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2016 63

Corner Shop culture resonates more than price for super-savvy consumers

Green (Living) Review

Localism also is part of this equation and many of the environmentally conscious consumers are looking to give their High Street a boost rather than traipsing to the large, often out of town, supermarkets and even hypermarkets, where customer service, if existent, is distant.

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Eid al-Adha 2012 Across the Middle East: Celebration, War, Death and Charity

Green Prophet

” Many Muslims around the world are proactively engaging the ancient traditions in new ways, seeking to revive more sustainable, traditional practices and create new environmentally conscious ways to celebrate. This time of year marks one of Islam’s most sacred holidays.

2012 94

How Big is Your Plastic Footprint?

Wend Magazine

Thanks to our disposable culture , we’re not only filling our landfills with the synthetic products, basically made to never disappear completely, but also our waterways and oceans, and pretty much everywhere else. I probably don’t even need to say it, but: one-use plastics suck.

Kuwaiti Musician Zahed Sultan Launches Eco-Electronica Track “Reuse Me”

Green Prophet

But here is the most exciting and inspiring about the artist and social entrepreneur: his latest track Reuse Me is designed to draw awareness to environmental issues! Sultan has released his new EP to coincide with his annual exposition held in Kuwait every year to promote environmentally-conscious living in the oil-rich Gulf country. More on the intersection of environmental issues and culture: 6 Groundbreaking Art Projects With an Eco-Conscience.

Reuse 82

Turkey’s First Green Lifestyle Website Ye?ilist, Now Bilingual

Green Prophet

Environmentally conscious Turks are a frustrated lot. A news feed keeps the site up to date with the release of new environmentally friendly products and businesses. The English site also links to several blogs that will be of interest to the environmentally-minded out there.

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Palestine’s Aspirations For A Green Ramallah

Green Prophet

The cultural and political heart of Palestine, the city of Ramallah, wants to improve its green credentials. Lifestyle & Culture environmental cleanup environmental education green Palestine ramallah

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Embracing a Greener Ramadan

Green Prophet

During Ramadan, Muslims in the United States have been finding ways to make Ramadan more “green”, or environmentally sustainable, and reduce their impact on the earth. Lifestyle & Culture Religion Green Muslims green tips Islam Muslims Ramadan United States Washington

2012 105

10 Ways to Conserve Biodiversity


cultural services. Regulating services refers to anything that lessens environmental change. Cultural services are anything that we get direct value or enjoyment from. Many protects are now labeled with ecolabels that state if they are environmentally friendly.

2018 97

Change Your World, One Word at a Time: David Firth Talks Sustainability, Language & Gallbladders at TEDxCSU

Green (Living) Review

TEDxCSU’s environmentally conscious theme “Growing Greener Generations” served as a call to action for students, faculty, and community members alike to live more sustainable lives.

2012 130

INTERVIEW: Professor A.L.I.’s Islamic Eco-Rap Sends Environment Lessons To Muslims

Green Prophet

why his environmental message should be on our iTunes playlist. At the end of the day I find the greatest support amongst those who listen to the message conveyed which is one which resonates within Muslim culture. Green Deen” Ibrahim Abdul-Matin Connects Environmentalism With Islam.

2011 110

Green Movement Celebrities

Green Blog

But supermodel Gisele Bündchen is no stranger to environmental issues, and this past Thursday she was named the Best Green International Celebrity at this year’s Green Awards. Gisele has been a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Environment Program since 2009 and has been a big supporter of environmental issues and events, such as World Environment Day.

Yoav Avinoam’s Sawdust Furniture Is Nothing to Sneeze At

Green Prophet

Sawdust, a highly available yet often discarded material, is full of possibilities for the designer with the right environmentally conscious approach. Avinoam’s sawdust benches and stools are made from the remains from someone else’s… well… benches and stools.

Talking Trash.Earth Day and Every Day

Green (Living) Review

Carol Tanzi’s Crafty Projects Have Green Style With consumerism on the wane, and environmental consciousness on the rise, Carol’s eco-friendly and thrifty ideas perfectly match the green shift in our culture. The Goddess of Garbage never takes out the trash.

2012 169

Raw Food Recipe: Late Summer Peach Cobbler

Eco Chic

Truly guilt-free desserts part of an eating plan that’s not only healthy, but also environmentally conscious? Tags: Culture X Food X peaches raw food recipe Guest Post by Nathalie Lussier.

2009 71

Green wine? Of course…

Green Traveler Guides

Speaker after speaker extolled the benefits of a three-tiered business model made up of social responsibility to one’s workforce and community; environmental stewardship to promote a healthy environment; and sustainable profitability.

2011 205

India’s Banjaar Tola: Bengal tiger-spotting in eco-luxury

Green Traveler Guides

In the face of such demand, a nascent eco-tourism industry has emerged that attempts to match the public’s growing enthusiasm with a broader environmental consciousness. Banjaar Tola: cultural dance. | Kanha Roars Back |.

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Audubon Woman In Conservation: Four Honorees to Inspire Us All

The Green Samaritan

Held at the Plaza about 400 or so environmentally conscious women (and a few good men) attended the lunch with all food and ingredients coming less than 150 miles away.

2010 130

Individual responsibility versus collective action: An examination of the impact of environmental advertising

Green Blog

Does the individualization of environmentalism have any merits? Environmental advertising (or “green” advertising) assures consumers that they can evoke positive environmental change by adopting simple habits and by purchasing green goods provided by companies (Maniates, 2001).

2010 85

Green luxury on the Connecticut coast

Green Traveler Guides

Environmental Protection Agency for superior energy performance and one of the first hotels in the state to be certified as part of the Connecticut Green Lodging Program. In fact, the surrounding area is one of the most environmentally important regions on the continent.

Become a Green Entrepreneur: Make a Difference and Improve Your Bottom Line

Green Living Ideas

Here are some benefits of taking your small business down the “green” route: 1) Being environmentally sound in your practices makes you more attractive to customers who are looking for eco-friendly companies. In contemporary society, college graduates are not just concerned about making money: They are also focused on making a difference, and being green satisfies today’s social-consciousness culture.

Sustainable Architecture: Learning from Nature & The Magic of.

The Alien Next Door

The term “sustainable architecture” describes environmentally-conscious architectural design, framed by the larger concept of environmental and economic responsibility.

2010 197

Mindfulness and Sustainability

The Green Changemakers

The study, titled Personal and planetary well-being: Mindfulness meditation, pro-environmental behavior and personal quality of life in a survey from the social justice and ecological sustainability movement, connects the practice of mindfulness to both behavior beneficial to the environment and higher rates of well being. So with an increased skill in being mindful people have an easier time of making conscious and deliberate decisions.

21 Ethical Holiday Prezzies for Gift Inspiration!

Eco Chic

This one is the perfect accessory for the environmentally-conscious creative in your life. I love that the book includes so many different and various cultures, from Native American to Micronesian, from ancient to more modern.

Editor of Arabic Environmental Magazine Scoops Top Eco Prize.

Green Prophet

It is believed to be one of the most prestigious environmental prizes worldwide. Saab has also influenced the establishment of the Arab Forum for Environment and Development (AFED) which is now an influential think-tank for environmental issues in the region.

2011 73

Fears that Gaddafi May Sabotage Oil Facilities | Green Prophet

Green Prophet

Which can also be celebrated in an environmentally conscious way.

2011 70

Do Eco-Towns have a future (in the UK and elsewhere)?

Green (Living) Review

The proposal of the Blair/Brown clique never had anything to do with new homes and homes that were environmentally friendly but all to do with giving jobs to the boys. But it is only utopian if we permit the crony culture to continue.

2012 130

Greener Gadgets Conference Tackles the Feasibility of Green Tech

Green Life Smart Life

The full day symposium has multiple purposes including understanding the environmental, business and social implications of “greening&# consumer electronics products tackling all elements from design to disposal. I was thinking in terms of jobs (this would impact every piece of the production process from raw materials to finished goods), retail, marketing, advertising…the entire industrial process becomes stymied by our environmental concerns.

Go Philanthropic: Making Travel Matter

The Green Changemakers

[link] The Power of Giving Back Traveling to exotic places around the world has now taken on new meaning - more and more travelers are doing good as they globetrot and are conscious of the footprint they leave behind.

2008 52

Eco-Model Cities for a Low-Carbon Society

The Green Changemakers

For more detailed information about Shimokawa’s efforts, please click here (PDF, 807 KB) Back to top OBIHIRO A Rural Environmental Model City Population Area Mid-Term Reduction Goal Long-Term Reduction Goal Base Year 170,000 619 km 2 30% (2030) 50% (2050) 2000 Obihiro is a city in the Tokachi Region of Hokkaido, the northern island of Japan. The former castle town has long been the cultural, economic and administrative center of the southern Nagano Prefecture.