“Birds of Cyprus” field guide review

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Therefore, I was quite surprised when I learned that Helm has taken the gauntlet and, this January, published the “Birds of Cyprus” by Colin Richardson and Richard Porter. pounds to carry around, “Birds of Cyprus” (BOC) has 256 pages and weighs only one pound. Birds of Cyprus”.

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Bringing Griffon Vultures into Cyprus

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A few months ago I shared with the 10,000 Birds community the plight of Griffon Vultures in Cyprus , and it has only been getting worse. A census conducted on March 31 indicated that there are in fact only only 6-8 Griffon Vultures left in Cyprus. Conservation cyprus vultures

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Migrant Warblers in Cyprus

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Migrating warblers typically pass through Cyprus from March until May every Spring – a fact that is sadly taken advantage of by illegal poachers. But that gets me thinking of just how many warbler species migrate through Cyprus. Birds cyprus migration warblers

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Birding Cyprus’ Sewage Pools

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And the water treatment facilities built to support them are kept wet throughout the year, even in the blistering heat of summer in Cyprus. Birding cyprus Poop WeekIt’s Poop Week on 10,000 Birds and Sewage, though far from glorious, is great fertilizer.

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Cyprus forests and avian inhabitants

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All our six endemics have exclusive or partial populations living in forest habitats – exclusive being the Cyprus Jay Garrulus glandarius glazneri , Cyprus Coal Tit Periparus ater cypriotes , Cyprus Short-toed Treecreeper Certhia brachydactyla dorotheae and Cyprus Scops Owl Otus scops cyprius.

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The Eco Army of Cyprus

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Going green and doing it for the troops, in Cyprus. Cyprus, a small EU island off the coast of Greece and Turkey is the latest army to join the trend. Business & Politics army Cyprus ecology EU Greek Cyprus green policy greenhouse gas Mediterranean recycling solar power

Killing Birds in Cyprus – Fall 2011 Version

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In Cyprus it also means that the hunters and trappers are active again. BirdLife Cyprus started their Fall monitoring program weeks ago. There are also hunters in Cyprus, which are an entirely different situation. Conservation cyprus hunting trapping

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The 2011 Cyprus Bird Race

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This just in… Dan Rhoads, weary to the bone with eyes nearly burnt out from competitive bird watching, just completed his report of the Second Annual Cyprus Bird Race , transmitted it to the 10,000 Birds home office through secret back channels, and then collapsed.

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GreenGraffiti Hits Cyprus

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Cyprus may have a long way to go in terms of being eco-friendly, but GreenGraffiti has brought it a little closer. ” Now that GreenGraffiti has arrived in Cyprus, hopefully it can make the island a greener place too. :: GreenGraffiti. :: Cyprus Mail.

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Cyprus Natural Gas Discovery Estimated at Billions

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The Republic of Cyprus has started surveying for natural gas, and recent estimates are that its undersea reserves are worth billions of dollars. The gas find, termed “historic” by Republic of Cyprus President Demetris Christofias, could be as much as 8 trillion cubic feet.

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World’s longest undersea water pipeline uniting Turkey to Cyprus

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The 107 kilometer pipe will draw water from the Dragon River and unite the Turkish mainland with northern Cyprus in the Mediterranean Sea. Green Tech and Gadgets Cyprus desalination Turkey water

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Cyprus Fruit Bats Decline and Head to Turkey?

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the latest decline to be noticed are fruit bats in Cyprus, an island offshore Turkey partly independent, and partly ruled by Turkey. Officials in Cyprus have noticed a shocking 85 percent decline in the bat population in Cyprus, according to a local paper.

Cyprus starts political party for … animals!

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This is no joke: the island nation of Cyprus is now home a political party for animals. It is called Animal Party Cyprus and follows the lead of Holland – which seems like the first to launch a political party for animals.

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Waterbirds that bred on Cyprus this year

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This comes from BirdLife Cyprus’ research officer Mike Miltiadou, and shared by Melpo Apostolidou: Waterbirds that bred on the island this year. This article was included in this month’s BirdLife Cyprus In-Flight e-News email.

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Take your next green holiday in Cyprus

Green Traveler Guides

The Republic of Cyprus , a member of the European Union and recent convert to the euro, is expected to conform to EU environmental standards. A complementary commercial undertaking is the Cyprus Agrotourism Company. Cyprus’s interior is where its soul lives.

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Cyprus gets new desalination plant with Mekorot Israel’s know-how

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Fresh water shortage issues are virtually normal now in the Eastern Mediterranean, especially in Cyprus, which has worse water shortage problems than Israel, Syria and Lebano n. The water shortage situation in Cyprus has gotten so bad that lakes are going dry (see photo).

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Cyprus kills 1.5 million migrating songbirds to eat in fetish dish

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million songbirds will have been killed in Cyprus this year to make a dish called ambelopoulia. The statistics in come BirdLife Cyprus’ surveillance programme. “A dozen birds can fetch up to 80 euros,” a spokesperson from BirdLife Cyprus told the BBC.

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Israel and Cyprus Align on Natural Gas and Renewables

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Axes of power are changing in the Middle East and Israel and Cyprus as an alliance could shift energy focus away from some OPEC oil countries. The decision for Cyprus to explore its undersea natural gas wells has Turkish government officials crying foul.

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Solar Water Heaters Give Free Hot Water From Cyprus Rooftops

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Cyprus now leads the way. But Cyprus has an even greater percentage with 0.79 Cleantech, Science & Technology Energy Cyprus Egypt Israel Solar Energy solar water heatersFree hot water from the sun.

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Cyprus Oil Spill Threatens Pristine Coastline

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Last Tuesday, an oil tanker delivering fuel to a power plant in the Turkish Cypriot-controlled north of Cyprus spilled approximately 40 tons of oil into the Mediterranean Sea. Image of dead bird in oil spill from Shutterstock; Cyprus oil spill cleanup from World Bulletin.

As Trees Die, Cyprus Republic Looks to Lebanon for Water Import

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Cyprus has one of the worst fresh water shortage than other regional countries , including Lebanon, Israel and Syria. Importing water into Cyprus is an idea that has been tried in the past. Although Lebanon has many more water resources than Cyprus, it has its own water issues that.

Holy Green Monday for Lent! A planet-friendly Cyprus tradition

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It’s a public holiday in Cyprus ; thousands flock to open areas, parks and beaches for picnics. Lifestyle Religion Christianity Cyprus fasting Lent meatless mondays

A Black Flamingo Was Spotted In Cyprus


An extremely rare black flamingo was seen last week on Mediterranean island of Cyprus, and experts say it may be the only one of its kind. The unique bird was Read More The post A Black Flamingo Was Spotted In Cyprus appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals News Top News

Cyprus Fears Environmental Impact of Undersea Gas Drilling

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Natural gas drilling near Cyprus could affect lucrative tourism industry says its commerce minister. In an interview in the Cyprus Mail, Paschalides expressed concerns that drilling for natural gas could result in environmental damage. Map of Israel and Cyprus gas fields.

Greek Cyprus Fearful Over Offshore Gas Well Drilling

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Map showing disputed Cyprus underwater gas fields, as well as those being contested by Israel and Lebanon. This fact makes any drilling agreements between southern Cyprus and Israel “null and void&# in Turkey’s eyes.

Joanna Lumley Condemns Pig Neglect in Cyprus


English actress Joanna Lumley has spoken out against the neglect of pigs in Cyprus and other farms throughout Europe, following an investigation by Compassion in World Farming (CIWF). A spokeswoman Read More The post Joanna Lumley Condemns Pig Neglect in Cyprus appeared first on Ecorazzi.

Cyprus Researcher: Protect Sea from Natural Gas Drills

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Drilling for undersea gas in Cyprus’s Exclusive Economic Zone may have serious impacts on marine life. In an interview in the Cyprus Mail, Paschalides expressed concerns that drilling for natural gas could result in severe environmental damage. Cyprus Mail.

Turkey Begins Controversial Drilling In Cyprus

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Turkey has started exploratory drilling for oil and gas in the town of Iskele in northern Cyprus (red arrow), angering the government of the Greek-controlled southern region. z called a “force for peace in Cyprus.”

Navies Circle Cyprus As It Explores Natural Gas

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Navies crowd into once placid waters as Turkey presses Cyprus on gas reserves. As Greek Cyprus begins exploiting its potentially vast gas and oil reserves , Turkey has asserts its growing role as a regional power, and a worried Israel is pushing back.

Cyprus, Israel and Turkey Near “High Noon” Standoff Over Med’s Natural Gas

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There’s a lot more for southern Cyprus to be alarmed about these days concerning its commitment to explore for natural gas offshore. There is also the acute water shortage issue, making Greek Cyprus heavily dependent on desalination for fresh water supplies.

Turkey Tells Egypt to Bypass Israel and Cyprus With Long Pipeline to Europe

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It will bypass Israel and Cyprus, of course. The Nabucco pipeline scheme, as reported recently in Israel’s Globes financial news site , said that Erdogan wants to build an energy coalition against natural gas production agreements between Israel and Southern Cyprus.

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Prince Charles Demands End to Slaughter of Songbirds in Cyprus


Read More The post Prince Charles Demands End to Slaughter of Songbirds in Cyprus appeared first on Ecorazzi. Prince Charles asks Major-General Cripwell and President Anastasiades to halt the slaughter of half a million songbirds at a British Army base.

Solar Powered Vending Machines to Be Installed Along Cyprus’ Bus Routes

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People waiting for the bus on a hot day in Cyprus will soon be able to purchase cold water from a solar powered vending machine. A few weeks ago Cyprus received the distinction of being the world leader of solar water heater users per capita.

1 Million Migrating Songbirds are Killed for Pickled Dish in Cyprus

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Every year trappers in Cyprus kill millions of migrating songbirds that are boiled or pickled – a national delicacy called ambelopoulia. BirdLife Cyprus has been monitoring the situation in Cyprus since the annual bird-trapping season started in September.

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European Call to End Bird Trapping

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The big story of the fortnight in Cyprus isn’t about birds, but it crosses the path of birding (kinda). It seems that it came off rather well, and was co-organized by the Cyprus Game Fund and members of the Bern Convention. So it’s not a good week in Cyprus!

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A Crowd House of Martins

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As I mined my old birding photos, I recalled one such experience at the Palekhori-Kambi Dam in the eastern part of the Troodos mountain range of Cyprus. It’s a common species throughout Cyprus and Europe for that matter, but sometimes the common can impress.

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From Pickled Song Birds to Snakes at Risk

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This Cyprus grass snake is now an endangered species. First a severe water crisis threatened to create a dire peril to both people and animals in Cyprus. More about wildlife and human populations: 1 million songbirds are killed for picked dish in Cyprus.

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New Natural Gas Field in Israel on Lebanese Border Stokes Conflict Flames

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Israel is also involved in natural gas exploration with the Republic of Cyprus, which is now doing its own gas exploration program that Turkey contests. Greek Cyprus Over Offshore Gas Well Drilling. Business & Politics Energy Cyprus Israel Lebanon natural gas Turkey

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Palestinians and Israelis at peace with the sea

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For ten days senior researchers and their students from from Palestine, Israel, Cyprus, Ireland, Spain, Malta, Tunisia and more came together to develop a blueprint to solve marine ecological destruction in the Mediterranean. Another terror attack today in Jerusalem.

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EU just cutting its nose off in-spite its face

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The EU has decided to give Cyprus a bank bailout package that will penalize banks' customers via a levy that everyone who has any money in a Cypriot bank is forced to pay and a run has begun on Cypriot banks with people withdrawing their money.

Israel’s Mekorot Builds Global Connections Through Water

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It will build and operate two desalination plants in Cyprus to supply almost half of the country’s drinking water. Business & Politics Water Cyprus drinking water Israel peace water conservation water crisis water management water security

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Noble Energy May be Pushing its Luck by Drilling for Deep Oil in the Med

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Noble Energy, the Houston based energy company, has been working with both Israel and Cyprus to find commercial quantities of natural gas under the eastern Mediterranean seabed. Greek Cyprus Fearful over Offshore Gas Well Drilling.

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Turks Alarmed Over Nickel Heap Leach Dumps

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This way of “finding” the nickel bearing ore is similar to what was done for 60 years in Cyprus by an American company, Cyprus Mines corporation (CMC), which caused large amounts of toxic wastes to be deposited in the mining areas.

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