Citizen Science Tuesday: Hawaii Challenge

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Australian Tree Ferns growing on a cliff in Hawaii. Take the Hawaii Challenge! Want to help save Hawaii’s native plants and wildlife — even if you’ve never visited the islands? Join the Hawaii Challenge and help The Nature Conservancy in Hawaii pinpoint where invasive weeds are in the forest, and where the leading edge is, to prevent them from taking over. Like many islands, Hawaii has amazing biodiversity. Visit the Hawaii Challenge.

Rights of De-extinct Animals, Dark Money, Magic Mushrooms & More

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We find tons of cool conservation and conservation science stuff every week on the Internets — now we’re sharing some of the best with you every week in The Cooler: Wildlife. What is the legal status of a de-extinct animal? ” Inside the growing urban conservation movement. Conservation Bytes). Siberian wooly mammoth from The Ivory King. Image modified from Flickr user BioDivLibrary through a Creative Commons License.


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17,000 Tiehms buckwheat, rare wildflowers of Nevada, destroyed


Donnelly and Naomi Fraga, director of conservation at the California Botanic Garden, estimate that the weekend’s attack has destroyed approximately 40% of the species. But we’re not going to let this stop our fight against extinction. Business Eco Green beauty endangered & extinct hawaii ioneer-corp- security waterWhile most people seem to appreciate the beauty of wildflowers , somebody in Nevada clearly doesn’t.

Botswana elephant deaths caused by cyanobacteria


According to a statement released by the Botswana Wildlife Conservation on Monday, it turns out that the elephants were killed by cyanobacteria. Green a-more-simple endangered & extinct hawaii house off-grid okavango south-africa waterOn June 18, 2020, we reported about the mysterious deaths of 154 elephants in Botswana. At the time, wildlife officials in Botswana said that the cause of the deaths was being investigated.

Keep Our Environment Clean

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Seven species have been declared extinct since 2000 – the Vietnamese rhinoceros, the Christmas Island pipistrelle, the Chinese paddlefish, the Yangtze River dolphin, the Vine Raiatea tree snail, the Pyrenean ibex, and the Po’l-uli (a bird previously found in Hawaii). Keep Our Environment Clean.

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Eyes of the Tiger, Tree-Hugging Koalas & Brainy Bees

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We find tons of cool conservation and conservation science stuff on the Internets — and share the best of it with you every week in The Cooler : Biodiversity & Wildlife. The remote sensing for conservation symposium at the London Zoological Society might just be the next best thing. 200 tons of illegally caught Atlantic bluefin tuna show how we’re driving these fish to extinction. Conservation Tactics. Conservation Letters).

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The Four Biggest Hazards Facing Monarch Butterflies, and How You Can Help

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Are the butterflies facing extinction? Semmens was the lead author on “ Quasi-extinction risk and population targets for the Eastern, migratory population of monarch butterflies ” published recently in the journal Scientific Reports. The monarch likely won’t ever become extinct, Semmens says. and Canada, and some were moved to places as far away as Hawaii and New Zealand. Monarch butterflies are in the media a lot lately, and it’s not good news. What’s really going on?

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Canary in the Cornfield: Why the Fuss about Monarchs?

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By Lisa Feldkamp, senior coordinator, new science audiences, The Nature Conservancy. No scientists are arguing that monarchs will go extinct, but numbers are dwindling at an alarming rate. Increased protections and monitoring by the Mexican government and conservation organizations has all but stopped illegal logging in the MBBR (Vidal 2012), making deforestation less of a threat. In The Monarch Butterfly: Biology and Conservation. Insect Conservation and Diversity.

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What you should know about new Interior Secretary Deb Haaland


The department is responsible for 422 national parks, 129 national monuments and 567 wildlife refuges, stewarding biodiversity conservation projects and protecting more than 1,000 endangered species. million homes On a national scale, offshore wind for the contiguous United States and Hawaii has a potential capacity of 2,058 gigawatts, or 7,203 terawatt-hours per year, nearly double the electricity consumption of the U.S.,