Detroit Bans Fracking

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Detroit’s City Council has made history in Michigan by becoming the first in the state to pass a resolution supporting a ban on fracking. Detroit joins 65 other municipalities across the US who have taken a stand against the environmentally disastrous practice. Detroit sent a strong message indicating that a ban on fracking is necessary to protect public health and preserve Michigan’s natural resources,” said Lynna Kaucheck of Food & Water Watch.

Detroit Shelter Offers Rehab for Former Fight Dogs


The Detroit Dog Rescue Shelter is not only saving stray dogs from the city’s streets, but it’s also offering rehabilitation programs for fighting dogs.

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Detroit Shelter Offs Rehab for Former Fight Dogs


The Detroit Dog Rescue Shelter is not only saving stray dogs from the city’s streets, but it’s also offering rehabilitation programs for fighting dogs.

America’s first sustainable urban agrihood is growing in Detroit

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This week, the Michigan Urban Farming Initiative (MUFI) revealed its plans for the first Sustainable Urban Agrihood in the North End. Wait, an agrihood? It’s an alternative neighborhood growth model, positioning agriculture as the centerpiece of a mixed-use development.

Cloud of Pet Coke Dust Blows over Detroit River

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Video surfaced this week of a big nasty cloud of pet coke dust blowing off a huge pile of the petroleum by-product that sits along the edge of the Detroit River in Detroit.

Putting Detroit on the (Literary) Map. ~ Kim Haas

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People are often so quick to play the blame game with Detroit—writing it off instead of trying to make a difference. Arts & Culture Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) cities Detroit literary map Philadelphia Write a House

Detroit Residents Demand Action in Wake of Marathon Explosion

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  Detroit resident and Sierra Club volunteer Dr. Delores Leonard speaks at a community press conference last week about the April 27 Marathon oil refinery explosion. Marathon sits between the community and the rest of Detroit with the 1-75 bridge connecting the two. 

A century ago, Detroit’s “potato patch mayor” knew how to ride out hard times

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I’d been passing by the statue here in Detroit for days now without noticing it, but today something — the gloomy weather, maybe — made me slow down and read the inscription. Growing up in metro Detroit, I had learned two things about Detroit’s history: 1.

Indie green hotels band together to offer sustainable options for frequent travelers

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Dearborn Detroit Michigan North America The Americas United States Adoba Hotel Dearborn/Detroit Atmosphere Hospitality Management Green Travel News Reuters Stash How can frequent travelers earn free stays and other perks at cool green hotels that aren''t part of big chains?

Police Investigating Detroit Rapper After ‘Animal Fighting’ Brag Video


Detroit Rapper “Young Calicoe” is getting himself some well-deserved attention from authorities after a sick video was posted online featuring him giving a tour of his collection of “fighting” animals. Read More. Animals Causes News Top News

A Requiem for Detroit?

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A new documentary illustrates a different kind of American Dream taking hold in Detroit. by Grace Lee Boggs [link] "The new American Dream emerging in Detroit is a deeply-rooted spiritual and practical response to the devestation and dehumanization created by the old dream," says Boggs.

The Somerset Collection: Toulouse Gets Lost in Detroit

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The Alien Next Door Musings of Nina Munteanu, SF writer and Ecologist Saturday, November 7, 2009 The Somerset Collection: Toulouse Gets Lost in Detroit “Toulouse lost? Then Toulouse and I drove to Detroit for a high-brow marketing meeting that my publisher set up for us.

What happened to this Detroit Man when a Policeman Pulled him Over.

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I knew I was going to Jail due to a petty warrant. The police called Wayne county and they refused to come get me because of the distance. I explained to the officer that my sister had died and that. Enlightened Society Equal Rights Inspiring (Wow) WAYLON: Today Only

Urban Farming holds out the promise of renewal for Detroit

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) A Michigan-based financial group has announced ambitious plans to turn large swathes of crime-ridden Detroit into urban farmland. When one mentions Detroit most people will immediately think about the auto industry or music. Ultimately, the Hantz Group is looking at turning up to 10,000 acres of inner city Detroit - almost a 10th of the city's 143-square-mile area - into urban farmland.

Urban Farming in Detroit: Sowing Seeds of Hope in the Motor City ?


Once held up as the epicentre of industrialised mass production, Detroit has for decades been portrayed as a failed economy beset with every kind of urban problem.

It Isn’t Just a Playground Anymore

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It’s called compromise, and in ravaged Detroit, which once got fat and rich on American automobile manufacture, a rising movement sees people taking over abandoned lots and planting vegetables for home consumption and sale. But Detroit isn’t the only city hard-hit by the recession.

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Canadian Car of the Year: Hyundai Elantra Wins at 2012 Toronto Auto Show

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Only a month after being named the 2012 North American car of the year at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, the Hyundai Elantra has won the 2012 Canadian Car of the Year award. Fuel Efficient Government / Industry Detroit Auto Show Hyundai Elantra Toronto Auto Show

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Little Green Corvette: Four Sweet, Fuel-Efficient Cars at the Detroit.

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Little Green Corvette: Four Sweet, Fuel-Efficient Cars at the Detroit Auto Show. 16, 2013 3:06 AM PST Tweet Alan Baum has to shout into the phone for me to hear him over the cacophony of the Detroit Auto Show, which opened Monday. Skip to Navigation. Skip to Content. Mother Jones.

Chrysler Hybrid 300 Sedan Planned for 2013 Release

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But at this years Detroit Auto Show , Sergio Marchionne, CEO of Chrysler said “We will offer a hybrid variant of the 300 equipped with an eight-speed automatic in 2013″ With the plans for the 300, it seems that hybrids are back in favor at Chrysler. 1 2 ► Hybrids Chrysler chrysler 300 chysler hybrid Detroit Auto ShowChrysler is not the number one brand name that comes to head when you think about hybrids.

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The Green Buzz: Monday, August 12

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The invasive emerald ash borer in Detroit has brought a surge in woodpeckers. Detroit Free Press ). Animals Biodiversity Climate Change Conservation Issues Environmental News Global Warming Insects Science The Green Buzz The Nature Conservancy cartoons to engage the public CNN Daily Mail detroit free press emerald ash borer Mars Mongabay National Geographic navy north america''s rarest birds perseids perseids meteor shower shrike space travel

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Tips for Driving Greener: Save Money & Help the Planet

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On the heels of the big annual North American International Auto Show in Detroit, It’s fun to think about the possibility of getting a new car. Read about the Green Divas in Detroit and see a few fun pics.

Slaughtered to Extinction

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There is a great article about Passenger Pigeons by Bill Loomis in The Detroit News today. It is well worth a read. Asides

GM Commits to Chevy Bolt Production

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As a follow up to the surprise reveal of the Chevy Bolt EV concept car in Detroit at the North American International Auto Show, General Motors North America President Alan Batey confirmed today.

GM Influencer Round Up: Top Green Highlights from the North American International Auto Show

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It was very exciting to receive an invitation from General Motors to attend the North American International Auto Show in Detroit as part of their Influencer Group. After a well- organized two days. See the full post and more at Green Living

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Hermit Thrush Brewery: Po Tweet

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Piping Plover Pilsner: The Detroit Zoological Society and Griffin Claw Brewing Co. The beer is available as a limited release in the greater Detroit area.

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Wu-Tang Members Love This Vegan Restaurant


The owners of Detroit Vegan Soul were happy to pose with the boys, and serve them up some of their best animal-free dishes. The brand is currently planning expansion to meet their demand, opening a second location in Detroit’s Grandmont-Rosedale area, BLAC Detroit reports.

Motown to Growtown

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Reforestation and urban farms could help secure Detroit''s future. Four years ago, Detroit businessman John Hantz received national attention when he announced his plans to create the world''s largest urban farm in Detroit.

Basketball Great John Salley Featured in New Vegan Campaign


“Real Vegans,” part of a new campaign by VegMichigan, features real life vegans, including basketball legend John Salley, on billboards in and around Detroit. Read More. Animals Causes News Top News Vegan john salley

The Rise of Urban Farms

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I bet the last place you’d think to look for farm land would be inside a major industrial city, such as… oh, say… Detroit. history, Detroit is rebranding itself as the D.I.Y. To most readers of Grit Magazine, a farm is not a strange or unusual sight. Many readers live on farms.

College Admissions Scandal…When Will We Be Enough?

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When I was in high school and living in Detroit, all I wanted to do was go to New York and get out of town. I’ve been thinking a great deal about the college admissions scandal and it really boggles my mind. Not because I’m surprised but more because it brings back memories. I figured […].

Daily Demand and Supply: If wishes were horses, beggars would ride

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That pace is just barely ahead of the 15,000 Volts DOE predicted would be on the nation’s highways in 2011, and far below the department’s 120.000 goal for 2013 even though the Detroit automaker  loses up to $49,000 on each Volt it manufactures.

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Super Creative Organic Urban Gardens Around the World: Who Needs Biotech?

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Here are some off-the-(biotech)-chain gardens that will get our creative juices flowing so that we can carry the dream of living pesticide and GMO-free, further: Everyone who has kept abreast of national news has heard of the urban blight that has devastated Detroit.

Sexy Electric Bicycle Debut!

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It just debuted at the Detroit auto show! Production Smart Bicycle Launched at Detroit Auto Show (via Gas 2.0 ). The production version of the pedal/electric Smart bicycle quietly debuted at this year’s Detroit Auto Show carrying a $2950 price tag.

Creating a Life Purpose Statement.

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A good 6 months ago I was sitting in a Whole Foods Market in Midtown Detroit with a friend when I happened to meet truly, the world’s most interesting man. Family, Youth, Enlightened Education Health & Wellness Z ADMIN Entertainment & Culture Featured Today Z ADMIN Wellness Featured Today awareness exercise finding purpose life purpose meaning true calling

For some, Fast Food would be a Step Up.

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“This guy is a reporter on Fox 2 here in Detroit. His name is Charlie LeDuff. He is f*cking awesome.” ” (video) This is journalism. Personal, feeling, accurate, investigative, fair, and full of humor and love. “Charlie LeDuff Eats Cat Food.” ” The follow up.

Sectional Sofas Made for Small(ish) Apartments

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Gold Sparrow Detroit Convertible Sectional. Do you live in an apartment or a house with a smaller living room, so you didn’t think you’d ever find a sectional sofa that would fit your slightly smaller space? Well, I’ve got excellent news for you.

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Ashhole update

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Ash borers were first discovered in 2002 near Detroit, where they likely had hitched a ride in wooden packing crates shipped from China. I wonder if any NC State economists think this one is exaggerated ?

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SMART Dares Drivers to Take Commuter Challenge 2012 in May With Eight Reasons to Leave the Car at Home

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Detroit, MI : SMART has a proposition in May for Metro Detroiters who drive alone to work or school called Commuter Challenge 2012. Commuter Challenge 2012 is sponsored by the Transportation Choices consortium, which includes Compuware Corporation, Quicken Loans, Detroit Bikes!/Detroit

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Grand River Brewery: 313 Polish Lager

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But I did have what comes close to qualifying as a Proustian moment in finding this week’s featured beer: 313 Polish Lager from Grand River Brewery of Detroit, Michigan.

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Mercedes unveils electric drivetrain of SLS AMG E-Cell


Last year at the Detroit Motor Show , Mercedes unveiled its SLS AMG E-Cell Electric Sports Car. Mercedes-Benz unveils SLS AMG E-Cell electric vehicle at Detroit. Mercedes-Benz has finally unveiled its next-gen electric vehicle, the SLS AMG E-Cell, at Detroit 2011. Please login. Sign In. User Name / Email. Password. Forgot Password. Dont have an account? Join Now. Login. slideshows. Greenlists //. gallery //. Transportation. Architecture. Technology. Green Products.

The First Sustainable Urban Agrihood in the U.S. Could Serve As A Model for Urban Development

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In Detroit, Michigan, “the first sustainable urban agrihood” in the U.S. Could fresh, healthy, affordable food be the future of urban neighborhood development? centers around an edible garden, with easily accessible, affordable produce offered to neighborhood residents and the community.

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2012 Chevy Volt Production Tripled

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GM production facilities have started building the 2012 Chevy Volt in Detroit again. The Michigan plant hasn’t produced a Volt for a month now but are returning to it hard by producing them at triple the previous rate. The increase in Volt production is critical to GM competing against other plug-in electric and hybrid vehicles in the U.S. By the end of June the Nissan Leaf had outsold the Chevy Volt by 3,875 to 2,745 cars.

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Small or Large, Communities Nationwide Face Fallout of Dirty Fuel Production

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 Two incidents - one in Detroit, Michigan and another in Bradford, Pennsylvania - disrupted the lives of families in both areas, showing that communities large and small can face the dangerous consequences of fossil fuel production.

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