Consumption in Dubai – Breathtaking Photos of Our Environmental Impact

Green Prophet

Consumption is Richard Allenby-Pratt’s latest personal photography project; like Abandoned , which was woven together by a central theme, this new series will examine the impact that consumer culture has had or is having on the environment.


The Green Changemakers

It is by design an institution of domination and the champion of a materialistic consumer culture that has no evident place in healthy societies. Transformative change in ecosystems commonly occurs through processes of succession and displacement that offer important insights into the processes of economic transformation toward the healthy, mature societies of the future. Walking away from Empire Living Community into being A PCDF Web Essay by David C.

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Green (Living) Review

Indigenous cultures have a lot to teach us about sharing, sustainability, and a spiritual relationship to Mother Earth, explain Freddy Treuquil and Victor Lem Masc. The one who understands his culture can understand his past. We should only consume what is really necessary.

Books that Changed Everything

Green Living Ideas

Living in Arizona with a lack of fresh, green food options inspired Kingsolver and her family to move east to Virginia and spend a year learning to grow, harvest, process, and eat only their own food. Radical Homemakers- Reclaiming Domesticity from a Consumer Culture , by Shannon Hayes.

Greener Gadgets Conference Tackles the Feasibility of Green Tech

Green Life Smart Life

The full day symposium has multiple purposes including understanding the environmental, business and social implications of “greening&# consumer electronics products tackling all elements from design to disposal. Griffith was surprised when in the tracking exercise found he was a “planet fucker&# when it was determined he consumed roughly 30% more energy than the average American - this despite his aware lifestyle and sustainable practices.

Sustainable, sharing communities explored in Karen Litfin’s book ‘Ecovillages’

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Los Angeles Ecovillage , for instance, is an island of frugality in the heart of Southern California’s consumer culture, whereas Colufifa , a Senegal-based village network, is primarily concerned with hunger prevention.

Can Money Buy Education?

The Green Changemakers

When it came to the spending, I explained the basic process that my husband Bob and I adhere to. One: Is it good for the planet? I am a product of a culture that believes education comes from experts. As a culture, we believe the opposite. Can Money Buy Education?

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The Green Changemakers

While only containing 4% of the world population, the United States consumes 25% of the world's oil. The End of Suburbia" marshals an impressive array of evidence that the growing energy demands of the "American dream" in suburbia will eclipse our planet's ability to provide it.

2008 52

The New Economy Challenge: Implications for Higher Education

The Green Changemakers

It is a summation of conversations over several years involving thousands of persons representing the grand diversity of the world’s people and cultures. Economist John Kenneth Galbraith once famously observed that the process by which money is created is “so simple it repels the mind.”

2010 56

Free documentary Films Archive

The Green Changemakers

Planet Earth: The Complete BBC Series - 11 Documentary Films Online - With an unprecedented production budget of $25 million, and from the makers of Blue Planet: Seas of Life, comes the epic story of life on Earth. Five years in production, over 2,000 days in the field, using 40 cameramen filming across 200 locations, shot entirely in high definition, this is the ultimate portrait of our planet.

Six Signs You’ve Become Disconnected from Nature & Reflections on Civilization

The Green Changemakers

However, in the process of all this so-called “progress” we’ve become convinced we are somehow separate from nature. When you’re aware of the ebb and flow of the natural process where you live, you know immediately when something isn’t right, or is out of the norm. And yet, no comet has collided with our planet. Another remedy is to do something—join an organization that is working toward changing the paradigm of our culture.

2010 58

A New Way of Living

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Nat’l Assn of Home Builders * “American consumers owed a grand total of $1.9773 trillion in October 2003, according to the latest statistics on consumer credit from the Federal Reserve. The number is up more than 41% from the $1.3999 trillion consumers owed in 1998.” A quote from Earth Communications Office ([link] In the past 46 years, the human race has consumed as many goods and services as all previous generations combined.

2008 40

The Garden Of Simplicity

The Green Changemakers

They concluded that: "A great change in our stewardship of the earth and the life on it is required, if vast human misery is to be avoided and our global home on this planet is not to be irretrievably mutilated." In response to the unique pushes and pulls of modern conditions, in the United States and a dozen or so other "postmodern" nations, a trend toward simpler living has evolved from a fringe movement in the 1960s to a respected part of the mainstream culture in the 2000s.

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