Buy more to consume less! Duh?

Green (Living) Review

Buying more to consume less is an oxymoron and a contradiction in terms, for sure. The entire issue about " Green Consumer Day ", or as it even a week, I wrote my thoughts about it at the time last year, is in the same league. The consumer be advised to do his or her research as to the environmental benefits and other claims of the “green” vendors. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) This just does not compute now, does it?

We must consume less. and this not just with regards to energy

Green (Living) Review

We have to consume less (and learn to make do with what we have) rather than wanting more and more and bigger and bigger still. Just in Autumn 2014 the British electricity generating companies announced that they may have problems in keeping the lights on in the country for Winter 2014/2015 as they have less than 4% spare capacity. 2015 Technorati Tags: consumption , consumer society , less is more

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The Latest Most Urgent Reason To Breed And Consume Less

Green Prophet

This is less than the 7 billion people that are currently eking out an uncertain living. By 2100, at least ten billion people will devour the planet. At a recent film screening in Al Ain, one female student asked: “what’s the point of changing if nobody listens to us?&#

Consume less Pollute less

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So I was looking over the top 50 entries for the Greener Gadgets competition and I came across a pretty nifty concept. Ruhel Mohammed submitted his idea for the Guilty wallet based on the idea that consumerism is at the root of our environmental problems. We just keep buying crap, and when we are bored with it or the newer version comes out, we toss and buy more crap. All of this adds up and sits in the dump. Even if you re recycling it, THERE’S JUST TOO MUCH!

Consume Less/Share More = Access Economy: Takeaway from Sustainable Brands ’11

The Green Samaritan

BBMG is an agency dedicated to forward-thinking brands and conscious consumers. That being a “meaningful experience&# and one where the consumer is “active and a co-creator&#. I like it – consume less and share more.

Tip of the Week – Consume Less Energy With Toaster Ovens

The Go Green Blog

Because you’ll save on time and use far less energy. Tests have shown that a well-insulated toaster oven, with plenty of room for air to circulate around it, consumes half the energy than a conventional oven does.

Paying people to live in rural areas

Environmental Economics

Is available in counties experiencing less than five percent population growth over five consecutive years (currently 124 counties).   Lots of evidence shows that, all else equal, urbanization is good for the environment , since people who live in cities drive less and consume less energy overall.  My state, Georgia, has created a Rural Development Council to address the issues facing rural Georgia. 

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An easy way to save 187 million gallons of gas and get healthier too?

Environmental Economics

  If we weighed the same as we did 20 years ago, our cars would be carrying aroun less weight and we all know that there is a weight/fuel consumption teade off holding all else equal, a lighter car consumes less fuel). 

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More (money) is not always Better

Green Earth Journey

We can live greener by simply choosing to consume less. We don't need More (money) if we learn to consume less. And engage in one of the easiest ways to live green: consume less. I have been reflecting of late on the economy and the position of so many of us lacking a conventional job or steady income. I found an interesting article that discusses why More and Better do not always walk hand in hand.

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Experts Say Change In Diet Is Instrumental In Ending Hunger

Green (Living) Review

Part of that change, according to Reuters, involves consuming less red meat, reducing food waste and fighting poor nutrition. The U.N. plan to end worldwide hunger by 2030 focuses on eating more vegetables and reducing food waste.

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Spain- Taking its foot off the pedal and increasing renewables


We are going to go a bit slower and in exchange we will consume less petrol and pay less money," as the Minister put it. Lowering the Speed Limit. Last month Spain lowered its maximum speed limit from 120kmph down to 110kmph to try to save on its fuel bill.

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6 Green Living Principles Every Household Should Learn

Environmental News Network

Try to consume less energy and you’ll realize that it will not only benefit the environment, but it would also yield higher savings for your family. Donating them to the less fortunate is better than just throwing them away. By: Guest Contributor, Jonathan James More.

Saudi Arabia’s water depends on Japan desalination tech

Green Prophet

The RO or reverse osmosis method consumes less energy over conventional evaporation method. Toray Industries of Japan tells Green prophet that its new technology called ROMEMBRA – a reverse osmosis (RO) tech will be working for Saudi Arabia to create even more desalinated water.

What is so wrong about the consumer paying the true cost of grain, coal and oil?

Environmental Economics

Otherwise, there is a rise in price for transportation that is passed on to the consumer.”. The goods that travel by barge would cost more and we would consume less of them (grain, coal and oil). Maybe it would mean that I wouldn't eat so dang much: Locks are intended to make it easy for. barges, with their cargoes of grain, coal and oil, to navigate the uneven waters of the Mississippi, Kentucky [1] and Ohio Rivers.

10 Ways to Prevent Indoor and Outdoor Air Pollution


Consume less & choose sustainable products. Eat local, organic produce & less meat. Drive less by combining trips, telecommuting, carpooling, or carsharing. It will thus emit less air pollutants. 6 Consume less and choose sustainable products.

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Watering Your Yard Efficiently During Hot & Dry Times

The Green Samaritan

With droughts, water shortages and restrictions, how can our yards be designed to need and consume less water? Hot, dry and hot! That might describe your local weather as August descends upon us. Yards are looking a little scorched and water sources a little shallow around the edges.

Martha Stewart: No More Beef


But making a conscious effort in her personal life to consume less meat would definitely shade her empire a bit more green. Will Martha Stewart be the next big celebrity name to embrace an all-plant diet?

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An Easy Way to Save 187 Million Gallons of Gas and Get Healthier Too?

Environmental News Network

If we weighed the same as we did 20 years ago, our cars would be carrying aroun less weight and we all know that there is a weight/fuel consumption teade off holding all else equal, a lighter car consumes less fuel). from Environmental Economics by Tim Haab.

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Consumed with Consumption

Sightline Daily

Photo Credit: jcarwil via Compfight cc Americans are surveyed constantly as consumers, but very rarely are we asked about how we feel about consumption itself. That doesn’t change the fact that we’re big consumers.

Eco-anxiety affects nearly 70% of all Americans, new survey

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consuming less in general (77%). Adults are less likely to say they have changed or are willing to change daily transportation habits (e.g., eat less red meat or switch to a vegetarian or vegan diet) (62%). .

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Things To Consider Before Buying An Energy Efficient Hand Dryer

Green Prophet

One of the products that consumes a lot of energy is a hand dryer, but it doesn’t have to. On the other hand, a powerful dryer surprisingly consumes less energy because it’s faster and more efficient, so there’s no need to keep it on for a long period of time.

8 Things a Student Can Do Every Day to Make the World Better

Green Prophet

Consume Less. Recycling is great, reusing is awesome, but consuming less beats it all. No, we aren’t talking about eating less, taking less medication or living an ascetic life.

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Hit the switch and join millions for Earth Hour 2014

Green Prophet

It’s Earth Hour this weekend, which means you have the chance to join millions of people around the globe in a united effort to consume less energy.

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8 High Energy-Consuming Appliances: Learn How to Save Energy

Green Prophet

Seeing your electricity bills you may wonder why you are getting higher bills, although you would have taken a few steps in consuming less energy. LED lights consume less energy than traditional bulbs. The fridge which is smaller consumes less energy.

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Your Guide to Choosing The Best Eco-Friendly House For Your Family

Environmental News Network

An eco-friendly fireplace is one that produces less pollution compare to standard fireplaces. Instead of buying incandescent bulbs, get a hold of LED and CFL bulbs that may cost a little bit higher but you’ll be glad to know that they last longer and consume less energy.

How to choose a virtual reality gaming PC

Green Prophet

Especially when you are eco-conscious and want to buy things that will last long, stay relevant, and which will consume less energy. One of the biggest industries in the world is video games and for most people finding the right equipment for their hobby is a top priority.

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Water Pollution Facts, Causes, Effects & Solutions


percent of that is fresh water and less than 1 percent is available to our exploding population. . Deaths from the effects of toxic chemicals are less simple to pinpoint. Consume less. Less manufacturing and mining means less pollution. Drive less.

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Green ‘Khutbah’ Muslim Sermon Campaign Launches Today

Green Prophet

Consume Less. Today marks the first annual ‘Green Khutbah Day’ which also coincides with Earth Day 2013.

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6 ways to make your apartment greener

Green Prophet

Consume less energy. Going green has gone decidedly mainstream now. Governments are encouraging green buildings with tax incentives while buyers are willing to pay a premium for your property if you’ve invested in green technology.

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Why the California Water Crisis is a Foretaste of Water Crises to Come

Nature Conservancy - Science

Because of the California drought, water providers in California will sell less water this year, losing $600 million in revenue. Some of these work by creating incentives to individual actors that encourage less water use by individuals. Coyote Hills in California.

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The Main Causes of Land Pollution


For example, although cassava is the third most consumed carbohydrate in the world, the practice of dumping its toxic byproducts, that is, hazardous solid and liquid residues directly onto the land, continues in Nigeria today. . We need to consume less.

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Getting Around Green: Consider A Motorcycle

Green Living Ideas

They emit less carbon dioxide. Motorcycles consume less fuel than cars, which means their production of carbon dioxide is also less. They also take less space on the road, reducing the congestion and overall automobile emissions. Consume less rare earths.

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Plentiful rain not enough to grow the wheatfields of Syria

Green Prophet

It is much less than ideal to have to resettle your family in other countries and lose loved ones in the turmoil and countries around the world can learn from Syria what will happen if the climate change crisis continues. A garden in a Syrian refugee camp.

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Fast and Frugal Tips for Greener Living This Winter

Environmental News Network

Switch light bulbs to ones that consume less energy, CFL or Led bulbs are better compared to incandescent. The governing principle is that since more energy is consumed in producing heat, other energy-consuming activities or appliances should be limited.

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Throwing away food is like stealing from the poor – Pope Francis

Green (Living) Review

In the industrialised world the majority of waste is by consumers, often because they buy too much and have to throw away what they do not manage to eat. We don''t need to recycle more; we need to consume less, make do with what we have and reuse things on all levels.

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Is France moving away from pledge to reduce nuclear capacity?

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She said that she was not in favour of quitting nuclear power and added that France needs to continue investing in it, particularly in fourth-generation reactors which will consume less nuclear fuel and recycle nuclear waste.

Eco Designer Carrie Parry Wins the Green Fashion Competition at Amsterdam Fashion Week

Eco Chic

Eco-Chick fave Carrie Parry (check out Haley’s coverage of her F/W 2011 collection here ) has just won the 15,000 Euro prize at Amsterdam Fashion Week for her latest collection. Congratulations Carrie!

Floating farms may soon feed the world!

Green Prophet

Preliminary cost-benefit and feasibility studies shown that the SFF project first investment is recovered in less than 10 years. They use less area for growing due to higher yield per square meter of the hydroponic systems, freeing land for non-agricultural use.

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Dissent not allowed

Green (Living) Review

That includes working closer to where we live or living closer to where we work, conserving energy and water, driving less and walking and cycling more, reducing waste including and especially food waste, consuming less, etc. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The Church of Global Warming does not permit dissent in any way, shape or form, and from whatever quarter. Anyone who disagrees is hounded and pilloried as a heretic.

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What I Learned from E.O. Wilson

Conservancy Talk

However, science shows us that population growth will level off over time and that, thanks to our own ingenuity, we’ll find ways to survive by consuming less. It’s possible that we could persist as a species in a less biodiverse world—but would we want to?

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Eco Designer Carrie Parry Wins the Green Fashion Competition at Amsterdam Fashion Week

Eco Chic

Eco-Chick fave Carrie Parry (check out Haley’s coverage of her F/W 2011 collection here ) has just won the 15,000 Euro prize at Amsterdam Fashion Week for her latest collection. Congratulations Carrie!

New Street Racer e-bike from EH Line runs up to 45kph


Green enthusiasts will certainly love the vehicle since it consumes less energy and provides better speed. Abdul Vahid V: EH Line’s new electric bicycle, the Street Racer is a well-built vehicle.

Diseases Caused by Air Pollution


Chronic obstructive pulmonary disorders also involve restricted airflow, inflammation and breathing difficulties, but generally occur later in life, have a less favorable prognosis, do not respond to anti-inflammatory treatment and generally result in a progressive decline in lung function [21]. .

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