Renewables 2014 Global Status Report Highlights Another Year of Impressive Renewable Energy Growth

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Worldwatch Institute researchers contribute to leading global study on renewable energy development Washington, D.C. Renewable energy technologies set new installation records as their contribution to the global energy mix continued to climb in 2013. Renewable power capacity jumped more than 8 percent in 2013, accounting for over 56 percent of net additions and now has the potential to account for over a fifth of world electricity generation.

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Renewable Energy Business Leaders to Convene at European Future Energy Forum

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The foremost renewable energy gathering in Europe has announced a star line up of experts to appear in London, Oct. A world-class debate will take place for three days, with how to fund the future of energy as the leading issue. This fast-paced and exciting debate chaired by Steve Sedgwick, CNBC Anchor will ask ‘Where is the money coming from to fund the new energy revolution?’ Source: European Future Energy Forum

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Why Do We Still Use Fossil Fuels & Can Non-Renewable Sources of Energy Be Replaced?


As users, we are mainly interested in having a constant supply of energy which is also affordable so we can go on with our life. Where the energy comes from is rarely something we are aware of unless it carries financial implications. Why do we still burn fossil fuels to produce energy?

Five Green Cities

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Home About Us Contact Us Products Green Tips EBooks Going Green: Questions and Answers Subscribe Living Green and Saving Energy Five Green Cities by greenwise on December 20, 2010 Post describes 5 green cities around the world on “ How Stuff Works &# For the record, they are 5. Copenhagen, Denmark 3.

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EU Likely To Exceed Twenty Percent Renewable Goal Of 2020

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Countries around the globe have set forth various goals for renewable energy and reducing overall energy demands. The goals vary depending upon the country in question, but in Europe the European Union has collectively set a goal of attaining twenty percent of their energy needs from renewables by 2020. The expected renewable energy generation for the year of 2020 was recently analyzed by the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA).

2020 50

Small is Beautiful: We Don't Need to Go Big To Create New Energy Sources

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PERI's Robert Pollin, author of Greening the Global Economy, says community-owned renewable energy sources are the path to the future PAUL JAY, SENIOR EDITOR, TRNN: Welcome to the Real News Network. In the new book Greening the Global Economy Rob Pollin says we don’t need to go big to create new energy sources; in fact, small is beautiful. It’s going to depend on being heavily insulated, high efficiency building, with solar energy and geothermal energy.

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European energy ministers and industry leaders are meeting in London in October 2010 to discuss key issues of finance critical to the deployment of renewable energy. The cost implications of clean energy and where the money will come from to achieve drastic emissions reductions remains a big question. Where is the money coming from to fund the new energy revolution?” asks Jo Tyler, Event Director, European Future Energy Forum. “We’re

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Alternative Energy – Things you didn’t know

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As our energy needs rise, as our supplies of fossil fuels run out and as the state of our planet become more precarious, we increasingly need to look at alternative energy sources to meet our requirements and to allow our modern lifestyles. Solar Energy. The sun, a huge burning ball of hydrogen, outputs vast amounts of energy every second. Even the minute fraction that falls on the Earth’s surface is more than enough to supply all our energy needs.

Bwindi Eco Tourism Center will connect visitors with nature


Renewable Energy. Tidal and Wave Energy. Geothermal Energy. In addition to this they will also produce their own energy using renewable sources. Denmark-based NORD Architects has won the competition for a new healthcare center for cancer patients in Copenhagen, Denmark, which will enhance recovery and. Eco Architecture: Denmark’s greenest childcare center will protect natural resources. Please login. Sign In. User Name / Email.

IKEA and Ideabox build Aktiv, a Swedish style sustainable prefab.


Renewable Energy. Tidal and Wave Energy. Geothermal Energy. Major eco-friendly elements of Aktiv contain energy efficient appliances such as dual flush, access for natural warmth and lights. Energy star electronics items are used in the building for less energy consumption as well. Eco Factor: Prefab home is Energy Star and Earth Advantage certified. The Big Question: Is geothermal energy the future of clean energy?

Kyocera's solar modules power England's first 'zero carbon church'


Renewable Energy. Tidal and Wave Energy. Geothermal Energy. KYOTO Corporation from Japan had been assigned to supply its solar modules for a leading project that has helped in renovating the old church building, equipping it with all required tools for generating power sustainability, with the use of solar energy. The 24 Kyocera solar modules generate solar energy with an output of 3.12kW. Oklahomas first zero energy home. Please login.