Plastic Bag Tax A Workable Solution

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billion plastic grocery bags used by the Irish consumer, which was intended to curb their use. The program was a resounding success, and Irish consumers, like others all the world over, responded quickly to limit their payment of yet another tax. Is it about a solipsistic, narcissistic consumer culture that views the now as more important than the yet to come? It was pouring rain, and my wife and I had just settled into bed.

Dumpster diving; 2009's fastest growing industry

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The mission, so to speak, of the Freegan and Dumpster Diving movement is that if you have a problem with the consumer culture in the our society then do all you can to stop participating in it. There is usable food in dumpsters – and much of that in dumpster of grocery stores, especially the big chains but taking from those is, for instance, a felony in Britain – that is still well in date and often only discarded because of damaged labels or dented cans and such like.

The Work Ahead

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Likewise, we’re building esteem for others whose physical work helps heal our families, communities, and planet: the homemaker who makes prudent use of local bounty or tends his or her own garden or livestock; the commuter who pedals a bicycle ; the entrepreneur who repairs material goods so that they needn’t be discarded. Shannon is the author of Radical Homemakers: Reclaiming Domesticity from a Consumer Culture , The Grassfed Gourmet and The Farmer and the Grill.

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How to Be More than a Mindful Consumer

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--by Annie Leonard , syndicated from Yes Magazine , Sep 28, 2013 The life cycle of a simple cotton T-shirt—worldwide, 4 billion are made, sold, and discarded each year—knits together a chain of seemingly intractable problems, from the elusive definition of sustainable agriculture to the greed and classism of fashion marketing. That’s why striving to make responsible choices at the individual consumer level, while good, is just not enough.

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