The 5 Best Wind Turbines for Single Home Use

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The energy requirements of a single-family household may be obtained from the use of wind turbines. The power of these turbines are strong and adequate enough to supply ample energy for everyday living, with wind power reaching between 1 to 50 kilowatts and mostly between 1kW to 6kW. For farms and smaller communities, a wind turbine with a power capacity between 10 to 50kW is required. Higher powered turbines, from 1.5k

Report: Wind Turbine Noise NOT Harmful To Health

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The American Wind Energy Association has released a report that says that the noises produced by wind turbines are not health threatening. The report disputes that the frequencies of the produced turbine noise are lesser compared to the level normally heard in cities and metropolitan environments. Government / Industry american wind energy association wind turbine health report wind turbine syndrome


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Plastic Edges Could Improve Efficiency of Wind Turbines

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Risø , the National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy at the Technical University of Denmark, is conducting researching on improving the efficiency of wind turbine blades by adding plastic edges on the blades. Helge Aagaard Madsen, who is a research specialist on the project, explains, “Providing the blade with a movable trailing edge it is possible to control the load on the blade and extend the life time of the wind turbine components.

Now that’s huge! Record-breaking wind turbine being built by Siemens

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German manufactuer Siemens have constructed off-shore wind turbines with record-breaking rotors. Besides making it lightweight, in relation to its size of course, these construction processes also makes the wind turbine extremely strong. And this is a good thing considering that they will be hit with the energy of around 200 tons of air per second out in the sea where these wind turbines are designed to be used.

Siemens Supplying Hundreds of Wind Turbines to Dong Energy

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OK, sorry, back to your regularly scheduled wind power news. Dong Energy is all set to erect (giggle) up to 500 offshore wind turbines in Northern Europe thanks to a recent agreement with Siemens AG. The wind turbines in question will have a total capacity of 1,800 megawatts and each will have an individual capacity of 3.6 Both Dong and Siemens made history together when they constructed the world’s first offshore wind farm at Vindeby in Denmark.

International panel of experts conclude sound from wind turbines has no harmful effect on human health

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Multidisciplinary panel conducts most extensive study of its kind to date An international panel of experts on December 15, 2009 released a report based on a review of a large body of scientific literature on sound and health effects, and specifically with regard to sound produced by wind turbines. After extensive review, analysis and discussion, the panel has concluded that sounds or vibrations emitted from wind turbines have no adverse effect on human health.

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International panel of experts conclude sound from wind turbines has no harmful effect on human health

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Multidisciplinary panel conducts most extensive study of its kind to date OTTAWA, December 2009 – An international panel of experts has released a report based on a review of a large body of scientific literature on sound and health effects, and specifically with regard to sound produced by wind turbines. After extensive review, analysis and discussion, the panel has concluded that sounds or vibrations emitted from wind turbines have no adverse effect on human health.

Is a 100% Wind Energy Powered Town Possible?

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A wind turbine, as most of us know, is a machine that transforms kinetic energy into mechanical energy. The most famous machines using the wind turbine are the windmills and wind pumps, which are often used in farming or agricultural activities and for power production. In Denmark, modern wind turbines have been developed and used since the 1980s. In 2010, about 1/4 of the electric consumption of Denmark is by wind energy.

China helped wind power climb to new record levels in 2011

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Wind energy developers installed a record 41,000 megawatts of electricity-generating capacity in 2011, bringing the world total to 238,000 megawatts. With more than 80 countries now harnessing the wind, there is enough installed wind power capacity worldwide to meet the residential electricity needs of 380 million people at the European level of consumption. China’s ambitious Wind Base program will help ensure a widening lead for some years to come.

Winflex Inflatable Turbines Prove Wind Energy Practical Anywhere

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Inflatable wind turbines are lighter and cheaper than heavy conventional ones. One of these green companies, Winflex LTD, is set on proving that harnessing energy from the wind does not have to involve the use of large cumbersome wind turbines, such as the wind turbines now churning away on the Golan Heights. Winflex wind rotor. The turbines are designed to operate in varying weather conditions, including stormy weather.

How Does It Work: Wind Energy

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How Does It Work: Wind Energy. People have been capturing the power of this wind since ancient times: it’s moved sailboats for thousands of years while windmills were around in England as early as the 11 th century and in other parts of the world even earlier than that. And while modern wind energy technology is obviously very different, the basic idea remains the same: to harness the power of the wind to make clean, easy energy. How does wind energy work?

Small is Beautiful: We Don't Need to Go Big To Create New Energy Sources

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POLLIN: Well, there will, should be thousands of windmills but if we look for example at the experiences and of a few Western European countries Germany, Denmark, Sweden, the UK. They do have wind turbine projects that are community owned, that are placed right in the middle of the community, for example like right in the middle of Copenhagen. JAY: So instead of a massive wind farm somewhere out here.

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Who's Killing Renewable Energy?

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A promising offshore wind energy project has languished on the East Coast for 15 years—and its enemies range from a Koch brother to the Kennedys. Gordon knew the Netherlands was generating renewable energy from wind turbines miles offshore, and “the New England coastline had similar geography and population density to Northern Europe, so offshore wind made sense,” he says. Still, it has dramatically changed the landscape for offshore wind power in the United States.

Abundant Clean Renewables? Think Again!

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Germany has installed over 24,000 wind turbines and 1.4 Denmark already generates 43 percent of electricity from renewables and aims to phase out fossil fuel burning by 2050. Although "renewable" energy is growing faster than ever before, it is neither carbon neutral, "clean" nor sustainable. We need to transform into low-energy societies that meet human - not corporate - needs. Renewable energy is growing faster than ever before.

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Why Do We Still Use Fossil Fuels & Can Non-Renewable Sources of Energy Be Replaced?


To change, we would need to develop clear plans that provide predictability so that businesses can switch to renewable sources of energy, such as solar or wind energy. Further reading: Can We Rely Entirely on Solar and Wind Energy?

First U.S. Offshore Wind Farm Approved By Government

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Some twenty years ago Denmark installed their first and the world’s first offshore wind turbine. Offshore wind farms are considered an especially good source of wind energy. Subsequent countries have added their own offshore wind farms, including China recently building their first offshore wind farm in Shanghai. However, the United States has yet to establish an offshore wind farm of their own. Wind Power

Sierra & Tierra: A Gale of Wind Energy Good News

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By Javier Sierra A gale of good news is hitting both the wind industry and the future of the planet. Spain became the first country ever to get more energy from wind than any other source during a complete year in 2013, with a 21.1-percent share at 55 gigawatts (GW). According to Spain’s Wind Energy Association, at the end of 2013, this clean energy was able to bring the price of electricity from $150 per megawatt (MW)/hour down to $7 per MV/hour.

Samsø’s Success

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A combination of wind power, biofuels, and solar panels meets the needs of 4,000 people. Samsø boasts 11 onshore wind turbines, which supply sufficient electricity for all the homes. The government subsidizes wind power at a rate of 20-50% of the production cost. The turbines are set up in three different arrays – near Tanderup, Permelille, and Brundby. Four biofuel systems supplement the wind turbines.

Samso: The energy self-sufficient island

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As the location for next month's UN climate change summit, this comes as a huge propaganda win for Denmark, who can now boast a region that can be used by the rest of the planet as the blueprint for future green energy production. It all started in 1997 when Samso won a competition between five Danish islands to become Denmark's "Renewable Energy Island" by presenting a 10-year plan to convert its energy consumption from oil and gas to clean technology.

Irish communities have been urged to live more sustainably

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When it comes to small wind, for instance, and other renewable energy on a smaller scale, as in households and such, the government – especially local – generally thrown, in Britain, a spanner in the works. If we are really serious, as a country, as those that are supposed to lead, as to going “green” we must take a leaf out of the books of other countries in the European Union, for instance, such as Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, and Sweden.

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Alternative Energy – Things you didn’t know

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Wind Energy. Every day you can see the wind blowing, all that wasted energy just wafting away. An estimated 72TW of energy onshore it thought to be available and all you need to tap it are a few wind turbines! Currently less than 1% of the Earth’s energy needs are supplied by wind, coming in at a mere 59GW, with Denmark being the most wind friendly producing 23% of its own energy needs. Learn more about wind turbine power here.

Sustainable Travel in Utah

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2018 Environmental Performance Index shows that the most sustainable nations in the world when it comes to ecotourism include Denmark, France, and Switzerland. Stay in greener hotels that promote sustainability initiatives and use solar power, energy-efficient lighting, wind turbines, low-flow toilets, and rainwater harvesting. Utah with its towering mountains, deep canyons, and enchanting valleys is completely stunning.

Utah 46

Record year for European offshore wind, UK leads the sector

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UK has half of newly installed European offshore wind farms in first half of 2010 European total approaches 2.5 gigawatts, a threefold increase since 2006 by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Renewable UK, the trade association for wind and marine energy - Britain’s fastest growing green energy sectors – welcomed today’s announcement from the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) that European offshore wind capacity in 2010 has grown faster than in the same period in 2009.

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UK lead in offshore wind confirmed

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· European Wind Energy Association 2010 stats just released, confirm UK position · Total EU offshore now close to 3 gigawatts, powering 2.9 million EU homes · 19 gigawatts consented in EU waters, sufficient to power 14 European capital cities Latest offshore wind statistics, released today by the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA), confirm that the United Kingdom is the European and world sector leader with 1,341 megawatts (MW) installed.

Britain must do more to secure wind energy jobs

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Britain, as a nation, is punching well below its weight when it comes to offshore wind, risking missing legally-binding targets and the opportunity to secure tens of thousands of jobs. The paper also says that more government support is needed to make Britain a global hub for offshore wind energy, with the potential to create up to 70,000 jobs in parts of the country where they are most needed. Tags: UK wind energy BWEA

National Trust’s new 'Living Green Visitor Center' opened in Morden Park

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When it, however, comes to refurbishing old military sites the people of Christiania in Denmark mus be seen as the ones leading the way. Then again there should be no restrictions as far as renewable energy is concerned and wind turbines and PVs on roofs should be the nor and even on old listed buildings. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Stable yard at Morden Hall Park, Merton, reopened after £2.5m

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Foreign Investment In New U.S. Wind Farm

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One of the sectors the government has been investing in steadily is wind energy, however. Many analysts have stated that the wind energy sector has faired better than predicted and better than other alternative sectors. This is partially due to the $1 billion in federal grants which went into wind energy. In the time period between July and September, 1,649 megawatts of wind energy capacity was installed. companies Renewable Energy Group and Cielo Wind Power LP.

GP Exclusive Interview: Turkey Beginning to Lay Infrastructure for Hydrogen Economy

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Released last year, the EkoKaravan is a mobile home that runs off wind, solar, battery, and hydrogen energy systems and could be used for anything from disaster relief situations to tourism. A 1kW wind turbine and 1.7kW solar array are the caravan’s primary sources of energy, and 17kWh batteries hold about three days’ worth of energy in the bottom of the vehicle. Denmark Prepares to (Slowly) Enter Electric Car Network.

After record levels last year, world wind power is set to break new records in 2013

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Even amid policy uncertainty in major wind power markets, wind developers still managed to set a new record for installations in 2012, with 44,000 megawatts of new wind capacity worldwide. With total capacity exceeding 280,000 megawatts, wind farms generate carbon-free electricity in more than 80 countries, 24 of which have at least 1,000 megawatts. China installed some 13,000 megawatts of wind in 2012, according to the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC).

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Renewable Energy Business Leaders to Convene at European Future Energy Forum

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A dedicated renewable and alternative energy conference stream will then run on both days 2 and 3 of the Forum to cover the specific challenges facing off-shore wind, nuclear, biomass, solar PV, Solar CSP, wave and tidal energy. And with a new government in London promising to be the greenest ever, the time is right to dream big” Wind energy looks to be hotly debated with industry heavy-weights showcasing the advancements that have been made both in the UK and across Europe.

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IKEA and Ideabox build Aktiv, a Swedish style sustainable prefab.


Wind Power. Loan a bicyle and pedal your goods home: Ikea Denmark introduces bikes with trailers. What’s next: Bladeless wind turbines. Five technological advancements in wind turbines promising better output. Most innovative wind turbine designs. Please login. Sign In. User Name / Email. Password. Forgot Password. Dont have an account? Join Now. Login. slideshows. Greenlists //. gallery //. Transportation. Architecture. Technology.

Kyocera's solar modules power England's first 'zero carbon church'


Wind Power. group of Danish companies and institutions has just released a visionary concept called H2PIA for building the worlds first hydrogen city, beginning year 2007 in Denmark with H2. What’s next: Bladeless wind turbines. Five technological advancements in wind turbines promising better output. Most innovative wind turbine designs. Please login. Sign In. User Name / Email. Password. Forgot Password. Dont have an account? Join Now.

Focus Earth Special Episode: Six People Saving Our Planet

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These six innovators are harnessing the wind, and exploring the depths of our oceans.each with a brave mission of change, a unique message of hope, and a vision of how we can protect our planet. Soren Hermansen Soren Hermansen, a teacher at the Samso Energy Academy in Denmark, helped his small town ween itself off of fossil fuels. Just over a decade later he has led his country to become the largest producer of wind turbines in the world.

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Siemens Sells First 100 MW of Turbines to Morocco

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The German renewable energy giant Siemens Energy has just secured its first wind turbine orders within Africa, with orders for two new wind farms going up in Morocco. Siemens will supply turbines with a total capacity of 100 MW, 50 MW to the Haouma Wind Farm project in Northern Morocco, and 50 MW to Foum El Oued in Southern Morocco. The company says that Africa is an emerging wind market with Morocco currently being number two in installations.


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That's how CHP plants in Denmark can reach up to 95 per cent efficiency. We could be harvesting energy from the wind , the sun's rays , the ocean , underground springs and even the earth itself. According to the government, just the wind, wave and tidal resources of our windswept island could meet 40 per cent of our energy needs by 2020. You can have a single wind turbine like the one at Manchester City's stadium or a massive wind farm like the forthcoming London Array.

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The Story of Stuff - Take Action 10 LITTLE AND BIG THINGS YOU CAN DO

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Local Energy, Local Power Wind on the Great Plains could power the country. Magazine #40, Winter 2007 Wind turbines in Denmark.

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Gaia Education

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Findhorn is part of a large organic community-supported agricultural scheme, and has its own currency and bank, uses renewable energy systems (solar, wind and biomass), recycles waste, including sewage treated in a reed-bed living machine system. Gaia Trust Gaia Trust, Denmark is a charitable entity supporting sustainabilty projects, especially the ecovillage movement.

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