Paper notebooks and adult coloring books are definitely “in”

Green (Living) Review

And no, using paper is not (necessarily) bad for the Planet. Paper and other old technologies are definitely making a comeback at this very moment as, it would appear, people have gotten fed up with having an over-complicated life with all the high-tech devices.

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The madness of perpetual growth on a finite planet

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) It is amazing how many, apparently same, people believe that you can have infinite perpetual economic growth on a finite Planet such as ours. The entire idea of capitalism is based on this exploitation of the Planet and of the poor.

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10 Things A Planet Needs to Make it Habitable

The Alien Next Door

artist rendition of Kepler 186f Using the latest Kepler telescope, scientists have recently discovered close to 140 Earth-like planets among thousands of exotic exoplanets in the galaxy. The one common ingredient that makes a planet habitable, Batalha tells us, is the need for liquid water.

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A Swift-ly Tilting Planet

10,000 Birds

But it definitely means that summer is ending. There are no swifts in Missoula. Except when there are. When there are is migration, and it is happening now. As an East Coaster swifts were easy. There are Chimney Swifts , and they nest in chimneys.

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Product Review- Planet Wise

Green Earth Journey

As you can imagine, you definitely need a wet bag for cloth diapering when you are out and about. I received a beautiful small wet bag from Planet Wise to review! Planet Wise wet bags are made in the USA and PVC free. How Does Planet Wise Inc.™

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Captain Planet Stressed Me Out

Conservancy Talk

As a child I was discouraged from watching a television program called “Captain Planet.” Captain Planet in the Flesh! It’s been over a decade and a half since my first encounter with Captain Planet, but it wasn’t until recently I was able to meet my childhood hero in the flesh.

It's the Planet Stupid!: Capitalism and The Destruction of the Commons

Green (Living) Review

Here’s a typical definition: The cultural and natural resources accessible to all members of a society, including natural materials such as air, water, and a habitable earth. commons environment Planet

Can Environmental SF Help Save Our Planet?

The Alien Next Door

Journalist and climate activist Dan Bloom coined the term Cli-Fi in 2008 to describe literature whose premise is based on some element of climate change and its impact on the planet and on humanity. Several of these definitely fit the sub-genre of Cli-Fi.

Blame Game or Reality: Retrograde Planets in Transit. ~ Pamela McDonough

Elephant Journal

In the first and second parts of this series we learned about the definition of retrograde planets, as well as some of the key meanings for retrograde planets and how these planets can affect our life with respect to our specific horoscope. This is especially true for those of us who are born when a planet is in the retrograde phase.

Why the Middle East Should Definitely Support America’s Keystone XL Pipeline Protests

Green Prophet

These are just a few of the problems we have to confront as a warming planet wreaks havoc on our climate. Bill McKibben isn’t the kind of guy who takes getting arrested lightly. He’s doing it to save humanity from one of the most catastrophic dangers we have ever faced.

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The greatest threat to our Planet is apathy

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The greatest threat to our Planet is the belief that someone else will save it. Robert Swan It's not really about saving the Planet, it is about saving ourselves for without a healthy Planet we are dead long before the Planet is. The Planet can do very well without us but we cannot do without the Planet. In fact the Planet, our Earth, would do, probably, much better without us that with us.

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Heroines for the Planet: Laura Turner Seydel

Eco Chic

Ironically, one of my favorite shows as a kid was Captain Planet , a show which Laura’s father, Ted Turner, created. She’s the Chairwoman of the Captain Planet Foundation , which promotes environmental education and gardens in schools, and Zero Waste Zone-Downtown Atlanta.

Save Water, Save The Planet

Green (Living) Review

By taking small steps to conserve water, you can help the planet in big ways. The current definition of the water footprint doesn't address these discrepancies. Just because water comes gushing out of our faucets, it doesn't mean that it's an infinite resource.

A Lung Scan for the Planet: A New Global Forest Change Interactive Map

Nature Conservancy - Science

Perhaps the problem is that we’re too attached to a static definition of maps – sheets of paper that represent what is or has been there. Red blotches are eating away at the lung capacity of our planet.

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Mike Rowe To Narrate Discovery Channel’s ‘HUMAN PLANET’


Looks like Discovery has found a narrator for their upcoming “Human Planet&# television event. Four years in the making, the series is a “majestic portrait of people’s incredible ability to survive and thrive in our planet’s most extreme environments.”

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Heroines for the Planet: Upcycling Bag Designer Monica Ralli

Eco Chic

It’s no surprise that Monica Ralli, founder of Urthbags , is a Heroine for the Planet. MR: Yes, most definitely. Featured accessories bags eco fashion Fashion heroines for the planet upcycling

Cairo’s Fixers: Repairers That Are Helping Heal The Planet

Green Prophet

Indeed what Wiens found went beyond the stereotype of young African children stripped electronics to their core (and toxic) materials: “I’ve definitely seen children mining e-waste for raw metals…but the repair industry isn’t like that at all.

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The extreme focus on materialism and its impact on the Planet

Green (Living) Review

Perpetual growth does not compute with a Planet that cannot grow. With a planet, however, which is finite, we have a problem.

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5 Free and Cheap Apps to Save the Planet

Green Prophet

We’ve written a book on how to write to save the planet. Definitely an App for the green/health-minded. Purchase this App and help save the planet.


Green (Living) Review

SILVER SPRING, MD, April 2009 : Planet Green , the first 24-hour multiplatform lifestyle and entertainment brand devoted to the environment, announced that Emeril Green, Focus Earth with Bob Woodruff, Greensburg, Renovation Nation, and Wa$ted! The new season openers headline Planet Green’s special Earth Day celebration “Turn Back the Temp: The Coolest Week on TV” beginning April 19 – 25. Coming back for its second season, Planet Green’s series Wa$ted!

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Gyms Go Green for a Healthier Planet

Eco Friendly Daily

If you are concerned about your body, you should be concerned about the health of the planet too. That’s definitely not all. That’s the message a lot of new age gyms are giving out.

Win It! BBC’s Planet Earth Special Edition and Limited Collector’s Edition


The most expensive nature documented series ever produced by the BBC, “Planet Earth” will always have a fond place in my memory as the first television event that blew my mind in high-definition. I’ve said it many times before, but in my opinion, this series is the reason why HDTV finally started making inroads in [.]. Entertainment Film/TV david attenborough

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Reducing CO2 to cool the Planet

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Renewable, sometimes called alternative, energy, wind, wave and sun, are touted as a way to reduce CO2 emissions and cool down our, unfortunately, overheating Planet. In addition to that it puts a strain on the environment and the Planet. I can achieve that same trip in less time than it takes them to get the car off their drive, parked and then doing the shopping and back, on foot and definitely by bike.

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How Altruism Can Save the Planet: Q&A with Buddhist Monk Matthieu Ricard

Conservancy Talk

What is your definition of “altruism”? We devote hours upon hours to developing skills to excel at tasks that are important to us – from sports and music to public speaking and project management.

Top 5 Reasons Why Being Nice to Your Neighbors Can Save the Planet & Money

Eco Friendly Daily

It’s going to take some communication and niceness on your part, but if you can help save the planet and money, giving a smile and wave at the neighbors is worth it. It will definitely save them a second drive, which reduces pollution and saves the contractor on gas.

The Path to Organic Fashion Wear is Long One « Green Home Blog

Green Home Blog

What’s your personal definition of greening?

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Heroines for the Planet: Executive Producer of Betsy West

Eco Chic

I think the definition of a feminist is someone who believes in fairness for everyone—women and men. Betsy West is the executive producer of the recently-launched , an AOL/PBS-backed digital platform showcasing hundreds of inspiring video interviews from women of all generations.

Heroines for the Planet: Jill Danyelle, Eco Interior Designer

Eco Chic

I definitely had some low moments where I was not sure what direction I should go in next, but that led me on a journey to really understand myself better and understand what I want from life. Jill Danyelle is, quite simply, too talented to fail.

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Heroines for the Planet: Jill Danyelle, Eco Interior Designer

Eco Chic

I definitely had some low moments where I was not sure what direction I should go in next, but that led me on a journey to really understand myself better and understand what I want from life. Jill Danyelle is, quite simply, too talented to fail.

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The Nordstrom Way: The K-Selected Model of Doing Business

The Alien Next Door

There were stories about people bringing in pairs of shoes that were years old, in poor shape, and definitely not from Nordstrom. I love this planet, Earth, and I pray we all take good care of it for our children and their children.

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Heroines for the Planet: Vaute Couture Vegan Fashion Designer Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart

Eco Chic

Leanne: Going mainstream is definitely a goal. Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart doesn’t just wear her heart on her sleeve, she designs clothes so you all can, too.

2011 90

Heroines for the Planet: Holistic Nutritionist to the Stars Kimberly Snyder

Eco Chic

My definition of beauty is that it’s deep, lasting and magnetic, and grows from the inside out. Kimberly Snyder is a holistic nutritionist for many of the entertainment industry’s top celebrities and has worked with clients on some of Hollywood’s biggest film sets.

2011 81

Look Up for “Supermoon” This Saturday

Wend Magazine

More precisely, the moon will be just 356,577 kilometers away from our planet, and it will also be full. Follow us on Twitter Become a fan on Facebook Advertisement Recent Comments Dean Shapiro : definitely you side of the family! Get the FREE Wend Digital Edition!

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Environmental documentary: Planet Earth (online watching)

The Green Changemakers

Planet Earth - BBC TV series Wikipedia: Planet Earth is an Emmy Award and Peabody Award -winning BBC nature documentary series narrated by David Attenborough and produced by Alastair Fothergill. The series was co-produced with Discovery Channel and the NHK in association with the CBC , and was described by its makers as "the definitive look at the diversity of our planet". It was also the first of its kind to be filmed entirely in high-definition. [1]

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Eco Chick’s Heroines for the Planet: Aysia Wright

Eco Chic

Wear it alone to show off sexy shoulders, or double duty over a long sleeve fitted tee for definition, color, contrast. The lovely and fabulous Aysia Wright. She founded one of America’s first dedicated eco-fashion online shops (and an Eco Chick fave!),

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Understanding the 3 R’s of Eco-Friendly Tires

Living Green & Saving Energy

” From having to pay an expensive disposal fee at the tire shop to the chemicals and various earth-unfriendly products that go into making them, tires have definitely been more black than green. Fortunately for our planet, this is all starting to change.

7 Takes on Ethical Summer Statement Jewelry: Capture the Beauty of the Season

Eco Chic

Teeny Tiny Planet Terrarium Necklace – $25. For an iridescent color pop with movement, these beautiful earrings are a definite statement piece. Temperatures are rising and outdoor parties are beckoning.

Simple Ways to Save Money (and the Planet) at Work

The Green Changemakers

You can become a new office hero by suggesting ways for your employer to save money while helping out the planet. and definitely suggest that your company recycle if they don't already! from E - The Environmental Magazine It can be hard to get back into the swing of things at work after the cheer of the holiday season. But we have some tips that might help get your creative juices flowing again during the dark, cold weeks of winter.

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Discovery’s “Life” A Glorious Follow-Up to “Planet Earth”, but Party Smacks of Hypocricy

Eco Chic

A sneak preview of “Life&# : Here’s how one of the planet’s smaller creatures makes a getaway. Serving meat and fish at an event centered around the gloriousness of life is the very definition of cognitive dissonance.

2010 47

How to do your bit for the planet

The Green Changemakers

But are these efforts to save the planet enough? On current trends and using IPCC definitions, by the end of the year 2016 the world will enter a new, more perilous phase of risk of climate change. Take a simple survey at to find out how efficiently you're using the planet's resources to give yourself a good life, and get some tips on how to feel better while lowering your environmental impact.

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Online course: The Habitable Planet - A Systems Approach to Environmental Science

The Green Changemakers

Course Overview The Habitable Planet is a multimedia course for high school teachers and adult learners interested in studying environmental science. Many Planets, One Earth 2. The Web site provides access to course content and activities developed by leading scientists and researchers in the field.

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Quote of the day: ".we're in the sixth mass extinction."

Environmental Economics

Here's the full quote: "This is definitely human impact, we're in the sixth mass extinction. There's only been five before this and we're definitely in the sixth," WWF conservation scientist Martin Taylor told CNN."

Celebrity Eco-ographies: All aboard

Green Life Smart Life

Diaz was quoted , “The Planet needs a publicist.”. Her eco-ography on The Renewable Planet’s site expressed, “If [everyone] just changed one aspect of their life, if they just did one thing differently, that alone is a step closer to solving the problem.”. I was definitely surprised by some of the names and impressed by their initiatives… it didn’t hurt that I got my celeb fix for the week, either. Tagged: Cameron Diaz, Green Celebrities, the Renewable Planet.

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