Britain’s Birds: An Identification Guide to the Birds of Britain and Ireland–A Book Review

10,000 Birds

It also makes it a little intimidating to be doing a review of Britain’s Birds: An Identification Guide to the Birds of Britain and Ireland. There is also text, distribution maps, a dark red bar “warning” about similar looking rare species, and conservation symbols.

Follow that Grouper: What Migration Data Tell Us About Locally Managed Marine Conservation

Nature Conservancy - Science

And with modest expansions, these protected areas can greatly improve their conservation benefits. Power to the People: Community Based Marine Conservation. But marine conservation works a bit differently in Melanesia — bigger is not better.

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National Trust heritage gardens benefit from major new plant conservation centre

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Rare plants from National Trust gardens across the country will be propagated at a new Plant Conservation Centre that will improve the way one of the most important plant collections in the UK is cared for. The £700,000 Centre's immediate focus will be to build on existing plant conservation work at Knightshayes Court, also in Devon, to help staff and volunteers record and identify the special plants that require priority propagation at National Trust gardens throughout the country.

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Going Bananas Over Food Miles – Putting the Eco Back in Economics

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According to the label on a package of berries I bought in a local store in Ireland, the cherries came from Israel, the strawberries from Egypt, the blueberries from Chile and the raspberries from the United States. First thing: All of these berries grow in Ireland.

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10 Reasons Why Should We Ban Plastic Bags


In Ireland, where this fee was instituted in 2002, plastic bag usage decreased by about 90 percent. Environmental ConservationPlastic bags are a convenient way to carry. our purchased goods when we go shopping.

Irish Environmentalist Surfs The Iranian Waves [VIDEO]

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” Britton, who is named after a famous surf break off the west coast of Ireland, wore a lyrca hijab whilst surfing. ” Britton is an avid environmentalist and recently submitted her PhD thesis on marine conservation at the University of Ulster, Northern Ireland.

2012 105

Acclimatisation Societies of New Zealand

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A housecat in Buenos Aires got its start in Africa, a sheep in Australia to the Middle East, a chicken in Ireland can trace its origin to the jungles of Asia. Conservation Invasive Species Week New Zealand Conservation New Zealand extinctions New Zealand has a very odd biota these days.

Horse Meat and Dodgy Seafood

Nature Conservancy - Science

By Mark Spalding, senior scientist, The Nature Conservancy’s Global Marine Team. One study in Ireland showed that 84 percent of smoked fish wasn’t what the label or supermarket claimed.

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Britain’s Dragonflies & Britain’s Butterflies: A Review of Two Field Guides

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Which is the story of how I ended up using Britain’s Dragonflies: A field guide to the damselflies and dragonflies of Britain and Ireland, 2 nd edition, by David Smallshire & Andy Swash to successfully identify my French dragonflies and damselflies. Both books were developed with the support and input of nonprofit associations, the British Dragonfly Society and the Butterfly Conservation; portions of the proceeds from book sales support these organizations.

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Ever considered volunteering?

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Heather Thompson, Chief Executive of the Ulster Wildlife Trust said: “Without the dedication and expertise of our volunteers, it would be very difficult to carry out work across Northern Ireland.

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Eco-Friendly FreshX - the fresh alternative to 'flushable' wipes

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Emma Cunningham of the Marine Conservation Society says: “From our Great British Beach Clean results in 2016, we have seen a near 7-fold increase in the number of wipes over the last decade.

Smart Disruption, Unconscious Bias, & Beyond the Ivory Tower: Dispatches from the 2016 Women in Science Summit

Nature Conservancy - Science

Conservation science is plagued by a disastrous lack of inclusiveness. The field at large consistently fails to include both the many different values people hold for nature and the viewpoints of women and diverse ethnicities and cultures.

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The Environment and the Invisibility Ring of Gyges

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Somewhere in Ireland it is probably raining right now. And yet, Ireland faces water shortages. Ireland’s water shortages are not caused by lack of water. Ireland’s faces water shortages because the true cost of water is invisible. My precious ring!

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Celebrities root for reptiles as The Great Turtle Race 2009 begins.

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Pearl Jam, REM and Olympic swimmers join forces to help protect leatherbacks on an epic journey by Michael Smith (Veshengro) An incredible 6,000km swimming race featuring the largest reptiles on earth began April 16, with 11 leatherback turtles competing in Conservation International’s Great Turtle Race - an epic journey from Canada to the Caribbean. Tags: Great Turtle Race Leatherback turtles Conservation International

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Litter groups and businesses unite to call on government to take a lead on litter

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) On September 1, 2015 major national litter groups and business organizations have made a joint plea to Government to take a firm lead on litter.

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Things I didn’t know that I didn’t know about British bees

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Steve Falk gives authoritative accounts and Richard Lewington provides the detailed illustrations in the Field Guide to the Bees of Great Britain and Ireland (a British Wildlife Guide published by Bloomsbury ). I was initially surprised to find that only a few paragraphs were devoted to bee conservation. Conservation walks hand in hand with involvement. It is probably a safe bet that readers at 10,000 Birds relish field guides irrespective of their subject.

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Missing Mojo

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Perhaps the biggest event of this winter has been the late winter occurrence of hundreds of ‘white-winged gulls’ from Shetland to Dover and seemingly at all points in between we, in Britain & Ireland, have been inundated with Iceland Gulls and Glaucous Gulls in recent weeks.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Monoculture Farming


Another dramatic case happened in Ireland between 1845 and 1852, when 75 percent of the country’s food staple crop–potato–got infected by potato blight (a fungus-like pest Phytophthora infestans) that destroyed most of the harvest. Farming is one of our oldest. occupations.

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Searching for a Rare Nautilus, Round 2

Nature Conservancy - Science

In November 2015, Nature Conservancy scientist Richard Hamilton was staying at a remote lodge en route to conducting scientific fieldwork in the Solomon Islands. First Manus, and then New Ireland. Photo © The Nature Conservancy (Tapas Potuku) Click to enlarge | 1 of 3 X.

Can Orchids Keep Pace with a Changing Climate?

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Frail, exotic, delicate, alluring; orchids call to mind stories of romance, intrigue and obsession. Indeed from the time when “ orchid fever ” first swept Victorian England people have been driven to steal and even risk their lives in the quest for these gorgeous plants.

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The true “Mediterranean” Gull

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The coast of the Mediterranean Sea is used mostly as a wintering ground, with just a handful of breeding colonies between Greece, northern Italy and eastern Spain (and recently through central Europe all the way to Ireland). So there you have it: conservative taxonomy leads to unfortunate common names. It has come to my attention that this blog needs more gulls.

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The Crossley ID Guide: Waterfowl–A Book Review

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As of January 2017, Ducks Unlimited has conserved 13,902,792 acres in North America, including 5,509,855 in the United States.* ” If we are to continue preserving our wetlands, birders need to recognize their common bond with hunters and engage in conservation as vigorously as they do.

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The National Trust boost for Box Hill wildlife also benefits Olympic spectators

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These species are protected nationally and internationally which is why Box Hill is a Special Area of Conservation and a Site of Special Scientific Interest, A detailed wildlife survey funded by The London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) proved the Trust could safely remove some areas of scrub, creating more grassland where these species can flourish. The charity is one of the most important countryside conservation organisations in Europe.

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Failure: Sweden will reach EU’s climate targets 195 years too late

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And an upcoming international climate ranking from the WWF shows that Sweden have lost its former top position to countries such as Germany, Denmark and Ireland. Political leaders for the Swedish opposition parties speaking at a political event earlier this year.

10 Examples of Renewable and Non-Renewable Resources


Peat, commonly found in the UK, Ireland or Finland, is a soft organic material consisting of partly decayed plant matter together with deposited minerals [12]. Our demand for natural resources steadily rises. every year.

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Palestinians and Israelis at peace with the sea

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For ten days senior researchers and their students from from Palestine, Israel, Cyprus, Ireland, Spain, Malta, Tunisia and more came together to develop a blueprint to solve marine ecological destruction in the Mediterranean. Another terror attack today in Jerusalem.

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The National Trust recognises unsung 'Green Heroes'

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The winners of the Octavia Hill Awards were: Patrick Frew from Country Antrim, Northern Ireland is the 'Growing Hero' - Patrick has turned a one-acre site into a diverse growing space. Roger Parkinson from Wakefield, West Yorkshire is a 'Natural Hero' - Roger is an inspirational tree conservation leader, a public speaker and field teacher.

Will Smart Sockets Change the Economics of Efficiency?

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But as with any “free” resource is that there is absolutely no incentive to conserve. In 1997 the Republic of Ireland abolished urban domestic water charges. Now Ireland is bringing back water charges, out of necessity. Smart sockets explained.

Searching for the Rare “Crusty Nautilus” in the Bismarck Sea

Nature Conservancy - Science

The events that had led me to this expedition began in 2013, when Ward, a well-known palaeontologist and nautilus expert learnt of The Nature Conservancy’s work in Papua New Guinea’s Manus Province and emailed me to see if I was interested in working with him.

The failed democratic experiment

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However, the latter have a very strange view of democracy such as when Ireland rejected the Lisbon Treaty in a people''s referendum which, theoretically, should have spelled the end of this treaty and eventually of the EU the latter told the government of Eire to keep having referendums until the people would vote an overwhelming yes. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Democracy is but an illusion to keep the masses quiet and it will never benefit anyone bar the wolves that run the show.

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National Trust launches new heritage gardening courses

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In addition to traditional and modern techniques used in major gardens, trainees on the Diploma course will cover plant conservation, GPS surveys and plant databases; garden history, period planting styles, restoration, and interpretation and visitor engagement techniques. They will also learn about garden conservation from the National Trust's gardening experts and will have opportunities to develop additional skills and knowledge with placements at other Trust gardens.

Greener pastures on Martha's Vineyard

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These revenues have helped conserve nearly 3 thousand acres, representing 5% of the island’s area. More help has come from private trusts such as the Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation and the Nature Conservancy by creating wildlife sanctuaries to preserve the island’s biodiversity.

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Local MP visits award-winning environment-friendly recycler

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He has previously served on the Health Select Committee and as executive member of the Conservative 1922 Committee. Mike joined the Army as a boy soldier and served with the Grenadier Guards in Northern Ireland, Kenya and Germany.

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We could accommodate all of our own homeless and those of Ireland and a few other small countries combined. Conservation is for future generations. To be good stewards it is essential to reform in order to conserve.

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Cities Should Look to Nature to Bridge Investment Gap in Water

Conservancy Talk

Urban Water Blueprint A new report by The Nature Conservancy – the Urban Water Blueprint – shows one route out of this deadlock. From Los Angeles to Mumbai, natural solutions have the potential to save cities $890m a year in water treatment costs alone.


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This might entail taking a piece of much-needed equipment to a remote and underfunded conservation project, reintroducing a creature to the wild or releasing a rescued animal. Extinction Sucks' demonstrates that you can present serious environmental and conservation issues and have a bit of fun at the same time." It also makes conservation accessible." Babelgum is an independent and privately held company with offices in the United States, UK, Ireland, France and Italy.

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The National Trust launches new competition to capture the spirit of Octavia on camera

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About The National Trust: The National Trust is one of the most important nature conservation organisations in Europe, looking after more than 250,000 hectares of countryside, 710 miles of coastline and hundreds of historic places across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The National Trust has launched a new amateur photography competition called 'Your Space' which is set to celebrate green spaces and the life of National Trust founder Octavia Hill.

2012 105

Wave & tidal industry backs Government search for new underwater sites

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Last year saw a series of commercial firsts for the industry: Marine Current Turbines deployment of a commercial tidal scheme, SeaGen, in Strangford Lough in Northern Ireland; UK based Pelamis Wavepower deploying the first ever commercial wave array in Portugal; OpenHydro had the first fullscale test at the European Marine Energy centre (EMEC) in Orkney, and the Crown Estate made the first ever call for commercial projects in the Pentland Firth.

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10 Green Prophets for 2012

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When Ireland’s Easkey Britton walked into the sea in southern Iran with a surfboard in hand, curiosity brought out not only the locals but the police. The year in retrospect has been a positive one.

2012 113

The National Trust acts now to save children's relationship with the outdoors

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" During the last decade conservation groups, academics, social and health professionals and the media have charted the rise of so-called 'cotton-wool kids' and countless examples of what is going wrong. About The National Trust: The National Trust looks after more than 250,000 hectares of countryside, 710 miles of coastline and hundreds of historic places across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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Urban Biodiversity Strategies

The Green Changemakers

As we know, and often state, there is a continuum stretching from gardening through ecological conservation and regeneration to habitat repair and landscape participation. In most countries, the total size of urban areas often exceeds that of areas set aside for conservation and protection.


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Two productions have already been completed: Downstream, focusing on the controversy over the development of the oil sands of Alberta, Canada, and Extinction Sucks, a wildlife series on the subject of conservation and protection, with the active involvement of WWF. Babelgum is an independent and privately held company with offices in the United States, UK, Ireland, France and Italy. First ever cross-platform online premiere takes place as Internet TV service enters the US market.

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George Monbiot and the enviro-neocons

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I know this for a fact as we used to have a local charity in Ireland that would bring the victims of Chernobyl over to the country to give them some respite. In short, Monbiot , along with Baroness Worthington , Mark Lynas , David Bellamy and Lovelock (who recently rowed back from his past statements on global warming), represent a group I refer to as “the neo-environmental conservatives” , or enviro neocons for short. I’m getting a bit worried about George Monbiot.