SolarEdge Does Dallas

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The exhibition in Dallas, at which 24,000 visitors from 128 countries are expected to visit 1,200 exhibits, will display the most recent advances in solar energy using both photovoltaic solar panels as well as those using specially designed solar mirrors to direct the sun’s rays towards a central energy “collector” to create energy to operate thermal turbines. Israel’s SolarEdge is making solar energy most cost-effective.

The Rocky Mountain Institute and The Dallas Institute Present "Reinventing Fire" in Celebration of Earth Day Dallas 2012

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Dallas, TX, April 2012 : The Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture’s Environmental Forum will collaborate with the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) in the Dallas unveiling of RMI’s new initiative “Reinventing Fire,” which aims at “mapping and driving the business-led transition from fossil fuels to efficiency and renewable energy” by 2050. executive director of the Dallas Institute. For more information, please contact the Dallas Institute at 214.871.2440 or [link].

Dallas 101

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Dallas Wins Big in Battle for Clean Air

Eco Friendly Daily

The city of Dallas, Texas is to receive $2.5 The result is The Sue Pope Fund, a new local grant making organization dedicated solely to reducing air pollution in the Dallas- Ft. million for clean air projects such as an improved downtown trolley service and a green building program – and it’s all the result of a Texan rancher taking on a multi-national corporation. It’s probably the most unique piece of environmental philanthropy in Texas history.

Sims Recycling Solutions’ Electronics Recycling Event Gives Hockey Fans Chance to Score Dallas Stars Tickets

Green (Living) Review

Sims Recycling Solutions and the Dallas Stars will host a free electronics recycling event on March 10, 2012 at American Airlines Center from 9:00 a.m. Dallas, TX, March 07, 2012 : Sims Recycling Solutions, the global leader in electronics reuse and recycling, and the Dallas Stars will host a free electronics recycling event to encourage the community and Dallas Stars hockey fans to recycle their electronics.

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EarthX and a blueprint for sustainable investing, 2022

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Crow, a Dallas-based businessman and father of four, is focusing his efforts on impact investing, and media that focuses on saving the planet through EarthX. Started in Dallas and now global, Trammell S. Business Dallas feed-in-tariffs Impact InvestingTrammell S.

America’s top 10 sweatiest cities

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California Charlotte Dallas District of Columbia Florida Houston Los Angeles Miami North America North Carolina Orlando Raleigh San Diego Tampa Texas The Americas United States 10 sweatiest cities in U.S. | Green Travel News | Making summer travel plans? No sweat, or should we say lots of it. A team of environmental scientists has ranked major American metropolitan areas on their “sweatiness.”

Chicago’s urban farming produces fresh veggies all year, 24/7

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Dallas, Texas is also getting into the urban farming business : it has opened the office for Flux Farm, Inc., Cities Green Tech and Gadgets aquaponics Chicago Dallas distributed agriculture hydroponics urban agriculture urban farming vegetablesHydroponics and new, high-tech urban agricultural techniques are now growing fresh food in the middle of Manhattan and other large metropolitan centers globally.

Amid devastating forest fires, One Trillion Trees movement puts down U.S. roots


Collectively, the group — which includes tech giants Microsoft and Salesforce, consumer products companies Timberland and Clif Bar, financial services powerhouses Bank of America and Mastercard and the cities of Detroit and Dallas — hopes to grow more than 855 million trees covering 2.8 ” The city of Dallas , for example, is pledging to conserve and restore close to 14.8 Business Eco Green america california cities dallas earth microsoft nature physical time

Sculptural, solar-powered home generates more energy than it uses


In the Texan suburb of Addison just north of Dallas, 5G Studio Collaborative has completed the Winnwood Residence, a contemporary home that blurs the line between the indoors and out. Eco Green client dallas ethical-fashion leed platinum solar-powered texas trees vegan leather winnwoodCertified LEED Platinum , the single-family home offsets all its energy use with a 10 kW rooftop solar array and geothermal wells drilled beneath the driveway.

2019 28

Green Convenience Stores

Eco Friendly Daily

However, Green Spot Market and Fuels based in Dallas, Texas is changing the way convenience stores are viewed. Green News biodiesel convenience store convenient corn plastic Dallas food gas Green Spot Green Spot Market and Fuels organic recycle sushi tea Texas Could it be…an eco-friendly convenience store? Imagine walking or driving a few miles away from your home to pick up a few essential items like tea, organic snacks and other healthy treats.

How Dell and Levi’s envision the future of repair


The senior vice president of Dell’s Experience Design Group recently visited a new Wistron electronics recycling plant in Dallas, one of the largest in North America. Business Eco Green Recycle consumer dallas dillinger homes house materials microsoft nintendo picture throwawayHow Dell and Levi’s envision the future of repair Elsa Wenzel Wed, 05/27/2020 – 02:00 Doing away with a culture of disposability is one of the big dreams of the circular economy.

2020 28

New study says Rotterdam is one of the dirtiest cities in the world

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According to the study the top 9 "dirtiest" cities in the world are: (1) Rotterdam in the Netherlands with 29,8 tonnes per capita, (2) Austin in USA with 24 tonnes, (3) Denver in USA with 21,5 tonnes, (4) Washington DC in USA with 20 tonnes, (5) Minneapolis in USA with 18 tonnes, (6) Calgary in Canada with 18 tonnes, (7) Menlo Park in USA with 16 tonnes, (8) Dallas in USA with 15 tonnes and (9) Stuttgart in Germany with 12 tonnes per capita.

Common Resources: Climate Policy in California

Environmental Economics

Dallas Burtraw: I recently testified before a California Senate Select Committee on the state’s climate policies about California’s interactions in the development of policy across the country and internationally. I highlighted the four main points below in my remarks, and you can read the full testimony here. California is not alone. It is joined by many other jurisdictions in reducing climate pollution. But California is the leader in designing climate policy.

ASSA annual meeting webcasts of interest to environmental economists

Environmental Economics

  Brian Murray; John Reilly; Maureen Cropper; Francisco de la Chesnaye International Aspects of Taxing Carbon  Charles McLure The Costs and Consequences of Clean Air Act Regulation of CO2 from Power Plants Dallas Burtraw; Joshua Linn; Karen Palmer; Anthony Paul Discussants: Gilbert Metcalf View Webcast.

2014 148

Teaching environmental economics with mini-research projects

Environmental Economics

       Here is a description of the experiment:  Holt, Charles, Erica Myers, Markus Wråke, Svante Mandell, and Dallas Burtraw. "Teaching My sophomore level environmental and resource econ course has a research component. The students are required to write an abstract suitable for submission to an undergraduate research conference.

2018 109

California Delays Cap And Trade: No Big Deal - Weathervane

Environmental Economics

Dallas Burtraw: California has decided to delay the implementation of its CO2 cap-and-trade program by one year until 2013. Click the link for more analysis (and a picture of Dallas Burtraw The state had previously planned to begin the first three-year compliance period in 2012. The first compliance period will now be shortened to two years and the emissions reduction targets remain on track.

2011 126

Another fracking fight

Environmental Economics

But in this college town of 130,000 outside Dallas, the producers find themselves in an uphill battle against a diverse band of doorbell ringers and lawn-sign distributors who are working day and night. Many Texans have long held the oil and gas industry as dear to their hearts as a prairie range full of feeding cattle. Now suddenly that love is being tested here in a local election, where a grass-roots campaign against gas producers has pushed the industry into a corner.

2014 155

RFF: Carbon tax impact in Australia

Environmental Economics

As current conversations about controlling power sector emissions in the US focus on regulations under the Clean Air Act, RFF’s Dallas Burtraw , Joshua Linn , Karen Palmer , and Anthony Paul also examine a variety of options that might be taken by the US Environmental Protection Agency and the states. Check this out, mate: New data released last week by the Australian government show that electricity emissions have dropped 7.6 percent since the introduction of a carbon tax in July 2012.

This guy (yes, I've been watching MNF) thinks I'm willing to pay about $16 per year to restore the environment of the southern Appalachians to a healthy state

Environmental Economics

Spencer Banzhaf: In a new RFF discussion paper, “ Valuation of Ecosystem Services in the Southern Appalachian Mountains ,” RFF colleagues Dallas Burtraw, Alan Krupnick, and Juha Siikamäki and I, along with  Susie Chung Criscimagna of Eden Housing, Bernard Cosby of the University of Virginia, and David Evans of EPA,  estimate the monetary value of reducing acidity in the southern Appalachian region.

2014 131

RFF on the Issues: When a Carbon Tax Is Better than Regulation

Environmental Economics

Lump sum rebates [to households] are the most progressive—but also the most expensive by far … Recycling the revenue to cut capital taxes is the most efficient of the three scenarios (that is, the best for the economy as a whole), but it further exacerbates the regressivity of a carbon tax … Using carbon tax revenue to reduce taxes on labor can be seen as a middle-of-the-road option,” writes RFF’s Roberton C Williams III, Dallas Burtraw, and Richard D. When isn't it?

2015 136

Benefits and costs of the Clean Power Plan

Environmental Economics

Lambert, Dallas Burtraw, Samantha Sekar, Charles T. From the RFF public relations machine: Nearly all US regions stand to gain economic benefits from power plant carbon standards that set moderately stringent emission targets and allow a high level of compliance flexibility, according to a new study by scientists from Harvard T.H.

2016 126

Get your Clean Power Plan comments in today!

Environmental Economics

Dallas Burtraw, Karen L. Palmer, Anthony Paul, Hang Yin: Thursday is the deadline for public comment on EPA’s Proposed Federal Plan for the Clean Power Plan. As we have been preparing our own comments for submission (which will be available later this week at ), we have also developed a Technical Background document, Approaches to Address Potential CO2 Emissions Leakage to New Sources under the Clean Power Plan , to support others in preparing their comments.

2016 122

I like to watch*

Environmental Economics

RFF’s Rob Williams , Richard Morgenstern , Jared Carbone , and Dallas Burtraw have developed a new model to examine the implications of such a bill, exploring how the economy, the environment, and consumers will be affected by a carbon tax under a variety of scenarios, such as providing consumer rebates from the revenue. Growth has it seasons. First comes spring and summer, but then we have fall and winter.

2013 125

Texas Teacher Pension Fund Managers Receive Millions in Bonuses

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million in bonus payments this year, more than double what top employees in every other state agency combined have received since 2007, a Dallas Morning News analysis has found Investment managers for the state's teacher retirement fund received more than $8.2

"Supreme Court’s Stay of Clean Power Plan Fails an Economic Test"

Environmental Economics

Joshua Linn, Dallas Burtraw and Kristen McCormack: On February 9, 2016, the Supreme Court issued a surprising decision to halt implementation of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan until the resolution of the rule’s legal challenges.

2016 133

Teaching environmental policy to MBAs with Veconlab

Environmental Economics

Mandell, Svante, Chrles Holt, Erica Myers, Dallas Burtraw, and Markus Wråke. App State has become quick to cancel classes with the buses won't run. When that happens we are asked to "winterize" our courses. In other words, we're supposed to keep the students busy while they are enjoying no class time. My go to assignment has been Veconlab 's supply and opportunity cost experiment. Here is the abstract from Mandell et al.

2016 138

Teaching environmental and resource economics: A bibliography

Environmental Economics

Holt, Charles, Erica Myers, Markus Wråke, Svante Mandell, and Dallas Burtraw. "Teaching Alden, Dave. "Experience "Experience with scripted role play in environmental economics." " The Journal of Economic Education 30, no. 2 (1999): 127-132. Anderson, Soren T.,

2020 130


Green Earth Journey

Name : Alicia Colina-Ashby Shop Name: LaAlicia Shop Link: [link] Location: Dallas, TX Ships To: everywhere, if your country isn't listed, please convo me for rates. I'm a proud member of the Etsy Dallas Street Team [link] I'll be particpating in the ED Jingle Bash on Nov. What materials do you use for your ECO friendly products? I reuse magazines, junk mail and cigar boxes. Why did you decide to make ECO friendly products?

2009 100

Economics of Natural Hazards on public spending for safe rooms at schools

Environmental Economics

More Kevin Simmons : The Dallas Morning News ran an op-ed I wrote about where to spend tornado safety funds. The most tragic element of last week’s tornado in Moore was that an EF-5 tornado, an extremely rare event, hit two elementary schools with full force.    Few structures are designed for that type of stress but engineered buildings would be about the best choice you could have.    Most residential structures would be leveled.

2013 131

Why didn't I think of that

Environmental Economics

Because I'm not as smart as Dallas Burtraw (The Institutional Blind Spot in Environmental Economics)? Economic approaches are expected to achieve environmental goals at less cost than traditional regulations, but they have yet to find widespread application. One reason is the way these tools interact with existing institutions.

2012 142

Distributional effects of different carbon price recycling plans

Environmental Economics

Dallas Burtaw and Hal Gordon: Economists argue that the most efficient way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is to raise the price of energy by introducing a price on carbon emissions, either through a tax or a cap-and-trade regime. A tax (or a cap-and-trade system that auctions off permits) has a secondary effect beyond providing incentives for reducing emissions: it raises a lot of new government revenue.

2014 190

Meet The Employee-Centered Company That Could Eventually Take Down Wal-Mart

Green (Living) Review

The first two stores will be in Fort Worth and McKinney, Texas, on opposite sides of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, with each covering approximately 95,000 square feet, said Mike Read, the company’s spokesman. Prices as good or better than Wal-Mart? Healthcare coverage with dental and vision as low as $40 a month for employees?

2015 105

10 Amazing Fall Foliage Photos

Cool Green Science

10) Autumn view of orange-colored maple leaves in riparian habitat along the San Miguel river near the Dallas Divide, southwest Colorado. Fall is a season for color lovers. Vibrant yellows, fiery reds, electric oranges — color drips off the trees and blankets the cool floor, providing photographers with an endless spectrum of mesmerizing subjects. We culled through the Conservancy’s photo archive in search of the best fall foliage photos.

Surprise: The Wall Street Journal doesn't understand that bikes are transportation

Green (Living) Review

She speaks to one Austin rider who says: “I ride my bike purely to get from one place to another—not, ‘I’m going to take this out for exercise for like 20 miles,’ ” says Cassie Rae DuBay, a 28-year-old law librarian in Dallas. Rachel Berman of the Wall Street Journal appears to be surprised that people actually ride bikes for other than mad racing in spandex.

2015 103

"A Look at Six State Proposals to Tax Carbon"

Environmental Economics

Dallas Burtraw: As the political likelihood of passing comprehensive national climate policy has remained low, many states have taken up the mantle. This devolution of climate policy has been further reinforced by the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) efforts to regulate carbon dioxide from existing power plants under the Clean Power Plan, which requires states to develop their own plans for compliance with emissions standards.

2016 109

Southwest Airlines turns 40, celebrates with 40 green projects

Green Traveler Guides

The tour kicks off in the airline’s hometown of Dallas. | Green Travel News |. S outhwest Airlines is spending the summer on 40 green projects to celebrate its 40th anniversary. High school and college students from the Student Conservation Association (SCA) will travel in a custom-designed Southwest Airlines biodiesel RV. During the tour, the RV will stop in 25 cities, joining Southwest employees and community members in conservation projects across the country.

2011 116

The reports of the death of the EU Emissions Trading System have been greatly exagerated

Environmental Economics

Dallas Burtraw and Anna Malinovskaya: The EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) for carbon dioxide is the world’s largest greenhouse gas trading program in scope and the most important environmental market in the world. After a somewhat volatile start in 2005, the EU ETS underwent significant changes beginning with phase three , which runs from 2013 to 2020.

2015 160

I can't wait until Monday!

Environmental Economics

These existing source performance standards or ESPS will be the most important part of the administration’s climate policy and, as my colleague Dallas Burtraw likes to point out, the most significant action any President will have taken on climate change. Nathan Richardson: On Monday, President Obama is set to announce proposed regulations limiting emissions from the existing fleet of power plants.

2014 125

Microsoft spin-off offers USD$4 million to women entrepreneurs

Green Prophet

We will be watching to see if flux , the Dallas-based technology and software company built on Israeli R&D and focused on solving global food production, will be in the running. Calling all women in the Start-up Nation! M12, Microsoft’s corporate venture fund, announces a new competition for female-led technology startups where two teams have the chance to each win USD$2 million in funding. The Female Founders Competition was announced via a company blog post on Thursday.

2018 48

Thrift Town Celebrates 40 Years of Thrift with Week Long Anniversary Blowout Sale

Green (Living) Review

40-years-ago the Oakland Athletics and Dallas Cowboys were at the top of their games winning national championships respectively, The Godfather earned an Oscar, Billie Jean King won the battle of the sexes beating Bobby Riggs in three straight tennis sets, and Thrift Town opened its first store in the beautiful San Francisco bay area.

2012 116

Cakebread Cellars: 50+ chefs return to Napa green winery

Green Traveler Guides

An astounding 51 chefs accepted the offer, including culinary luminaries from across the country and around the world such as: Rick Moonen ( RM Seafood , Las Vegas), Kevin Taylor ( Restaurant Kevin Taylor , Denver), Pascal Oudin ( Pascal’s on Ponce , Coral Gables), Ken Frank ( La Toque , Napa), Scott Gottlich ( Bijoux , Dallas) and Sujan Murkherjee ( Taj Bengal , West Bengal, India). | Green Wine News |.

2011 126

Farmers’ Almanac® Names 10 Cities Weather Shuts Down

Green (Living) Review

Rounding out the list of cities named among the worst winter locales are Chicago, Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Boston, New Orleans, St. by Farmers’ Almanac® Staff Writers Lewiston, Maine – Washington, D.C. tops a list of ten cities where weather can bring things to a screeching halt, according to the Farmers’ Almanac.

2011 116

Thrift Town Celebrates 40 Years of Thrift with Week Long Anniversary Blowout Sale

Green (Living) Review

40-years-ago the Oakland Athletics and Dallas Cowboys were at the top of their games winning national championships respectively, The Godfather earned an Oscar, Billie Jean King won the battle of the sexes beating Bobby Riggs in three straight tennis sets, and Thrift Town opened its first store in the beautiful San Francisco bay area.

2012 109