or in stores, start up a project like this for homeless near you.

Trash 80

You don’t need a (big) garden to grow your own

Green (Living) Review

Thus they end up in dumpsters and finally in the landfill. Taking them out of the waste stream by snatching them out of the dumpsters and employing them as “raised bed planters” is good for you and the Planet. By Michael Smith (Veshengro) One thing I hear being said time and time again is “I'd love to grow my own but I haven't got anywhere to grow”. The truth is you really don't need a huge garden in order to grow your own, though many folks do think that you do.

2011 109

How to Start a Bike-Powered Food Rescue Program

The Green Changemakers

The growth of dumpster diving isn’t just a radical hipster thing; it reflects a broader realization that we’re tossing away not only good food, but also the resources that went into growing, harvesting, and distributing it. Still don’t want to go after food in dumpsters, even if it is fresh and edible? If you’d like to rescue some of it yourself, and there’s not a nearby organization in which you could volunteer (and you don’t want to dumpster dive), you could start your own.

Litterers: Stop them in Their Tracks

Green Home Blog

Unmaintained commercial dumpsters. Central Park in the heart of Manhattan, NYC can be astounding. Regardless of the current gray and brown winter starkness it is the sheer beauty of its quaint paths, open meadows and timeless structures (such as the 100+ year old carousel). That is why when I saw a tourist (the day-glow fanny pack gave him away) nonchalantly toss an empty soda cup over his shoulder right in front of me, my temper boiled over.

2013 109

Architects turn waste into trendy glamping shelters in Rotterdam


If you’ve ever looked at a dumpster and thought “with a little work, that could be a cool fort,” then you’ll certainly be interested in the ‘waste architecture’ in action at Culture Campsite.

Tons of trash left at picnic sites by Israelis after Passover

Green Prophet

Although trash bins and dumpster containers are often available to put the trash in, many holiday goers simply do not use them; often leaving their trash on the ground or on beach areas where they spent their holiday time. Israel’s recent Passover holiday period, which also included opening season visits to beaches and various picnic sites, is still being dealt with by national park and forestry employees long after holiday goers returned home.

2019 67

Israeli Poet Nitzan Mintz Takes Sustainable Art To The Streets

Green Prophet

Israeli street artist Nitzan Mintz writes her poems on the streets of Tel Aviv, using disregarded materials she collects from dumpsters and public spaces. “I I use only recycled materials in my art,” she said. Nitzan is not alone. Artists across the Middle East have responded to the massive recycling crisis by upcycling trash into art. There are many benefits for artists that use waste to create , both financial and creative. “I I use birdcages, pieces of wood, anything,” said Nitzan. “I

2013 81

A shift is happening

Green (Living) Review

People and groups in Germany here seem to be in the lead with the food rescuers (Lebensmittelretter), who dive dumpsters for food tossed out at the end of the business day by stores and even have “contracts” with some store chains to pick up such foods before they go into the dumpsters; food sharing, which is part of the former top some extent; intentional communities, once called communes, and other acts by individuals, groups and organizations.

2014 103

Living for Free

Green (Living) Review

Dumpster Diving – and Squatting, maybe by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The idea of stepping out and leaving everything behind like Katharine Hibbert, author of “ Free: Adventures on the margins of a wasteful society ”, did is definitely not something for the fainthearted and not for everyone. During the 1960s, 70s, and 80s, nigh on every student's home was furnished from things salvaged from dumpsters and reused or upcycled.

2010 110

Rag Pickers

Green (Living) Review

Without a license it is considered theft and the same goes, according to law, for removing anything from a dumpster, even if it is not on someone's property. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Rag pickers exist still to this very day in many countries around the globe and even in some European (Union) Nations. The name, to some great degree, is a misnomer as they are not just picking rags from the rubbish dumps but many other things that can be recycled.

2015 103

The Ocean Cleanup reveals the Interceptor to remove plastic pollution from rivers


As the company’s first scalable solution to stop the river rush of plastic entering oceans, the device is shaped like a catamaran and houses an anchor, conveyor belt, barge and dumpsters. The shuttle then distributes the refuse across six dumpsters that are equally filled to capacity via sensor data. When capacity is almost full, the Interceptor automatically sends a text message alert to local operators to remove the barge and empty the dumpsters.

Interview: Activist lives off food that he grows and forages for an entire year


three times on a bamboo bicycle, diving into more than 2,000 dumpsters and traveling internationally with no money. Inhabitat: Is dumpster diving allowed? Greenfield: No dumpster diving at all, because what I’m exploring for this year is living outside of the globalized, industrialized food system. Inhabitat: Do you have advice for anyone who wants to dumpster dive? You have to go to the dumpster and you have to look for the food.

Food waste

Green (Living) Review

Instead of prosecuting dumpster divers and food rescuers they should be given medals rather on account of what they are doing. And yes, I am rather serious here and it should not only apply to dumpster divers “diving” for tossed out food. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Much is being talked about this pressing issue by governments – God help us! – and industry – oh God! – but very little is actually being done to prevent food waste.

Waste 114

Imperfect vegetables back on the EU table

Green (Living) Review

While in Belgium it is now illegal for supermarkets to throw away food at the end of the day; it will have to be given away to certain good causes, dumpster diving is and remains illegal. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Unbeknown to many in the European Union, I am sure, fruits and vegetables deemed unattractive or imperfect such as knobby carrots and overly-curvy cucumbers were actually banned from being sold to consumers. This ban.

Greener Apartments, One Building At A Time

Eco Friendly Daily

How do you convince apartment residents who live on higher floors to cart their recycling downstairs to a dumpster or a garbage room? The debate in Toronto has been raging for years. In a city that’s trying to stop shipping garbage to Michigan by boosting its recycling and composting programs, the hundreds of thousands of apartment buildings in the city present a difficult obstacle.

YBR Parking System: Sporting a solar umbrella to power its energy needs


There are many major cities that have already turned towards solar lamps and even solar dumpsters to cut down on carbon footprint. B.Sameer Kumar: It is nice to see that more and more installations that are out in the open are turning towards solar energy. It makes plenty of sense that when a installation like a street lighting unit or parking system is receiving sunlight all through the day then it might as well tap into this unlimited energy source.

Improving conditions for Waste Pickers

Green (Living) Review

Although garbage sorting was already a family occupation it is easier for small children than adults to “dumpster dive”. While we did not dumpster dive when I was a child picking the garbage dumps was an occupation we did carry out and I was in the depths of it – literally – from a young age.

Protect or destroy a virtual world in The Sims new eco pack


They can even dumpster dive for upcycling material. Just as real-life youth are growing up in a world where pollution will ruin their health , neighborhoods, oceans and planet if they don’t take drastic action, so go their virtual counterparts in The Sims.