Disaster in the Sundarbans

10,000 Birds

Due to the Ganges floods, their planned weekend of sailing through the labyrinth of channels turned into a week-long stay among about 270 Tigers , according to the 2011 census – the last population inhabiting mangroves and one of the highest concentrations anywhere on the planet! How are the local people dealing with this unprecedented disaster?

Existential Crisis & Tiny Disasters. {Poem}

Elephant Journal

Arts & Culture Conscious Consumerism (Sustainable Business) Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Green Literary Journal WAYLON: Editor''s Picks crisis disasters Earth eco enlightened green Kalee Prue planet poetry society war I drive by yet another hill, Flattened sides, vent pipes, dull grassy slope. My seven year old no longer asks if this one Is a trash mountain. He has passed enough now to know one.

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How to Recover From a Natural Disaster

Environmental News Network

Natural disasters are among the most traumatic and frightening events human beings face: unpredictable, often inscrutable, and bearing down upon their victims the full brunt of the planet’s awe-inspiring power. There’s no question a natural disaster can be life-changing.

The most dangerous spots in the Mediterranean for natural disasters

Green Prophet

If Santorni does blow its submerged top, everyone in the eastern Mediterrnean basin, as well possibly on the entire planet, will be affected by its might.

Earth Day, Celebrating our Planet

Green Home Blog

And as NASA climate scientist James Hansen notes, the number itself is historically “a prescription for disaster” – one which scientists agreed to before they realized the climate tipping point was much lower.

Can Robots and Artificial Intelligence Save the Planet?

Green Prophet

But how is the new era of technology really helping the world we live in and, moreover, how much of a role can it play in restoring the planet’s health? While they can not be prevented, natural disasters can also be better understood and contained with the help of AI.

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Can Environmental SF Help Save Our Planet?

The Alien Next Door

Journalist and climate activist Dan Bloom coined the term Cli-Fi in 2008 to describe literature whose premise is based on some element of climate change and its impact on the planet and on humanity. An environmental disaster. Otherwise, it’s just a disaster story; something to endure.

Sustainable Economic Growth and a finite Planet

Green (Living) Review

Famines and natural disasters are a way of how the Planet self-regulates the population, human, other animals, etc., When it comes to economic growth it is a fact that more, more and ever more cannot work with our finite Planet and its resources. A finite Planet means that sustainable economic growth cannot be.

Growth 101

IPCC: Climate efforts not sufficient, huge increase in green energy required to avert climate disaster

Green Blog

It would only cost us 0.06% of annual economic growth to save the climate and make sure there will be a livable planet for future generations as well. IPCC, the UN’s expert panel on climate change, released part three of their new global warming study yesterday.


Heroines for the Planet: Eco Sex Sage, Stephanie Iris Weiss

Eco Chic

If you haven’t thought about greening your sex life, you’re still a total environmental disaster. You don’t have to want to save the planet. Now a heroine for the planet as well as a renown author, professor, blogger, journalist, mentor to young women and green living (and loving!)

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Green (Living) Review

SILVER SPRING, MD, April 2009 : Planet Green , the first 24-hour multiplatform lifestyle and entertainment brand devoted to the environment, announced that Emeril Green, Focus Earth with Bob Woodruff, Greensburg, Renovation Nation, and Wa$ted! The new season openers headline Planet Green’s special Earth Day celebration “Turn Back the Temp: The Coolest Week on TV” beginning April 19 – 25. Coming back for its second season, Planet Green’s series Wa$ted!

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Why I Hate Earth Day: thoughts from an Environmental Hypocrite.

Elephant Journal

Don’t get me wrong: I’m all for saving the planet. Conscious Consumerism Enlightened Society Food Green Inspiring (Wow) Clean Air Act Clean Water Act climate change Conscious Consumerism (Sustainable Business) earth-day Environmental Protection agency factory farming green natural disasters plastic politicsIf we don’t do something, we’re screwed. The effects of climate change are becoming catastrophic, from more droughts and heat waves to increased hurricane and.

BP Should Pay Maximum Civil Damages for Deepwater Horizon.

Sierra Club Compass

Ground-Breaking Solar Agreement Between LA and Nevada Tribe » BP Should Pay Maximum Civil Damages for Deepwater Horizon Disaster. This was the worst environmental disaster in our nation’s history, resulting in the loss of 11 lives and the release of 200 million gallons of oil and 1.8

2012 76

Heroines for the Planet: Vanishing of the Bees Director Maryam Henein

Eco Chic

Lindsay: Is the vanishing of the bees an indicator of environmental quality, just like the ever-increasing number of environmental disasters? .

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There is Only One Side to the Nuclear Debate

Green Prophet

For roughly four decades, she has been tirelessly speaking out against the absolute nightmare that that is nuclear anything, and recently claimed that the Fukushima nuclear disaster is worse than Chernobyl. Because nuclear disasters in our interconnected world are never merely local affairs.

Top 10 Environmental Stories From the Middle East (2011)

Green Prophet

Scientists have long worried that a warmer planet would melt ice and permafrost in the great white north, under which lies layer upon layer of plant debris that has not yet decomposed. 2011 was a big year for the Middle East – not only politically but also environmentally.

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The Green Sheikh Calls for Action Against Ecological Crimes

Green Prophet

The result of unchecked climate change would be the collapse of our planet under the high pressure that threatens the livelihood of earth, water, and air, and even of good soil and planting. Lifestyle & Culture Climate Change Environmental destruction natural disasters The Green Sheikh

De-listed as an Endangered Species?

Elephant Journal

To de-list any animal that has been on the Endangered Species Act for many years is a recipe for disaster. Most of the animals on the endangered list have yet to achieve their proper numbers for habitat balance.

10 Big, Really Hard Things We Can Do to Save the Planet

The Green Changemakers

See how easy it is – and how fun – to do your part to save the planet? We'll only head off disaster by taking steps -- together -- that are massive, societal and thorough. DOCUMENT ALL LIFE Scientists estimate that our planet is home to somewhere between 10 and 100 million species.

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Puyehue Volcano Eruption Brings Blanket of Ash, Dramatic Electric Storms

Wend Magazine

These two videos provide just a glimpse into the natural disaster and the show it put on–but, as is the case in instances such as these–they certainly serve as a reminder of how powerful our planet is. Click here to view the embedded video.

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Teaching Green: 100 Tips, Tools, & Resources for Every Kind of Classroom

Green Life Smart Life

Incorporating ways to help the environment into your lessons is not only good for the planet, but offers plenty of hands-on activities, lessons, and projects for students. Students can play this game to save Planet Helios from ecological disaster.

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The California Spill and the Continuance of Harmful Oil Operations

Environmental News Network

Santa Barbara County Supervisor Doreen Farr said, “This is more than an inconvenience, this is a disaster.” Whether this incident is viewed as an inconvenience or a disaster depends on the level of respect one has for the natural environment and its inhabitants.

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5 Things You Should Know About Indoor-Grown Hemp Flower

Green Prophet

In addition to environmental fluctuations and the threats posed by natural disasters, outdoor hemp crops are frequently plagued by pests and invasive plant species that damage foliage, eat buds, and compete for root space.

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Contiguous cover forestry

Green (Living) Review

Only that it has no benefits for wildlife and the Planet. In a changing climate where there is the possibility of hotter temperatures, droughts and thus forest fires monocultures, especially of conifers, are also a disaster waiting to happen.

2020 182

Video Channel for BP Updates

Green Earth Journey

Nature didnt cause this disaster, we, humans did. This is ridiculous, do we have the dumbest human beings on the planet handling this situation To watch these videos is sad, to not be able to go down there help is depressing.

2010 151

Record-breaking eagles? nests, coastal Georgia, and a wicked sunburn

10,000 Birds

In particular, I was eager to see Little Tybee, Williamson, and Cabbage – a cluster of pristine islands once on the brink of disaster. There’s nothing quite like the power of collaboration to save the very planet we depend on for little things like freshwater and food supplies.

Protect nature for world economic security, warns UN biodiversity chief

Green (Living) Review

"What we are seeing today is a total disaster," said Ahmed Djoghlaf , the secretary-general of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity. The future of the planet now depends on governments taking action in the next few years."

350 Tomorrow

Green Earth Journey

To preserve our planet, scientists tell us we must reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere from its current level of 392 parts per million ("ppm")to below 350 ppm. But 350 is more than a number—it's a symbol of where we need to head as a planet. Tomorrow is 350 day.

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7 Reasons Why Nuclear Waste Is Dangerous


Nuclear disaster exercise. The global effect of nuclear contamination is visible even in the most unexpected places on the planet. Nuclear waste reprocessing is very polluting and is one of the largest sources of human-generated radioactivity on the planet.

Causes and Effects of Desertification on People and the Environment


Higher food prices, water availability, violent conflicts for land, migration, increasing poverty, pollution from wind-blown dust particles coming from distant lands could be the outcomes of desertification if we let it consume more of our planet. Increased vulnerability to natural disasters.

2019 87

How Does Deforestation Affect Animals?


Since forests contain the largest percentage of the terrestrial biodiversity, deforestation is considered the leading cause of biodiversity loss on the planet. Forests cover 31 percent of earth’s land. surface and house a majority of the plants and animals found on earth.

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Why Is Biodiversity Important to Ecosystems?


Our planet is in the midst of what is commonly called the Sixth Mass Extinction. Diversity is important for species in order to maintain resilience against unexpected events, such as sudden climate changes or natural disasters, like forest fires or floods.

I really like when non-economists sound like economists--it means economic thinking is permeating everyday discussions

Environmental Economics

Exactly how bad are we supposed to feel when a species exits planet earth? An ecological disaster? million species on the planet, give or take 1.3 million species now estimated to inhabit the planet , approximately 88% have yet to be discovered, described and cataloged. But consider -- many others were equally offended because I gave a platform to a man who believes that all creatures on the planet are entitled to the same right to exist as humans.

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Why land, on which to build a home and grow food, is our ultimate security

Green (Living) Review

There’s a general feeling – and a growing one I think – that we’re headed for disaster, and that no-one is in control or able to steer us away from the precipice.

2015 142

Our Responsibility to the Earth


If our planet could ask that question, we'd definitely have a better answer this year than last. "But what have you done for me lately?"

CC12 Outcome

Environmental Economics

And they concluded that investment in early warning systems in the developing world would save lives and protect economies in the case of natural disasters. And the Nobel laureates’ list shows us there are many smart investments that could help so much of the planet, for very little cost.

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There's Another Climate Champ in the White House

Sierra Club Compass

Last week, President Obama’s speech about climate action was filled with mentions of protecting our planet for the sake of future generations. " Malia Obama might just be provoking her father, but she also speaks for the young people who will inherit a world with a changing climate, disintegrating coastlines, extreme drought, and intense natural disasters if our actions aren’t changed.

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Consumption can cause all manner of ills

Green (Living) Review

The way consumption is running rampant and we are being encouraged to consume more and more is a recipe for disaster on many levels, not at least on the environmental one. I do not know on which planet they are living but, apparently, it cannot be this one or they just simply do not live in the real world at all. Consumption and the perpetual growth economy are something that just does not for a healthy Planet and a healthy population make.

2015 115

Water Pollution Facts, Causes, Effects & Solutions


Long, long ago our planet was just a rock, a shell that had cooled over its molten hot interior, devoid of life. Our planet needs water to maintain life. Of the water that covers 70 percent of our planet, only 2.5

2018 89

How Cool is Bamboo

Green Home Blog

Bamboo is one of the most durable, eco-friendly choices on the planet. Bamboo was the first plant to emerge after the nuclear disaster in Hiroshima, 1945. How Cool is Bamboo. Cool Bamboo. Our forests are suffering by the minute.

2012 142

Organizations Call on Major U.S. Corporations to Ditch Tar Sands

Sierra Club Compass

" "Tar sands crude is the dirtiest oil on the planet. Huge companies with massive operating budgets have ample resources to ensure they are not contributing to the worst environmental disaster on Earth, and until they do so, we will consider them complicit."

Waste Incineration: Advantages and Disadvantages


To put that in perspective, if we took all the human beings on the planet and placed them on an impossibly gigantic scale, their combined weight would only be one-quarter of that amount [2]. According to the latest calculations, the world is currently producing about 1.3

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Target and Walmart are getting tons of new Vegan products


According to One Green Planet: The start-up food company, famous for its Just Mayo products, announced on March 4, 2016, that it will be introducing a whopping 43 new products to retail mega giants Walmart and Target in the coming months.

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