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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The right-conservative government of Denmark is trying to do everything possible to deter refugees and migrants from coming into the country. 2015 Technorati Tags: Denmark , refugees , migrants , highwayrobbery

What is the National Bird of Denmark?

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home about advertise archives birds conservation contact galleries links reviews subscribe Browse: Home / Birds / What is the National Bird of Denmark? What is the National Bird of Denmark? By Corey • March 4, 2011 • 3 comments Tweet Share The Mute Swan Cygnus olor became the national bird of Denmark in 1984, replacing the Skylark Alauda arvensis. It is no wonder that the ugly duckling grew up to be the national bird of Denmark.

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New Agro Food Park for Denmark to change the core of a broken system

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Now Denmark is putting its stake in the ground and ploughing ahead with new ideas. We all need better food in our lives. It’s working with leading architects and is making investments in a making huge investments in a balanced whole-systems and ecological approach to growing our food.

Twenty-five Percent of Denmark is Powered Exclusively by Wind

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"Denmark is no stranger to green energy, but this latest news is something special. megawatt offshore wind turbine up and running, Denmark has just stepped over the one gigawatt wind energy threshold. The government of Denmark isn''t satisfied with 25 percent.

Denmark Plans to (Finally) Outlaw Bestiality


Denmark is planning to make sex between a human and an animal, known as bestiality, illegal. Read More The post Denmark Plans to (Finally) Outlaw Bestiality appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Causes News Top News

Easyecar’s Martin Thomson Says Better Place EV Plan Problematic for Denmark

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Denmark’s Thomson prefers “freedom of charge&# over Better Place’s forced charging network. Cars & Transportation Denmark electric cars project better place

Better Place Denmark Hopes to Get Electric Car Venture (Finally) Going in October

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Denmark’s Better Place commercial launch may finally take place – in October. Thomson said that despite this issue, Better Place may have an advantage over other companies, such as Nissan, whose Leaf electric model will only be available in Denmark sometime in 2012.

Denmark’s new government promises far reaching green policies

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From 2001 and until recently, Denmark was run by a liberal-conservative government supported by a far right nationalist party. Traumatized by the Iraq war, in which Denmark participated on the most narrow of parliamentary majorities, they have promised to work for a change of law to require 2/3, not 50%, of the votes for such serious decisions as wars. Often visitors to Denmark express respect for our wind mills and green initiatives.

Denmark to end their reliance on fossil fuels, aims for 100 percent renewable energy in 2050

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The new red and green government in Denmark wants to end the country’s reliance on fossil fuels. By 2050 Denmark should get 100% of their energy from renewable energy sources. Under the new plan the government wants to see Denmark generate 52% of its energy from renewable sources, such as wind power, as early as 2020. This target alone would cut Denmark’s greenhouse gas emissions with 35% based on 1990 levels. According to estimates the energy plan will cost Denmark 5.6

Earthquake Yoga: Stretching from Nepal to Denmark.

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Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Health & Wellness Yoga denmark earthquake guilt Nepal personal responsibility4 relief effort

Now that’s huge! Record-breaking wind turbine being built by Siemens

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A prototype 6-megawatt turbine will be erected at the Østerild test station in Denmark later this fall. Renewable Energy Denmark Germany green technology offshore wind farm renewable technologies Siemens UK wind energy wind power wind turbine

Danish zoo kills healthy giraffe to avoid inbreeding [video]

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Lifestyle animals Copenhagen Denmark In the latest tragedy for animal rights, and it happened in Europe, a Danish zoo has reportedly shot and killed a perfectly healthy giraffe which was given to the lions as food.

Denmark Comes Top in First-of-Kind Global Cleantech Innovation Index


Denmark, followed by Israel, Sweden, Finland and the US provide the best conditions today for clean technology start-up creation, with companies in the Asia Pacific region following closely behind when it comes to commercial success, the first Global Cleantech Innovation Index shows.

Denmark Gets Cycling Superhighway to Copenhagen

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But Middle Eastern cities looking to cut smog and the health effects of car transport might consider installing a super highway for bikes, like a new project in Denmark that has paved an 18 km cycling pathway for Danish commuters around Copenhagen.

Religious Slaughter Now Banned in Denmark


A Read More The post Religious Slaughter Now Banned in Denmark appeared first on Ecorazzi. Per European Union regulations, animals must be stunned before they are killed in slaughterhouses. The E.U. does, however, allow member nations to exempt those who are performing religious slaughters.

Is Better Place Building An EV Monopoly?

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Despite concern that Better Place is losing millions as it slowly brings electric vehicles to market in Israel and Denmark, some in the cleantech industry are also worried that the Israel electric vehicle (EV) company is the only one out there trying to make the business work.

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Brigitte Nielsen Asks Denmark to Stop Shooting Pigs


Brigitte’s home country of Denmark uses pigs as part Read More The post Brigitte Nielsen Asks Denmark to Stop Shooting Pigs appeared first on Ecorazzi. Danish actress Brigitte Nielsen is asking her country to get with the times and stop using animals in their military training. Animals Causes News Top News brigitte nielsen

Bike-Sharing Programs Hit the Streets in Over 500 Cities Worldwide

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Although the Netherlands and Denmark had far more pervasive cycling cultures, it was France that ushered the world into the third generation of bike sharing in 1998, when advertising company Clear Channel began the world’s first public computerized program with 200 bikes in the city of Rennes.

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Better Place Puts 100 Electric Cars on Israeli Roads

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Maurice Test Drives the Better Place Electric Car: “Like a Dragster” Cars & Transportation Cleantech, Science & Technology Better Place Denmark electric cars EVs Israel Tel AvivBetter Place Renault Fluence electric cars hit the road on way to customers.

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Denmark Scraps Fat Tax in Victory for Big Food


Denmark has scrapped the world’s first “fat tax”, which was charged on foods high in saturated fats , after just one year. Plans to introduce a tax on sugar have also been abandoned.

Science says: Want to have more Sex? Do this.

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” Spies Travel is joining forces with wannabe grandmas in the fight against Denmark’s low birth rate. Sploosh. 46% more sex. Endorphins and stuff. Want grandchildren? Do it for mom. “I died when the lady shish kabob’d those condoms.”

“How we deal with thieves in Denmark.” (video)

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“Did you steal my pony?” ” “Yes I can’t deny it. I’m sorry. I was really drunk” “That’s cool I know how it is” “I thought it would be funny to have my girlfriend wake up to to a huge My Little Pony” Top Reddit comments: “Being civilized got things done quicker than lawsuits or […]. Homepages (Gold Tabs)* Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Funny Inspiring (Wow) WAYLON: Today Only

Obama going to Denmark to make Olympics pitch – but won’t go to the UN climate meetings there in December?

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Tomorrow President Barack Obama will visit Denmark to try to raise support for Chicago’s Olympic bid for the 2016 summer games. First lady Michelle Obama arrived in Denmark earlier and will, with the support of Oprah Winfrey, also try to help out with the lobbying.

New York City Channeling Its Inner-Copenhagen With New Bike Sharing Program


Across the pond, in the uber-green city of Copenhagen, Denmark, more than a 1/3 of the city’s 1.2 million residents bike to work. A couple decades ago, officials thought such a scheme would be good for curbing traffic and reducing emissions – so they went ahead and installed some 274 miles of bike lanes; as [.]. Lifestyle Transport

Rewrite’s Soft and Cozy Study Bubble by GamFratesi

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Fashion & Design Denmark Italy Middle East officeWant to get rid of the clutter from your home office? Cozy up in the Rewrite desk. Even when I had a large two room open-concept flat in a Templar’s house in Tel Aviv, I still craved the intimacy of small spaces.

Tourists Not Terrorists: The Middle East Can Capitalize on World Eco-Travel Trends

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Sweden, Switzerland, and Denmark—three countries holding the top three spots in the environmental sustainability pillar- are characterized by strong environmental legislation and a focus on developing the tourism sector in a sustainable way.

How to Help the Second ‘Marius the Giraffe’ Avoid Execution


When Marius, a young male giraffe at the Copenhagen Zoo, in Denmark, was shot to death by his keepers a few days ago, it caused a global outrage. A few Read More The post How to Help the Second ‘Marius the Giraffe’ Avoid Execution appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Causes News People Top News

Denmark becomes First Country to Tax Saturated Fat


In October, Denmark implemented the world’s first tax that directly targets saturated fat in foods. Saturated fat, according to the World Health Organization, raises low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol levels which can increase the risk of cardio vascular disease. Saturated fat is found in foods from animal sources, such as butter and bacon. Any products which contain more than 2.3 percent saturated fat are subject to the tax.

Another Giraffe Named Marius May be Killed in Danish Zoo


It is definitely not a good time to be a giraffe in Denmark. Just days after the Copenhagen Zoo euthanized a healthy 18 month old giraffe named Marius, another Danish Read More The post Another Giraffe Named Marius May be Killed in Danish Zoo appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Causes News Top News

ECOmove Creating 500-mile All Electric Car


ECOmove, an electric car manufacturer in Denmark, wants to create an all electric car that has a driving range of 500 miles. Read More. Environment Lifestyle News Top News

Moscow Arctic Forum promises peaceful exploitation, silent on risks

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During the end of September the “Arctic nations&# – Canada, Russia, Norway, the United States and Denmark – met in Moscow to agree on territorial claims.

World leaders apologizes for climate failure in Copenhagen ads

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Our world leaders haven’t yet apologized for their climate failure in Copenhagen so Greenpeace and the global tcktcktck campaign have done it for them in these advertisements at the Copenhagen airport: “I’m sorry,&# the text of the ad reads.

Europe installed twice as much wind energy capacity in 2014 as coal and gas combined

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New wind power installations also saw a dramatic decline in countries such as Spain, Italy and Denmark who all installed much less wind than in previous years. Denmark might be nearing “peak wind” as it saw a drop in installations by over 90 percent.

“We need to get it done. And we need to get it done now.”

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Copenhagen 2009 Barack Obama Bella Center climate conference climate meeting climate negotiations climate summit climate talks Connie Hedegaard Cop15 Copenhagen Denmark Europe UN UN Climate Change Conference UN COP15 United Nations Yvo de BoerIt’s here!

Copenhagen and Lund – two cities in Scandinavia where bicycles dominate

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Cars & Transportation bicycle Copenhagen cycling Denmark Europe Lund Scandinavia StreetFilms Sweden transportation Velo-City videoHere are two videos from Streetfilms and the BBC which shows two cities in Scandinavia where bicycles dominate.

Obama says he will attend Copenhagen climate talks, also announces emissions reduction target

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“Obama planned to make a visit at the beginning of the climate negotiations in Denmark, an administration official told Reuters on Wednesday, before picking up the Nobel Peace Prize at a ceremony in neighboring Oslo.”. Maybe he liked the city?

Copenhagen wins ‘European Green Capital’

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Bristol Copenhagen Denmark England Europe France Frankfurt Germany Hamburg Nantes News Spain Stockholm Sweden Vitoria-Gasteiz eco-innovation European Green Capital Award Green Travel News Reuters

Naomi Klein: We want a good deal. And that’s what tomorrows demonstration is going to be about.

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demonstration tomorrow in this video from Grist: Copenhagen 2009 action activism Climate Camp Climate Justice Action climate talks Cop15 Copenhagen demonstration Denmark Europe global justice Kevin Smith Naomi Klein Peoples Assembly police protest protests Reclaim Power!

The “Danish text” makes developing nations furious and Naomi Klein says the deal we really need is not even on the table

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Photo credit: adopt a negotiator. Here are some of the biggest and most interesting news today related to the ongoing COP15 climate conference in Copenhagen: A draft text for a potential final agreement in Copenhagen was leaked today to the Guardian.

Chechen Leader Offers Asylum to Second Marius the Giraffe


Citing humanitarian reasons, Russian politician and Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov has offered to save Marius, a young giraffe at Jyllands Park Zoo in Denmark, from having the same fate as the one Read More The post Chechen Leader Offers Asylum to Second Marius the Giraffe appeared first on Ecorazzi.