Why the Sharing Economy is a Big Opportunity for Cities

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That’s why consumer culture is a dead end. And for culture and leisure, we could look at the enabling infrastructure like policies for expanding public space. South Korea has the highest suicide rate in the 30 OECD countries.

The sharing economy: a short introduction to its political evolution

The Green Changemakers

For example, Juliet Schor in her book Plenitude perceives that a new economics based on sharing could be an antidote to the hyper-individualised, hyper-consumer culture of today, and could help rebuild the social ties that have been lost through market culture.

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A New Way of Living

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Nat’l Assn of Home Builders * “American consumers owed a grand total of $1.9773 trillion in October 2003, according to the latest statistics on consumer credit from the Federal Reserve. The number is up more than 41% from the $1.3999 trillion consumers owed in 1998.” A quote from Earth Communications Office ([link] In the past 46 years, the human race has consumed as many goods and services as all previous generations combined.

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