David Suzuki on Getting People Interested

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David Suzuki gives a brief talk on The Real News about how hard it has been to get the general public interested in environmental issues. The American public have apparently never had access to science in the popular media- none of the major networks has ever run a science show. So we’re better in Canada, but climate change never got headlines, until recently.

David Suzuki: Aboriginal people, not environmentalists, are our best bet for protecting the planet

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Using DNA to track the movement of people in the past, scientists suggest our species evolved some 150,000 years ago on the plains of Africa. That was our habitat, but unlike most other animals, we were creative and used our brains to find ways to exploit our surroundings. We were far less impressive in numbers, size, speed, strength or sensory abilities than many others sharing our territory, but it was our brains that compensated.


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David Suzuki at Work - Toolkit

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[link] We're putting David Suzuki to work! Then David Suzuki at Work is for you! We would like to thank Great-West Life for becoming the first national supporter of the David Suzuki at Work program. Does this sound like you? You care about the environment and want to see more done at work to protect it. You spend as much or more time with your co-workers than anyone else in your life.

David Suzuki - Climate Solutions

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Greenhouse gas emissions can be greatly reduced many different ways. Most of the solutions involve increasing the efficiency of our energy use to reduce fossil fuel demand, while maintaining - or improving - our lifestyles. Many of the potential solutions have benefits beyond greenhouse gas reduction, such as increased employment, stimulation of the high-tech manufacturing sector, and reduced urban air pollution.

12 Cosmetic Chemicals You Don’t Want to Touch

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The David Suzuki foundation has published a list of the “dirty dozen” chemicals present in cosmetics that are known carcinogens or hormone disruptors, pesticides or reproductive toxins. number,” according to the David Suzuki Foundation. “The European Commission on Endocrine Disruption has listed parabens as Category 1 priority substances, based on evidence that they interfere with hormone function,” the David Suzuki Foundation reports.

Monsanto and GMOs: a Model of Greed

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According to the David Suzuki Foundation, “ companies that develop and patent GMO seeds are the same companies that develop and patent the pesticides and herbicides to which the unique seeds are resistant. Suzuki adds that, “the safety of GMO foods is unproven and a growing body of research connects these foods with health concerns and environmental damage.

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Tideline Project Illustrates Rising Sea Levels

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Environmental art-activists, underwritten by the David Suzuki Foundation, created large fabric panels encrusted with barnacles and mollusks , which they then affixed to Vancouver street poles. The David Suzuki Foundation is a non-profit organization operating in both Canada and the United States. Business & Politics Water Climate Change David Suzuki Foundation Israel Jordan

Vancouver 2010: The “Green Olympics”?

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Interestingly, David Suzuki recently awarded Vancouver 2010 a bronze medal for sustainability (full article: [link] ). For example, the David Suzuki Foundation admits that “opportunities to create lasting reductions in transportation emissions in the region have been missed.” Global Warming 2010 carbon emissions carbon offsetting climate change David Suzuki Green greenhouse gases IOC Olympics sustainability VANOC winter gamesPhoto credit: roland.

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The Death of Kyoto?

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David Suzuki is fureous with Canada over what the new goverment is doing with Kyoto protocol. The Death of Kyoto? link]. Environment Videos

Join the Nature Challenge!

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That’s where David Suzkui’s Nature Challenge comes in. The name David Suzuki is synonymous in Canada with environmental advocacy and change. It seems sometimes that as individuals, we are powerless to stop the forces of environmental damage and destruction; that our small contributions simply can’t add up. But what if our small actions were compiled with that of others, thus creating a substantial shift in environmental consciousness?

Climate Change Goals Target Cheap Airline Fares

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As David Suzuki explains, “Although aviation is a relatively small industry, it has a disproportionately large impact on the [.] [ Climate Change Goals Target Cheap Airline Fares from Green Living Ideas ]. With all eyes on Copenhagen hoping the world’s leaders will create a “meaningful and binding accord&# on climate change, countries that have already set targets are realizing the harsh reality of how aviation affects these goals.

Read a Green Book

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A Delicate Balance , by David Suzuki. The well-loved Canadian scientist David Suzuki delves into Gaia theory in A Delicate Balance , showing us beautifully just how intimate our relationship is with the planet. What’s the most important thing you can do if you want to lead a greener lifestyle? Read a book. Get the facts.

The Other Home Court Advantage

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With his heavy travel schedule in mind, Bruin defenseman Andrew Ference teamed up with the David Suzuki Foundation to enact a campaign that offers players the chance to purchase Gold Standard offset credits – the highest quality of offset options on the market. Over the next month, the Boston Bruins will fly to Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver, Columbus, Chicago, Nashville and Philadelphia to compete at “away games.”

Understanding Sprawl: A Citizen's Guide

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You might also be interested in: Understanding Sprawl: a Citizen's Guide : the David Suzuki Foundation's report on urban sprawl Getting started : A brief overview of what you can do to stop sprawl in your neighbourhood Sprawl facts : Learn why sprawl is a problem Shaping decisions : Find out how to contact politicians and decision makers and express your concerns Working with the media : Tips on how to get your message in the news Tools : Examples of tools to help you get started.

Canadian Forest Industry And Environmental Groups Sign World's Largest Conservation Agreement Applying To Area Twice The Size Of Germany

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Environmental Organizations Participating in the Agreement: Canadian Boreal Initiative, Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, Canopy (formerly Markets Initiative), the David Suzuki Foundation, ForestEthics, Greenpeace, Ivey Foundation, The Nature Conservancy, and the Pew Environment Group’s International Boreal Conservation Campaign.

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Ghandi, Michelangelo, and God: A Tale of the Environment

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Seyyed Hossein Nasr, Lynn White, Andrew Weaver, Naomi Klein, David Suzuki, and Chris Hedges come to mind in North America. On March 9, Abu Dhabi city has witnessed its most intense rain storm in recent memory. Storms usually do not make it to Arabian cities on the Gulf; they jump on summer monsoon winds from the Indian Ocean only to break on unfortunate shores of Oman.

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Take a time machine through culture to understand climate change

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Seyyed Hossein Nasr, Lynn White, Andrew Weaver, Naomi Klein, David Suzuki, and Chris Hedges come to mind in North America. This past March Abu Dhabi city has witnessed its most intense rain storm in recent memory. Storms usually do not make it to Arabian cities on the Gulf; they jump on summer monsoon winds from the Indian Ocean only to break on unfortunate shores of Oman.

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Ride a bike and save the world

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by David Suzuki with Faisal Moola. Take David Suzuki's Nature Challenge and learn more at www.davidsuzuki.org. Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race." - H.G. Wells Science has had a tremendous impact on the planet in an incredibly short time. In just the past few hundred of our 150,000 years on Earth, we have invented everything from steam engines, cars, and airplanes to sophisticated weapons and supercomputers.

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The GOOD Guide to COP15

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The treaty was drafted by Greenpeace, World Wildlife Fund, IndyACT (the league of independent activists), Germanwatch, the David Suzuki Foundation, the National Ecological Centre of Ukraine, and experts from around the world. The GOOD Guide to COP15: Now What? Posted by GOOD 2 weeks ago Even if you flew to Copenhagen, they probably wouldn’t let you in to the conference. But don’t despair: You don’t have to be a delegate to help stave off catastrophe.

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Goal of Bhutan, 'Gross National Happiness'

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His books in English include The Other Japan (co-authored by David Suzuki and originally published in Canada and Australia as The Japan We Never Knew ) and Rowing the Eternal Sea. His Japanese translation credits include Our Future Selves: Love, Life, Sex, and Aging by Merrily Weisbord, David Suzuki's You Are the Earth , and Robert F.

Building a Just and Sustainable World (YES magazine)

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Their lesson plan on consumption has David Suzuki explaining the human dependence on natural resources and the impact of resource consumption on the world. January/February 2008 “The average U.S. person now consumes twice as much as they did 50 years ago. Ask your grandma.” Annie Leonard Dear Educators, If you’re wondering how to get your students thinking creatively about sustainability, I have the answer: The Story of Stuff.

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Special report: How our economy is killing the Earth

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And the broadcaster and activist David Suzuki explains how he inspires business leaders and politicians to change their thinking ("Interview with an environmental activist"). 16 October 2008 From New Scientist. Enlarge image (Graph: Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg, New York) THE graphs climbing across these pages ( see graph, right , or explore in more detail ) are a stark reminder of the crisis facing our planet.

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What's hot, what's not in 2009: Saving Green

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David Bach , who coined “the latte factor”, points out that not spending just $5 day saves $150 per month, which adds up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in a person's lifetime.) Check out Doing Business in a New Climate , the David Suzuki Foundation's guide to measuring, reducing, and offsetting greenhouse gas emissions. Link: [link] No one likes to see their hard-earned dollars going down the drain.

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Being a Citizen Naturalist

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Enjoy your local parks and nature : Take The David Suzuki Foundation’s 30 for 30 challenge and spend 30 minutes a day outside in nature for 30 days this May.

Shoot Your Shampoo

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Here’s David Suzuki’s handy list of the ‘dirty dozen’ chemicals to avoid. Photo Credit: swambo via Compfight cc I know I’m late to this party (like, by many years). But, I’m done with my brand name shampoo. My colleagues and I have thought a lot over the years about toxics and how to keep them out of our food and our bodies.

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