Challenging Conservation Not to Leave Women Behind

Nature Conservancy - Science

A new paper finds that conservation efforts are leaving women behind. The post Challenging Conservation Not to Leave Women Behind appeared first on Cool Green Science. Ideas Conservation Science Indigenous Peoples TNC Science

5 Ways Your Home Can Conserve Water this Summer

Green Living Guy

If you live in a warmer region along the south or west coast or in a desert area, it becomes especially important to conserve water. The post 5 Ways Your Home Can Conserve Water this Summer appeared first on Green Living Guy.


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Easy Water Conservation Tips

Green Living Guy

Written by Dirce Guerra Save money and water by following these tips Most people are not aware of how small adjustments in water conservation can bring a significant impact. The post Easy Water Conservation Tips appeared first on Green Living Guy.

Linking Birds, Farmer Attitudes and Conservation

Nature Conservancy - Science

A new paper examines how farmer attitudes towards birds affect on-farm conservation practices. The post Linking Birds, Farmer Attitudes and Conservation appeared first on Cool Green Science. Birds & Birding Agriculture Birds TNC Science

Nature conservation efforts undermined by COVID-19 fallout

Successful Green

New research published by IUCN reveals that the pandemic has significantly impacted nature conservation around the globe, including job losses among protected area rangers, reduced anti-poaching patrols and environmental protection rollbacks.

Is Our Love of Pets a Conservation Crisis?

Nature Conservancy - Science

Wildlife Our Nature Reads Urban ConservationYour beloved dogs and cats? They’re taking a devastating toll on global biodiversity.

2020 108

Liberal/conservative. who cares?

Environmental Economics

All that matters is that p < 0.05: Researchers have fixed a number of papers after mistakenly reporting that people who hold conservative political beliefs are more likely to exhibit traits associated with psychoticism, such as authoritarianism and tough-mindedness. When we asked Hatemi to elaborate on what that magnitude was — how much more likely were people who held conservative or liberal views to exhibit certain traits? —

2016 122

The Conservative Bias in Economics?

Environmental Economics

Mark Thoma on "the conservative bias in economics": I have a new column: Yes, Nick Kristof, There Is a Conservative Bias in Economics : Nicholas Kristof recent reignited  the debate over liberal bias in academia with his claim that “universities risk becoming liberal echo chambers and hostile environments for conservatives.”   The conservative viewpoint is accorded significant weight despite the fact that it is often a minority viewpoint.

2016 141

Conserving Resources

Green Home Blog

Conserving Resources. So Greenhome wants to help you focus on using less, not just to conserve the things we need, but also to minimize the damage we do the environment we all share. 5 Easy Ways to Conserve Resources Every Day. You’ll find everything you need to get started in Greenhome’s water and energy conservation kits for the garden, bathroom, home, and office. Tagged: CFL , conservation , energy efficient , green energy , water saving.

Mapping the Way to Better Conservation in the Caribbean

Nature Conservancy - Science

The post Mapping the Way to Better Conservation in the Caribbean appeared first on Cool Green Science. From the Field Ideas Nature Tech Conservation Science Robots, Drones & Infrared TNC Science

2020 67

"Conservatives and Climate Change"

Environmental Economics

In the article, he declared that man-made climate change is “the challenge of our time,” and called for a national tax on carbon emissions to encourage conservation and the adoption of green technologies. And the question for Mr. Paulson and other conservatives who consider themselves environmentalists is whether they’re willing to accept second-best answers, and in particular whether they’re willing to accept second-best answers implemented by the other party.

Conservation Writing Awards for Cool Green Science

Nature Conservancy - Science

Ideas Conservation Science Our Nature ReadsThe Outdoor Writers Association of America, now in its 92nd year, is one of the oldest professional communications organizations in North America. Each year, it recognizes top stories in a variety of media, including blogs, through its Excellence in Craft […].

2019 72

Aquaculture Could Be Conservation’s Secret Weapon

Nature Conservancy - Science

Aquaculture has vast potential as a tool for conservation, providing food for people while benefiting the environment. Fish & Fisheries Ecosystem Services Fisheries Restoration TNC Science Valuing Nature

2019 87

Conservative economists heart carbon taxes

Environmental Economics

According to the National Journal : A number of the nation’s leading conservative economists, who as a rule do not like taxes, are touting some benefits to a federal carbon tax. So, why do some conservative economists who normally oppose new taxation support a carbon tax? Liberal economists tend to like a carbon tax, too, but usually differ with conservative economists over what to do with the revenue.

The Conservation Story of the Kenya Black Leopard

Nature Conservancy - Science

The first scientific confirmation of a black leopard in Kenya is a story of conservation, community and coexistence. From the Field Wildlife Camera Traps Conservation Science Mammal Watching

Kenya 79

Conserving India’s Overlooked Freshwater Ecosystems

Nature Conservancy - Science

Conservation in India may conjure images of tigers and forests, but the country has some of the most diverse freshwater ecosystems on the planet. The post Conserving India’s Overlooked Freshwater Ecosystems appeared first on Cool Green Science.

Conserving Nature’s Stage

Nature Conservancy - Science

Hausheer, science writer for The Nature Conservancy. Geodiversity As Strategy for Conservation. Old-school conservation identifies places to protect by looking at the locations of key species or ecosystems. One answer to this dilemma is to use geodiversity as a filter for conservation planning. Nature Conservancy scientists are making the case for conserving nature’s stage. Incorporating Geodiversity into Current Conservation Planning.

2015 72

10 Ways to Conserve Biodiversity


Quick Navigation for 10 Ways to Conserve Biodiversity. The role of science and technology in conserving biodiversity. Protecting habitats before they have been altered is the best form on biodiversity conservation and is most successfully implemented by government regulations. The role of science and technology in conserving biodiversity. Currently science and technology are two of the most important tools in conservation biology.

2018 76

Putting Communities At the Center of Freshwater Conservation

Nature Conservancy - Science

What does an effective, community-based freshwater conservation program look like? Fish & Fisheries Fisheries Indigenous Peoples TNC Science Water

2020 69

50 Fish, 50 States: A Conservation Journey

Nature Conservancy - Science

states – and to use each adventure to tell a conservation story. A quest to catch 50 fish in 50 U.S. Fish & Fisheries From the Field Fish Traveling Naturalist

2019 67

Inspiring Conservation Books From Our Twitter Users

Nature Conservancy - Science

Nature Conservancy CEO Mark Tercek recently asked Twitter to name the most inspiring conservation books. Here are some of the favorite picks. Ideas

2018 67

Eddie Game Takes Over Conservation Letters, a Top Conservation Journal

Nature Conservancy - Science

Eddie Game, lead scientist, Asia-Pacific Region, The Nature Conservancy. Nature Conservancy scientist Eddie Game has two new demanding jobs: lead scientist for the Conservancy’s Asia-Pacific Region , and editor-in-chief of Conservation Letters , one of the sector’s high-impact peer-reviewed science journals. So what’s the state of conservation science in a time of bad news for science in general?

2015 67

Conservation Triage And Zombie Species

Green Living Tips

So this is what it's come to - figuring out what species to save and those we allow to become extinct due to a lack of resources (and will). Which will become the "living dead" and zombie species? How will we choose? eco news

Keeping Conservation Relevant in the Urban Century

Nature Conservancy - Science

Ideas Urban ConservationHow will nature fare in the face of the most significant urban growth in human history?

2018 52

Scorecard is in and it looks like conservation is losing

Environmental Economics

  It looks like the conservation title (Title II) might take some hits.    The Conservation Reserve Program is proposed to be scaled back, and the Conservation Stewardship Program is proposed to be repealed. The Congressional Budget Office has prepared its first estimates of direct expenditures and revenues from H.R. 2, the Agriculture and Nutrition Act of 2018; AKA the Farm Bill. 

2018 109

Review: Eating and Conservation

Nature Conservancy - Science

Four books that explore sustainable eating in ways that are humorous, thought-provoking and even infuriating. Ideas Books Sustainability Top 10

2018 55

Mapping Conservation & History on the Kokoda Track

Nature Conservancy - Science

In many places, the Kokoda Track is little more than a narrow footpath, the earth beneath packed hard from centuries of footsteps. It started as a simple bush trail, one of thousands criss-crossing Papua New Guinea’s formidable mountains, connecting communities […]. From the Field Asia Pacific Forests Natural History Protected Areas TNC Science

2019 78

Digitized Data Conserves Africa’s Great Lake Fisheries

Nature Conservancy - Science

The post Digitized Data Conserves Africa’s Great Lake Fisheries appeared first on Cool Green Science. In Africa’s Great Lakes, better data collection means better fisheries management. Ideas

Bipartisan Environmental Leaders’ Message to Congress: Reauthorize Conservation Funding

Cool Green Science

Despite last-minute efforts of senators from both parties, Congress last night allowed the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) to expire, halting 50 years of providing nature’s benefits to Americans. And we at the Nature Conservancy (TNC) are going to do something about it. cannot lose sight of its commitment to conserving public lands—a uniquely American trait for much of our history.

2015 84

Conservation is not some huge sacrifice

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Many people seem to believe that conservation and “going green” has to be some great sacrifice and that's why they cannot do it, also because the believe that it is expensive. Conservation and being green isn’t some huge sacrifice. But we can’t equate the act of conservation with helping billions of people for generations to come. That also is conservation and it is not just environmental conservation that is conservation.

2015 133

Building a Broader Conservation Movement

Cool Green Science

By Mark Tercek, President and CEO; and Hazel Wong, Director of Conservation Campaigns. As Black History Month comes to a close, it is a good time to reflect on the many contributions the African American community has made to conservation and the environmental movement. Unfortunately, large conservation organizations still have a long way to go in addressing the lack of diversity among our staff and supporters. Joanna B Pinneo for The Nature Conservancy].

Field Research: Water Conservation in California

Environmental Economics

Spending a few days visiting family in Southern California.    Went to Catalina Island for the day today.    First I took a quick tour of the island.   Then I observed the extent of the water shortage on the island:     Finally I observed the economic solution to the water shortage.      They charged $0.50 for water at lunch.   So I ordered beer

Mankiw: The Key Role of Conservatives in Taxing Carbon

Environmental Economics

Because conservatives heart climate policy?  Because of the government’s conservative credentials and its commitment to make the policy revenue-neutral, it brought along the crucial support of the business community. While you can cherry pick and find Republicans who are concerned about climate change ( and one presidential candidate ), I think "the key role of [most] conservatives" is to change the minds of Republican leaders about climate policy.

2015 171

How can anyone working class vote Conservatives?

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) I am sorry to say this but to me any worker voting for the Conservative Party, the Tories, is the same as turkeys voting for Christmas; or for Thanksgiving if in the US, and treachery. Ever since working class people won the right to vote a large number of workers have voted for the Conservatives.

2017 138

Tasmanian devil conservation project turns tragic for birds


The Save the Tasmanian Devils Program has had some negative consequences on Maria Island

Conserving Bison in Indiana. Yes, Indiana.

Nature Conservancy - Science

The Nature Conservancy is continuing to expand its bison conservation program, and now the animals are moving east. This fall, the shaggy beasts will be reintroduced to Kankakee Sands , a Nature Conservancy preserve in southern Indiana. The Nature Conservancy has an extensive bison conservation program, with herds now found on 13 preserves. Kankakee Sands will be the easternmost Conservancy preserve where the animals roam.

Heather Tallis: The Human Dimensions of Conservation

Nature Conservancy - Science

Heather Tallis, Lead Scientist at the Nature Conservancy. Nature Conservancy lead scientist Heather Tallis will be a panelist and speaker on these topics this week, and you can watch live. Tallis is speaking at Yale’s School of Forestry and Environmental Science as part of a conference on “ The Human Dimensions of Conservation : Exploring the science and the people needed to change our relationships with nature.”.

2015 70

Cooking Up Energy Conservation: 7 Tips for Making Your Kitchen More Energy-Efficient

Green Living Guy

Energy conservation is not only essential for preserving the delicate ecosystems around us, but an energy-efficient mindset can also help homeowners cut… Read More Cooking Up Energy Conservation: 7 Tips for Making Your Kitchen More Energy-Efficient.

Loci vegan shoes give back to animal conservation efforts


Loci is changing the game with vegan sneakers made from recycled materials

Easy Water Conservation

Green Earth Journey

Tags: water conservation guest blogger sinclair

Evidence-based Conservation: An Economic Perspective

Nature Conservancy - Science

The San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area. Timm Kroeger is senior environmental economist for The Nature Conservancy. Conservation is no exception. So what does it mean to be smart about pursuing conservation objectives? It means employing the strategies and tools that yield the biggest conservation gain for our budget — in other words, maximizing the conservation “return” on our investments. Arlington: The Nature Conservancy.

Review: Fishing and Conservation

Nature Conservancy - Science

Three great new reads and references for angler-conservationists. Fish & Fisheries Books Fish

2018 45

10 Easy Ways to Conserve Water In Your Yard

Green Home Blog

10 Easy Ways to Conserve Water In Your Yard. With the focus on water efficient appliances and other smart ways to conserve water inside, it’s easy to forget how much water we put into our yards and gardens. Greenhome’s garden water conservation kit has all the tools you need to get started. Tagged: green gardening , rain barrels , rainwater catchment , saving water , water conservation.