Dumpster diving; 2009's fastest growing industry

Green (Living) Review

The Freegan movement is a total boycott of the economic system and its profit motive, and long may it continue, I hasten to add. The mission, so to speak, of the Freegan and Dumpster Diving movement is that if you have a problem with the consumer culture in the our society then do all you can to stop participating in it. Freegans want to separate themselves from what they see as an unethical consumer society.

The Garden Of Simplicity

The Green Changemakers

As a path that emphasizes freedom, a choiceful simplicity also means staying focused, diving deep, and not being distracted by consumer culture. Living with less also decreases the impact of our consumption upon the Earth and frees resources for others. Although living simply implies consuming quantitatively less (particularly items that are energy inefficient, nonbiodegradable, nonessential luxuries, etc.),

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