Jordan Drops Out of Red Dead Project, Citing Financial Woes

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Sketch of the map of the Red Dead Canal commissioned by Jordan. While we don’t celebrate the energy crisis and financial woes in Jordan, it is poor finances that’s reportedly putting the highly controversial Red-Dead Canal on hold, Israel’s Maariv newspaper reported on Wednesday. The original plan which called for a canal between the Red Sea in the south up to the Dead Sea in the North to “save” the shrinking Dead Sea, has had environmentalists up in arms.

It Rained Cannabis In Tel Aviv Today VIDEO

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Hundreds of 2-gram bags containing marijuana dropped out of the sky over Rabin Square, for the comfort and delight of the population enduring pandemic times. An announcement of the “Cannabis Rain Project” drops on the Telegram channel said that 1 kilogram (or 2.2

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The North Carolina unemployment insurance field experiment is over

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1, the maximum period of unemployment payments dropped to 26 weeks in most states, down from as much as 73 weeks. percent, the sharpest drop in the country. But for every worker who found a job, more than two dropped out of the labor force entirely, according to the latest survey by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which recorded a decline of over 50,000 from June through November.

Our response to: “why don’t you start a political party?”

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If they fall on hard times, then ‘too-big-to-fail’ corporations – notably banks – are bailed out with our money. Credit rating agencies rate countries based on IMF / World Bank data; if they don’t focus on corporate priorities, they’re downgraded and capital flows out of their country.

My conservative market-based case for how to fix health insurance

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 The table below lays out the probabilities of each person getting sick in a particular year:    $          -    $            1,000.00.  If the seller can get the low risk person to buy insurance along with H and M, the expected expenses to the seller now drops to $3,483 per year, or $290 per month.

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"Professor Leaves a MOOC in Mid-Course in Dispute Over Teaching"

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The professor is a past-president of the Southern Economics Association (here is his vita ): Students regularly drop out of massive open online courses before they come to term. For a professor to drop out is less common. But that is what happened on Saturday in “Microeconomics for Managers,” a MOOC offered by the University of California at Irvine through Coursera. Richard A.

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13 Life Lessons All Parents Should Teach Their Kids

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Yet kids are dropping out of the healthy breakfast club at an alarming rate. Forget the Mom guilt—these basic health, nutrition, fitness, and happiness lessons are easy to impart to your family. In fact, you’ve probably ingrained most of them already! But it never hurts to reflect on how well your kids are hearing and adhering to these life lessons and see if it might be time for a refresh.

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With Housing Costs Sky-High, the Commune Makes a Comeback

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In the glorious ’60s, we might have said that she turned on, tuned in, and dropped out. The 75-member group is spread out over eight buildings in the neighborhood. Several years ago Aurora DeMarco , 53, was having health problems. The divorced masseuse and hospice care provider was stressed, depressed, and overwhelmed by all the upkeep of her three-bedroom condo in the tony Brooklyn neighborhood of Park Slope, known for its majestic brownstones and trendy boutiques.

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Losing Nemo

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stepping out in sub-freezing temperatures in Washington, D.C. Meanwhile, numerous reports have shown the projects are a financial boondoggle, and investors continue to drop out of dredging projects.                         Nemo at the Export-Import Bank of the United States on Wednesday, Jan. After his stop in Los Angeles , everyone’s favorite cartoon clownfish, Nemo, continued his tour of the U.S.,

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Here’s Why Electricians Are About To Be In High Demand

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Many people drop out in the initial years, forcing the existing qualified linesmen to fill in for the required jobs. Barefoot College teaches rural Bedouin women in Jordan how to be electricians. The world needs skills, not just lawyers and doctors. Learn why more parents help their kids find technical careers. Among the high demanding jobs now, and in the near future, electrical technicians are ranked near the top of the list.

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Study Finds Elementary Students Like New Healthier Lunches

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The peer-reviewed study comes amid concerns that the regulations led schools to throw away more uneaten food and prompted some students to drop out of meal programs.

So You Think You Want Wind Power?

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But never fear, the concept – of a frictionless levitated wind generator which operates without lubricant or TLC (put the dog out, bring the Maglev in) – has been picked up and refreshed by NuEnergy, among others. One of these, and definitely my favorite not only for the amount of energy it delivers but the cut-in and cut-out speeds compared to the price, is the Bergey EXCEL. In fact, you’re probably going to need a handful of approvals, so why not let the pros work it out.

How digital nomads can make life count

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The only way someone can check out of society and really make a difference in this world is by giving it forward. Want to help single women out of poverty? Some ideas while you are out there: Don’t tag where you are.

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Staycations up by a quarter this summer, research suggests

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While staycation bookings are up, Spain remains the top summer destination for UK holidaymakers, followed by with Italy, Greece and Portugal, though France has dropped out of the top five this year despite being the third most popular destination for Britons in 2016. With Sterling plummeting 13% against the US dollar and dropping 9% against the euro since the EU referendum vote last June, we are seeing a notable uplift in UK tourists opting to holiday at locations at home.

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Some thoughts from the AERE Conference in Seattle

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which I've printed out for regional and methodological reasons). The second valuation session included three papers with a focus on lab and survey elicitation of risk preferences (maybe the choice experiment paper dropped out? -- by the way, my oyster risk reduction paper would have fit in this session!). The AERE Conference in Seattle was awesome*. It was well organized and well run, the papers and presentations were excellent.

For-Profit Education Firm Kaplan Is 14th Company to Dump ALEC.

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Getting Out of ALEC. Is Kaplan ALECs "token" drop out? When ALEC dropped their 2 task forces recently.what did ALEC do??? Skip to Main Content Area. Contact Us. News Feeds. Podcasts. Privacy Policy. RSS Feeds. Volunteer. Optional Member Code. Sign up. Reports Lisa Graves. Mary Bottari. Brendan Fischer. Rebekah Wilce. Harriet Rowan. Contributing Writers Beau Hodai. Jill Richardson. Wendell Potter. Will Dooling. Take Action. Latest News. Media Video Archive.

Steve Jobs Tribute: A Legacy Environmentalists Can Learn From

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Steve Jobs did not revolutionize the animation and computing industry by feeling sorry for himself when he found out about his illness. – the company that he co-founded after dropping out of college – fired him at 30, he did not give up and slink into oblivion. The world’s most innovative rebel was the son of a Syrian man who gave him up for adoption. But neither this, nor cancer, nor a series of public failures ever deterred his strength of vision.

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I survived NOLA

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Two other papers had dropped out for various reasons, an epidemic at this year's meeting according to the SEA people. On the way out of the hotel it seemed like this was very common. I'm back from attending the Southern Economic Association meetings in New Orleans, LA. I got back home Sunday night at 10:30 and was in the office around 8 on Monday morning. Thank goodness I'm administering exams this week as my head and nerves are shot.

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What Closing Big Oil’s Tax Loophole Could Do For Kids

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Dropout prevention – Prevent students in grades six through nine from dropping out. Though districts are able to identify students in these grades who are at risk of dropping out, they need more resources to support them and keep them engaged. In Washington, oil refineries have long benefited from an accidental tax loophole so bizarre that the state’s bi-partisan tax review committee can identify no public policy purpose for it.

Ski the Middle East with a natural born skier

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Al Qaeda Terrorist Drop-Out, And Champion Skier, Builds “Green” Ski Slopes on Sand Dunes in Qatar. The Middle East, in spite of unusual indoor places like Ski Dubai is not exactly on the main track of international ski sites and resorts like Cortina in Italy or Aspen. But the Middle East has some stunning and relatively unknown locations worth hitting. Ever think about skiing Iran? Or sliding down slopes in Lebanon? .

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Juha’s Guesthouse in Jisr al-Zarka is looking for seaside guests

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Often described as one of the poorest towns in Israel, with a high “drop out” rate among school children, Jisr al-Jarka was described by its mayor, Az-Adin Amash, as “the most beautiful place on earth.” Saudi Teacher Built a Funky Guest House Out of Recycled Materials.

2014 74

Futuristic Dubailand Theme Park City Growing Ahead With $55 Billion

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American entertainment giants including DreamWorks, Universal Studios and Six Flags dropped out of the project. It’s a fact that Disneyland fits inside Disney World’s parking lot. Now double up Disney World and you almost match the planned footprint of Dubaiworld. That’s unimaginable, and sure to haunt my dreams.

2013 80

Invest in ancient fig cultivars in Morocco, invest in the future

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Knowledge is deeply needed at a fig plantation near Ouezzane, where farmers lose out on economic opportunities due to lack of infrastructure and knowledge. Past age 12, however, roughly 30 percent of children drop out because they do not have the money for $1.20 Moroccan fig trees are a part of Ahmed Hakam. Until he was nine years old, Ahmed never ventured outside of his birth village near the northern city of Ouezzane.

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Weekend Reading 9/13/13

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In 1999, I dropped out from a PhD program in philosophy. Alan. A Portland massage therapist reveals what people really look like undressed. Each of us is a “we,” as Michael Pollen wrote recently : collections of millions of living organisms that cooperate to keep the whole personal ecosystem going. The latest discovery that illustrates this theme: gut bacteria from thin people make mice thin; gut bacteria from fat people make mice fat.

2013 40

SmartPaint Senses Structural Damage, KNOxOUT Cleans Air

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According to Blaine Brownell, of Architect magazine, “Boysen’s KNOxOUT paint incorporates a titanium-dioxide additive, which neutralized physical particulates in the presence of sunlight, causing them to drop out of the air. Made from fly ash, SmartPaint is a new environmentally-friendly paint that alert owners of building faults. This is one of three space-age eco paints that Laurie explores.

Hijab Ban Lifted for Women in Sport: Hats off to Prince Ali of Jordan

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Three Jordanian players were also forced to drop out. Prince Ali of Jordan believes that Muslim women shouldn’t be disqualified from world-class sports because they wear the hijab , the traditional Islamic head covering. This youngest vice-president of the world football’s governing body Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) is a vocal supporter in the campaign against the hijab ban.

Drought Calls for Watering Restrictions in the Western U.S.

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And that’s not counting the places along the river where a diversion currently takes every last drop out of the river. Every time we turn on our faucet or shower in Fort Collins or Denver, we are taking water out of a river. [Editor''s Note: The following is a guest post by John Sanderson, The Nature Conservancy''s director of conservation science in Colorado.]. By John Sanderson. The greening grass that is my small front lawn tells me the warmer days are here to stay.

2013 49

A Birder’s Bookshelf: Essentials for the Well-read Avian Enthusiast

Nature Conservancy - Science

A 16-year-old Kaufman drops out of high school to hitchhike across North America in search of birds. Keep your eye out for Strycker’s next book about his World Big Year experience. I’ve never met a field guide that I didn’t like. I have three separate volumes on shorebird identification, even though my short attention span and lack of a spotting scope renders the whole lot of them exceptionally irritating.

2017 71

Right-Wing Operatives Take Up ALEC's Voter Suppression Agenda.

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NCPPRs press release scolds the 11 corporations, as of yesterday, that have recently announced they had dropped out of ALEC, which has come under intense scrutiny as a result of the Center for Media and Democracys ALEC Exposed investigation and the efforts CMD, Color of Change, Common Cause, People of the American Way, Progress Now!, NCPPR even set up an email for corporations to reach out to if they "regret" their decision to cut ties with ALEC under the theme "we are not yellow."

2012 78

Jordanian-born chef cooks with pot. Yup, THAT pot.

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Midway to a degree in molecular biology, he dropped out of university to explore cooking, then honed his culinary skills working in Michelin-starred restaurants in New York and California. Legalization of recreational marijuana in American states is on the upswing, spurring entrepreneurs to devise new ways to use the flowering psychoactive herb as an ingredient in retail food products. Now a California-based chef is cooking up traditional Middle Eastern fare infused with cannabis.

2016 63

Amazon's Membership Demonstrates Corporate Control of ALEC.

PR Watch

The Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC) is asking Amazon to follow the lead of 12 other corporations and drop its association with ALEC. They let the corporations battle it out.". Ive written and chatted twice with Amazon representatives asking if they had any plans to drop out of ALEC. They didnt respond so I went to their website with the intention of closing out my account. Skip to Main Content Area. Contact Us. News Feeds. Podcasts. Privacy Policy.

2012 53

A Day in the Life of a Field Scientist: Western Australia Edition

Nature Conservancy - Science

We need to figure out where we’re going today. Meanwhile, one of the camels is sticking its head through a nearby car window, trying to strip off electrical wire, while the other is standing nearby, doe-eyed, chewing on a book he fished out from someone’s trash. As he nears the cliff face the bottom drops out and he’s forced to swim. Chris and I unpack the folding tables, open cans of tuna, cut tomatoes and lettuce, and root out the cold water.

2017 63


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However, numbers dropped in the ‘90s. What a lot of the venue companies do not, however, seem to realize is that it is not just the fact that the recession is biting that sees the big names in the industry drop out of trade fairs and shows; the reason is that in Britain the prices are just so much higher than in other parts of Europe, including places such as Germany.

2010 100

Fox's Michelle Malkin Goes to Bat for ALEC | PR Watch

PR Watch

In the face of a successful relay race of corporations dropping their membership with the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a Fox News contributor has called for her own campaign against these same corporations. As we seek to prepare the shopping sheet we are changing it often because of the corporations dropping out which is good. We could use all the support we can get to get the word out. Skip to Main Content Area. Contact Us. News Feeds. Podcasts.

2012 55

A shift is happening

Green (Living) Review

Yes, it is true that people have been dropping out and have been developing alternative ways of living before, such as the Hippies in the late 1960s and the 1970s and even well before that, but this shift is something much bigger; much bigger indeed. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) People the world over – slowly – appear to awaken to the fact that the system is not working and never did and are seeking and finding new ways. As someone said: “The system is not broken.

2014 101

Living for Free

Green (Living) Review

Dumpster Diving – and Squatting, maybe by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The idea of stepping out and leaving everything behind like Katharine Hibbert, author of “ Free: Adventures on the margins of a wasteful society ”, did is definitely not something for the fainthearted and not for everyone. You do not have to go the “whole hog” but you can still implement a fair number of those ideas without dropping out and living in a squat.

2010 110

How to maximize the value of your frequent flier miles

Green Traveler Guides

carriers keep shoveling out millions and millions of miles. Second: the airlines have taken the “free&# out of frequent flier programs. If you cannot locate an award on your own, try booking with an agent who knows the ins and outs of the program … and the airline’s flight schedules. Keep trying, because there are still some dynamite agents out there. The typical program sends out one or two e-mails a week, not a deluge. »

2011 118

Will the Kyoto Protocol Survive Qatar 2012?

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CO2 Emissions per capita show a drop in the high baseline of North America. Others Threaten to Drop out of the Game. Even New Zealand , a progressive country with enormous potential for geothermal and hydro-power, is considering dropping the Kyoto agreement as the carbon credits it had hoped to benefit from have been devalued by the Kyoto exodus. The Qatar climate conference this year could very well mark the end of the Kyoto protocol.

2012 77

Birth Control? There’s an App for That

Sightline Daily

Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest, which serves Western Washington, Alaska, and Southern Idaho, recently rolled out a telemedicine pilot project that may help to do just that. Just like a traditional medical appointment, the patient has to fill out (electronic) paperwork ahead of time, including a medical history. Yes, the US rate is still twice that of Canada, but both abortion and birth rates are dropping for almost all income and ethnic groups.

2014 48

Parents are largely to blame for kids' sedentary lifestyle, new study finds

Green (Living) Review

This is way down from the recommended levels and it means that the vast majority of American children are starting out their lives way behind in gross motor skills and in social skills. The rest of the time it was a case of being out and about, hunting, and making a living selling things and grinding knives. Homework, too, is getting so totally out of control in many grade schools that kids don't even have time to play outside after school. Really? Who would have thought?

2012 116

Original Löwe 8.104 Anvil Secateurs – Product Review

Green (Living) Review

Despite the fact that the majority of Original Löwe secateurs use the old style caterpillar spring, which many manufacturers have now dropped as they tend to drop out it would appear that this is not going to be the case here. Also, a little TLC on the side of the user can, in fact, prevent the spring from coming out (even if it is gay) and a little oil goes a very long way.

2012 106

How Unsustainable Water Policies Crippled The Assad Regime (INTERVIEW)

Green Prophet

” I spoke with Shahrzad Mohtadi to find out more about the devastating drought in Syria and what other Middle Eastern nations need to do to protect their dwindling water resources – and their political stability. In the northeast of the country, known as the breadbasket of Syria, school drop-out rates for the drought years were up to 80%.

Syria 72

The Communist Manifesto – Book Review

Green (Living) Review

Overproduction, of which Marx and Engels speak in the Manifesto has gone berserk to such an extent that products are made to be tossed out in six months to a year and all of it in order to keep the economy artificially growing, by forcing people to buy new every so often. Whenever there is trouble, anywhere in the world, the book becomes an item; when things quiet down, the book drops out of sight; when there is trouble again, the people who forgot remember.

2015 105