America’s first sustainable urban agrihood is growing in Detroit

Green (Living) Review

This week, the Michigan Urban Farming Initiative (MUFI) revealed its plans for the first Sustainable Urban Agrihood in the North End. Wait, an agrihood? It’s an alternative neighborhood growth model, positioning agriculture as the centerpiece of a mixed-use development. There are some agrihoods around the country, but in rural areas. This is the first within a city. MUFI’s agrihood spans three acres on Brush Street, a few blocks up from East Grand Boulevard.

Cloud of Pet Coke Dust Blows over Detroit River

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Video surfaced this week of a big nasty cloud of pet coke dust blowing off a huge pile of the petroleum by-product that sits along the edge of the Detroit River in Detroit. The massive pile comes from the Marathon Oil Company's refining of tar sands at its Detroit refinery, and it's been getting a lot of attention over the past few months.


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Detroit Residents Demand Action in Wake of Marathon Explosion

Sierra Club Compass

  Detroit resident and Sierra Club volunteer Dr. Delores Leonard speaks at a community press conference last week about the April 27 Marathon oil refinery explosion. More than 60 Southwest Detroit residents and community leaders gathered last week to call on local, state and federal officials to design an evacuation plan in wake of the April 27 explosion at the Marathon Petroleum refinery in the 48217 neighborhood. " -- Patrick Geans, Sierra Club Detroit Organizer.

A century ago, Detroit’s “potato patch mayor” knew how to ride out hard times

Green (Living) Review

I’d been passing by the statue here in Detroit for days now without noticing it, but today something — the gloomy weather, maybe — made me slow down and read the inscription. A gallant soldier, an enterprising and successful citizen, four times elected mayor of Detroit, twice governor of Michigan. Growing up in metro Detroit, I had learned two things about Detroit’s history: 1. Detroit used to be French, and 2.

A Requiem for Detroit?

The Green Changemakers

A new documentary illustrates a different kind of American Dream taking hold in Detroit. by Grace Lee Boggs [link] "The new American Dream emerging in Detroit is a deeply-rooted spiritual and practical response to the devestation and dehumanization created by the old dream," says Boggs. The new documentary, Requiem for Detroit? Requiem for Detroit? A number of Detroiters, black and white, comment throughout. I hope Requiem for Detroit?

The Somerset Collection: Toulouse Gets Lost in Detroit

The Alien Next Door

The Alien Next Door Musings of Nina Munteanu, SF writer and Ecologist Saturday, November 7, 2009 The Somerset Collection: Toulouse Gets Lost in Detroit “Toulouse lost? Then Toulouse and I drove to Detroit for a high-brow marketing meeting that my publisher set up for us. Luckily for me, I spotted several of Detroit’s finest in the coffee and donut shop next door and sashayed over to them…. Detroit was never the same; neither was Toulouse.

Indie green hotels band together to offer sustainable options for frequent travelers

Green Traveler Guides

Dearborn Detroit Michigan North America The Americas United States Adoba Hotel Dearborn/Detroit Atmosphere Hospitality Management Green Travel News Reuters Stash How can frequent travelers earn free stays and other perks at cool green hotels that aren''t part of big chains? Enter the nation''s largest point-based loyalty program for indie hotels. Indie green hotels band together to offer sustainable options for frequent travelers is a post from: Green Traveler Guides.

It Isn’t Just a Playground Anymore

Green Home Blog

It’s called compromise, and in ravaged Detroit, which once got fat and rich on American automobile manufacture, a rising movement sees people taking over abandoned lots and planting vegetables for home consumption and sale. At that point, the greening of Detroit will be literal instead of figurative. But Detroit isn’t the only city hard-hit by the recession. Tagged: Detroit , Edible Schoolyard , recession , San Bernardino , Stockton , urban gardens.

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Canadian Car of the Year: Hyundai Elantra Wins at 2012 Toronto Auto Show

Eco Auto Ninja

Only a month after being named the 2012 North American car of the year at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, the Hyundai Elantra has won the 2012 Canadian Car of the Year award. Fuel Efficient Government / Industry Detroit Auto Show Hyundai Elantra Toronto Auto ShowSteve Kelleher, Hyundai Auto Canada president, said the win was a “vindication for all the effort Hyundai designers and engineers invested into the project.”

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Chrysler Hybrid 300 Sedan Planned for 2013 Release

Eco Auto Ninja

But at this years Detroit Auto Show , Sergio Marchionne, CEO of Chrysler said “We will offer a hybrid variant of the 300 equipped with an eight-speed automatic in 2013″ With the plans for the 300, it seems that hybrids are back in favor at Chrysler. 1 2 ► Hybrids Chrysler chrysler 300 chysler hybrid Detroit Auto ShowChrysler is not the number one brand name that comes to head when you think about hybrids.

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The Green Buzz: Monday, August 12

Cool Green Science

The invasive emerald ash borer in Detroit has brought a surge in woodpeckers. Detroit Free Press ). Animals Biodiversity Climate Change Conservation Issues Environmental News Global Warming Insects Science The Green Buzz The Nature Conservancy cartoons to engage the public CNN Daily Mail detroit free press emerald ash borer Mars Mongabay National Geographic navy north america''s rarest birds perseids perseids meteor shower shrike space travel

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Tips for Driving Greener: Save Money & Help the Planet

Green Living Ideas

On the heels of the big annual North American International Auto Show in Detroit, It’s fun to think about the possibility of getting a new car. The Detroit auto show and my participation in it were timely this year, because I am in fact looking for a new car as mine was trashed by a large oak tree during Sandy. Read about the Green Divas in Detroit and see a few fun pics.

Orion is Back Building Bolt Electric Cars

Green Living Guy

All about revitalizing an old Detroit area; going EV. FOR the General Motors plant in Orion Township in the Detroit area in Michigan State is it. So i was astonished. Yet my great friends over at reported in the USA.

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GM Influencer Round Up: Top Green Highlights from the North American International Auto Show

The Green Samaritan

It was very exciting to receive an invitation from General Motors to attend the North American International Auto Show in Detroit as part of their Influencer Group. After a well- organized two days. See the full post and more at Green Living

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GM Commits to Chevy Bolt Production

The Green Samaritan

As a follow up to the surprise reveal of the Chevy Bolt EV concept car in Detroit at the North American International Auto Show, General Motors North America President Alan Batey confirmed today. See the full post and more at Auto Industry Green Living

Mercedes unveils electric drivetrain of SLS AMG E-Cell


Last year at the Detroit Motor Show , Mercedes unveiled its SLS AMG E-Cell Electric Sports Car. Mercedes-Benz unveils SLS AMG E-Cell electric vehicle at Detroit. Mercedes-Benz has finally unveiled its next-gen electric vehicle, the SLS AMG E-Cell, at Detroit 2011. Please login. Sign In. User Name / Email. Password. Forgot Password. Dont have an account? Join Now. Login. slideshows. Greenlists //. gallery //. Transportation. Architecture. Technology. Green Products.

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Motown to Growtown

Green (Living) Review

Reforestation and urban farms could help secure Detroit''s future. Four years ago, Detroit businessman John Hantz received national attention when he announced his plans to create the world''s largest urban farm in Detroit. After 4 years of negotiating with the city and meeting with neighbors, Hantz Farms was finally able purchase 1,400 vacant city-owned lots on Detroit''s lower east side for half a million dollars.

Sexy Electric Bicycle Debut!

Green Living Ideas

It just debuted at the Detroit auto show! Production Smart Bicycle Launched at Detroit Auto Show (via Gas 2.0 ). The production version of the pedal/electric Smart bicycle quietly debuted at this year’s Detroit Auto Show carrying a $2950 price tag. As a daily bike commuter, nothing makes me happier than skipping past traffic and enjoying the fresh air on my morning commute. Lucky for me, I live in a pretty flat area of my city.

The Rise of Urban Farms

Green (Living) Review

I bet the last place you’d think to look for farm land would be inside a major industrial city, such as… oh, say… Detroit. The city of Detroit has for years been the poster child for urban blight: having lost 25 percent of its population over the last decade and with roughly 40 of the city’s 139 square miles vacant, according to The Detroit Free Press. history, Detroit is rebranding itself as the D.I.Y.

Daily Demand and Supply: If wishes were horses, beggars would ride

Environmental Economics

That pace is just barely ahead of the 15,000 Volts DOE predicted would be on the nation’s highways in 2011, and far below the department’s 120.000 goal for 2013 even though the Detroit automaker  loses up to $49,000 on each Volt it manufactures. According to the Department of Energy’s (DOE) “February 2011 Status Report,” General Motors was supposed to produce and sell 120,000 Chevrolet Volts in 2013 to keep pace with the president’s goal.

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Super Creative Organic Urban Gardens Around the World: Who Needs Biotech?

Green (Living) Review

Here are some off-the-(biotech)-chain gardens that will get our creative juices flowing so that we can carry the dream of living pesticide and GMO-free, further: Everyone who has kept abreast of national news has heard of the urban blight that has devastated Detroit. Food Field is an urban farm in the middle of central Detroit.

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2012 Chevy Volt Production Tripled

Eco Auto Ninja

GM production facilities have started building the 2012 Chevy Volt in Detroit again. The Michigan plant hasn’t produced a Volt for a month now but are returning to it hard by producing them at triple the previous rate. The increase in Volt production is critical to GM competing against other plug-in electric and hybrid vehicles in the U.S. By the end of June the Nissan Leaf had outsold the Chevy Volt by 3,875 to 2,745 cars.

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Porsche 918 RSR Hybrid Racer

Eco Auto Ninja

Porsche recently showed off their 918 Hybrid Racer in Detroit. The two-seater mid-engine coupé 918 RSR is a development from the 911 GT3 R hybrid and the design of the 918 Spyder combined in a super sports car, with a V8 engine taken from Porsche’s Spyder coupe that gets 563 horsepower at 10,300 RPM. There are two electric motors driving the front wheels, which kicks the horsepower up to 767.

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Ashhole update

Environmental Economics

Ash borers were first discovered in 2002 near Detroit, where they likely had hitched a ride in wooden packing crates shipped from China. I wonder if any NC State economists think this one is exaggerated ? Several dead or dying ash trees dot lawns along Canterbury Road, but only one has drawn the attention of Upper Arlington city arborists. Last week, Jim Lekoy and Scott Conover pointed to a dead limb in one backyard that hangs over a set of power lines.

2013 131

Sectional Sofas Made for Small(ish) Apartments

Green Furniture Home Design

Gold Sparrow Detroit Convertible Sectional. Do you live in an apartment or a house with a smaller living room, so you didn’t think you’d ever find a sectional sofa that would fit your slightly smaller space? Well, I’ve got excellent news for you. I’ve been in the same situation, more than once, so I know exactly what kind of sectional will work for you! And best of all, I’ve scoured the web to find some gorgeous examples of smaller-sized sectional couches!

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SMART Dares Drivers to Take Commuter Challenge 2012 in May With Eight Reasons to Leave the Car at Home

Green (Living) Review

Detroit, MI : SMART has a proposition in May for Metro Detroiters who drive alone to work or school called Commuter Challenge 2012. Commuter Challenge 2012 is sponsored by the Transportation Choices consortium, which includes Compuware Corporation, Quicken Loans, Detroit Bikes!/Detroit SMART, with members of Transportation Choices, is challenging residents to take the bus, vanpool, carpool, bicycle, walk or telework at least once in May.

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New Orleans Pelicans

Environmental Economics

Detroit Emigrants | colors: silver, baby blue (makes as much sense as for Lions). This is awesome: New Orleans changing its NBA nickname from Hornets to Pelicans was not a secret. But the logo and color scheme was, until today. New Orleans on Thursday officially unveiled its new nickname, logo and color scheme, capturing the essence of New Orleans and the Gulf and spotlighting the ecological concerns of the region.

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The First Sustainable Urban Agrihood in the U.S. Could Serve As A Model for Urban Development

Green (Living) Review

In Detroit, Michigan, “the first sustainable urban agrihood” in the U.S. Could fresh, healthy, affordable food be the future of urban neighborhood development? centers around an edible garden, with easily accessible, affordable produce offered to neighborhood residents and the community. Each year, this urban farm provides fresh, free produce to 2,000 households within two square miles of the farm. They also supply food to local markets, restaurants, and food pantries.

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Small or Large, Communities Nationwide Face Fallout of Dirty Fuel Production

Sierra Club Compass

 Two incidents - one in Detroit, Michigan and another in Bradford, Pennsylvania - disrupted the lives of families in both areas, showing that communities large and small can face the dangerous consequences of fossil fuel production. In southwest Detroit, an explosion at the Marathon refinery caused plumes of smoke to fill the city air.

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One problem with fuel efficiency standards

Environmental Economics

Broken record time, incentive-based environmental policy can be superior to environmental standards: In the race to claim ever-higher fuel-economy numbers and keep up with government regulations, automakers are rolling out hybrids and electric cars aplenty at this week’s Detroit auto show.

"The World’s Top Economists Want to Work for Amazon and Facebook"

Environmental Economics

I bet it was a lot like this: At an April meetup organized by the National Association for Business Economics (NABE), a Facebook researcher named Michael Bailey showed his peers how somebody in Detroit might be willing to pay more for a home if he or she had lots of Facebook friends living in a high-priced housing market such as San Francisco. I was sorry that I missed NABE's Big Data Conference in June.

2016 122

Uproot front yard garden bans: 15 reasons to grow front yard vegetable gardens

Green (Living) Review

Farm markets like Detroit Eastern Market vend awesome organic produce, but it's costly. Flowers in a front yard garden grow smiles, but a veggies in front yard garden sow seeds of doubt at least with Florida lawmakers. A south Florida couple, Hermine Ricketts and Tom Carroll, of Miami Shores, were made to uproot their front yard garden in 2013. They finally got the chance to air their grievances on the front yard garden bans on June 13, 2016, reported the Courthouse News Report.

2016 101

Ash hole update

Environmental Economics

Since their discovery near Detroit in 2002, borers have spread to 15 states, including Ohio, two Canadian provinces and are blamed for the destruction of millions of ash trees. Two species of small, stingless Asian wasps that prey on emerald ash borers were released for the first time in national forests.

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Best Flags Collection

Green Prophet

This flag, flown by Commodore Perry during the war in which his ships captured a British squadron consisting of HMS Detroit, HMS Charlotte, and 4 smaller vessels. flag lover, seeking the best set of collections of flags?

A Look at the Smart For-Us Concept Pickup

Eco Auto Ninja

The car was revealed at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit’s Cobo Center. Well, it certainly looks cool, but by calling it a pick-up – are the marketers at Smart trying too hard to win over a truck-crazed American market who are allergic to electric vehicles? The Smart For-Us concept features a 75-horsepower electric motor and a 17.6 kW/h lithium ion battery pack (more than the Chevy Volt.).

2012 116

Natural experiment time

Environmental Economics

But at a time when some struggling states are aggressively branding and rebranding themselves to expand tourism — Michigan, hoping to offset images of manufacturing declines and Detroit’s urban decay, increased funds for its “Pure Michigan” campaign to $25 million this year from $17 million in 2010 — many tourism experts across the country believe Washington will soon regret what it is saving in the short term. Am I using the term "natural experiment" correctly?

2011 126

Gift a stranger a coat, and change the world

Green Prophet

It’s constructed of durable, water-resistant Cordura fabric from Carhartt, upcycled automotive insulation from General Motors, and other materials provided by generous donors in the greater Detroit, Michigan area, where brutal winter weather makes homelessness especially treacherous. Scott believes her model can be replicated in communities beyond Detroit, saying, “We are creating a workforce from a population many overlook.

2016 66

John Thackara: ‘Strange’ ideas don’t sound so strange in strange times

Low Impact

In Detroit and other rust-belt towns, there are incredible networks of social solidarity developing. This is part 2 of a conversation with John Thackara. In part 1 we talked about what the future might hold for humanity, and here we talk about what our responses might be.

I guess that's one way to get rid of all the Ash holes in Ohio

Environmental Economics

near Detroit in 2002; they probably had hitched a ride in wooden packing crates that arrived from Asia. The emerald ash borer has been found for the first time in Geauga and Trumbull counties in northeastern Ohio, the state reported yesterday. The latest discovery of the beetles, made by a Department of Natural Resources forester who found infested ash trees along Rt. 422, officially puts the pests in 55 of Ohio's 88 counties. Ash borers were first detected in the U.S.

Ohio 122

Baltimore city fixes racial water injustice according to income

Green Prophet

Similar affordability efforts are pending in Detroit and Chicago. If you are black and living in Baltimore you might not be able to afford your water. A new bill will alleviate income differences. A case study on how to fight privatization and allow access to all. .

Environmental Justice Activists Look to Close Big Polluter's Loopholes

Sierra Club Compass

The meeting included activists from Birmingham, Alabama, and Detroit, Michigan, two places where polluters have traditionally relied on apathy from government officials. "These A loophole is a polluter's best friend -- and today, community activists from fenceline communities traveled to Washington, D.C., to try and close one of them.

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Overwhelming Support for Climate Action at EPA Listening Sessions

Sierra Club Compass

Attending the listening session was a crowd of more than 70 Detroit residents (pictured above) who made a long bus journey to Chicago. Many were from River Rouge, a community in Detroit suffering from severe environmental injustices , including the pollution from a nearby coal plant. Last week, I rode a bus from Indianapolis to Chicago for one of eleven listening sessions on the carbon pollution standards being proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Michael Brune's Testimony on Keystone XL to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee

Sierra Club Compass

Huge petcoke piles from refining processes have begun to appear in cities like Chicago and Detroit. Today the factories of Detroit, the laboratories of Silicon Valley, and the next generation of American consumers are already investing in and profiting from clean technology. Today Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune testified at a Senate hearing about the Keystone XL pipeline.

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