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Across the United States, from New York to South Carolina to Texas to Oregon, health advocates and providers are scrambling to get the word out about long-acting yet easily reversible contraceptive methods that are now approved for use by teenagers and well liked by most who use them. Sexually active young people face a high pregnancy risk but may be reluctant to seek out sexual health services, especially if this could involve a parent’s insurance company.

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Birth Control? There’s an App for That

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Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest, which serves Western Washington, Alaska, and Southern Idaho, recently rolled out a telemedicine pilot project that may help to do just that. The Oregon Foundation for Reproductive Health has launched a campaign nudging medical providers to ask “ One Key Question ” during any primary care visit: Would you like to become pregnant in the next year? By the Lake by Jill G used under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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Jordanian-born chef cooks with pot. Yup, THAT pot.

Green Prophet

Recreational pot use is fully legal for adults in Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Washington and the District of Columbia. Midway to a degree in molecular biology, he dropped out of university to explore cooking, then honed his culinary skills working in Michelin-starred restaurants in New York and California.

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No Taxation Without (Proportional) Representation!

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In Oregon , 55 percent of voters are Democrats, yet Democrats hold 4 out of 5 Congressional House seats. Cucumbers and brocolis—a sizable 43 percent of the population—would be completely shut out of their democracy. Of Oregon’s seven Congressional members, only one is a woman. Washington is doing better with five out of 12. In fact, Graciela Villanueva lost a school board election to Jeni Rice even though Jeni had dropped out of the race.

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A Contraceptive Revolution

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In Oregon, 60 percent of women rely on publicly funded family planning centers for their reproductive health needs, with many depending on the Oregon Contraceptive Care program to cover the cost of contraceptives. Health systems and specialists must get the word out to primary care providers. An IUD or implant can be inserted immediately after an abortion, and research shows a dramatic drop in repeat abortions. Image credit LoveMyLARC campaign, used with permission.

How to maximize the value of your frequent flier miles

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carriers keep shoveling out millions and millions of miles. Second: the airlines have taken the “free&# out of frequent flier programs. If you cannot locate an award on your own, try booking with an agent who knows the ins and outs of the program … and the airline’s flight schedules. Keep trying, because there are still some dynamite agents out there. The typical program sends out one or two e-mails a week, not a deluge. »

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Meet Reggie

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California Governor Jerry Brown is crusading for climate regulation, Washington Governor Jay Inslee is considering cap and trade , and government leaders in Oregon are contemplating a carbon tax. Despite years of seamless market operations and nearly $1 billion in auction revenue reinvested in the local economy, the Northeast’s Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI—pronounced Reggie) has gone largely unnoticed out here in the Northwest. Carbon pricing ’s time may have come.

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Weekend Reading 7/24/15

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Last year I voted against Oregon’s GMO-labeling ballot initiative (gasp! So people spent $30 million on an Oregon ballot measure that was at best misguided and at worst harmful to global health. If kids are having a hard time in school, should you (A) find out why they are having a hard time and help them figure out how fix it? Check out the Road to Athabasca here ! Entrepreneurs? They mostly come from money.

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Back to the Future

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Oregon 2012 , Washington 2012 , British Columbia 2010 ). Pregnancy often compels girls to drop out of school, and fewer than 40 percent of those who give birth before graduating go on to complete high school by age 22. Latino teens look to older relatives for values and advice, but also say that the main reason kids don’t use birth control is that they’re afraid of their parents finding out. Pregnant silhouette by Stefan Pasch used under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

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