The Eco Army of Cyprus

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Going green and doing it for the troops, in Cyprus. Cyprus, a small EU island off the coast of Greece and Turkey is the latest army to join the trend. The Greek Cypriot National Guard is adopting eco-management policies set forth by the EU Commission’s European Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS), according to the Cyprus Mail. Business & Politics army Cyprus ecology EU Greek Cyprus green policy greenhouse gas Mediterranean recycling solar power

GreenGraffiti Hits Cyprus

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Cyprus may have a long way to go in terms of being eco-friendly, but GreenGraffiti has brought it a little closer. ” Now that GreenGraffiti has arrived in Cyprus, hopefully it can make the island a greener place too. :: GreenGraffiti. :: Cyprus Mail. Read more about Cyprus: Cypriot Law Threatens to Discourage Cycling. 1 Million Migrating Songbirds are Killed for Pickled Dish in Cyprus.


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Cyprus Natural Gas Discovery Estimated at Billions

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The Republic of Cyprus has started surveying for natural gas, and recent estimates are that its undersea reserves are worth billions of dollars. Helped by Israel and America’s Noble Energy, the subterranean Cyprus discoveries could make the small island EU nation energy independent for 200 years, according to the Cyprus Mail. The gas find, termed “historic” by Republic of Cyprus President Demetris Christofias, could be as much as 8 trillion cubic feet.

World’s longest undersea water pipeline uniting Turkey to Cyprus

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The 107 kilometer pipe will draw water from the Dragon River and unite the Turkish mainland with northern Cyprus in the Mediterranean Sea. The divided island is one of the most water-stressed places on Earth, and Turkey and Turkish Cypriots in the north have bickered with Cyprus over offshore natural gas discoveries recently. Green Tech and Gadgets Cyprus desalination Turkey water Turkey has started constructing what will be the world’s longest undersea water pipeline.

Cyprus Fruit Bats Decline and Head to Turkey?

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the latest decline to be noticed are fruit bats in Cyprus, an island offshore Turkey partly independent, and partly ruled by Turkey. Officials in Cyprus have noticed a shocking 85 percent decline in the bat population in Cyprus, according to a local paper. Cyprus is the only community belonging to the European Union that plays host to fruit bats. Meanwhile Cyprus is attempting to market itself as a Food Island, and its quality over quality.

Cyprus starts political party for … animals!

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This is no joke: the island nation of Cyprus is now home a political party for animals. It is called Animal Party Cyprus and follows the lead of Holland – which seems like the first to launch a political party for animals. Something sorely needed in Cyprus, a land that brutally kills millions of wild songbirds for a pickled dish. It was launched in Nicosia on Sunday.

Take your next green holiday in Cyprus

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The Republic of Cyprus , a member of the European Union and recent convert to the euro, is expected to conform to EU environmental standards. On the subject of beaches, for instance: Cyprus boasts 52 of them certified by Blue Flag , a voluntary program run by a Denmark-based non-profit that monitors sustainable development of beaches and marinas through strict criteria of water quality, environmental education, information and management. Guest houses/Apartments Cyprus

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Cyprus kills 1.5 million migrating songbirds to eat in fetish dish

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million songbirds will have been killed in Cyprus this year to make a dish called ambelopoulia. The statistics in come BirdLife Cyprus’ surveillance programme. Martin Hellicar from BirdLife Cyprus told the BBC that in Dhekelia, organised criminal gangs created “labyrinths” of acacia trees, irrigating the plantations and cutting corridors through them in order to set up long mist nets. Travel Cyprus

Israel and Cyprus Align on Natural Gas and Renewables

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Axes of power are changing in the Middle East and Israel and Cyprus as an alliance could shift energy focus away from some OPEC oil countries. The decision for Cyprus to explore its undersea natural gas wells has Turkish government officials crying foul. Turkey occupies the northern half of Cyprus and the southern half is eager to develop its economy and ties with Israel. Joint natural gas exploration, with a processing facility built in Cyprus, is among recent proposals.

Solar Water Heaters Give Free Hot Water From Cyprus Rooftops

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Cyprus now leads the way. Although China leads the world in the number of solar water heaters in use, and Israel was the pioneer and chief country-wide user of solar water heaters for 25 years, today the Republic of Cyprus has the distinction of being the world leader of solar water heater users per capita. But Cyprus has an even greater percentage with 0.79 Cleantech, Science & Technology Energy Cyprus Egypt Israel Solar Energy solar water heaters

Cyprus Oil Spill Threatens Pristine Coastline

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Last Tuesday, an oil tanker delivering fuel to a power plant in the Turkish Cypriot-controlled north of Cyprus spilled approximately 40 tons of oil into the Mediterranean Sea. It is one of the last undeveloped areas in Cyprus, in large part due to stalled development attributed to international sanctions that stunt the northern Cypriot economy. Image of dead bird in oil spill from Shutterstock; Cyprus oil spill cleanup from World Bulletin.

Holy Green Monday for Lent! A planet-friendly Cyprus tradition

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It’s a public holiday in Cyprus ; thousands flock to open areas, parks and beaches for picnics. Lifestyle Religion Christianity Cyprus fasting Lent meatless mondays Last Monday, Orthodox Christians across the Middle East kicked off the 40-day Lenten season with a wonderful food-based tradition called Green Monday, when folks tuck into a delicious (and usually outdoor) luncheon of greens, olives , potatoes and seafood. .

As Trees Die, Cyprus Republic Looks to Lebanon for Water Import

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Cyprus has one of the worst fresh water shortage than other regional countries , including Lebanon, Israel and Syria. Importing water into Cyprus is an idea that has been tried in the past. Now the southern portion of the Island, known as the Republic of Cyprus, is seriously considering importing water into their side of the island as well. Although Lebanon has many more water resources than Cyprus, it has its own water issues that.

Cyprus Fears Environmental Impact of Undersea Gas Drilling

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Natural gas drilling near Cyprus could affect lucrative tourism industry says its commerce minister. The environmental concerns of too much undersea drilling have now been expressed by Greek Cyprus Commerce Minister Antonis Paschalides , concerning his country’s exploration for natural gas in what is known as the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) south-east of Cyprus, known as Block 12. Map of Israel and Cyprus gas fields.

Greek Cyprus Fearful Over Offshore Gas Well Drilling

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Map showing disputed Cyprus underwater gas fields, as well as those being contested by Israel and Lebanon. Cypriot’s “neighbor&# , the Turkish-occupied and controlled Northern Cyprus, is now giving more than just “veiled threats&# according to two regional news sources, Cyprus News Report , and Turkey’s Hurriyet News Company. This fact makes any drilling agreements between southern Cyprus and Israel “null and void&# in Turkey’s eyes.

Cyprus Researcher: Protect Sea from Natural Gas Drills

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Drilling for undersea gas in Cyprus’s Exclusive Economic Zone may have serious impacts on marine life. Like 0ther-energy poor countries in the eastern Mediterranean basin, including Israel and Lebanon, who are now in a serious dispute over energy reserves located there , the Republic of Cyprus has shown interested in exploiting the undersea natural gas fields that lay near its shores. Map of Cyprus EEZ and Israeli gas fields. Cyprus Mail.

Turkey Begins Controversial Drilling In Cyprus

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Turkey has started exploratory drilling for oil and gas in the town of Iskele in northern Cyprus (red arrow), angering the government of the Greek-controlled southern region. z called a “force for peace in Cyprus.” A race is underway for access to the hydrocarbon resources of Cyprus. The Republic of Cyprus refused, but Turkey has now proceeded anyway. The Republic of Cyprus is currently facing an economic and energy crisis within its borders.

Navies Circle Cyprus As It Explores Natural Gas

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Navies crowd into once placid waters as Turkey presses Cyprus on gas reserves. As Greek Cyprus begins exploiting its potentially vast gas and oil reserves , Turkey has asserts its growing role as a regional power, and a worried Israel is pushing back. Turkey persists in acting illegally,” Cyprus government spokesman Stefanos Stefanou said. Indeed some analysts contend that Turkey has sought to escalate the Cyprus dispute in a bid to gain the attention of the EU.

Cyprus, Israel and Turkey Near “High Noon” Standoff Over Med’s Natural Gas

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There’s a lot more for southern Cyprus to be alarmed about these days concerning its commitment to explore for natural gas offshore. First of all, there is the environmental factor dealing with undersea drilling off Cyprus , which could be damaging for an island so dependent on industries like tourism. There is also the acute water shortage issue, making Greek Cyprus heavily dependent on desalination for fresh water supplies.

Turkey Tells Egypt to Bypass Israel and Cyprus With Long Pipeline to Europe

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In a continuation of his anti-Israel and anti-Cyprus governmental and economic policies, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is trying to persuade Egypt to ship its natural gas to Europe, via the Nabucco Pipeline scheme that is being hailed as a “gas bridge” between Europe and Asia. It will bypass Israel and Cyprus, of course. Read more on regional natural gas and other energy issues: Greek Cyprus Fearful Over Offshore Gas Well Drilling.

Solar Powered Vending Machines to Be Installed Along Cyprus’ Bus Routes

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People waiting for the bus on a hot day in Cyprus will soon be able to purchase cold water from a solar powered vending machine. A few weeks ago Cyprus received the distinction of being the world leader of solar water heater users per capita. An agreement has already been reached with the national bus company in Cyprus, stating that the solar powered vending machines will be installed on select routes that have large passenger volume.

1 Million Migrating Songbirds are Killed for Pickled Dish in Cyprus

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Every year trappers in Cyprus kill millions of migrating songbirds that are boiled or pickled – a national delicacy called ambelopoulia. ” One songbird is illegally trapped or killed every four seconds to provide residents of Cyprus with ingredients for a dish called ambelopoulia , according to Wildlife Extra. BirdLife Cyprus has been monitoring the situation in Cyprus since the annual bird-trapping season started in September.

From Pickled Song Birds to Snakes at Risk

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This Cyprus grass snake is now an endangered species. First a severe water crisis threatened to create a dire peril to both people and animals in Cyprus. Now the common Cyprus grass snake, natrix natrix cypriaca in Latin, is on the verge of extinction due to a combination of the ongoing water crisis and the fact that government authorities simply do not seem to care. More about wildlife and human populations: 1 million songbirds are killed for picked dish in Cyprus.

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New Natural Gas Field in Israel on Lebanese Border Stokes Conflict Flames

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Israel is also involved in natural gas exploration with the Republic of Cyprus, which is now doing its own gas exploration program that Turkey contests. Turkey, which still occupies the northern third of Cyprus, is very much against these gas explorations and has threatened “serious consequences” if the Republic of Cyprus continues them; especially in cooperation with Israel. Greek Cyprus Over Offshore Gas Well Drilling.

2012 84

Palestinians and Israelis at peace with the sea

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For ten days senior researchers and their students from from Palestine, Israel, Cyprus, Ireland, Spain, Malta, Tunisia and more came together to develop a blueprint to solve marine ecological destruction in the Mediterranean. But just as important news is the relationships made between people, like PhD students Rana Abu Alhaija from Cyprus who is half Palestinian and Niv David from Israel. Lifestyle Cyprus EcoOcean Israel Malta Mediterranean Sea Palestinian Authority

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An underwater forest of sculptures attracts marine life in the Mediterranean Sea


The artist’s latest project brings him to Ayia Napa, a Mediterranean town on the southeast coast of Cyprus Environmental activist and artist Jason deCaires Taylor specializes in site-specific sculptural artwork that’s installed permanently underwater and reflects modern themes of conservation.

EU just cutting its nose off in-spite its face

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The EU has decided to give Cyprus a bank bailout package that will penalize banks' customers via a levy that everyone who has any money in a Cypriot bank is forced to pay and a run has begun on Cypriot banks with people withdrawing their money. Euro Euro-zone European Union banks EU Cyprus

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Israel’s Mekorot Builds Global Connections Through Water

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It will build and operate two desalination plants in Cyprus to supply almost half of the country’s drinking water. Business & Politics Water Cyprus drinking water Israel peace water conservation water crisis water management water securityIsrael’s national water company, Mekorot (who we’ve interviewed here) , is expanding with projects across the globe.

Noble Energy May be Pushing its Luck by Drilling for Deep Oil in the Med

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Noble Energy, the Houston based energy company, has been working with both Israel and Cyprus to find commercial quantities of natural gas under the eastern Mediterranean seabed. These gas fields include the Leviathan field , off Israel’s coastal city of Haifa; and the Aphrodite gas field off the southern coast of Cyprus. Greek Cyprus Fearful over Offshore Gas Well Drilling. Business & Politics Cyprus Israel Mediterranean natural gas oil Turkey

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Turks Alarmed Over Nickel Heap Leach Dumps

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This way of “finding” the nickel bearing ore is similar to what was done for 60 years in Cyprus by an American company, Cyprus Mines corporation (CMC), which caused large amounts of toxic wastes to be deposited in the mining areas. The situation of the former mining area in Northern Cyprus, controlled by Turkey, is in fact so bad that the case is going to be brought before the International Court of Justice in the Hague.

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A Yellow Submarine in Every Garage?

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There are also tourist submarines in Tenerife and Cyprus. Cleantech, Science & Technology Cyprus Egypt oceans Red Sea submarinesThe rich and famous are now buying private submarines. Good or bad for the environment? Brian explores. My search for bamboo yarn took me to an industrial part of Beijing. The air here smelled of hot steel and coal.

2012 70

Mediterranean Sharks Almost Gone Forever

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Travel & Nature Cyprus dangerous animals Egypt Israel Lebanon Mediterranean Sea Sharks wild animalsMediterranean sharks risk extinction while “serious implications” feared for marine ecosystems and beyond. Accidental catches and sharks for fin soup are to blame.

2013 82

Mare Nostrum to Save the Mediterranean Sea from Coastline Development

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Travel & Nature coastline development Cyprus Israel Mare Nostrum marine environmebt Mediterranean Sea Turkey Over the millennia, the Mediterranean Sea has become much more than a transport hub for empires that control the region: It links nations, feeds countries, and its shores hold some of the world’s most expensive real estate and natural beauty. Now, Israeli legal eagle Prof. Rachelle Alterman plans to take marine policy and swiftly turn it into on-the-ground results.

2013 79

Milken Institute: Israel’s Offshore Gas Bonanza Both An Opportunity And A Risk

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In fact, Israel is in the midst of planning a gas pipeline that would connect the supply from Israel to Cyprus. Business & Politics Energy Cyprus economy Israel natural gasIsrael’s natural gas wells could lead to an unsustainable shekel.

Israel Readies Offshore Natural Gas Pipeline

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The ongoing border disputes are aside from the environmental issues that have often been covered, including those issues feared by Cyprus which has also entered into gas well drilling agreements with Noble Energy. Cyprus Fears Environmental Impact of Undersea Drilling for Natural Gas. Business & Politics Energy Cyprus Iran Israel Lebanon Mediterranean Sea natural gas TurkeyTamar undersea gas wells will soon supply Israel with needed natural gas – but at what costs?

A Geophysicist’s Guide to Striking it Rich – With Natural Gas

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And Cyprus and Israel are keen on working together to locate more natural gas off the coast of Cyprus. Read more about natural gas exploration in the Middle East: Greek Cyprus Fearful Over Natural Gas Drilling. Energy Cyprus Israel natural gas oilIsraeli researchers say they can provide a more integrated way for surveying for natural gas. As the race is on to find natural gas in the Middle East Med region, could this tech help the region switch from oil?

2011 52

Turkey Closes New Onshore Oil Well Near Cypriot Village After Water Turns Black

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Turkish Energy Minister Taner Yildiz walks to the podium to speak during a ceremony marking the start of exploratory oil and gas drilling by Turkey in the breakaway Turkish Cypriot northern half of Cyprus, near Singrasi village, in April. Turkey’s onshore wells near Singrasi came as hostilities ratcheted up between Turkey and the Cyprus Republic over ownership of the island’s oil and gas reserves. Turkey Begins Controversial Drilling in Cyprus.

US oil giant Chevron buys into Israeli natural gas

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“At a length of 1,900 kilometers, 1,300 of which are at sea, the pipeline, if and when it is completed, will transport approximately 10 billion cubic meters of natural gas from Israel and Cyprus to Europe each year.

2020 94

Abu Dhabi and Israel cooperate to save the birds

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Let’s hope the Emirates and Israel bird loving team can also help Cyprus. More on Bird Conservation: 1 Million Migrating Songbirds Killed for a Pickled Dish in Cyprus. Asian Houbara, via Argos.

Cocaine, Codeine, and Methadone Present in Treated Cypriot Wastewater

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Small amounts of cocaine and other drugs were present in treated water supplies in Cyprus. Upon learning that scientists have discovered narcotics in already treated Cypriot waste water, one Cyprus Mail reader asked if the drugs can be recycled. In the meantime, according to Assistant Professor Despo Fatta-Casinou who talked to Cyprus Mail and led the sewage plant survey, traces of cocaine, codeine, methadone and nor codeine were found in Cyprus’ treated water.

2011 78

Planning a Summer Trip: 8 Locations for a Perfect Student’s Vacay

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Ayia Napa, Cyprus. Ayia Napa is one of the most popular resorts in Cyprus. Summer’s in full play and it’s high time for students to plan their vacation. There are lots of options suitable for anyone — extreme lovers, party-goers, gourmets, and culture buffs.

Cypriot Law Threatens to Discourage Cycling

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A new law in the works in Cyprus may deter cycling (and therefore promote more carbon-emitting forms of transportation). We’ve heard some pretty crazy stories coming out of Cyprus lately (such as some Cypriots’ appetite for pickled migrating songbirds ), but this may be just as shocking: a new Cypriot law proposal wishes to fine and imprison cyclists for riding on pavements, among other things. Cyprus Mail.

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Humans have wiped out about 20% of all bird species

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Once caught and killed, the birds are then sold to restaurants in the Republic of Cyprus, which serve ambelopoulia, a traditional Cypriot dish. Some 20% of all species of birds have become extinct because of us. Image above of Cypriots killing migrating songbirds for pickling.