Shell suspends Arctic oil drilling for the year

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) February 27, 2013 Royal Dutch Shell announced that it was setting "pause" on its exploratory drilling activities in the Arctic for 2013. Shell's operations are currently under review by the federal government after the oil company suffered numerous setbacks during last year's opening attempt to drill exploratory wells in the Beaufort and Chukchi Seas, including running its drilling rig aground on Sitkalidak Island in southern Alaska in late December.

Obama defends wildlife refuge from dirty oil drilling

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Two days later, however, the administration released its new five-year offshore drilling plan, which opened up more of the Atlantic coast and the Arctic Ocean to dirty fossil fuel development - and potential disaster. Mining, drilling, road development, and the construction of permanent structures - all of these things will be prohibited, effectively preserving the area and its ecosystem. Oil travels a long way. The only way to win is not to drill


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Price of Oil Leads to More Off Shore Drilling

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Following the BP oil spill disaster in the Gulf, the Obama Administration put a temporary halt to approving any new deep water oil drilling operations until a system was in place that would prevent a similar incident from ever happening. Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar has opened up the deep waters for oil drilling with a new set of safety regulations. Government / Industry BP oil spill Offshore oil drilling

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"Obama Marks Anniversary of BP Disaster"

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I burned one of my NYTimes freebies on this one, from the blog formerly known as Green: One year ago today, the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico because of a runaway oil well. The accident killed 11 rig workers and spilled nearly five million barrels of oil into the gulf, the biggest maritime oil spill in United States history. I remember the explosion was treated like any human disaster.

Gulf coast oil workers are building America’s offshore wind industry

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More than a decade after the Deepwater Horizon disaster, Gulf Coast oil workers are transitioning into offshore wind. When the oil work started to dry up, he realized that offshore wind could help his family’s company, Montco Offshore Inc, stay afloat. “I

Polar bears get a big win as court dismisses Arctic oil drilling project


The Liberty Project is a proposal to drill for offshore oil in Arctic waters. Speaking on Monday, Kristen Monsell, the legal director at The Center for Biological Diversity, said that the court’s ruling has averted a disaster. Related: Oil companies use cooling technology to continue Arctic drilling “This is a huge victory for polar bears and our climate,” Monsell said.

Florida Senator Bill Nelson sides with Big Oil in Vote for Keystone XL

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Last Friday, Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL) sided with Big Oil and voted to support the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. Senator Nelson has been our top leader in the Senate against expanded oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, and he has joined Sierra Club in demanding that BP fully pay the cost of restoring the Gulf and its coastal communities following the Deepwater Horizon disaster.

Oil CEO Indicates Arctic Drilling Too Risky

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However, the region is largely new to shipping, oil drilling and other activities and this combination with the environment, which is fragile, could be disastrous according to numerous studies and concerned environmental groups. The approximations vary depending upon the source regarding the global oil and gas reserves in the Arctic, although they are all significant enough to cause major investments from oil companies globally.

Greenpeace: Obama must shelve Arctic drilling plans, call for offshore moratorium

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In light of the ongoing offshore oil drilling disaster in the Gulf of Mexico Greenpeace is demanding that President Barack Obama cancels Arctic drilling plans and calls for an offshore moratorium. The Deepwater Horizon accident has resulted in eleven lives lost, countless of animal lives affected and an oil spill that is growing in size every day. According to reports the oil spill has tripled in size during these past days.

Center Calls for Arctic, Deepwater Drilling Halt Until New Oil Spill Safety Guidelines Implemented

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The Center for Biological Diversity Tuesday called for an immediate stop to offshore drilling in the Arctic and all deepwater drilling until new safety requirements outlined in Tuesday’s national oil spill report are implemented. It also called for the withdrawal of the controversial drilling and leasing approvals that were issued in the Arctic and the Gulf of Mexico in the past month as the commission prepared to release its report. TUCSON, Ariz.—

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Gulf Oil Spills Onto Political Shores

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On May 1, most of the oil slick was southeast of the Mississippi Delta. The oil slick appeared as a tangle of dull gray on the ocean surface, made visible to the satellite sensor by the sun’s reflection on the ocean surface. In the wake of such an enormous disaster that is the Gulf Oil spill, an unspeakable crime against living ecosystems, political leaders are getting a jostle. In 1969, a Union Oil Co. I’m thinking the oil industry operates very similarly.

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The energy-independent future that never was

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Bernie Sanders, the only democratic socialist in the US Senate, says that the single most important lesson we can learn from the ongoing oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico is that drilling is not the answer. Sanders also calls for a stop on offshore drilling and says that the USA must transform its energy system. "Further, This crisis occurred at a time when the United States was considering opening new areas to offshore oil drilling.

Gulf of Mexico oil spill: what's going on and what can we do?

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Is it just me, or is this oil spill situation kinda confusing? An explosion and and subsequent fire sank the drilling platform Deepwater Horizon (which BP was leasing from its owner, Transocean) and triggered the mile-deep oil gusher that has defied efforts to stem it, taking 11 workers with it. ( This is still being determined and officials don't really know how bad it is, how large of an area the oil has reached, and what the long term effects will be. (

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Actress Lucy Lawless and Greenpeace blocks Shell arctic driller

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Earlier this week a group of Greenpeace activists, including the actress Lucy Lawless, scaled an oil drill ship that was due to travel to the Arctic. The ship was scheduled to travel to the Chukchi Sea off the coast of Alaska yesterday to drill three exploratory oil wells for the global oil and gas company Shell. A major oil spill in the Arctic would be an environmental disaster”, said Nick Young from Greenpeace in New Zealand.

Water Pollution Facts, Causes, Effects & Solutions


Oil spills. Garbage and untreated sewage in the ocean: a global-scale disaster. Mining and oil drilling also cause substantial industrial pollution to both surface and groundwater , rendering it too toxic for any purpose. 4 Oil spills. Oil spill in the water. Oil tank and rig disasters account for around 10 percent of marine pollution [21]. . Further reading: How Do Oil Spills Affect the Environment. 3 Oil spills kill wildlife.

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New Energy Efficiency Standards Announced

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These plans give us at the Sierra Club great hope that the President will finally address some of the remaining, worst causes of climate disaster, including abuses of the fossil fuel industry like fracking, mountaintop removal coal mining, destructive oil drilling in the Arctic, and the destruction of our precious, public lands. -- John Coequyt, Federal Campaign Deputy Director, Sierra Club.

The environmental record of Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry

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He also writes that Perry “relishes his role as a foe of national climate action&# and that he have said that the climate bill that passed the House in 2009 was as an “economic disaster&#. According to the liberal blog Thinkprogress, Perry has received massive amounts of campaign contributions from the oil and gas industry: “Since his 1998 candidacy to be George W. But allowing oil drilling in the ANWR is pretty mainstream Republican opinions.

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Why we must stop coal to gas transition and fracking

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We do not intend that our study be used to justify the continued use of either oil or coal, but rather to demonstrate that substituting shale gas for these other fossil fuels may not have the desired effect of mitigating climate warming”. [7]. This is well exampled by President Barack Obama avoiding mention of natural gas in his recent speech on the Gulf oil disaster from the Oval Office – completely missing from Obama’s Gulf oil-and-gas disaster speech was one key word: gas.

Building a Green Economy

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Wind and solar technologies are not just more environmentally benign than oil, coal, and nuclear power, but also more jobs-intensive. Analyst Walter Stahel of the Product Life Institute has pointed out that the front end of an economy-extractive activities such as mining, logging, oil drilling, and fishing-tends to use less labor and create more pollution than manufacturing and maintenance activities.

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