City of Denver is moving towards natural playgrounds

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The City of Denver in Colorado is moving towards natural playgrounds, should other cities and municipalities emulate and follow suit? The old playgrounds in some parks in Denver, Colorado, in the USA, might look a lot different in the coming years when they are replaced as the Parks and Recreation department is focusing on nature play options in its parks moving forward.

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People in Denver urged to take to the pavements

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Denver pedestrian groups promote walking in the urban environment by Michael Smith (Veshengro) While the city of Denver, Colorado, USA, may be regarded as one of the fittest cities in the US and one can see a literal army of people run and bike whatever the weather. In Denver now two people are trying to change the public's view on walking in the city. walk walk to work walking Walk Denver Denver

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Denver Zoo gets resourceful with an auto rickshaw powered by animal waste


Denver Zoo though has taken a green and proactive approach towards solving this problem. Denver Zoo has taken a Tuk Tuk from Thailand and has fitted it with an engine that will run on biogas produced from animal waste. The experiment has been more than successful and Denver Zoo is showcasing its poo powered auto rickshaw across the country in an attempt to get its biogas project kick started on a larger scale.

Improving Air Quality Reduces Dementia Risk, Multiple Studies Suggest

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Improving air quality may improve cognitive function and reduce dementia risk, according to several studies reported today at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference® (AAIC®) 2021 in Denver and virtually.

Colorado’s biggest hotel gets 4 Green Key rating

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S heraton Denver Downtown has won a 4 Green Key Rating through the Green Key Eco-Rating Program , recognizing the hotel for protecting the environment through wide-ranging policies and practices. Certification Colorado Denver Hotels News North America United States Green Key Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel| Green Travel News |.

How Climate Adaptation Helps to Manage Organizational Risk


Business Eco Green climate change climate-risk denver group-speakers transition water water resourcesDate/Time: October 14, 2021 (1-2PM ET / 10-11AM PT) Climate action is a planetary necessity and also a strategic organizational imperative. If progress doesn’t measure up, organizations can face consequences, including investor, employee and community activism — as well as increased operational and financial risk.

Record-breaking heat waves ravaging the West are not normal, scientists warn


In Sacramento, a new high of 109°F has been recorded, and in Denver, temperatures reached 100°F on three consecutive days. According to meteorologist Bob Henson’s tweet , these types of streaks in Denver have only been witnessed in past 32 years, compared to the 150 years of climate records. Eco Green california climate denver environment heat-wave highest julia-wakeling litter pollution rising temperatures scorching summer surrounding

How Everland is changing the eco-retreat scene


In total, Everland encompasses 145 acres of gorgeous landscape about 45 minutes outside of Denver, Colorado. Eco Green art colorado denver even-the-trails experience family inner trails visionary world

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LA’s Barnsdall Art Park revives historic olive grove


Eco Green art california daniel-gerwin denver environment highest landscaping los angeles park project scorching surrounding treesBarnsdall Art Park in East Hollywood already has a lot going for it. People of all ages take art classes at the Barnsdall Art Center and learn about art at the Municipal Art Gallery.

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Circular economy startups compete at Circularity 2020, taking on shoes to shelf-life


” Infinity Goods The startup Infinity Goods has created a zero-waste grocery delivery service in Denver, Colorado, with plans to expand soon. Business Eco Green Recycle a-global-system butler circularity clothes denver food georgia homes laci startup technology

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The Green Buzz: Wednesday, April 10

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Denver Post ). Climate Change Conservation Issues Environmental News Environmental Science Europe Forests Global Warming Green Living International Land Use North America The Green Buzz The Nature Conservancy 2050 ag-gag coastal development denver post factory farms farm animal abuse farm animals fast food company forest fires french zoo global warming green packaging MNN Mongabay New York Times panda poo pizza hut shorelines taco bell Treehugger Yum

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2014 “Green Lane Project” Kicked Off To Improve Biking Facilities In 6 US Cities

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Unfortunately, I wouldn’t say that we’re seeing a huge push yet, but US Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx has just launched the next phase of the PeopleForBikes “ Green Lane Project ,” which in 2014 involves a push to improve bicycle infrastructure in Atlanta, Boston, Denver, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, and Seattle. Bicycling Transportation Atlanta bike lanes Boston Denver Green Bike Lane Project Indianapolis Martha Roskowski PeopleForBikes Pittsburgh Seattle

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Serif + Sero modular furniture is made of 100% upcycled cardboard


Eco Green Recycle a-clear-winner about-as-close country denver furniture measure power public-land recycled upcycled voters-endorsedAustralia-based design studio SODO – SOPA has introduced a furniture set made completely out of upcycled cardboard that is also modular and customizable. The series, called Serif + Sero, helps promote waste repurposing and consumer awareness for a more sustainable future.

Vellabox delivers natural, artisan candles to your door


Lustre + Bloom is a natural candle company based in Denver, Colorado. Eco Green chocolate city denver gifts lifestyle office soy take-the-numberSubscription boxes can be a great way to treat yourself each month or surprise a loved one with a thoughtful, curated gift. As we spend more time at home than ever, these monthly boxes can break up the monotony of daily life, too.

Rivian demonstrates battery second-life capabilities in Honnold Foundation partnership

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CEO RJ Scaringe, Free Solo’s Alex Honnold to announce collaboration on June 15 livestream Denver, Colorado, June 13 – On June 15, electric adventure vehicle maker Rivian is announcing a project.

Climate measures to watch for on the ballot


From Alaska’s oil tax to Denver’s climate tax, these measures will show us what the American people think about climate change. In Denver, Colorado, Measure 2A seeks to raise local sales taxes and redirect the funds to greenhouse gas reduction programs.

First Day of EPA Carbon Pollution Standard Hearings a Success!

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Denver, and Atlanta Tuesday for the first day of public hearings on the Environmental Protection Agency''s Clean Power Plan. In Denver, activists kicked off the day with a press conference with local clean energy business leaders highlighting clean energy jobs in Colorado and the opportunities that the Clean Power Plan presents for the growing clean energy industry. Enjoy more photos from DC, Atlanta, and Denver below. Some sign-making kids at the Denver rally.

Daily Demand and Supply: Rocky Mountain High

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According to the Denver Post , at least 37 stores in Colorado were licensed to sell recreational pot to anyone 21 or over as of New Year’s Day. The Associated Press and others reported long lines outside Denver pot shops, with some eager customers forced to wait three to five hours before getting a chance to go inside, step up to the counter and make a purchase.

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Rallies Next Week! Your Voice is Needed to Support Climate Action

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If you live near DC, Pittsburgh, Denver, or Atlanta, we hope to see you next week! July 29 and 30) Denver, Colorado (July 29 and 30) Atlanta, Georgia (July 29 and 30) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (July 31 and August 1)   As I've said before, this carbon pollution standard gives all kids a fighting chance at a safe and promising future. I hope you'll join us -- either in Atlanta, Washington, DC, Denver, or Pittsburgh as we rally, march, testify and make our voices heard!

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My guess is the probability this will change a denier's opinion is 0.00001%*

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On the other hand, the report found no link between humans and Winter Storm Atlas, which dumped up to 55 inches of snow on South Dakota last October, heavy rain in Colorado that flooded more than a dozen cities in and around the Denver metro area and heavy rain and flooding events in Europe.

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"Why did Beall's List of potential predatory publishers go dark?"

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I've used this list  a number of times on this blog (most recently here with, I must say, a nice comment on the economics of the industry): Jeffrey Beall, the University of Colorado, Denver, librarian who has since 2008 chronicled “potential, possible, or probable” predatory publishers, has — at least for now — pulled the plug on his influential, and at times controversial, site.

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These are the winning environmental measures on ballots across the US


In Denver, voters approved a “climate sales tax” that could generate $800 million over the next two decades. Green a-clear-winner a-long-time a-new-tab about-as-close climate change country denver endangered love measure measures-on-the presidential public-land voters-endorsedWhile it took a long time to determine the new president of the U.S., the environment was a clear winner in many smaller elections this year.

Environment [sic] and resource economics sessions at the WEAI?

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This is an email I just sent to the RESECON listserv: RESECON, As you may know the Western Economic Association International meetings are being held in Denver, CO June 27-July 1, 2014 ( [link] ). Since this conflicts with the WCERE there will be no AERE organized sessions at the WEAI this year. But that doesn't mean that non-sponsored sessions can't be organized.

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New Orleans Pelicans

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Denver Brown Cloud | colors: brown, white. This is awesome: New Orleans changing its NBA nickname from Hornets to Pelicans was not a secret. But the logo and color scheme was, until today. New Orleans on Thursday officially unveiled its new nickname, logo and color scheme, capturing the essence of New Orleans and the Gulf and spotlighting the ecological concerns of the region.

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Vegan eco-hiphop DJ raps about the OG lifestyle for food justice and sustainability

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In this case, OG stands for organic gardener, and Denver''s DJ Cavem wants kids to grow their own greens, but "not the ones you roll." " Ietef Hotep Vita, also known as "DJ Cavem Moetavation," is a hiphop artist, educator, and vegan chef who''s using his lyrical skills to lay down tracks about the OG lifestyle, in the hopes of convincing kids to be gardeners, not gangstas.

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Solar Lights: Nokero Introduces New Solar Light Bulb In Zimbabwe

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from Solar Love Solar Lights: Nokero Introduces New Solar Light Bulb In Zimbabwe I received this news and Zimbabwe photo yesterday from Steve Katsaros, founder of Nokero, a pioneering Denver company that makes great solar light bulbs that replace poisonous kerosene lamps that are so prevalent where people have no access to electricity.

Weekend Reading 1/31/14

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Are Denver Broncos fans dumb? Denver? Eric. I told you this would happen. This week, Amtrak passengers were stuck on the tracks north of Bellingham because of a disabled coal train. Meanwhile, Amtrak’s Chicago-to-Seattle service is being routinely delayed by 8 to 10 hours while passengers take a back seat to oil trains. Meanwhile, in Seattle, hundreds of protestors rallied over the weekend in opposition to oil trains.

Natural-terrain schoolyards reduce children’s stress, says CU-Boulder study

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Co-authors of the paper included three former doctoral students: Kelly Keena and Illène Pevec, both who were at the University of Colorado Denver; and Emily Stanley, who was at Antioch University New England in Keene, N.H. Students at the Denver elementary school, who completed assignments in a natural habitat, found the process to be an escape from stress in the classroom and at home, according to the study. There also were anecdotal observations at the Denver school.

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The Garden as Community

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Community is being formed through gardens in Denver, Colorado. The following excerpt takes us to Denver, where the urban garden has become a community of its own. The garden was started with help from Denver Urban Gardens (DUG), a nonprofit that began reclaiming vacant lots and park space for gardens in 1985.

Lesson learned: don't conduct a sting of fake conferences and fake journals

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Mr. Beall, a scholarly-communications librarian at the University of Colorado at Denver who writes the blog Scholarly Open Access, says such stings have "saved people from submitting good manuscripts to bad publishers." No matter how tempting it might be: Jim Vander Putten suspected that some education conferences accepted any study pitched by someone willing to pay a registration fee.

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The Green Buzz: Friday, September 13

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This story continues to develop…( Denver Post ). Turns out no one really knows where the unlucky association for “Friday The 13th” came from but fingers crossed, just to be safe. Extensive flooding has made the Front Range area of Colorado treacherous. Nasa’s Voyager 1 spacecraft launched during the disco era and has reached interstellar space & guess what? It’s windy. Washington Post). Sir Francis Drake is rolling over in his grave!

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A research proposal inspired by an inspirational campus idea

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Students have learned that the university hired a Denver-based research-and-strategy firm, which specializes in political campaigns, to try to push the students to a yes vote in yet another referendum in October. What do you do when the voters don't know what is good for them? Lately, the University of Oregon has had a little trouble getting students to go along with its plan to renovate Erb Memorial Union, the university’s dilapidated student-union building.

Can bee-free honey satisfy vegans and save the bees?

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Denver’s Union Station Hotel. Engineering a bee’s stomach for vegan honey? This is the latest in the foodtech trend from Israel. Can technology solve any problem we are in? A world without bees, or a world without honey? Which is worse? If you ask the bees, the choice is clear.

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Drought Calls for Watering Restrictions in the Western U.S.

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Denver has done the same, setting a goal of saving 16 billion gallons of water in the next 12 months. That mighty river is shipped through tunnels and over mountain passes to provide water to Denver and other growing cities. Every time we turn on our faucet or shower in Fort Collins or Denver, we are taking water out of a river. [Editor''s Note: The following is a guest post by John Sanderson, The Nature Conservancy''s director of conservation science in Colorado.].

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"Even top economists publish in predatory journals, study finds" #RePEc

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Jeffrey Beall , a librarian at University of Colorado Denver and the creator of Beall’s lists , noted:  Actually, a broad range of people submit to predatory journals. Retraction Watch: Top-ranking economists sometimes publish papers in open access journals deemed potentially “predatory,” according to a new analysis.

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Green Program Launched to Keep City Parks Poo Free

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) DENVER, Colorado, USA, June 2009 – Poo Free Parks, a privately-held company that installs and maintains eco-friendly pet waste bags and dispensers, announces an environmentally responsible, community-based program addressing the issue of dog waste in city parks and along waterways. The Poo Free Parks program will kick off in Denver with plans to expand to other markets including San Francisco and New York.

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U.S. Task Force Finds Increasing Impacts Of Global Warming In Hawaii

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The task force will and has already stopped in other locations across the country, including Portland, Oregon; Miami, Florida; Chicago, Illinois; and Denver, Colorado. Global warming concerns run high in island communities, namely due to fears of increasing sea level rises from melting glaciers. However, changing weather patterns and the increasing temperatures in general will also impact island populations.

Saving the Forest for the Beers

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In Colorado, Miller Coors is partnering with The Nature Conservancy to fund large-scale forest restoration in the Upper South Platte watershed that supplies drinking water to Denver and Anheuser Busch is supporting a forest restoration initiative in the Poudre River watershed near their Fort Collins Brewery. The Great American Beer Festival in Denver in October is huge, with 750 U.S. Quick, name the ingredients necessary for a beer: Water. Barley. Those are the easy ones.

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Cakebread Cellars: 50+ chefs return to Napa green winery

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An astounding 51 chefs accepted the offer, including culinary luminaries from across the country and around the world such as: Rick Moonen ( RM Seafood , Las Vegas), Kevin Taylor ( Restaurant Kevin Taylor , Denver), Pascal Oudin ( Pascal’s on Ponce , Coral Gables), Ken Frank ( La Toque , Napa), Scott Gottlich ( Bijoux , Dallas) and Sujan Murkherjee ( Taj Bengal , West Bengal, India). | Green Wine News |.

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"High Pay for Presidents Is Not Shown to Yield Any Fund-Raising Payoff"

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' The researchers, who were scheduled to present their findings in Denver on Saturday at the annual conference of the Association for the Study of Higher Education, caution that their analysis had some significant limitations. As Tim pointed out recently , University of North Carolina system chancellor's recently received generous market adjustments  from the UNC Board of Governors.

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The Ingredients for Pro-Kid Cities

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Komppa took the time to answer some questions about what her travels and research in Boston, New York, Brooklyn, Chicago, Denver, Minneapolis, Washington DC, San Francisco, Toronto, and Vancouver BC can teach the Northwest about ingredients for family-friendly cities. For cities that kind of lost that—Seattle and Denver are very similar—the school boards sold off their urban properties and now there are kids downtown. Denver does as well.

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Dr. “Cannabis” Alan Shackelford puts medicine into marijuana, in Israel

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Raphael Mechoulam that Denver-based physician Dr. Alan Shackelford read when he was debating one of the hardest questions of his career: Should he, could he? Back on a trip to Israel in late December 2014 Shackelford knew he had patients back in Denver counting on him. So for now it’s a shuffle: a few weeks in Israel, a few weeks in Denver. Thirty-five years ago an Israeli researcher documented the case for medicinal cannabis to treat epilepsy.

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OptiMiser™ Energy Audit Software Achieves RESNET Certification

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Superior Tool for Home Energy Audit Programs DENVER, CO, November 2010: EnergyLogic Inc. EnergyLogic is currently partnering with the nonprofit Veterans Green Jobs to provide weatherization services to approximately 1,800 low income households in Denver and Jefferson Counties. proudly announces that OptiMiser ™ energy analysis software has achieved RESNET Certification.

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